My custom branche(s) on git.pleroma.social/pleroma/pleroma git clone https://hacktivis.me/git/pleroma.git
DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
"published"-related shenanigansHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier3+8-6
AP C2S: Set published dateHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+2-0
Revert "Transmogrifier: Check object/activity existance for incoming Delete/Undo"Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+5-12
Transmogrifier: Check object/activity existance for incoming Delete/UndoHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+12-5
ConfigController: Remove db-config limit on readingHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+2-2
_notice.html.eex: fixupHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+1-1
profile.html.eex: fixupHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+1-1
static-fe.css: Use .emoji class instead of max-height hackHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+7-5
static_fe/profile.html.eex: Fix formatting, emojify bioHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+1-1
static-fe.css: Do not scale images too muchHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+1-3
StaticFE: center the bioHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+15-1
StaticFE: Change styling & formattingHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier3+183-9
Add fixtures on honkHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier5+42-0
mix.exs: custom source_urlHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+2-3
mix.deps: Change Linkify to my branchHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier6+13-10
rebase.sh: script (legacy)Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+6-0
[PleromaFE] Update frontendHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier333+1247-2346
upgrade.sh: CreateHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+41-0
Update AdminFE bundle to version 2.5.0Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier132+516-512
Merge branch 'weblate-extract' into 'develop'lain1+2-2
Extract translatable stringsweblate-extractor1+2-2
Merge branch 'deletion-resilience' into 'develop'lain1+103-0
Merge branch 'doc_readme_nixos' into 'develop'lain2+16-1
Merge branch 'from/upstream/develop/tusooa/mrf-updates' into 'develop'lain4+66-11
Merge branch 'fix/2980-rss-feed-generation' into 'develop'lain15+202-138
Merge branch 'develop' into 'fix/2980-rss-feed-generation'lain3+50-50
Merge branch 'fix-twittercard-tags' into 'develop'feld3+50-50
Fix TwitterCard meta tagsMark Felder3+50-50
use to_rfc2822 instead of pub_date in tests, toofaried nawaz1+2-2
document rss/atom fix in changelogfaried nawaz1+1-0
modify user feed controller test to expect summary for titlefaried nawaz1+4-4
remove pub_date() -- use to_rfc2822 insteadfaried nawaz2+2-11
remove ap_id test -- the element makes the feed breakfaried nawaz1+0-1
fix: add xmlns:thr for in-reply-to refsfaried nawaz4+6-3
fix: feed item title was escaped twicefaried nawaz1+0-1
Implement RFC2822 timestamp formattingMark Felder2+38-10
fix atom and rss feeds for users and tagsfaried nawaz10+162-119
Merge branch 'fix-amd64-musl' into 'develop'lain1+0-1
CI: Fix image for amd64-muslLain Soykaf1+0-1
Merge branch 'weblate-extract' into 'develop'tusooa2+45-74
Extract translatable stringsweblate-extractor2+45-74
Merge branch 'fix-2856' into 'develop'tusooa4+102-3
Merge branch 'update-deps' into 'develop'lain23+129-68
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/register-approval' into 'develop'lain2+20-1
AudioVideoValidator: Fix embedded attachment requirementsLain Soykaf2+3-3
StatusView: Fix warningLain Soykaf1+1-1
AttachmentValidator: Actually require urlLain Soykaf2+16-3
Merge branch 'develop' of git.pleroma.social:pleroma/pleroma into update-depsLain Soykaf71+7050-257
Make SimplePolicy Update-awaretusooa2+25-6
Make TagPolicy Update-awaretusooa2+41-5
Fix failure when registering a user with no email when approval requiredtusooa2+20-1
Return 413 when an actor's banner or background exceeds the size limitduponin2+60-0
Uploading an avatar media exceeding max size returns a 413duponin4+42-3
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/report-fake' into 'develop'Haelwenn8+135-31
Add tests for flagging non-Create activitiestusooa1+43-0
Merge branch 'release-template' into 'develop'tusooa1+6-4
Merge branch 'jrabbit-develop-patch-67125' into 'develop'lain1+1-1
reccomend tagged releases over pulling stablejrabbit1+1-1
Merge branch 'ci/amd64-build-tags' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+4-0
Merge branch 'weblate' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+197-0
CI: Tag amd64 releases for amd64 runnersHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+4-0
Added translation using Weblate (Korean)Xnuk Shuman1+197-0
Add Gitlab Release™ into Release MR templateHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+6-4
Merge branch 'mergeback/2.4.5' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+1-1
Merge branch 'develop' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+29-15
Change follow_operation schema to use type BooleanLikeave2+29-15
CHANGELOG.md: Fix date for 2.4.5Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+1-1
Merge branch 'mergeback/2.4.5' into 'develop'Haelwenn5+45-3
Mergeback of release 2.4.5Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+15-1
Merge branch 'skip-kanji-mac' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+2-0
Skip two unicode/kanji tests that can't pass on Mac.Jeremy Huffman2+2-0
scrubbers: Scrub img class attributeHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier3+30-2
Merge branch 'akoma/deactivated-users' into 'develop'Haelwenn3+18-10
Fix UtilsTesttusooa1+2-2
Fix unit teststusooa3+35-21
Fix report apitusooa3+46-2
Flag an Object, not an Activitytusooa3+15-12
Merge branch 'quack-docs' into 'develop'feld2+13-16
Remove Quack from docs and cheatsheetMark Felder2+13-16
Merge branch 'flash-support-csp' into 'develop'feld2+2-1
Document inclusion of wasm-unsafe-evalMark Felder1+1-0
Update http_security_plug.exHJ1+0-2
Update lib/pleroma/web/plugs/http_security_plug.exHJ1+1-1
try to fix ruffle on chromeHenry Jameson1+3-1
Merge branch 'develop' into 'akoma/deactivated-users'feld11+6345-15
Merge branch 'akkoma/delete-improvements' into 'develop'lain4+49-4
Merge branch 'bugfix/reset-unreachable-on-fetch' into 'develop'lain2+17-0
Tell newer Credo it's OK to exit 0 on single with clauses and piping into anonymous functions for nowMark Felder1+2-0
Bump credoMark Felder2+3-3
Alter priority of Delete activities to be lowestMark Felder4+48-3
Merge branch 'fix-typo-in-csp-report-to-header-name' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+3-3
Merge branch 'weblate' into 'develop'Haelwenn3+6276-8
Deletes do not generate notifications of any kind, so skip tryingMark Felder2+1-1
Object.Fetcher: Set reachable on successful fetchHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+17-0
Document query performance improvementMark Felder1+1-0
Add same optimized join for excluding invisible usersMark Felder1+5-6
Fix reports which do not have a userMark Felder1+7-1
Extract deactivated users query to a joinFloatingGhost1+5-3
Translated using Weblate (Ukrainian)Dmytro Poltavchenko1+8-8
Added translation using Weblate (Ukrainian)Dmytro Poltavchenko1+197-0
Added translation using Weblate (Ukrainian)Dmytro Poltavchenko1+6071-0
Merge branch 'oban-timeouts' into 'develop'feld16+47-0
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/no-strip-report' into 'develop'tusooa1+2-1
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/no-strip-report' into 'develop'tusooa7+106-14
Update config cheatsheettusooa1+1-0
Clarify config descriptionHaelwenn1+1-1
Document Oban workers getting timeouts definedMark Felder1+1-0
Merge branch 'no-ducks' into 'develop'Haelwenn14+72-135
Define sane Oban Worker timeoutsMark Felder15+46-0
Clean up stale entries in mix.lockMark Felder1+0-15
Merge branch 'custom-db-port' into 'develop'feld6+6-2
Document removal of QuackMark Felder1+1-0
Add migration to remove Quack from ConfigDBMark Felder1+24-0
Remove Quack logging backendMark Felder11+47-120
fix envvarlain1+1-1
allow custom db portIván Raskovsky6+6-2
Merge branch 'soapbox-ref' into 'develop'lain2+6-6
Update links to Soapboxmarcin mikołajczak2+6-6
Render a generated reported activity properlytusooa2+32-2
Do not strip reported statuses when configured not totusooa5+73-14
Merge branch 'docs/object_age-strip_followers' into 'develop'tusooa2+2-2
ObjectAgePolicy: Make strip_followers behavior for followers-only explicitHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+2-2
Merge branch 'ci-coverage' into 'develop'tusooa4+11-6
Fix typo in CSP Report-To header nameThomas Citharel2+3-3
Merge branch 'tusooa/caveats-webfinger' into 'develop'feld1+2-2
Document some caveats of webfinger domain settingtusooa1+2-2
Update to Phoenix 1.6 and chase dependenciesMark Felder17+99-59
Merge branch 'feature/1469-webfinger-expanding' into 'develop'Haelwenn20+489-70
rebase fixAlexander Strizhakov3+17-7
docs updateAlexander Strizhakov1+2-0
XML WebFinger user representation correct domainAlexander Strizhakov1+6-4
docs & changelogAlexander Strizhakov2+61-0
expanding WebFingerAlexander Strizhakov18+410-66
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/2930-get-or-fetch' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+9-1
Merge branch 'push-updates' into 'develop'tusooa2+26-1
Merge branch 'fix-deprecation-text' into 'develop'feld1+1-1
Merge branch 'security/PleromaAPI-delete' into 'develop'Haelwenn5+41-27
CommonAPI: generate ModerationLog for all admin/moderator deletesHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier5+41-27
Merge branch 'weblate-extract' into 'develop'tusooa1+7-6
Extract translatable stringsweblate-extractor1+7-6
Merge branch 'mergeback/2.4.4' into 'develop'tusooa9+172-10
Merge branch 'release/2.4.4' into mergeback/2.4.4Tusooa Zhu9+172-10
Push.Impl: support editsmarcin mikołajczak2+26-1
Fix deprecation warning for Gun timeoutMark Felder1+1-1
Merge branch 'fix/exclude-deactivated-in-search' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+13-0
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/fix-static-tests' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+1-1
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/2169-queue-limit' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+2-2
Merge branch 'bugfix/elixir-1.14' into 'develop'Haelwenn5+16-12
Make instance document controller test syncTusooa Zhu1+1-1
Merge branch 'websocketex' into 'develop'tusooa4+26-24
Reduce incoming and outgoing federation queue sizes to 5Tusooa Zhu1+2-2
Merge branch 'remove_from_followers' into 'develop'tusooa6+84-7
User: search: exclude deactivated users from user searcha1batross2+13-0
Fix wrong relationship directionTusooa Zhu2+17-2
Merge branch 'fix/user-factory-speed' into 'develop'tusooa6+145-2
Use set of pregenerated RSA keysFloatingGhost6+145-2
Merge branch 'fix/undo-boosts' into 'develop'tusooa3+26-7
ObjectView: do not fetch an object for its IDHélène3+26-7
Fix User.get_or_fetch/1 with usernames starting with httpTusooa Zhu2+9-1
Merge branch 'weblate-extract' into 'develop'Haelwenn3+110-39
Extract translatable stringsweblate-extractor3+110-39
Merge branch 'birthday-config-description' into 'develop'tusooa1+2-1
Clarify `birthday_min_age` config descriptionmarcin mikołajczak1+2-1
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/2892-backup-scope' into 'develop'Haelwenn4+6-5
Merge branch 'fix/user-private-key-generation' into 'develop'Haelwenn10+60-88
Merge branch 'bump/min-elixir-1.10' into 'develop'tusooa15+33-40
Merge branch 'develop' into 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/2892-backup-scope'tusooa141+6311-546
Migrations: generate unset user keysHélène1+28-0
User: generate private keys on user creationHélène9+32-88
Merge branch 'fix/gts-federation' into 'develop'tusooa5+82-17
Merge branch 'fix/federation-context-issues' into 'develop'tusooa33+592-121
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/streaming-fix' into 'develop'Haelwenn3+131-7
Merge branch 'changes/embed-metadata' into 'develop'tusooa3+81-3
ci-base: Document building and pushing a new imageHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+15-2
Metadata/Utils: use summary as description if setHélène3+81-3
Merge branch 'ssh-bbs-improvements' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+103-5
Test coverage: Switch to covertool to get cobertura outputHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier4+11-6
LintTusooa Zhu1+1-3
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/assoc-object-id' into 'develop'Haelwenn11+315-20
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/edits' into 'develop'Haelwenn67+3311-121
Merge branch 'from/develop/tusooa/2807-remote-xact-post' into 'develop'Haelwenn8+212-6
Bump minimum Elixir version to 1.10Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier8+9-19
script_test: Fix %ErlangError for Elixir 1.14Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+8-5
Elixir 1.14 formattingHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+4-3
mix: Switch prometheus_ex to fix/elixir-1.14 branchHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+3-3
timeline_controller_test: Fix test name for elixir 1.14Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+1-1
Use Websockex to replace websocket_clientTusooa Zhu4+26-24
Merge branch 'revert-01239456' into 'develop'Haelwenn4+36-188
Revert "Merge branch 'rewrite/integration-test-websocket-client' into 'develop'"Haelwenn4+36-188
Merge branch 'weblate' into 'develop'Haelwenn3+816-74
Bump minimum Elixir version to 1.10Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier14+18-38
Translated using Weblate (Dutch)Fristi1+36-34
Translated using Weblate (Dutch)Fristi1+118-76
Translated using Weblate (Dutch)Fristi1+84-74
Added translation using Weblate (Dutch)Fristi1+163-0
Added translation using Weblate (Dutch)Fristi1+525-0
Merge branch 'rewrite/integration-test-websocket-client' into 'develop'Haelwenn4+188-36
Fix SideEffectsTestTusooa Zhu1+1-1
Exclude Announce instead of restricting to Create in visibility_tagsTusooa Zhu1+1-1
Do not stream out Announces to public timelinesTusooa Zhu2+30-3
Make local-only posts stream in local timelineTusooa Zhu2+69-1
Do not stream out Create of ChatMessageTusooa Zhu2+31-0
Merge branch 'fix/fedi-fe-build-url' into 'develop'tusooa1+1-1
Merge branch 'feature/emoji-15-support' into 'develop'tusooa1+79-46
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/static-page-styles' into 'develop'tusooa1+3-1
Merge branch 'fix_erratic_tests' into 'develop'tusooa1+28-16
Merge branch 'fix_flaky_transfer_task_test.exs' into 'develop'tusooa3+66-10
Merge branch 'fix_erratic_participation_test' into 'develop'tusooa1+2-2
fix flaky participation_test.exsIlja1+2-2
Fix fedi-fe build URLSean King1+1-1
Merge branch 'fix_flaky_filter_controller_test.exs_200' into 'develop'tusooa1+25-32
fix flaky test filter_controller_test.exs:200Ilja1+25-32
Merge branch 'fix_flaky_test_user_relationship_test.exs_81' into 'develop'tusooa2+11-4
fix flaky test_user_relationship_test.exs:81Ilja2+11-4
Merge branch 'fix/oauth-token-user-caching' into 'develop'tusooa1+7-5
Merge branch 'add/glitch-lily-fe' into 'develop'tusooa1+8-0
OAuthPlug: use user cache instead of joiningHélène1+7-5
Add margin to forms and make inputs fill whole widthTusooa Zhu1+3-1
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/alpine-bump' into 'develop'tusooa1+1-1
Expose availability of GET /main/ostatus via instanceTusooa Zhu1+2-1
Make remote interaction page translatableTusooa Zhu3+29-8
Add changelogTusooa Zhu1+1-0
Display status link in remote interaction formTusooa Zhu3+14-14
LintTusooa Zhu1+10-2
Add GET endpoints for remote subscription formsTusooa Zhu4+55-4
Fix form item name in status_interact.htmlTusooa Zhu1+1-1
Add remote interaction ui for postsTusooa Zhu3+124-0
Update thread visibility functionTusooa Zhu1+156-0
LintTusooa Zhu1+1-3
Switch to associated_object_id indexTusooa Zhu8+50-20
Add function to calculate associated object idTusooa Zhu2+111-0
Add glitch-lily as an installable frontendSean King1+8-0
Release 2.4.4Tusooa Zhu2+6-1
Refactor streamer testTusooa Zhu1+64-17
Execute session disconnect in backgroundTusooa Zhu2+15-3
LintTusooa Zhu3+9-4
Test that server will disconnect websocket upon token revocationTusooa Zhu2+23-1
Use Websockex to replace websocket_clientTusooa Zhu4+22-24
Disconnect streaming sessions when token is revokedTusooa Zhu4+81-6
Merge branch 'varnish-fix-changelog' into 'develop'feld1+2-0
emoji-test: update to latest 15.0 draftHélène1+79-46
ArticleNotePageValidator: fix replies fixingHélène2+17-1
HttpSignaturePlug: accept standard (request-target)Hélène1+45-8
fix resolution of GTS user keysFloatingGhost2+20-8
Migrations: delete contexts with BaseMigratorHélène6+173-6
CommonFixes: more predictable context generationHélène4+61-1
Document the changes for Varnish 7.0+ compatibility and RFC complianceMark Felder1+2-0
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/2912-receiver-reject-mrf' into 'develop'Haelwenn3+34-3
Merge branch 'fix_flaky_tests_where_we_sometimes_loose_db_connections' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+11-1
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/sync-settings' into 'develop'Haelwenn5+323-0
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/floatingghost/follow-state' into 'develop'Haelwenn3+52-4
Merge branch 'fix-varnish7-support' into 'develop'feld3+15-46
Fix the mocks to use uppercase as wellMark Felder1+9-9
Update the recommended VCL configurationMark Felder1+5-36
Fix Varnish 7 support by ensuring Media Preview Proxy fetches headers with a capitalized HEAD verbMark Felder1+1-1
CreateGenericValidator: fix reply context fixingHélène9+314-9
Migrations: delete context objectsHélène1+15-0
StatusView: implement pleroma.context fieldHélène4+14-1
Add changelogTusooa Zhu1+1-0
Update api spec to reflect OAuth scope changeTusooa Zhu1+2-2
StatusView: clear MSB on calculated conversation_idHélène3+14-5
CommonFields: remove context_idHélène2+0-5
Object: remove context_id fieldHélène14+9-102
Make backups require its own scopeTusooa Zhu2+3-3
Treat containment failure as cancel in ReceiverWorkerTusooa Zhu2+2-1
Fix FederatorTestTusooa Zhu1+1-1
Treat MRF rejects as success in Oban workerTusooa Zhu2+31-1
Use latest alpine version for docker imageTusooa Zhu1+1-1
bugfix/follow-state (#104)floatingghost3+52-4
Use actor_types() to determine whether the Update is for userTusooa Zhu2+7-3
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/2871-fix-local-public' into 'develop'Haelwenn11+399-20
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/backup-without-email' into 'develop'Haelwenn4+82-25
Merge branch 'weblate' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+80-73
Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))Yating Zhan1+68-64
Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))tusooa1+14-11
Merge branch 'from/develop/tusooa/emit-move' into 'develop'Haelwenn15+856-4
Change test case wordingHaelwenn1+5-5
Merge branch 'develop' into 'from/develop/tusooa/emit-move'tusooa1491+31714-2753
Merge branch 'mutes' into 'develop'Haelwenn6+58-8
Use `duration` param for mute expiration durationmarcin mikołajczak6+58-8
Merge branch 'fix/proper-emoji-qualification' into 'develop'Haelwenn5+69-36
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/2384-pagination' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+36-12
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/gettext-extract' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+24-0
Emoji: apply recommended tail call changesHélène1+13-9
Extract translatable stringsTusooa Zhu1+24-0
Merge branch 'authorized-fetch' into 'develop'tusooa1+5-0
Emoji: split qualification variation into a moduleHélène2+43-33
Add authorized_fetch_mode to description.exsmarcin mikołajczak1+5-0
EmojiReactValidator: use new qualification methodHélène3+10-36
Emoji: implement full-qualifier using combinationsHélène1+45-0
Merge branch 'fix/emoji-react-qualification' into 'develop'tusooa3+75-0
EmojiReactValidator: fix emoji qualificationHélène3+75-0
Make AntiLinkSpamPolicy history-awareTusooa Zhu2+32-4
Make HashtagPolicy history-awareTusooa Zhu2+107-10
Make NoEmptyPolicy work with UpdateTusooa Zhu2+35-3
Make NormalizeMarkup history-awareTusooa Zhu2+52-13
Make NoPlaceholderTextPolicy history-awareTusooa Zhu2+46-2
Make MediaProxyWarmingPolicy history-awareTusooa Zhu2+49-4
Make ForceMentionsInContent history-awareTusooa Zhu2+100-2
Make EnsureRePrepended history-awareTusooa Zhu5+102-7
Make MRF Keyword history-awareTusooa Zhu4+232-13
Merge branch 'mute-expiration' into 'develop'tusooa7+90-13
Merge branch 'revert-454f892f' into 'develop'Haelwenn3+0-71
Revert "Merge branch 'fix/emoji-react-qualification' into 'develop'"Haelwenn3+0-71
Merge branch 'weblate' into 'develop'Haelwenn9+13305-307
Translated using Weblate (French)Haelwenn1+3-2
Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))Yating Zhan1+14-14
Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))tusooa1+4-3
Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))Yating Zhan1+3-3
Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))Yating Zhan1+3-3
Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))Yating Zhan1+9-9
Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))tusooa1+39-32
Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))tusooa1+19-18
Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))Yating Zhan1+76-73
Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))tusooa1+72-65
Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))tusooa1+103-103
Translated using Weblate (French)Haelwenn1+53-51
Translated using Weblate (French)Haelwenn1+29-18
Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))tusooa1+25-15
Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))tusooa1+104-99
Added translation using Weblate (French)Haelwenn1+163-0
Added translation using Weblate (French)Haelwenn1+6011-0
Translated using Weblate (French)Haelwenn1+17-14
Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))tusooa1+12-12
Translated using Weblate (French)Haelwenn1+116-77
Added translation using Weblate (French)Haelwenn1+197-0
Added translation using Weblate (French)Haelwenn1+525-0
Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))tusooa1+11-10
Added translation using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))tusooa1+6011-0
Merge branch 'fix-owncast' into 'develop'Haelwenn4+49-1
AttachmentValidator: fix_media_type/1 fallback to application/octet-streamHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+1-1
Add test for broken owncast federationFloatingGhost2+42-0
ArticleNotePageValidator: Fix when attachments are a Map (ie. owncast)Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+6-0
Merge branch 'birthday_fix' into 'develop'tusooa2+34-4
Merge branch 'fix/emoji-react-qualification' into 'develop'Haelwenn3+71-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into HEADTusooa Zhu6+14-67
Merge branch 'resolve/notice-compatibility-routes-nginx' into 'develop'Haelwenn5+13-66
Merge branch 'fix-cycles' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+1-1
CI: Remove cache on cyclesHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+1-1
Fix flaky/erratic tests in Pleroma.Config.TransferTaskTestIlja2+64-9
Fix warnings ":logger is used by the current application but the current application does not depend on :logger"Ilja1+2-1
Actually fix with forward slashes being restricted inside nicknameSean King1+3-3
Don't accept forward slash character for nicknamesSean King1+3-3
Allow to unset birthdaymarcin mikołajczak2+34-4
Merge branch 'shrink-ci' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+20-39
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/config-translatable' into 'develop'Haelwenn8+6571-258
Document way to do notice compatibility routes with Nginx reverse-proxy insteadSean King5+13-66
Merge branch 'notification_types' into 'develop'tusooa4+33-10
Merge branch 'docs__setting_up_a_gitlab_runner' into 'develop'tusooa1+9-0
Use :utc_datetimemarcin mikołajczak4+6-6
Add api docs for settings endpointTusooa Zhu1+39-0
Implement settings apiTusooa Zhu4+284-0
Pass in msgctxt for config translation stringsTusooa Zhu4+2544-987
Allow higher amount of restarts for Pleroma.Repo during testingfloatingghost1+11-1
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/zh-translation' into 'develop'tusooa4+1097-174
Extract translatable stringsTusooa Zhu4+4841-257
Fix compile errorTusooa Zhu1+1-0
Make admin api use translated config descriptionsTusooa Zhu1+33-1
Add tests for translator compilerTusooa Zhu1+55-0
Extract config descriptions for translationTusooa Zhu2+84-0
Check refute User.following?marcin mikołajczak3+6-4
DOCS: Add some small piece about setting up a Gitlab-runnerIlja1+9-0
Merge branch 'short-description' into 'develop'tusooa5+13-0
Add tests for short_descriptionTusooa Zhu1+1-0
Make mutes and blocks behave the same as other listsTusooa Zhu2+36-12
CI: cycles: Use current stable elixir imageHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+7-12
CI: template for change policies based on build stageHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+7-31
CI: Run stages when .gitlab-ci.yml changesHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+8-0
CI: Run lint and cycles in alpineHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+6-4
CI: Run postgres services in alpineHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+3-3
Merge branch 'fix/case-sensitivity-restricted-nicknames-blacklisted-domains' into 'develop'tusooa2+56-12
Make lint happyTusooa Zhu1+7-7
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/2830-remote-fo-mp' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+50-1
Use is_binary instead of is_bitstring for restricted nicknames testsSean King1+2-2
Pass remote follow avatar into media proxyTusooa Zhu2+50-1
Fix remote emoji in subject disappearing after editsTusooa Zhu2+50-1
Fix rate_limiter_test.exs test "it restricts based on config values"Ilja1+28-16
Add test for rendering mute expiration datemarcin mikołajczak1+17-0
Test that Question updates are viableTusooa Zhu1+59-1
Guard against outdated UpdatesTusooa Zhu3+145-18
Make validation functions for restricted nicknames and blacklisted domains; do restricted nickname validation in LDAP account registrationSean King1+32-24
Fix cannot get full history on object fetchTusooa Zhu2+91-2
Make checking blacklisted domains and restricted nicknames case-insenstiveSean King2+38-2
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/report-too-long' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+39-0
EmojiReactValidator: apply lanodan's suggestionsHaelwenn1+2-2
Validate object data for incoming Update activitiesTusooa Zhu2+43-2
Pass history items through ObjectValidator for updatable object typesTusooa Zhu2+108-9
Merge branch 'develop' into 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/edits'Tusooa Zhu51+1960-126
Merge branch 'fix/eblurhash-binaries' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+2-2
Merge branch 'indexing-hotspots' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+17-0
Merge branch 'image_description_from_exif_data' into 'develop'Haelwenn21+454-102
Merge branch 'bugfix/mime-validation-no-list' into 'develop'Haelwenn5+77-12
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/server-announcements' into 'develop'Haelwenn17+1404-0
mix: update eblurhash to 1.2.2Hélène2+2-2
Descriptions from exif data with only whitespeces are considered emptyIlja3+21-0
update moduledocIlja1+3-3
Change test picturesIlja7+21-29
Add option to docs about instance genIlja1+2-1
Better way of getting keysIlja2+2-2
Migration failed when no value for Pleroma.Upload was setIlja1+10-7
Migration for exiftool filterIlja1+34-0
Add deprecation warningsIlja2+95-1
Rename the Exiftool moduleIlja10+89-87
Rename the new moduleIlja11+168-168
Use EXIF data of image to prefill image descriptionIlja11+220-15
EmojiReactValidator: fix emoji qualificationHélène3+71-0
Make outbound transmogrifier aware of edit historyTusooa Zhu5+107-52
Do not put meta[:object_data] for local UpdatesTusooa Zhu2+42-1
Fix local updates causing emojis to be lostTusooa Zhu2+23-1
Verify that formerRepresentation provided in Update is usedTusooa Zhu1+12-1
Reuse formerRepresentations from remote if possibleTusooa Zhu2+71-2
Unify the logic of updating objectsTusooa Zhu6+183-101
Fix CommonAPITestTusooa Zhu2+3-1
Use meta[:object_data] in SideEffects for UpdateTusooa Zhu2+39-12
Convert incoming Updated object into Pleroma formatTusooa Zhu4+59-2
Add editing to featuresTusooa Zhu1+1-0
Store mutes expiration datemarcin mikołajczak6+73-13
Show original status at the first of historyTusooa Zhu2+6-7
Workaround with_index does not support function in Elixir 1.9Tusooa Zhu1+10-12
Send the correct update in streamerTusooa Zhu3+39-10
Expose history and source apis to anon usersTusooa Zhu3+10-8
Fix incorrectly cached content after editingTusooa Zhu6+120-17
Return the corresponding object id in attachment viewTusooa Zhu4+48-4
Add object id to uploaded attachmentsTusooa Zhu2+18-14
Merge branch 'hackney_reenable_TLSv1.3' into 'develop'lain5+6-10
LintTusooa Zhu1+10-1
Return update notification in mastodon apiTusooa Zhu3+38-4
Create Update notificationsTusooa Zhu3+117-2
Fix CommonAPITestTusooa Zhu1+2-2
Expose content type of status sourcesTusooa Zhu6+73-5
Fix SideEffectsTestTusooa Zhu1+1-0
Show edited_at in MastodonAPI/showTusooa Zhu3+33-0
Test that own edits are streamedTusooa Zhu1+11-0
Stream out editsTusooa Zhu5+95-2
Fix long report notes giving errors on creationTusooa Zhu2+39-0
Inject history when object is refetchedTusooa Zhu4+237-23
Strip internal fields in formerRepresentationTusooa Zhu2+72-1
Implement mastodon api for editing statusTusooa Zhu8+271-19
Add tlsv1.3 to suggestionsPierre-Louis Bonicoli3+6-5
hackney adapter helper & reverse proxy client: enable TLSv1.3Pierre-Louis Bonicoli2+0-5
Implement viewing sourceTusooa Zhu4+74-1
Implement mastodon api for showing edit historyTusooa Zhu7+245-23
Allow updating pollsTusooa Zhu2+125-20
Record edit history for Note and Question UpdatesTusooa Zhu3+72-2
Handle Note and Question UpdatesTusooa Zhu2+95-10
Allow Updates by every actor on the same originTusooa Zhu2+26-2
Merge branch 'lewdthewides-develop-patch-48691' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+2-2
BBS: add repeat functionalityduponin1+1-0
BBS: show post ID when postedduponin1+2-2
BBS: add post favourite featureduponin1+14-0
Apply Hélène suggestionsHélène1+3-5
BBS: mark notification as readduponin1+8-0
BBS: show notifactionsduponin1+43-0
BBS: put a new line for each HTML break in an activityduponin1+7-2
Merge branch 'fix/mrf-steal-emoji-regex' into 'develop'lain2+30-4
decode HTML to be human readable in BBSduponin1+1-1
add thread show in BBS frontendduponin1+28-0
StealEmojiPolicy: fix String rejected_shortcodesHélène2+30-4
fix Ctrl-c catch on SSH BBSduponin1+1-1
add missing extra application to start the SSH BBSduponin1+2-1
Instruct users to run 'git pull' as the pleroma userlewdthewides1+2-2
Make lint happyTusooa Zhu2+10-2
Test local-only in ap c2s outboxTusooa Zhu1+29-0
Allow authenticated users to access local-only posts in MastoAPITusooa Zhu3+168-3
Merge branch 'improve_anti_followbot_policy' into 'develop'Haelwenn4+65-15
Also use actor_type to determine if an account is a bot in antiFollowbotPolicyIlja4+65-15
Allow users to create backups without providing email addressTusooa Zhu4+82-25
Add index hotspotsPete1+17-0
Prevent remote access of local-only posts via /objectsTusooa Zhu2+25-1
LintTusooa Zhu2+10-4
Make local-only statuses searchableTusooa Zhu3+70-2
Test that anonymous users cannot see local-only postsTusooa Zhu1+5-8
Show local-only statuses in public timeline for authenticated usersTusooa Zhu4+96-14
Merge branch 'security/2.4.3-develop' into 'develop'Haelwenn7+72-5
mix: Bump to 2.4.52 for 2.4.3 mergebackHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+7-1
Skip cache when /objects or /activities is authenticatedTusooa Zhu3+47-9
Allow to skip cache in Cache plugTusooa Zhu2+31-8
update sweet_xml [Security]Ilja2+2-2
Merge branch 'security/2.4.3' into 'stable'Haelwenn7+72-5
Release 2.4.3Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+7-1
Skip cache when /objects or /activities is authenticatedTusooa Zhu3+47-9
Allow to skip cache in Cache plugTusooa Zhu2+31-8
update sweet_xml [Security]Ilja2+2-2
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/fix-en-fallback' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+28-2
Fix incorrect fallback when English is set to first languageTusooa Zhu2+28-2
Translate static_pages.po (Simplified Chinese)Tusooa Zhu4+1097-174
Merge branch 'fix_eratic_test_for_report_notes' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+2-2
Fix eratic test for POST /api/pleroma/admin/reports/:id/notesIlja1+2-2
Restrict mastodon api announcements to logged-in users onlyTusooa Zhu4+38-21
Add short_description fieldmarcin mikołajczak4+12-0
Fix lint errorsSean King2+18-7
Merge branch 'from/upstream-develop/tusooa/translate-pages' into 'develop'Haelwenn58+3327-455
Merge branch 'caddyfile-v2' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+5-26
Merge branch 'delete_report_notifs_when_demoting_from_superuser' into 'develop'Haelwenn4+63-1
Rewrite integration-test websocket client with Mint.WebSocketSean King4+177-36
Use utc_datetime in db schemaTusooa Zhu3+75-4
Transmogrifier: Use validating regex for "mediaType"Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+3-3
AttachmentValidator: Use custom ecto type and regex for "mediaType"Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+43-9
EctoType: Add MIME validatorHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+31-0
Merge branch 'bugfix/mix-dotgit' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+3-1
Use `types` for filtering notificationsmarcin mikołajczak4+33-10
Use reject_follow_requestmarcin mikołajczak2+6-3
POST /api/v1/accounts/:id/remove_from_followersmarcin mikołajczak4+60-3
Format announcements into htmlTusooa Zhu6+65-4
Add doc for Admin Announcement APIsTusooa Zhu1+114-0
Add pagination to AdminAPI.AnnouncementController.indexTusooa Zhu4+78-2
Implement update announcement admin apiTusooa Zhu6+165-22
Remove GET /api/v1/announcements/:idTusooa Zhu4+2-94
Show only visible announcements in MastodonAPITusooa Zhu2+25-1
Add starts_at, ends_at and all_day parametersTusooa Zhu6+42-22
Implement visibility filtering for announcementsTusooa Zhu4+110-4
Correct docstring for AnnouncementController.showTusooa Zhu1+1-1
Implement POST /api/v1/announcements/:id/dismissTusooa Zhu3+62-8
Implement GET /api/v1/announcements/:idTusooa Zhu2+67-2
Implement announcement read relationshipsTusooa Zhu8+316-3
Fill properties of announcements from Mastodon API specTusooa Zhu3+49-9
Implement first pass of announcement admin apiTusooa Zhu9+392-0
After code reviewIlja1+2-5
Merge branch 'fix_test_get_user_apps' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+1-1
Merge branch 'copyright-bump-2022' into 'develop'Haelwenn1247+2141-957
Support fallbacking to other languagesTusooa Zhu5+224-6
Delete report notifs when demoting from superuserIlja4+66-1
Update Caddyfile to Caddy v2sleepycrow1+5-26
LintTusooa Zhu2+6-3
Support multiple locales from userLanguage cookieTusooa Zhu3+39-17
Support multiple locales formallyTusooa Zhu3+89-17
Make lint happyTusooa Zhu1+2-0
Add test for fallbacking to a general languageTusooa Zhu1+14-0
Fallback to a variant if the language in general is not supportedTusooa Zhu3+34-0
Add changelogTusooa Zhu1+1-0
Document API additionTusooa Zhu1+2-0
Allow user to register with custom languageTusooa Zhu7+93-3
Allow update_credentials to update User.languageTusooa Zhu1+1-0
Send emails i18n'd using backend-stored user languageTusooa Zhu11+1769-282
Make all emails translatableTusooa Zhu2+266-43
Fix digest testTusooa Zhu1+7-1
Make mail and mailer translatableTusooa Zhu6+59-7
Make static fe translatableTusooa Zhu2+7-1
Merge branch 'revert-ee05abe0' into 'develop'feld5+67-0
Revert "Merge branch 'revert/notice-routes' into 'develop'"feld5+67-0
Fix testsTusooa Zhu4+4-4
Make mfa pages translatableTusooa Zhu4+57-8
Make oauth pages translatableTusooa Zhu8+174-25
Use proper lang attributes in htmlsTusooa Zhu4+13-5
Make tag feed translatableTusooa Zhu4+10-2
Make password reset pages translatableTusooa Zhu6+61-8
Merge branch 'revert/notice-routes' into 'develop'HJ5+0-67
Copyright bump for 2022Sean King1247+2141-957
mix: Check .git presenceHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+3-1
Fix test get_user_apps/1Ilja1+1-1
Make lint happyTusooa Zhu1+1-1
Extract translatable textTusooa Zhu4+483-198
Make remote follow pages translatableTusooa Zhu7+18-17
Prefer userLanguage cookie over Accept-Language header in detecting localeTusooa Zhu2+87-1
Merge branch 'unicode-14.0-backend' into 'develop'lain2+135-22
Add unicode 14 support and add a test with a unicode 14 emojiSam Therapy2+135-22
Merge branch 'max_media_attachments' into 'develop'Alex Gleason6+58-2
Max media attachment countmarcin mikołajczak6+58-2
Merge branch 'fix-tests-warn' into 'develop'Alex Gleason3+6-5
FilterControllerTest: tag erratic testAlex Gleason1+1-0
Fix tests matching on "warn"Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+5-5
Merge branch 'roadhouse' into 'develop'Alex Gleason8+297-0
Tag erratic testAlex Gleason1+1-0
Add tests for mismatched context in repliesAlex Gleason5+149-0
Test that a Create/Note from Roadhouse validatesAlex Gleason1+27-0
Test that a Note from Roadhouse validatesAlex Gleason2+120-0
Merge branch 'birth-dates' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+2-2
Birthdays: Fix outgoing federation of birth datesmarcin mikołajczak1+2-2
Merge branch 'mention-mrf-md' into 'develop'Alex Gleason2+44-4
ForceMentionsInContent: improve display of Markdown postsAlex Gleason2+44-4
Merge branch 'mentions-mrf-replies-only' into 'develop'Alex Gleason2+32-2
ForceMentionsInContent: don't apply it to top-level postsAlex Gleason2+32-2
Merge branch 'fix-bot-policy' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+1-1
ForceBotUnlistedPolicy: fix to stop unlisting my posts >:(bot1+1-1
Merge branch 'inline-mention-self' into 'develop'Alex Gleason2+38-0
ForceMentionsInContent: don't mention selfAlex Gleason2+38-0
Merge branch 'recipients-inline' into 'develop'Alex Gleason3+103-29
Merge branch 'birth-dates' into 'develop'Alex Gleason2+35-4
ForceMentionsInContent: fix order of mentionsAlex Gleason2+75-7
AccountView: Add test for show_birthdaymarcin mikołajczak2+35-3
Fix show_birthdaymarcin mikołajczak1+0-1
Merge branch 'birth-dates' into 'develop'Alex Gleason26+424-14
Birthdays: users_birthday_month_day_indexmarcin mikołajczak1+11-0
ForceMentionsInContentTest: return mentions in a not terrible formatAlex Gleason2+29-15
ForceMentionsInContent: simplify finding usersAlex Gleason1+2-7
ForceMentionsInContent: wrap inline mentions with span tagAlex Gleason2+2-2
ForceMentionsInContent: use `to` instead of `tag`Alex Gleason1+2-5
Merge branch 'revert-6e27fc9c' into 'develop'Alex Gleason2+2-77
Revert "Merge branch 'log-slow-queries' into 'develop'"Alex Gleason2+2-77
Merge branch 'preserve-mentions-order' into 'develop'Alex Gleason2+12-0
Add a testmarcin mikołajczak1+11-0
Preserve order of mentioned usersmarcin mikołajczak1+1-0
Create index for `show_birthday`marcin mikołajczak2+12-10
Birthdays: Fix tests, add test for misskeymarcin mikołajczak3+23-1
Birthdays: hide_birthday -> show_birthdaymarcin mikołajczak14+39-37
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into birth-datesAlex Gleason162+1052-546
Merge branch 'less_erratic_expiration_test' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+4-4
Update description.exsAlex Gleason1+2-2
Birthdays: birth_date --> birthdayAlex Gleason19+92-92
Make test less erratic by adding five second toleranceNEETzsche1+4-4
Merge branch 'apple_autofill_suggestions' into 'develop'Alex Gleason4+8-8
Merge branch 'erratic-filter-test' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+1-0
FilterTest: tag erratic testAlex Gleason1+1-0
Add autocompelete values suggested by AppleFinn Behrens4+8-8
add nixos to supported distrosFinn Behrens2+16-1
Merge branch 'private-pins' into 'develop'Alex Gleason4+126-10
Merge branch 'from/develop/tusooa/add-glitch-lily' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+6-0
Test pinned private statuses in AccountControllerAlex Gleason1+31-9
Support private pinned posts from Mastodonmarcin mikołajczak3+95-1
Add glitch-lily to clients.mdTusooa Zhu1+6-0
Merge branch 'feat/force-mentions-mrf' into 'develop'rinpatch7+221-20
Update changelogmarcin mikołajczak2+4-0
Add ForceMentionsInContentPolicyrinpatch7+221-20
check if remote bday is validmarcin mikołajczak1+11-1
Birth dates: Add testsmarcin mikołajczak9+210-9
Format code, expose instance configuration related to birth datesmarcin mikołajczak7+16-12
Merge branch 'document-oauth-tokens' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+35-0
Docs: PleromaAPI oauth_tokens endpointsAlex Gleason1+35-0
Merge branch 'erratic-allow-failure' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+1-0
Birth dates, birthday reminders API, allow instance admins to require minimum agemarcin mikołajczak16+168-14
Merge branch 'hakabahitoyo-develop-patch-44025' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+1-0
unit-testing-erratic: allow failureAlex Gleason1+1-0
Merge branch 'linkify-0.5.2' into 'develop'Alex Gleason4+82-2
mix formatAlex Gleason1+6-5
CHANGELOG: hashtags markdown fixAlex Gleason1+1-0
FormatterTest: fix nesting in expected outputAlex Gleason1+1-1
Merge remote-tracking branch 'mkfain/test-for-breaking-markdown' into linkify-0.5.2Alex Gleason1+78-0
Upgrade Linkify to v0.5.2Alex Gleason2+2-2
Update cheatsheet.md. Add `Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.MRF.KeywordPolicy`.Hakaba Hitoyo1+1-0
Merge branch 'show_blockers_visible' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+3-0
Add blockers_visible to features list when it's enabledNEETzsche1+3-0
Merge branch 'mergeback' into 'develop'rinpatch140+565-503
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into mergebackAlex Gleason140+565-503
Merge branch 'account-endorsements' into 'develop'Alex Gleason17+343-27
Add more testsmarcin mikołajczak7+100-21
WIP account endorsementsmarcin mikołajczak11+107-51
Merge branch 'release/2.4.2' into 'stable'rinpatch145+588-527
CI: Conservatively update release images so they keep building.Lain Soykaf1+2-2
CI: Upload the image for all platformsLain Soykaf1+4-4
Pleroma-FE bundle: update to b13d8f7e6339e877a38a28008630dc8ec64abcdfrinpatch139+555-503
mix.lock: sync with mix.exsrinpatch1+2-2
Add 2.4.2 changelog entry and bump mix versionrinpatch2+11-1
Merge branch 'fix/rich-media-test-escape-unicrud' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+2-2
Merge branch 'pleroma-result-1_13' into 'develop'lain1+11-12
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into account-endorsementsmarcin mikołajczak14+121-31
Merge branch 'fix/rich-media-test-escape-unicrud' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+2-2
Escape unicode RTL overrides in rich media parser testsrinpatch1+2-2
Merge branch 'update-hackney' into 'develop'lain1+1-1
Merge branch 'api-docs-fixes' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+13-12
Docs: fix various Pleroma API endpoints paths, fix MFA responseAlex Gleason1+13-12
Merge branch 'change/web-push-encryption-dep' into 'develop'Alex Gleason2+2-3
Upgrade web_push_encryption to 0.3.1Sean King2+2-3
Merge branch 'change/concurrent-limiter-dep' into 'develop'Alex Gleason2+2-4
Change concurrent_limiter to Hex PM version 0.1.1Sean King2+2-4
Merge branch 'erratic-streamer-test' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+1-0
StreamerTest: tag erratic testAlex Gleason1+1-0
Merge more stuff from upstream develop branchSean King3+19-9
Merge branch 'more-efficient-ci' into 'develop'lain3+19-9
Fix merge conflict in CHANGELOG.mdSean King30+550-54
Merge branch 'chore/user-relationships-target-id-rel-type-index' into 'develop'lain1+7-0
`mix format`Ivan Tashkinov1+1-3
Added index on [:target_id, :relationship_type] to :user_relationships (speeds up `Notification.exclude_blockers/_`).Ivan Tashkinov1+9-0
Merge branch 'changelog' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+16-0
Update CHANGELOG.mdAlex Gleason1+16-0
Merge branch 'mastodon-lookup' into 'develop'Alex Gleason4+59-1
AccountController.lookup: skip authmarcin mikołajczak1+1-1
AccountController.lookup: skip visibility checkmarcin mikołajczak1+2-2
wipmarcin mikołajczak103+2502-190
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into mastodon-lookupmarcin mikołajczak54+1045-80
MastoAPI: Add `GET /api/v1/accounts/lookup`marcin mikołajczak4+58-0
Merge branch 'apps-api-endpoint' into 'develop'Alex Gleason13+243-28
Deal with target not found error in add_aliasTusooa Zhu2+7-1
Test that the target account is re-fetched in move_accountTusooa Zhu5+127-0
Make move_account endpoint process non-existent users properlyTusooa Zhu4+50-4
Make move_following worker follow then unfollowTusooa Zhu1+1-1
Federate unfollow activity in move_following properlyTusooa Zhu2+38-1
Make Move activity federate properlyTusooa Zhu2+6-2
Document aliases endpointsTusooa Zhu1+20-0
Add deleting alias endpointTusooa Zhu6+164-8
Add get and add aliases endpointsTusooa Zhu4+173-1
Add User.add_alias/2 and User.alias_users/1Tusooa Zhu2+71-0
Add changelogTusooa Zhu1+1-0
Document move_account APITusooa Zhu1+10-0
Implement moving accountTusooa Zhu4+203-1
Merge branch 'ensure-staff-privileged-strict' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+8-3
PleromaAPI.AppView: add testAlex Gleason1+21-0
AppController: remove unnecessary `require Logger`Alex Gleason1+0-2
Apps: add test for get_user_apps/1Alex Gleason1+12-0
AppController: test creating with and without a userAlex Gleason2+33-8
Apps: add user_id indexAlex Gleason1+2-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into apps-api-endpointAlex Gleason3865+4840-15704
EnsureStaffPrivilegedPlug: don't let non-moderators throughAlex Gleason1+8-3
Merge branch 'admin-fix-duplicated-endpoints' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+0-3
AdminAPI: fix duplicated routesAlex Gleason1+0-3
Merge branch 'finch' into 'develop'Alex Gleason5+15-6
Merge branch 'tag-gun-erratic' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+1-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into finchAlex Gleason10+225-16
ConnectionPoolTest: tag erratic testAlex Gleason1+1-0
Merge branch 'restricted-moderators' into 'develop'Alex Gleason8+127-14
EnsureStaffPrivilegedPlug: add testsAlex Gleason1+60-0
Merge branch 'log-slow-queries' into 'develop'Alex Gleason2+77-2
Made slow queries logging disabled by default.Ivan Tashkinov2+8-2
Fix lint errorsAlibek Omarov4+34-33
API: fix duplicate :get_password_token routeAlibek Omarov1+0-1
API: show info about privileged staff in instance metadataAlibek Omarov2+4-2
API: optionally restrict moderators from accessing sensitive dataAlibek Omarov5+62-11
Configurability of slow queries logging ([:pleroma, :telemetry, :slow_queries_logging]). Adjusted log messages truncation to 65 kb (was default: 8 kb). Non-truncated logging of slow query params.Ivan Tashkinov2+28-10
Revert "Merge branch 'notice-routes' into 'develop'"Sean King5+0-67
CI: Fix the broken tasks.Lain Soykaf1+10-1
CI: Use own package as baseLain Soykaf3+9-8
Merge branch 'erratic' into 'develop'lain1+21-0
Update changelogLain Soykaf2+2-1
Merge branch 'finch' of git.pleroma.social:pleroma/pleroma into finchLain Soykaf1+1-0
Merge branch 'develop' of git.pleroma.social:pleroma/pleroma into finchLain Soykaf67+1723-87
CI: Start testing erratic test againLain Soykaf1+21-0
Merge branch 'ci-dont-retry' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+0-2
Merge branch 'profile-directory' into 'develop'Alex Gleason16+226-7
MastoAPI: Profile directorymarcin mikołajczak16+226-7
Merge branch 'notice-routes' into 'develop'Alex Gleason5+67-0
GitLab CI: don't retry failed jobsAlex Gleason1+0-2
Pleroma.Web.base_url() --> Endpoint.url()Alex Gleason1+3-3
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into notice-routesAlex Gleason4345+10487-18622
Merge branch 'account-notes' into 'develop'Alex Gleason12+162-6
Merge branch 'account-subscriptions' into 'develop'Alex Gleason9+66-13
Merge branch 'remote-follow-api' into 'develop'Alex Gleason3+36-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into remote-follow-apimarcin mikołajczak61+1438-111
Merge branch 'warnings-as-errors' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+2-3
Merge branch 'add-nodeinfo-doc' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+347-0
Add initial Nodeinfo documentHakaba Hitoyo1+347-0
Merge branch 'from/develop/tusooa/2802-propagate-reject' into 'develop'Alex Gleason4+96-1
Merge branch 'moderators' into 'develop'Alex Gleason2+51-36
Merge branch 'erratic-tests' into 'develop'Alex Gleason3+9-1
Skip erratic testsAlex Gleason3+9-1
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into moderatorsAlex Gleason4143+6151-16798
Merge branch 'mkljczk-develop-patch-64464' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+4-1
Merge branch 'manifest' into 'develop'Alex Gleason5+66-0
Slow queries logging improvements: added EXPLAIN results, listed params, improved stacktrace.Ivan Tashkinov1+15-5
Merge branch 'replies-count' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+1-1
Merge branch 'link-headers-chats' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+3-1
Merge branch 'live-dashboard' into 'develop'Alex Gleason8+22-2
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into manifestAlex Gleason45+838-66
Merge branch 'v2-suggestions' into 'develop'Alex Gleason20+510-5
Merge branch 'fix-search-dos' into 'develop'Alex Gleason1+3-1
Merge branch 'from/develop/tusooa/alpine-3.14' into 'develop'lain1+2-3
Bump alpine to 3.14Tusooa Zhu1+2-3
LintTusooa Zhu1+4-1
Add changelog for https://git.pleroma.social/pleroma/pleroma/-/merge_requests/3568Tusooa Zhu1+1-0
Add test to ensure removed follower cease to have relationship with ex-followeeTusooa Zhu1+67-0
Add test to ensure the blocked cease to have follow relationship to the blockerTusooa Zhu1+10-0
Allow updating accepted follow activities in Web.ActivityPub.Utils.update_follow_state_for_all/2Tusooa Zhu2+15-1
Merge branch 'verbose-emoji-loader' into 'develop'lain1+2-0
emoji/loader.ex: be more verbose about which emoji pack config is loading nowa1batross1+2-0
Dirty hack to make mediaproxy functional by relying on Hackney for that partMark Felder1+1-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into live-dashboardAlex Gleason3842+4337-15914
Add Phoenix LiveDashboardAlex Gleason8+22-2
Merge branch 'delete-account-fix' into 'develop'lain3+49-5
Application: Actually start finch if it's neededLain Soykaf1+2-1
Application, dependencies: prepare for finchLain Soykaf3+12-6
TwitterAPI: allow deleting one's own account with request bodyAlex Gleason3+49-5
Search: limit number of resultsAlex Gleason1+3-1
Add link headers in ChatController.index2marcin mikołajczak1+3-1
Merge branch 'fix-attachment-dimensions' into 'develop'lain4+84-7
Merge branch 'benchmark-fixes' into 'develop'lain2+15-14
Benchmarks: fix user timeline and tags benchmarksAlex Gleason2+15-14
VideoHandlingTest: remove nil valuesAlex Gleason1+1-4
Apply alexgleason's suggestion(s) to 1 file(s)Haelwenn1+1-1
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into fix-attachment-dimensionsAlex Gleason3836+4192-15885
Fix VideoHandlingTestAlex Gleason1+3-3
Merge branch 'fixyfix' into 'develop'lain1+10-10
AttachmentValidator: ingest width and heightAlex Gleason2+38-4
Linting.Lain Soykaf1+10-10
Merge branch 'pleroma-result-1_13' into 'develop'lain1+1-2
Merge branch 'mix-lock' into 'develop'lain1+2-2
Run `mix deps.get`Alex Gleason1+2-2
move result into with guardFinn Behrens1+1-2
Transmogrifier: test fix_attachments/1Alex Gleason1+40-0
Merge branch 'benchmark' into 'develop'lain3+4-5
Add 'notifying' to relationship for compatibility with Mastodonmarcin mikołajczak9+31-15
Add test for following with subscriptionmarcin mikołajczak1+21-0
Merge branch 'optimisation/deactivated-subquery' into 'develop'lain2+16-4
MastoAPI: accept notify param in follow requestmarcin mikołajczak2+17-1
make linter happyFloatingGhost2+3-5
Make deactivated user check into a subqueryFloatingGhost2+17-3
Log Ecto queries > 500msAlex Gleason1+43-2
Fix benchmarksAlex Gleason3+4-5
Merge branch 'password-reset' into 'develop'lain4+115-0
Fix frontend_status_plug_test.exsAlex Gleason1+1-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into password-resetAlex Gleason3832+4052-15874
Restore POST /auth/passwordAlex Gleason3+114-2
Merge branch 'fix/2782-nodeinfo-active-users' into 'develop'lain4+13-7
remote_interaction API endpointmarcin mikołajczak3+36-0
Merge branch 'update-hackney' into 'develop'lain1+1-1
Merge branch 'force_pinned_objects_to_be_empty' into 'develop'lain1+11-0
Force pinned_objects to be empty, not nullNEETzsche1+11-0
Mix: upgrade Hackney to 1.18.0a1batross1+1-1
Account endorsementsmarcin mikołajczak9+179-18
v2 Suggestions: return `is_suggested` through the APIAlex Gleason4+9-2
Instance: add v2_suggestions featureAlex Gleason1+1-0
v2 Suggestions: also filter out users you followAlex Gleason2+43-10
v2 Suggestions: actually flter out dismissed suggestionsAlex Gleason3+45-3
v2 Suggestions: dismiss a suggestionAlex Gleason5+49-8
v2 Suggestions: add index on is_suggested columnAlex Gleason1+2-0
AdminAPI: suggest a user through the APIAlex Gleason8+257-2
v2 Suggestions: don't skip visibility checkAlex Gleason1+2-2
v2 Suggestions: rudimentary API responseAlex Gleason8+103-5
v2 Suggestions: return empty arrayAlex Gleason3+27-1
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into manifestAlex Gleason3830+4027-15868
Expose /manifest.json for PWAAlex Gleason5+66-0
Fix replies count for remote repliesmarcin mikołajczak1+1-1
Apply 2 suggestion(s) to 2 file(s)rinpatch2+1-3
Lintmarcin mikołajczak3+6-5
Update testmarcin mikołajczak1+11-8
Fix a typomarcin mikołajczak1+1-1
MastoAPI: Add user notes on accountsmarcin mikołajczak12+160-6
Add changelog entryAlibek Omarov1+1-0
Merge branch 'bugfix/markdown-newlines' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+3-3
mix: Update earmarkHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+3-3
Merge branch 'update-elixir' into 'develop'lain1+4-4
CI: Upload the image for all platformsLain Soykaf1+4-4
nodeinfo: report activeMonth and activeHalfyear users fieldsAlibek Omarov3+12-7
Merge branch 'fix-tests' into 'develop'lain4+27-20
Merge branch 'block-behavior' into 'develop'lain9+126-2
Merge branch 'instance-deletion' into 'develop'lain10+221-54
Merge branch 'fix-object-deletion-timeout' into 'develop'lain2+2-1
Merge branch 'bump/http_signatures-0.1.1' into 'develop'lain2+2-2
Merge branch 'userfeed-fe-fallback' into 'develop'lain2+18-3
Merge branch 'fix-releases' into 'develop'lain1+2-2
CI: Conservatively update release images so they keep building.Lain Soykaf1+2-2
Merge branch 'bugfix/inbox-misleading-warning' into 'develop'lain1+17-20
Merge branch 'update-crypt' into 'develop'lain2+2-2
Mix: Update crypt to fix musl builds.Lain Soykaf2+2-2
MediaProxyCacheControllerTest: Fix unstable tests.Lain Soykaf1+17-13
StealEmojiPolicyTest: Make mocks explicit.Lain Soykaf1+8-5
Mix: Upgrade mogrify libraryLain Soykaf2+2-2
activity_pub_controller: Fix misleading debug warning in post_inbox_fallbackHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+17-20
mix: Update http_signatures to 0.1.1Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+2-2
Merge branch 'refactor/group_validator_fields' into 'develop'Haelwenn19+211-223
object_validators: Group common fields in CommonValidationsHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier19+211-223
Merge branch 'typo' into 'develop'feld1+2-2
Fix typoMark Felder1+2-2
Merge branch 'weblate-pleroma-pleroma' into 'develop'Haelwenn4+1743-3
Translated using Weblate (Japanese)Ryo Ueno1+29-27
Added translation using Weblate (Japanese)Ryo Ueno1+578-0
Translated using Weblate (Vietnamese)Hồ Nhất Duy1+112-110
Added translation using Weblate (Vietnamese)Hồ Nhất Duy1+578-0
Translated using Weblate (Indonesian)@liimee1+4-4
Translated using Weblate (Indonesian)@liimee1+3-3
Translated using Weblate (Indonesian)@liimee1+5-5
Translated using Weblate (Indonesian)@liimee1+6-6
Translated using Weblate (Indonesian)@liimee1+50-50
Translated using Weblate (Indonesian)@liimee1+11-9
Added translation using Weblate (Indonesian)@liimee1+578-0
Translated using Weblate (Polish)marcin mikołajczak1+3-3
Merge branch 'ci/bump-elixir-lint' into 'develop'Haelwenn39+60-201
CI: Bump lint stage to elixir-1.12Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier39+60-201
Merge branch 'bugfix/crypt-pragma' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+3-3
Merge branch 'from/develop/tusooa/add-remove-emails' into 'develop'Haelwenn5+95-6
Merge branch 'partev-develop-patch-72837' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+1-1
mix: Update crypt to fix #pragma warningHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+3-3
Merge branch 'dockerfix' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+2-2
Update to newer buildx as current one can't be downloaded due to some Github errorMark Felder1+2-2
fix a typo "Optionnal" -> "Optional"partev1+1-1
Add "exposable_reactions" to features, if showing reactionsmarcin mikołajczak1+4-1
Merge branch 'remove/mastofe' into 'develop'Haelwenn3705+26-14977
Allow users to remove their emails if instance does not need email to registerTusooa Zhu5+95-6
Merge branch 'small-cleanup' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+0-1
Remove unused LoggerMark Felder1+0-1
Merge branch 'chores/2.4.1-develop' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+20-4
Merge branch 'release/2.4.1' into 'stable'Haelwenn27+283-147
Make suggested change for create_responseSean King1+1-5
Fix aliases sortingSean King1+1-1
Add unit test for Pleroma API app controllerSean King3+67-2
Fix lintSean King3+3-6
Move GET /api/v1/apps to GET /api/v1/pleroma/appsSean King7+69-33
Require follow and read OAuth scopes for GET /api/v1/appsSean King2+3-25
Merge branch 'release/2.4.1' into chores/2.4.1-developHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+20-4
Release 2.4.1Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+2-2
mix pleroma.database set_text_search_config now runs concurrently and infinitelysomeone3+11-4
Selecting MRF policies didn't work as intended any moreIlja3+3-2
Make activity search properly use GIN indexesTusooa Zhu2+17-2
List available frontends also when no static/frontends folder is present yetIlja3+22-1
Add Admin-FE menu for StealEmojiPolicySam Therapy2+48-0
Merge branch 'set_text_search_config_timeout' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+8-4
Merge branch 'docs_add_yunohost_installation' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+10-1
Merge branch 'features/ingestion-no-nil' into 'develop'Haelwenn5+8-23
Merge branch 'admin_fe_dont_list_mrf_policies_any_more' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+2-2
Merge branch 'from/develop/tusooa/2758-gin-index-search' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+17-2
Add changelog for !3519Tusooa Zhu1+1-0
Make activity search properly use GIN indexesTusooa Zhu1+16-2
Fix API spec, add app schemaSean King2+37-29
Fix formatting in app_operation.exSean King1+23-19
GET /api/v1/apps endpointSean King6+73-0
UserController: fall back to frontend when user isn't foundAlex Gleason2+18-3
mix pleroma.database set_text_search_config now runs concurrently and infinitelysomeone2+8-4
Merge branch 'show_frontends_also_when_no_static_frontends_folder_is_created_yet' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+21-1
List available frontends also when no static/frontends folder is present yetIlja2+21-1
Merge branch 'StealEmojiMRF_add_adminFE' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+45-0
Merge branch 'builder-note' into 'develop'Haelwenn5+84-63
Builder.note/1: return {:ok, map(), keyword()} like other Builder functionsAlex Gleason3+36-28
Add Admin-FE menu for StealEmojiPolicySam Therapy1+45-0
CommonAPI.Utils.make_note_data/1 --> ActivityPub.Builder.note/1Alex Gleason5+76-63
Selecting MRF policies didn't work as intended any moreIlja2+2-2
Streamer: fix crash in MastodonAPI.StatusViewAlex Gleason2+12-3
Activity.Search: fallback on status resolution on DB TimeoutHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+18-13
AdminAPI: hotfix for nil report objectsAlex Gleason2+4-1
maybe_notify_subscribers: Don't create notifications from ingested repliesHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+7-11
TwitterAPI: Make change_email require body params instead of queryHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier4+39-39
TwitterAPI: Make change_password require body params instead of queryHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier4+61-63
ObjectAgePolicy: Fix pattern matching on publishedHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier3+7-1
Make the OPT recomendation clearerIlja8+25-2
Merge branch 'weblate-pleroma-pleroma' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+48-45
fix: stream out Create ActivitykPherox2+9-5
Translated using Weblate (Polish)marcin mikołajczak1+26-23
Translated using Weblate (Polish)marcin mikołajczak1+23-23
Merge branch 'streamer-crash-fix' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+11-3
Streamer: fix crash in MastodonAPI.StatusViewAlex Gleason1+11-3
Merge branch 'dkuku-develop-patch-66061' into 'develop'rinpatch1+1-0
Merge branch 'bugfix/status-search-fallback' into 'develop'rinpatch2+20-13
Activity.Search: fallback on status resolution on DB TimeoutHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+20-13
Merge branch 'nil-report-object-hotfix' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+3-1
ObjectValidator.stringify_keys: filter out nil valuesHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier5+8-23
Merge branch 'bugfix/subscriptions-replies' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+7-11
maybe_notify_subscribers: Don't create notifications from ingested messagesHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+7-11
AdminAPI: hotfix for nil report objectsAlex Gleason1+3-1
Merge branch 'bugfix/change_password' into 'develop'Haelwenn3+98-101
TwitterAPI: Make change_email require body params instead of queryHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier3+38-38
Merge branch 'bugfix/object-age-create' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+6-1
TwitterAPI: Make change_password require body params instead of queryHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier3+60-63
Merge branch 'docs_make_otp_recommendation_clearer' into 'develop'Haelwenn8+25-2
Make the OPT recomendation clearerIlja8+25-2
ObjectAgePolicy: Fix pattern matching on publishedHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+6-1
Merge branch 'fix/streaming-api-for-create-activity' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+3-4
Merge branch 'poll-notification' into 'develop'Haelwenn17+314-28
Merge branch 'simple_policy_reasons_for_instance_specific_policies' into 'develop'Haelwenn23+919-175
fix: stream out Create ActivitykPherox1+3-4
Merge branch 'chores/2.4.0-develop' into 'develop'Haelwenn264+1004-735
Merge branch 'release/2.4.0' into 'stable'Haelwenn627+9566-3879
mix.exs: 2.4.50Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+1-1
Update PleromaFE Bundle (2.4.0)Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier143+521-257
Add YunoHost to installation guidesIlja2+10-1
Merge branch 'develop' of git.pleroma.social:pleroma/pleroma into remove/mastofeSean King26+476-372
CHANGELOG.md: Fix instances of 2020 being actually 2021matildepark1+3-3
Improve readabilityEgor Kislitsyn6+33-29
Quarantine placeholdersIlja1+2-2
improve changelog entryIlja1+1-1
Make transparency_exclusions use tuples in admin-feIlja2+6-4
Add key- and valuePlaceholders for quarantined_instances and mrf_simpleIlja4+12-0
Add transparency_exclusions also to the breaking changesIlja1+1-1
Change docsIlja3+18-16
quarantine instances infoIlja2+42-12
Change what nodeinfo returns without breaking backwards compatibilityIlja2+90-28
Return maps in node_infoIlja3+26-3
Add database migrationsIlja3+162-0
Fixed deprecation warning checksIlja2+21-20
config/description.exs: Update quarantine settings to tuplesIlja1+4-4
make linter happyIlja1+2-1
Deprecate transparency_exclusionsIlja2+89-0
config :mrf, :transparency_exclusions works with tumples nowIlja2+2-2
Deprecate and rewrite settings for quarentine settingsIlja2+89-0
Make quarentine work with list of tuples instead of stringsIlja5+18-5
Add tests for setting `:instance, :quarantined_instances`Ilja2+106-0
Make mrfSimple work with tuplesIlja4+123-112
Deprectate strings for SimplePolicyIlja2+138-1
CHANGELOG: moderator abilitiesAlex Gleason1+1-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into moderatorsAlex Gleason365+8576-3153
Merge branch 'staff-plug' into 'develop'Haelwenn4+79-5
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into staff-plugAlex Gleason365+8571-3153
Release 2.4.0Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+14-9
Update AdminFE bundleHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier119+467-467
use puts instead warnDaniel1+2-1
Update dev.exs error message to write to stderr. Currently it dumps this message at the beginnig of the file when using vim-autoformat with mix formatDaniel1+1-1
Merge branch 'object-tombstone-visibility' into 'develop'feld1+1-0
Merge branch 'errorview-json-fix' into 'develop'feld2+2-1
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into object-tombstone-visibilityAlex Gleason365+8568-3152
Visibility: check Tombstone objects in visible_for_user?/2Alex Gleason1+1-0
CHANGELOG: fixed JSON error renderingAlex Gleason1+1-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into errorview-json-fixAlex Gleason365+8568-3152
Add activity+json to Phoenix :format_encoders Fixes ErrorView renderingAlex Gleason1+1-1
Merge branch 'mkljczk-develop-patch-60115' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+3-1
CHANGELOG: Support `poll` notification typeAlex Gleason1+1-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into poll-notification-fixesAlex Gleason365+8565-3151
Poll notification: only notify local usersAlex Gleason2+6-4
Poll notification: trigger PollWorker through common_pipelineAlex Gleason3+40-6
PollWorker defensive checksAlex Gleason1+4-2
Poll notification: notify for polls even when block_from_strangers is setAlex Gleason1+8-2
MastodonAPI: Support poll notificationAlex Gleason14+262-21
CHANGELOG: instance deletionAlex Gleason1+1-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into instance-deletionAlex Gleason364+8558-3144
AdminAPI.InstanceController: clean up tests, rename actionsAlex Gleason3+27-29
AdminAPI: add DELETE /instances/:instance to delete all content from a remote instanceAlex Gleason4+48-0
Add Instance.delete_users_and_activities/1 to delete all content from a remote instanceAlex Gleason3+58-0
Upgrade Ecto to v3.6.2, remove deprecated ecto_explainAlex Gleason3+7-7
Create AdminAPI.InstanceControllerAlex Gleason5+116-54
Merge branch 'admin-api-users-sort' into 'develop'feld4+59-71
Merge branch 'admin-api-users-date' into 'develop'feld3+6-2
CHANGELOG: AdminAPI return date with usersAlex Gleason1+1-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into admin-api-users-dateAlex Gleason364+8500-3078
AdminAPI: add date to usersAlex Gleason2+5-2
CHANGELOG: AdminAPI users sortAlex Gleason1+1-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into admin-api-users-sortAlex Gleason364+8500-3078
AdminAPI: sort user results by ID descendingAlex Gleason3+58-71
AdminAPI: let moderators actually do thingsAlex Gleason1+47-38
Let moderators manage custom emojisAlex Gleason1+2-2
Moderators: reorganize :admin_api pipeline in RouterAlex Gleason2+9-5
Moderators: add UserIsStaffPlugAlex Gleason2+70-0
CHANGELOG: fixed user deletion database timeoutAlex Gleason1+1-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into fix-object-deletion-timeoutAlex Gleason364+8500-3078
Fix Activity.delete_all_by_object_ap_id/1 timeout so users can be deletedAlex Gleason1+1-1
Merge branch 'features/ingestion-page' into 'develop'Haelwenn11+249-228
Merge branch 'features/validators-apc2s' into 'develop'Haelwenn5+77-64
AP C2S: Remove restrictions and make it go through pipelineHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier5+77-64
Delete MastoFE Controller TestSean King1+0-85
Merge develop branch upstreamSean King114+950-601
Merge branch 'update/linkify' into 'develop'feld3+3-2
Update Linkify to fix crash on posts with a URL we failed to parse correctlyMark Felder3+3-2
Merge branch 'remote-deletions' into 'develop'feld6+78-32
fix the fucking list timelines on mastofe/soapbox-femarcin mikołajczak1+3-1
Deletions: change User.purge/1 to defp, add CHANGELOG entryAlex Gleason2+3-1
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into remote-deletionsAlex Gleason358+8132-2791
Deletions: don't purge keys so Delete/Undo activities can be signedAlex Gleason2+2-4
Deletions: allow deactivated users to be deletedAlex Gleason4+32-9
Deletions: preserve account status fields during purge, fix checksAlex Gleason2+14-12
Also purge the user in User.perform/2Alex Gleason1+4-0
Deletions: purge the user immediatelyAlex Gleason1+10-15
Correctly purge a remote userAlex Gleason2+28-6
Merge branch 'fix-2686' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+6-4
Activity deletion: fix FunctionClauseError #2686Alex Gleason1+6-4
Merge branch 'ecto-upgrade' into 'develop'feld4+4-8
Enable :warnings_as_errors for CI onlyAlex Gleason1+2-3
Upgrade Ecto to v3.6.2, remove deprecated ecto_explainAlex Gleason4+4-8
Merge branch 'bugfix/upload-limit-plug' into 'develop'Haelwenn5+62-2
Merge branch 'docs/dependencies-rewrite' into 'develop'feld8+32-65
Add test on changing [:instance, :upload_limit]Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+57-0
Downgrade Plug to 1.10.x, revert upload_limit tuple to function changeHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier3+5-2
Merge branch 'cycles-ci-skip' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+5-0
Cycles CI: skip unless Elixir code is modifiedAlex Gleason1+5-0
docs/…/opt_en.md: Reuse /main/ repository url for the /community/ repoHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+1-2
docs: Remove Erlang Solutions repositoryHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+3-9
docs: Use one file to describe dependenciesHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier7+28-54
Merge branch 'fix/twittercard-video-dimensions' into 'develop'feld6+204-30
Add note about video thumbnails for code spelunkers unfamiliar with Media Preview ProxyMark Felder1+2-0
Merge branch 'cycles-ci' into 'develop'feld2+12-10
Fix compile cycle in Pleroma.Tests.AuthTestControllerAlex Gleason1+2-10
Cycles CI: disable cacheAlex Gleason1+1-0
CI: echo $MIX_ENVAlex Gleason1+1-0
Add cycles test to .gitlab-ci.yml Thank you @jb55@bitcoinhackers.org for the awk syntaxAlex Gleason1+8-0
Merge branch 'refactor/ingestion-activity-context' into 'develop'feld8+105-105
Merge branch 'eblurhash-hex' into 'develop'feld2+2-4
Formatting of the commentMark Felder2+6-6
Add new Twittercard/OGP changesMark Felder1+1-0
Test that videos only get image thumbnails in OGP metadata when we can produce them with Preview ProxyMark Felder1+80-0
CredoMark Felder2+10-8
LintMark Felder2+11-8
Fix incorrectly ordered arguments to the function and not properly merging lists.Mark Felder1+2-1
Metadata.Utils.attachment_url/1 was used in this test tooMark Felder1+2-1
Add a video thumbnail to the OpenGraph metadata if Media Preview Proxy is enabled.Mark Felder1+15-0
Remove Metadata.Utils.attachment_url/1Mark Felder3+19-14
Use eblurhash 1.1.0 from HexAlex Gleason2+2-4
ObjectValidators.{Announce,EmojiReact,Like}: Fix context, actor & addressingHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier8+105-105
Merge branch 'cycles-plug-deps' into 'develop'Haelwenn13+22-57
Merge branch 'cycles-side-effects' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+4-3
Merge branch 'cycles-instances' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+11-6
Refactor skipped plugs into Pleroma.Web functions Speeds up recompilation by reducing compile cyclesAlex Gleason13+22-57
Switch to runtime deps in ActivityPub.SideEffects Speeds up recompilation by reducing compile cyclesAlex Gleason1+4-3
Switch to runtime deps in Pleroma.Instances Speeds up recompilation by limiting compile cyclesAlex Gleason1+11-6
Switch OGP default type from "website" to "article"Mark Felder1+2-2
Merge branch 'cycles-config-loader-redux' into 'develop'feld1+16-16
Merge branch 'cycles-user-view' into 'develop'feld2+10-2
Set the correct height/width if the data is available when generating opengraph metadataMark Felder2+37-5
Create AdminAPI.UserView to avoid compile-time dep Speeds up recompilationAlex Gleason2+10-2
Only use fallback for videos and only add this metadata for images if we really have it.Mark Felder1+22-6
Twittercard metadata for images should also include dimensions if availableMark Felder2+16-8
Ignore runtime deps in Pleroma.Config.Loader with Module.concat/1 Speeds up recompilationAlex Gleason1+16-16
Set the correct height/width if the data is available when generating twittercard metadataMark Felder2+13-5
Merge branch 'metadata-for-all' into 'develop'feld5+57-4
Blurhash varies slightly by computer generating it, so just validate it wasn't nilMark Felder1+4-3
Merge branch 'improve-og-embed' into 'develop'feld3+18-30
Update test names and verify blurhash is correctly generated for imagesMark Felder1+5-3
Add test for AnalyzeMetadata upload filter fetching dimensions from a videoMark Felder2+11-0
Merge branch 'cycles-params' into 'develop'feld7+27-21
Update scope of AnalyzeMetadata featuresMark Felder1+1-1
Support metadata for video files tooMark Felder2+40-1
Fix order of Pleroma.Web.Utils.Params aliasesAlex Gleason3+3-3
Pleroma.Web.Params --> Pleroma.Web.Utils.ParamsAlex Gleason8+22-22
Pleroma.Web.ControllerHelper.truthy_param?/1 --> Pleroma.Web.Params.truthy_param?/1 Breaks cycle in lib/pleroma/web/api_spec/operations/status_operation.exAlex Gleason7+27-21
Merge branch 'cycles-uploads' into 'develop'feld1+3-3
Merge branch 'cycles-authenticator' into 'develop'feld9+91-75
Create WrapperAuthenticator and simplify Authenticator behaviour Speeds up recompilation by reducing compile-time cyclesAlex Gleason9+91-75
Upload.Filter: use generic types in @spec Speeds up recompilation by reducing compile-time depsAlex Gleason1+3-3
Merge branch 'fix/config-test-warning' into 'develop'feld3+61-64
Merge branch 'pleromapi' into 'develop'feld1+3-0
Merge branch 'cycles-guard' into 'develop'feld3+14-7
Channel name was incorrect. We left it as chat:public for backwards compatibility.Mark Felder1+1-1
Test was named incorrectly and did not executeMark Felder1+0-0
Fix test warningsMark Felder1+20-23
Put custom guards in Web.Utils.Guards Speeds up recompilation by removing a compile-time cycle on AdminAPI.SearchAlex Gleason3+14-7
FormattingMark Felder2+7-2
Merge branch 'fix/prune-hashtags' into 'develop'feld3+29-0
Merge branch 'cycles-mrf-policy' into 'develop'feld29+44-39
Update CHANGELOG.mdfeld1+0-1
Update CHANGELOG.mdfeld1+4-0
Merge branch 'develop' into 'fix/prune-hashtags'feld201+2495-1133
Update CHANGELOG.mdfeld1+1-1
Update CHANGELOG.mdfeld1+1-0
Update lib/mix/tasks/pleroma/database.exfeld1+4-4
Merge branch 'fix/plug_parser_multipart' into 'develop'feld1+1-1
Fix MRF.config_descriptions/0Alex Gleason1+1-1
MRF: create MRF.Policy behaviour separate from MRF module Speeds up recompilation by reducing compile-time depsAlex Gleason29+43-38
Merge branch 'notification-settings-docs-fix' into 'develop'feld1+1-1
Merge branch 'cycles-reverse-proxy' into 'develop'feld3+30-19
Docs: /api/v1/pleroma/notification_settings --> /api/pleroma/notification_settingsAlex Gleason1+1-1
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into cycles-reverse-proxyAlex Gleason298+7377-2334
ReverseProxy: create Client.Wrapper to call client from config Speeds up recompilation by reducing compile-time cyclesAlex Gleason3+30-19
Removing trailing space on empty line in OAuth controllerSean King1+1-1
Fix more build errorsSean King3+0-210
Merge branch 'chore/otp24-changelog' into 'develop'feld1+1-0
Merge branch 'fix/clear_config_warning' into 'develop'feld1+1-2
Fix code mistake in OAuth controllerSean King1+1-7
Document OTP 24 support so we remember to add it to the official release notes / announcementMark Felder1+1-0
Fix warning for misuse of clear_config/2Mark Felder1+1-2
Fix merge conflicts with upstreamSean King242+4712-1681
Merge branch 'tests/openapi-everywhere' into 'develop'Haelwenn17+397-217
Pipeline Ingestion: PageHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier11+249-228
web endpoint: Use Config.get directly instead of a tupleHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+1-1
Merge branch 'fix/missing-deprecation' into 'develop'feld2+35-1
Merge branch 'bugfix/erlang-24' into 'develop'feld8+100-86
Add missing deprecation warning left out of !2842Mark Felder2+35-1
Improve opengraph embedsio3+13-30
MIME.valid?(type) → is_bitstring(type) && MIME.extensions(type) != []Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+12-5
request_builder_test: mode :read got removedHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+26-18
factory: Fix article_factoryHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+2-2
mix: Update pot to ~> 1.0Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+2-2
mix.exs: Apply OTP24 fixes to web_push_encryptionHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier3+5-4
mix: Update dependenciesHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+4-4
media_proxy: switch from :crypto.hmac to :crypto.macHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+1-1
mix: Switch hackney & gun to releasesHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+11-15
Update all dependenciesHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+40-38
Merge branch 'chore/rename-chat' into 'develop'Haelwenn17+273-144
Merge branch 'chore/cicd_skip_nonsense' into 'develop'rinpatch1+29-0
Don't generate new specs unless they've changed.Mark Felder1+4-0
Skip build, test, analysis/lint when we don't make code changesMark Felder1+25-0
Merge branch 'Snow-develop-patch-01683' into 'develop'feld2+3-2
Update wording for relays in docs and config descriptionMark Felder2+2-2
FormattingMark Felder1+2-1
Merge branch 'cycles-email' into 'develop'feld1+9-2
disableChat / disableShout didn't actually do anything for PleromaFEMark Felder1+0-7
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into cycles-emailAlex Gleason270+6532-1883
Avoid `use Phoenix.Swoosh` to prevent recompiling the Endpoint Speeds up recompilation by fixing cycles in UserEmailAlex Gleason1+9-2
Merge branch 'cycles-streaming' into 'develop'feld2+3-7
Merge branch 'cycles-uploader' into 'develop'feld1+2-2
Keep original Shoutbox channel name as chat:public There is no sane / high level workaround for merging users who join shout:public and chat:public.Mark Felder2+2-5
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into cycles-uploaderAlex Gleason224+6289-1720
Remove deps from Uploader behaviour Speeds up recompilation by limiting compile-time depsAlex Gleason1+2-2
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into cycles-streamingAlex Gleason267+6527-1874
Remove deps from Streaming/Persisting behaviors Speeds up recompilation by limiting compile-time depsAlex Gleason2+3-7
Add "chat" back as a feature for backwards compat.Mark Felder1+4-0
Wire up join requests to the old "chat:public" channel into the new "shout:public" channelMark Felder1+3-0
Forgot to move migration test when rebasingMark Felder1+0-0
We want clear_config/2 in all tests nowMark Felder1+1-1
Update test for RenameInstanceChat migrationRoman Chvanikov1+37-6
Add RenameInstanceChat migrationRoman Chvanikov1+77-0
Add a test for the migrationMark Felder1+21-0
Update description file for new shout config setting locationMark Felder1+10-9
Move shout configuration from :instance, update docs and changelogMark Felder6+11-10
More confusingly named legacy chat code renamed to shoutMark Felder1+4-4
Ensure we actually start ShoutChannelMark Felder1+1-1
Update PleromaFE settings for the old chat boxMark Felder1+4-4
Just call it shoutMark Felder1+1-1
Rename the non-federating Chat feature to ShoutMark Felder13+124-123
Merge branch 'cycles-constants' into 'develop'feld7+10-9
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into cycles-constantsAlex Gleason265+6518-1866
Merge branch 'cycles-frontend-static' into 'develop'feld1+5-4
Merge branch 'cycles-base-url' into 'develop'feld43+94-96
Merge branch 'features/validators-note' into 'develop'Haelwenn31+386-315
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into cycles-base-urlAlex Gleason186+5805-1306
Deprecate Pleroma.Web.base_url/0 Use Pleroma.Web.Endpoint.url/0 directly instead. Reduces compiler cycles.Alex Gleason43+93-96
Pleroma.Constants.as_local_public/0 --> Pleroma.Web.ActivityPub.Utils.as_local_public/0 Move as_local_public/0 to stop making modules depend on Web at compile-timeAlex Gleason7+10-9
Merge branch 'docs/goto-libera' into 'develop'Haelwenn11+15-17
Add Raspberry Pi install instructionsGuy Sheffer1+3-0
Changing references of freenode to libera.chatHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier11+15-17
Merge branch 'weblate-pleroma-pleroma' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+580-0
Merge commit '07fed0fda2473fc4e1e3b01e863217391fd2902f'; commit 'e3173a279dad89dfce6eae89368ad3ba180c0490'; commit '21787546c01069d1d1d8261f0bc37d13a73122a9'; commit 'fda34591cefad94277385311c6391d1ca2adb36c'; commit '0ada3fe823a3c2e6c5835431bdacfbdb8b3d02a7'; commit '32d263cb905dd7fffd43a4955295af0b2b378537'; commit 'c9e4200ed2167772294fceb4f282979b5ea04981'; commit '3ff9c5e2a67ab83c2abdb14cd246dea059079e75'; commit 'fa543a936124abee524f9a103c17d2601176dcd4'; commit 'c23b81e399d5be6fc30f4acb1d757d5eb291d8e1' into cycles-phase-1Alex Gleason32+215-133
Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Traditional))Snow1+6-6
Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Traditional))Snow1+7-5
Added translation using Weblate (Chinese (Traditional))Snow1+578-0
Merge branch 'ffmpeg' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+1-1
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into cycles-frontend-staticAlex Gleason226+5433-1429
FrontendStatic: make Router a runtime dep Speeds up recompilation by removing compile-time cyclesAlex Gleason1+5-4
Add ffmpegshibao1+1-1
Merge branch 'cycles-views' into 'develop'feld15+70-10
Merge branch 'cycles-html' into 'develop'feld4+49-38
Merge branch 'cycles-gun' into 'develop'feld4+11-13
Merge branch 'cycles-config' into 'develop'feld2+37-33
Merge branch 'cycles-pipeline' into 'develop'feld1+13-13
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into cycles-pipelineAlex Gleason205+5275-1341
ActivityPub.Pipeline: switch to runtime deps Speed up recompilation by breaking compile-time cyclesAlex Gleason1+14-17
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into cycles-htmlAlex Gleason205+5271-1340
Break out activity-specific HTML functions into Pleroma.Activity.HTML Fixes cycles in lib/pleroma/ecto_type/activity_pub/object_validators/safe_text.exAlex Gleason4+49-38
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into cycles-viewsAlex Gleason205+5271-1340
Create real Views for all Controllers This makes views depend on each other at runtime instead of compile-timeAlex Gleason15+70-10
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into cycles-plugsAlex Gleason205+5271-1340
Config: use runtime deps instead of module attributes Speeds up recompilation time by breaking compile-time cyclesAlex Gleason2+37-33
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into cycles-gunAlex Gleason205+5271-1340
Gun: use runtime deps in ConnectionPool Speed up recompilation time by breaking compile-time cyclesAlex Gleason3+10-10
Gun: make Gun.API a runtime dep Speed up recompilation by breaking a compile-time cycleAlex Gleason1+1-3
Adding descriptionSnow1+1-1
Merge branch 'cycles-router-api-routes' into 'develop'feld4+14-14
Merge branch 'simplepolicy-announce-leak' into 'develop'feld3+48-1
Merge branch 'gitignore-runtime-exs' into 'develop'feld1+2-2
Merge branch 'alias-router-helpers' into 'develop'feld21+33-31
Merge branch 'plug-runtime-dev' into 'develop'feld2+8-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into cycles-router-api-routesAlex Gleason181+5166-1292
Pleroma.Web.get_api_routes/0 --> Pleroma.Web.Router.get_api_routes/0 Reduce recompilation time by breaking compile-time cyclesAlex Gleason4+14-14
Merge branch 'cycles-router' into 'develop'feld1+7-3
Merge branch 'cycles-router-mediaproxy' into 'develop'feld1+5-5
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into cycles-router-mediaproxyAlex Gleason174+5114-1268
Don't make MediaProxy be a compile-dep of Router Speeds up recompilation by removing MediaProxy as a compile-time dep of RouterAlex Gleason1+5-5
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into cycles-routerAlex Gleason174+5114-1268
Router: move StaticFEPlug to a pipeline Speed up recompilation by breaking a cycle. Removes StaticFEPlug as a compile-time dep of Router.Alex Gleason1+7-3
Merge branch 'featured-totalItems' into 'develop'Haelwenn3+4-2
Missing entry for pinned posts federation from MR !3312Mark Felder1+1-0
Provide totalItems field for featured collectionsMark Felder2+3-2
Merge branch 'feat/expose_email_to_self' into 'develop'Haelwenn3+29-0
Merge branch 'mix_config_deprecation' into 'develop'Haelwenn10+10-17
Switch from the deprecated "use Mix.config" to "import Config"Mark Felder10+10-17
Expose user email address to user/owner; not publicly.Mark Felder3+29-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into plug-runtime-devAlex Gleason174+5114-1268
Put Plugs in runtime mode in :dev, :test to speed up recompilationAlex Gleason2+8-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into alias-router-helpersAlex Gleason174+5114-1268
Switch to aliasing `Router.Helpers` instead of importingAlex Gleason21+33-31
Merge branch 'chore/changelog' into 'develop'feld1+2-2
Clarify AttachmentMetadata changesMark Felder1+2-2
Merge branch 'blurhash' into 'develop'feld14+164-12
Fixed checking for Upload Filter required commandsMark Felder2+6-5
Check AnalyzeMetadata filter's required commandsMark Felder1+3-1
Rename upload filter to AnalyzeMetadataMark Felder5+65-65
Merge branch 'optional-config' into 'develop'lain9+22-17
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into gitignore-runtime-exsAlex Gleason159+4928-1239
gitignore `config/runtime.exs`Alex Gleason1+2-2
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into optional-configAlex Gleason159+4928-1239
Docs: use `MIX_ENV=prod mix pleroma.instance gen`Alex Gleason8+16-16
Make prod.secret.exs optional (with warning)Alex Gleason1+6-1
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/attachment-meta' into blurhashAlex Gleason159+4930-1239
Support blurhashAlex Gleason5+19-2
Changelog: attachment metaAlex Gleason1+2-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into attachment-metaAlex Gleason159+4928-1239
Federate attachments as Links instead of DocumentsAlex Gleason1+5-3
Don't render media `meta` if nilAlex Gleason1+4-2
Ingest remote attachment width/heightAlex Gleason5+50-5
Add SetMeta filter to store uploaded image sizesAlex Gleason5+83-2
a better query to delete from hashtagsfaried nawaz1+4-6
mix prune_objects: remove unused hashtags after pruning remote objectsfaried nawaz1+11-0
migration: add on_delete: :delete_all to hashtags object_id fkfaried nawaz1+19-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into simplepolicy-announce-leakAlex Gleason14+181-369
CHANGELOG: notice routesAlex Gleason1+1-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into notice-routesAlex Gleason159+4928-1239
Add notice compatibility routes for other frontends Fixes: https://git.pleroma.social/pleroma/pleroma/-/issues/1785Alex Gleason4+66-0
Merge branch 'dont-crash-email-settings' into 'develop'feld4+50-27
Merge branch 'earmark' into 'develop'feld11+131-342
CHANGELOG: don't crash so hard when email settings are invalidAlex Gleason1+3-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/develop' into dont-crash-email-settingsAlex Gleason152+4747-870
Don't crash when email settings are invalid Fixes: https://git.pleroma.social/pleroma/pleroma/-/issues/2606 Fixes: https://gitlab.com/soapbox-pub/soapbox/-/issues/4Alex Gleason3+47-27
CHANGELOG: markdownAlex Gleason1+1-0
CHANGELOG: SimplePolicy embedded objects are now checkedAlex Gleason1+1-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into simplepolicy-announce-leakAlex Gleason152+4747-870
SimplePolicy: filter string ObjectsAlex Gleason2+26-1
SimplePolicy: filter nested objectsAlex Gleason2+22-1
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into earmarkAlex Gleason1241+19476-9543
Fix failing remote mentions test, valid TLDsAlex Gleason1+3-3
Delete obsolete EarmarkRendereTests (moved to UtilsTest)Alex Gleason1+0-79
Remove Pleroma.Formatter.minify/2Alex Gleason4+0-20
Upgrade Earmark 1.4.15Alex Gleason2+3-3
Merge branch 'oauth-token-id' into 'develop'feld4+28-4
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into oauth-token-idAlex Gleason1+4-0
Merge branch 'maybe-fix-ci' into 'develop'feld1+4-0
CI: Purge pleroma build directory between runsAlex Gleason1+4-0
CHANGELOG: Return OAuth token `id`Alex Gleason1+1-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into oauth-token-idAlex Gleason81+2057-323
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into block-behaviorAlex Gleason1233+17581-8669
Merge branch 'gitlab-ci-mix-lock' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+6-4
Cache gitlab-ci based on mix.lockAlex Gleason1+6-4
Merge branch 'fix/delete_activities_timeout' into 'develop'Haelwenn3+22-1
Fixed pleroma.user delete_activities mix task.Mark Felder1+1-0
Cleanup and ensure we obey custom Repo timeoutMark Felder1+10-1
OTP releases executing commands via pleroma_ctl show the parent of the process is :erl_evalMark Felder1+1-0
Try to set query timeout intelligentlyMark Felder1+2-1
Add utility function to return infinite timeout for SQL transactions if we detect it was called from a Mix TaskMark Felder1+9-0
Set Repo.transaction/2 timeout to infinity. Fixes pleroma.user delete_activities mix task.Mark Felder1+1-1
Apply lanodan's suggestion(s) to 1 file(s)Haelwenn1+1-1
Apply lanodan's suggestion(s) to 1 file(s)Haelwenn1+1-1
Apply lanodan's suggestion(s) to 1 file(s)Haelwenn1+1-1
Apply lanodan's suggestion(s) to 1 file(s)Haelwenn1+1-1
Merge branch 'fix/docs' into 'develop'feld1+1-1
Fix incorrect shell commandMark Felder1+1-1
Merge branch 'feature/opt-out-of-google-floc' into 'develop'feld2+3-1
Add CHANGELOG entrySean King1+1-0
Merge branch 'develop' of git.pleroma.social:pleroma/pleroma into feature/opt-out-of-google-flocSean King1+1-1
Merge branch 'fix/tests' into 'develop'feld1+1-1
Fix error response which was breaking tests related to pinned postsMark Felder1+1-1
Add opting out of Google FLoC to HTTPSecurityPlug headersSean King1+2-1
Remove Twemoji stuff from MastoFESean King3078+0-6154
Remove priv/static/sounds folderSean King2+0-0
Move changelog aroundSean King1+4-1
Apply rinpatch's suggestion(s) to 1 file(s)rinpatch1+1-1
Merge branch 'features/ingestion-ecto-tag' into 'develop'rinpatch24+166-69
Merge branch 'feature/521-pinned-post-federation' into 'develop'rinpatch41+1466-128
Merge branch 'fix/2593-reading-exported-config-file' into 'develop'rinpatch4+61-9
Remove MastoFE configuration stuffSean King4+9-34
Remove bash script for downloading new MastoFE buildSean King1+0-48
Add note about Mastodon FE being removed from Pleroma in changelogSean King1+1-0
Remove MastoFE stuff from docs and default panelSean King2+4-10
Remove MastoFE settings from users tableSean King3+9-11
Remove no longer necessary unit tests for MastoFESean King4+1-248
Remove MastoFE-related backend code and frontend piecesSean King611+1-8502
Merge branch 'fix/notifsettings-breaking-login' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+18-0
Merge branch 'develop' into 'fix/notifsettings-breaking-login'feld5+88-4
Merge branch 'fix/mastodon-interface-docs-link' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+1-1
Fix Mastodon interface linkSean King1+1-1
Merge branch 'fix/adminapi-concurrent-limiter' into 'develop'feld3+36-1
Revert guards on string_to_elixir_types/1, remove unnecessary assignment in testMark Felder2+8-13
Improve string_to_elixir_types/1 with guardsMark Felder1+5-3
Document fixed ability to save ConcurrentLimiter settings in ConfigDBMark Felder1+1-0
Add ConcurrentLimiter to module_name?/1 and apply string_to_elixir_types/1 to search_opts keys during update_or_create/1Mark Felder1+4-2
Initial test validating the AdminAPI issueMark Felder1+35-0
Merge branch 'fix/instance-thumbnail-url' into 'develop'Haelwenn3+45-1
Fix assignment / assertionMark Felder1+2-2
Validate custom instance thumbnail set via AdminAPI produces correct URLMark Felder2+43-0
Use URI.merge to prevent concatenating two canonical URLs when a custom instance thumbnail was uploaded via AdminFEMark Felder1+2-1
release runtime provider fix for pathsAlexander Strizhakov3+10-17
test/pleroma/web/common_api_test.exs: Strip : around emoji key-nameHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+2-2
fetcher_test: Remove assert on fake Create having an ap_idHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+1-2
utils: Fix maybe_splice_recipient when "object" isn’t a mapHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier3+9-4
fetcher_test: Fix missing mock functionHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+8-0
transmogrifier: Fixing votes from Note to AnswerHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+21-8
Object.Fetcher: Fix getting transmogrifier reject reasonHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+3-0
NoteHandlingTest: remove fix_explicit_addressing-related testHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+6-36
ActivityPubControllerTest: Apply same addr changes to objectHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+26-9
Fix addressingHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier3+23-18
recipients fixes/hardening for CreateGenericValidatorHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier4+83-50
Pipeline Ingestion: NoteHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier19+203-180
ObjectValidator.CommonFixes: Introduce fix_objects_defaults and fix_activity_defaultsHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier10+51-37
Transmogrifier: Simplify fix_explicit_addressing and fix_implicit_addressingHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+19-38
Move tag fixup to object_validatorHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+26-20
Merge branch 'chore/CHANGELOG' into 'develop'feld1+6-1
Fix CHANGELOG entry meant for next releaseMark Felder1+6-1
Document user login failure fix for NULL notification_settingsMark Felder1+1-0
Enforce user.notification_settings is NOT NULLMark Felder1+17-0
object_validators: Mark validate_data as privateHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier18+18-18
Insert string-hashtags in PipelineHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier3+24-24
pipeline_test: Fix usage of %Activity{}Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier3+19-8
TagValidator: NewHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier6+93-13
Merge branch 'revert-c368bf6d' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+1-1
Revert "Merge branch 'patch-fix-open-api-spec' into 'develop'"Haelwenn1+1-1
Merge branch 'refactor/object_validator_validate' into 'develop'rinpatch1+22-113
object_validator: Refactor most of validate/2 to a generic blockHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+22-113
Merge branch 'patch-fix-open-api-spec' into 'develop'rinpatch1+1-1
date-times are always stringsMiss Pasture1+1-1
Merge branch 'upstream/mrf-followbot' into 'develop'feld6+211-0
Fix function calls due to module name changeMark Felder1+4-4
Temp file leaked, oopsMark Felder1+0-126
Add more details to the cheatsheat for FollowBot MRFMark Felder1+1-1
Prefer FollowBot naming convention vs FollowbotMark Felder4+185-59
Document new FollowBot MRFMark Felder1+1-0
More tests to validate Followbot is behavingMark Felder1+84-0
Remove Task.async as it is broken here and probably a premature optimization anywayMark Felder1+18-25
Only need to validate a follow request is generated for nowMark Felder1+42-0
RevertMark Felder1+0-14
Do not try to follow local users. Their posts are already available locally on the instance.Mark Felder1+2-1
Change module name to FollowbotPolicyMark Felder2+65-80
Add follow_requests_outstanding_since?/3 to Pleroma.ActivityMark Felder1+14-0
LintMark Felder1+4-1
Better checking of previous follow request attemptsMark Felder1+1-1
Prevent duplicates from being processedMark Felder1+1-0
Make the followbot only dispatch follow requests once per 30 day periodMark Felder1+23-4
Apply 1 suggestion(s) to 1 file(s)feld1+1-1
Support for configuration via AdminFEMark Felder1+17-0
Enforce that the followbot must be marked as a bot.Mark Felder1+4-3
Document :mrf_follow_botMark Felder1+6-0
Try to handle misconfiguration scenarios gracefullyMark Felder1+37-22
Upstream original followbot implementationMark Felder2+43-0
tests for release config providerAlexander Strizhakov4+70-11
reading the file, instead of config keywordAlexander Strizhakov1+1-1
expanding validatorAlexander Strizhakov2+20-26
expanding AddRemoveValidatorAlexander Strizhakov4+27-26
removeing corresponding add activityAlexander Strizhakov4+78-0
separate test file for featured collectionAlexander Strizhakov2+172-163
moving fixture into mastodon folderAlexander Strizhakov2+1-1
not neededAlexander Strizhakov1+0-41
refetch user on incoming add/remove activityAlexander Strizhakov4+90-2
featured_address valition in AddRemoveValidatorAlexander Strizhakov7+55-13
validator renaming & add validation for targetAlexander Strizhakov7+69-49
mastodon pinsAlexander Strizhakov4+146-4
Let pins federateAlexander Strizhakov38+1128-123
Return token's primary key with POST /oauth/tokenAlex Gleason3+27-4
Merge branch 'fix/2585-config-migration-dir' into 'develop'feld4+85-18
changelog entryAlexander Strizhakov1+5-1
suggestionAlexander Strizhakov1+1-1
migrating config to tmp folderAlexander Strizhakov3+80-17
Merge branch 'fix/copy-emoji-summary' into 'develop'Haelwenn4+111-0
Copy emoji in the subject from parent postrinpatch4+111-0
Merge branch 'fix/2579-finger-content-type' into 'develop'rinpatch5+145-73
Merge branch 'richmedia-workaround' into 'develop'rinpatch1+25-3
Merge branch 'fix/timex-retired-version' into 'develop'feld1+3-3
updating timexAlexander Strizhakov1+3-3
respect content-type header in finger requestAlexander Strizhakov5+145-73
Merge branch 'mediaproxy-decode' into 'develop'rinpatch2+6-2
Merge branch 'fix/remove_auto_nsfw' into 'develop'rinpatch15+187-62
Merge branch 'bugfix/bridgy-user-icon' into 'develop'rinpatch3+118-15
Merge branch 'update_open_api_spex' into 'develop'Haelwenn10+30-35
Merge branch 'feature/object-hashtags-rework' into 'develop'rinpatch46+1344-160
OpenAPI: TwitterAPI Util ControllerHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier3+368-95
TwitterAPI: Remove unused read notification functionHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+0-13
Remove deprecated /api/qvitter/statuses/notifications/readHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier4+3-88
OpenAPI: PleromaAPI UserImport ControllerHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+2-1
OpenAPI: MastodonAPI Status ControllerHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+3-2
OpenAPI: MastodonAPI Account Controller, excluding OAuthHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+6-6
Verify MastoFE Controller put_settings responseHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+1-1
OpenAPI: MastodonAPI Conversation ControllerHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+2-1
OpenAPI: MastodonAPI Media ControllerHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+2-1
OpenAPI: MastodonAPI Timeline ControllerHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+10-9
Add support for actor icon being a list (Bridgy)Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier3+118-15
Merge branch 'weblate-pleroma-pleroma' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+21-23
Prefer naming this function build_image_url/2Mark Felder1+5-5
Translated using Weblate (Italian)Ben Is1+21-23
[#3213] Code formatting fix.Ivan Tashkinov1+2-1
[#3213] Background migration infrastructure refactoring. Extracted BaseMigrator and BaseMigratorState.Ivan Tashkinov5+385-321
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/develop' into feature/object-hashtags-reworkIvan Tashkinov1+2-7
Merge branch 'improve-gitlab-ci' into 'develop'rinpatch1+1-6
Execute mix deps.get earlier and avoid duplicate invocations if possibleMark Felder1+1-6
Leverage function pattern matching insteadMark Felder1+26-10
Workaround for URI.merge/2 bug https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/issues/10771Mark Felder1+9-3
Merge branch 'fix/spec-build' into 'develop'feld1+2-2
Revert "See if switching to same image as releases fixes the build"Mark Felder1+1-1
See if switching to same image as releases fixes the buildMark Felder1+1-1
Ensure we fetch deps during spec-build stageMark Felder1+2-2
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/develop' into feature/object-hashtags-reworkIvan Tashkinov8+542-127
Merge branch 'openapi/admin/user' into 'develop'Haelwenn8+542-127
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/develop' into feature/object-hashtags-reworkIvan Tashkinov8+69-54
[#3213] Performance optimization of filtering by hashtags ("any" condition).Ivan Tashkinov3+55-38
Make tests use itMark Felder1+1-2
Add simple way to decode fully qualified mediaproxy URLsMark Felder1+5-0
Update OpenApiSpex dependencyEgor Kislitsyn10+30-35
Add UserOperation to RedocEgor Kislitsyn2+13-12
[#3213] ActivityPub hashtags filtering refactoring. Test fix.Ivan Tashkinov5+14-21
Merge branch 'mergeback/2.3.0' into 'develop'lain5+39-45
Changelog: Re-add application supportlain1+2-0
Revert "StatusController: Deactivate application support for now."lain2+9-12
Changelog, mix: merge in stablelain2+5-1
Merge branch 'fix-migration' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+1-1
Fix migration in cases where database name has a hyphenMark Felder1+1-1
Merge branch 'fix/inconsistent-reference' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+7-7
Merge branch 'fix/useless-header' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+0-2
Make the object reference in both render("show.json", _) functions consistently namedMark Felder1+7-7
Remove useless header on the get requestMark Felder1+0-2
Merge branch 'release/2.3.0' into 'stable'lain1276+28382-14440
Merge branch 'application-to-generator' into 'develop'feld2+24-1
Actually test viewing status after ingestionMark Felder1+10-0
Test both ingestion of post in the status controller and the correct response during the viewMark Felder1+11-0
Fix build_application/1 matchMark Felder1+3-1
Add OpenAPI spec for AdminAPI.UserControllerEgor Kislitsyn7+539-125
Mix: Update linkify.lain2+2-2
Changelog: Remove application support line.lain1+0-1
StatusController: Deactivate application support for now.lain2+11-9
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/develop' into feature/object-hashtags-reworkIvan Tashkinov175+1495-412
Mix: Update version numberlain1+1-1
Update changeloglain1+1-4
Document user agent leak fixMark Felder1+4-0
user_agent_mock --> request_mockAlex Gleason1+4-4
Never forward the client's user-agent through the media proxyAlex Gleason2+26-38
Merge branch 'update-frontend-2021-03-01' into 'develop'lain135+253-253
Update frontendlain135+253-253
Merge branch 'application-to-generator' into 'develop'Haelwenn5+10-10
Store application details in the object under the generator key, not application keyMark Felder5+10-10
Merge branch 'feld-develop-patch-26755' into 'develop'feld1+0-1
Update CHANGELOG.mdfeld1+0-1
Merge branch 'fix/warning-in-test' into 'develop'lain1+4-4
Merge branch 'features/reports-enhancements' into 'develop'lain6+286-2
warning fixAlexander Strizhakov1+4-4
Merge branch 'admin-api-versioning' into 'develop'lain7+145-113
Merge branch 'bugfix/peertube-mpegURL-object' into 'develop'lain5+597-10
Merge branch 'feat/client_app_details' into 'develop'lain11+103-19
Simplify migrationMark Felder1+1-7
Remove sensitive-property setting #nsfw, create HashtagPolicyHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier15+187-62
Merge branch 'frontendstatic-ignore-api-calls' into 'develop'lain3+53-2
Merge branch 'fix/repo-terminate' into 'develop'lain1+5-1
don't use continue in Stats init for test envAlexander Strizhakov1+5-1
Store the client application data in ActivityStreams formatMark Felder3+13-6
Merge branch 'fix/2498-expires_in-scheduled-posts' into 'develop'feld6+40-4
Merge branch 'ecto-rollback-in-test-env' into 'develop'feld2+4-3
Merge branch 'PestToast-develop-patch-66930' into 'develop'rinpatch1+1-1
Removed a command that references "pleroma.env". This file does not seem to be generated at any point during the install, and not having it does not stop the instance from working, as far as I can tell.PestToast1+1-1
Note our upgrade path for this functionalityMark Felder1+1-0
Leave a note for future explorersMark Felder1+2-0
No need to filter out Mix.env() from the API routes.Mark Felder2+2-7
Improved recursion through the api route listMark Felder1+3-5
Filter out MIX_ENV from route list and add a testMark Felder2+35-1
Enum instead of StreamMark Felder1+1-1
Attempt to filter out API calls from FrontendStatic plugMark Felder2+23-2
Merge branch 'gitignore' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+5-0
Vi and emacs temp filesMark Felder1+5-0
Merge branch 'docfix/chat-token' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+1-1
Update terminology in differences_in_mastoapi_responses.mdzonk1+1-1
[#3213] `mix pleroma.database rollback` tweaks.Ivan Tashkinov1+4-5
Merge branch 'fix/whalebird-url' into 'develop'feld1+1-1
Merge branch 'chore/no-activitypub-sleeps' into 'develop'lain1+1-1
Fix URL of Whalebird in docsAkiraFukushima1+1-1
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/develop' into feature/object-hashtags-reworkIvan Tashkinov61+548-525
[#3213] Misc. tweaks: proper upsert in Hashtag, better feature toggle management.Ivan Tashkinov8+31-32
Merge branch '2534-pleroma-endpoint-earlier-init' into 'develop'rinpatch1+2-2
Apply i1t's suggestion(s) to 1 file(s)Ivan Tashkinov1+1-1
[#3213] `hashtags`: altered `name` type to `text`. `hashtags_objects`: removed unused index. HashtagsTableMigrator: records_per_second calculation fix. ActivityPub: hashtags-related options normalization.Ivan Tashkinov6+76-53
[#2534] Earlier init of Pleroma.Web.Endpoint (must be started prior to Pleroma.Web.Streamer).Ivan Tashkinov1+2-2
Update the documentation to use make it use /api/v1/pleroma instead of /api/pleromaeugenijm4+113-109
Video: Handle peertube videos only stashing attachments in x-mpegURLHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier5+597-10
Reroute /api/pleroma to /api/v1/pleromaeugenijm3+32-4
Merge branch 'revert/changelog' into 'develop'feld1+0-1
Revert changelog entry that leaked from another branch.Mark Felder1+0-1
Merge branch 'fix/filters' into 'develop'Haelwenn4+9-7
Document HeifToJpeg and its requirement of libheif's heic-convert toolMark Felder1+1-0
Exiftool also cannot strip from heic files.Mark Felder1+2-1
Show a proper error. A failure doesn't always mean the command isn't available, and we check for it on startupMark Felder3+6-6
Avoid unnecessary 500ms sleeps from CommonAPI.follow when the target user is remoteMark Felder1+1-1
Permit :disclose_client in changesetsMark Felder1+2-1
Tests to validate client disclosure obeys user settingMark Felder2+27-5
Add field to user schema for controlling disclosure of client detailsMark Felder2+16-0
Mastodon makes this field null when posting with MastoFE or if you choose to not disclose it, so it's safe to be null by defaultMark Felder4+7-9
[#3213] Experimental / debug feature: `database: [improved_hashtag_timeline: :preselect_hashtag_ids]`.Ivan Tashkinov1+35-12
[#3213] HashtagsTableMigrator: fault rate allowance to enable the feature (defaults to 1%), counting of affected objects, misc. tweaks.Ivan Tashkinov5+84-31
expires_in in scheduled status paramsAlexander Strizhakov6+40-4
Merge branch 'fix/chats-no-unread-in-openapi' into 'develop'rinpatch1+4-2
Merge branch 'feat/enforce-admin-scope-unconditionally' into 'develop'Haelwenn37+158-342
OAuthScopesPlug: remove transform_scopes in favor of explicit admin scope definitionsrinpatch16+30-45
OpenAPI: Add `admin:` scope prefix to admin operationsrinpatch13+54-54
Remove `:auth, :enforce_oauth_admin_scope_usage`rinpatch9+75-244
Enhance reports in Pleroma API: index, showHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier6+286-2
Merge branch 'test-docker-images' into 'develop'rinpatch1+24-0
Do not want these interfering with develop buildsMark Felder1+24-1
Make it possible to generate custom docker images by prefixing the branch name with "build-docker"Mark Felder1+1-0
Merge branch 'chore/documentation-relicensing' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+7-0
Merge branch 'feat/chat-list-pagination' into 'develop'Haelwenn5+196-127
Merge branch 'remove-conversation-api' into 'develop'rinpatch8+76-9
Merge branch '2510-oauth-app-tokens-further-support' into 'develop'rinpatch7+70-34
Chats: Introduce /api/v2/pleroma/chats which implements paginationrinpatch5+196-127
Merge branch 'update-default-avatar' into 'develop'rinpatch2+1-0
[#3213] Fixed `HashtagsTableMigrator.count/1`.Ivan Tashkinov1+9-6
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/develop' into feature/object-hashtags-reworkIvan Tashkinov8+31-112
[#3213] HashtagsTableMigrator state management refactoring & improvements (proper stats serialization etc.).Ivan Tashkinov3+122-67
ChatMessage schema: Add `unread` propertyrinpatch1+4-2
Merge branch '2053-notifications-actor-is-active-refactoring' into 'develop'rinpatch1+5-9
Relicense documentation under CC-BY-4.0rinpatch1+7-0
[#3213] Fixed `hashtags.name` lookup (must use `citext` type to do index scan). Fixed embedded hashtags lookup (lowercasing), adjusted tests.Ivan Tashkinov3+31-17
Add API endpoint to remove a conversationEgor Kislitsyn8+76-9
update changelog to mention change of avatarShpuld Shpuldson1+1-0
replace avi.pngShpuld Shpuldson1+0-0
Merge branch 'chore/mailmap' into 'develop'rinpatch1+1-0
Add myself to .mailmaprinpatch1+1-0
[#2053] Changed `Notification/for_user_query/2` to use join to filter out inactive actors instead of subselect of _all_ inactive AP ids from `users`.Ivan Tashkinov1+5-9
[#3213] `rescue` around potentially-raising `Repo.insert_all/_` calls. Misc. improvements (docs etc.).Ivan Tashkinov6+51-22
Additional validation so we don't get caught off guard with a nil response if CommonAPI ever prevents us from injecting this dataMark Felder1+6-0
Inject fake application metadata and validate it is stripped by transmogrifierMark Felder2+8-2
App is already preloaded into the token, so avoid an extra queryMark Felder2+4-12
Merge branch 'not-used-mock' into 'develop'rinpatch5+0-103
Merge branch 'bugfix/answer-outbox' into 'develop'rinpatch1+25-0
Use a custom oauth token so we can predict and validate the client_name and websiteMark Felder1+12-3
Document the application metadata is now retained as part of the post.Mark Felder1+1-0
Validate client application metadata is retained in the objectMark Felder1+17-0
ConsistencyMark Felder1+1-1
Revert to original formatting for these function defsMark Felder1+1-4
Prefer naming this put_application because we're putting it into the params mapMark Felder1+4-4
%Token{} may not be in the conn, so avoid breaking the ability to post statuses in that scenario.Mark Felder1+7-6
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/develop' into feature/object-hashtags-reworkIvan Tashkinov93+2025-779
[#3213] Reorganized hashtags cleanup. Transaction-wrapped Hashtag.get_or_create_by_names/1. Misc. improvements.Ivan Tashkinov6+114-102
[#2510] Improved support for app-bound OAuth tokens. Auth-related refactoring.Ivan Tashkinov7+70-34
not used mockAlexander Strizhakov5+0-103
Merge branch 'fix/no-version-api-pleroma-social' into 'develop'Haelwenn2+4-1
Rendering fallback for when we don't have valid data availableMark Felder1+2-2
Enable rendering of the client application data detailsMark Felder1+2-8
Ensure we capture the application details into the objectMark Felder2+17-4
Add a function to lookup client app details by the app_idMark Felder1+10-0
Merge branch 'features/ap_id-c2s-authentication' into 'develop'rinpatch4+168-23
OpenAPI spec: Do not show build enviroment in the spec versionrinpatch1+2-1
OpenAPI spec task: Load pleroma application to get version inforinpatch1+2-0
Merge branch 'new-user-emails' into 'develop'feld6+70-15
LintMark Felder1+0-1
Revert "Add plaintext support for all emails except the digest"Mark Felder1+0-7
Merge branch 'develop' into 'new-user-emails'feld15+451-125
Merge branch 'feat/mrf-noemptypolicy' into 'develop'Haelwenn3+216-0
MRF NoEmptyPolicy: Deny posts from local users if there is no content or only mentions.Mark Felder3+216-0
Merge branch 'fix/rss-link' into 'develop'rinpatch1+2-1
RSS: Make sure post URL is the first `<link>` elementrinpatch1+2-1
Merge branch 'chore/descriptions-improvements' into 'develop'rinpatch1+9-6
activity_pub_controller: Add authentication to object & activity endpointsHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier4+168-23
Improve various descriptions and labelsMark Felder1+8-5
Make the suggestion match the default valueMark Felder1+1-1
Merge branch 'docs/improve-mailer-settings-desc' into 'develop'feld2+75-111
Merge branch 'develop' into 'docs/improve-mailer-settings-desc'feld11+149-8
Improved Mailer descriptionsMark Felder2+4-3
Merge branch 'fix/reports-from-admins' into 'develop'rinpatch4+18-2
[#3213] Partially addressed code review points. migration rollback task changes, hashtags-related config handling tweaks, `hashtags.data` deletion (unused).Ivan Tashkinov9+63-42
Alpha-sort adapters Add various labels, descriptions and suggestions for all adapter settings and try to use the same terminology by the service provider.Mark Felder1+47-54
Move Enabled to top as it's the master control of all email. Description not really needed.Mark Felder1+4-5
More description improvementsMark Felder1+9-8
Update SMTP error description and default valueMark Felder1+2-2
Update Swoosh docs URL, lintMark Felder1+2-2
There is no reason to expose these Local adapter settings either.Mark Felder1+0-20
Remove No MX lookups settingMark Felder1+0-7
Improve SMTP adapter setting descriptionsMark Felder1+19-20
No reason to suggest users try the useless "Local" mail adapterMark Felder1+2-4
Merge branch 'feat/allow_alt_text_search_config' into 'develop'rinpatch6+123-5
Update priv/repo/migrations/20190501125843_add_fts_index_to_objects.exs, priv/repo/optional_migrations/rum_indexing/20190510135645_add_fts_index_to_objects_two.exs fileshyperion6+123-5
Merge branch 'varnish-large-files' into 'develop'feld1+7-0
Add a default rule to not attempt to cache any files larger than 50MBMark Felder1+7-0
Slightly better formattingMark Felder1+1-1
Add plaintext support for all emails except the digestMark Felder1+7-0
LintMark Felder1+1-0
Add basic test to validate the registration email is dispatched when the others are disabledMark Felder1+20-0
Actually send the mailMark Felder1+1-0
Added: New user registration mailMark Felder1+1-0
Add a registration email that only sends if no other emails (welcome, approval, confirmation) are enabledMark Felder2+32-0
Improve confirmation email languageMark Felder1+2-2
Also make this maybe_ for consistencyMark Felder3+6-6
These welcome emails are not guaranteed and can be private functionsMark Felder1+7-7
Merge branch 'develop' into fix/reports-from-adminsMark Felder11+39-23
Merge branch 'chore/fix-mix-env' into 'develop'feld3+11-7
Standardize the way we capture and use Mix.env()Mark Felder3+11-7
Merge branch 'fix/configdb-error' into 'develop'feld3+4-4
Merge branch 'bugfix/notice-external-redirect' into 'develop'Haelwenn3+14-11
Redirect non-local activities when /notice/:id is usedHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier3+14-11
Merge branch 'chore/external-emoji-example' into 'develop'Haelwenn3+11-2
Load an emoji.txt specific to the test envMark Felder3+11-2
Document admin actors not getting report notificationsMark Felder1+1-0
Validate admin making report doesn't get their own report notification, but other admins doMark Felder1+14-0
Exclude reporter from receiving notifications from their own reports. Currently only works if the reporting actor is an admin, but if we include moderators with those who receive notification reports it will work for them.Mark Felder2+3-2
Merge branch 'fix/openapi-relationship-nullable' into 'develop'rinpatch3+3-3
Account schema: specify that pleroma.relationship is nullablerinpatch3+3-3
Merge branch 'fix/deploy-api-docs-2-electric-boogalo' into 'develop'rinpatch1+1-1
CI: Forgot $ in spec-deployrinpatch1+1-1
Merge branch 'fix/2412-filters' into 'develop'feld11+710-235
Merge branch 'develop' into 'fix/2412-filters'feld283+2055-1043
Merge branch 'fix/2449-scheduled-poll-bug' into 'develop'feld7+121-63
Merge branch 'feature/2438-users-posts-total-count' into 'develop'feld6+124-63
Merge branch 'fix/deploy-api-docs' into 'develop'rinpatch1+4-1
CI: Add job ref when calling api docs builderrinpatch1+4-1
Merge branch 'feat/openapi-spec-export' into 'develop'rinpatch39+334-229
Improve OpenAPI spec and deploy it to api.pleroma.socialrinpatch39+334-229
Add test for Answer presence into an authenticated /outboxHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+25-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/develop' into feature/object-hashtags-reworkIvan Tashkinov168+1062-314
Merge branch 'a1batross-develop-patch-62810' into 'develop'feld2+8-4
Merge branch 'email-stub-in-verify-credentials' into 'develop'feld10+67-15
Merge branch 'develop' into a1batross-develop-patch-62810Mark Felder8+159-14
Merge branch 'develop' into a1batross-develop-patch-62810Mark Felder158+846-281
Mix pleroma.instance creates parent directories nowMark Felder1+1-0
Merge branch 'fix/majic-nits' into 'develop'feld4+5-4
Document OAuth 2.0 provider fqn field additionMark Felder1+1-0
Merge branch 'fix/2411-mutes-api' into 'develop'feld5+154-10
Document we are disabling the extension fixup in MajicMark Felder1+1-0
Merge branch 'develop' into fix/majic-nitsMark Felder158+846-281
Merge branch 'develop' into 'fix/2411-mutes-api'feld225+1170-648
Merge branch 'fix/2473-purge-expired-activities-duplicates' into 'develop'feld3+31-1
Merge branch 'feature/2164-unify-api-arguments' into 'develop'feld8+376-20
Improve changelog descriptionMark Felder1+1-1
Merge branch 'develop' into 'feature/2164-unify-api-arguments'feld12+168-7
Merge branch 'fix/attachment-cleanup' into 'develop'feld1+8-6
Merge branch 'active-user-count' into 'develop'feld11+160-1
fix for test warningsAlexander Strizhakov1+2-2
fix for scheduled post with pollAlexander Strizhakov6+119-61
only_remote -> remote renamingAlexander Strizhakov5+29-31
`/api/v1/accounts/:id/statuses` docs updateAlexander Strizhakov2+13-3
more tests and update for docs and changelogAlexander Strizhakov4+192-74
list timeline filtration by paramsAlexander Strizhakov4+145-76
only_media & only_remote docs and changelogAlexander Strizhakov2+6-1
added only_media flag to home timelineAlexander Strizhakov2+61-0
expanding filtration for home timelineAlexander Strizhakov4+95-0
Merge branch 'update-frontend-2021-02-01' into 'develop'rinpatch135+254-254
Update frontendLain Soykaf135+254-254
[#3213] ActivityPub: fixed subquery-based hashtags filtering implementation (addressed empty list options issue). Added regression test.Ivan Tashkinov2+67-59
[#3213] ActivityPub: temporarily reverted to previous hashtags filtering implementation due to blank results issue.Ivan Tashkinov1+54-52
[#3213] Explicitly defined PKs in hashtags_objects and data_migration_failed_ids. Added "pleroma.database rollback" task to revert a single migration.Ivan Tashkinov4+31-5
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/develop' into feature/object-hashtags-reworkIvan Tashkinov85+672-435
[#3213] ActivityPub: implemented subqueries-based hashtags filtering, removed aggregation-based hashtags filtering.Ivan Tashkinov3+81-154
[#3213] Added HashtagsCleanupWorker periodic job.Ivan Tashkinov5+62-0
Merge branch 'emoji-cache' into 'develop'feld1+12-0
Merge branch 'fix/configdb-missing-s3-region' into 'develop'feld1+6-0
Add missing :ex_aws, :s3, :region settingMark Felder1+6-0
[#3286] Documentation on configuring Pleroma as OAuth 2.0 provider.Ivan Tashkinov2+17-8
like thisAlexander Strizhakov1+12-12
support for with_relationships parameterAlexander Strizhakov5+155-11
[#3213] Reinstated DISTINCT clause for hashtag "any" filtering with 2+ terms. Added test.Ivan Tashkinov3+28-8
Improve error message for ConfigDBMark Felder3+4-4
Make attachment cleanup jobs a noop if the setting is disabled.Mark Felder1+8-6
Switch to a build of Majic that does not try to fix extensions by defaultMark Felder3+4-4
Make sure active_user_count/1 counts only local usersEgor Kislitsyn2+3-1
Email-like field in /api/v1/accounts/verify_credentials response (for OAuth plugins like Peertube). Addresses https://git.pleroma.social/pleroma/pleroma-support/-/issues/56.Ivan Tashkinov7+49-7
changelog entryAlexander Strizhakov1+1-0
fix and delete purge activities duplicatesAlexander Strizhakov2+30-1
fix for unique oban worker optionAlexander Strizhakov1+1-1
fix formatAlibek Omarov1+1-1
mix: instance: ensure all needed folders are created before generating configAlibek Omarov1+7-4
cache headers for emoji and imagesAlexander Strizhakov1+12-0
Update CHANGELOGEgor Kislitsyn1+1-0
Add testsEgor Kislitsyn3+97-0
Add active user countEgor Kislitsyn7+60-1
Merge branch 'chore/tests-use-clear_config' into 'develop'lain69+325-368
added totalAlexander Strizhakov5+44-24
added totalAlexander Strizhakov6+80-39
Merge branch 'service-worker-allowed-header' into 'develop'feld5+51-3
Convert tests to all use clear_config instead of Pleroma.Config.putMark Felder69+325-368
Merge branch '2435-list-multiple-users' into 'develop'Haelwenn3+19-5
Merge branch 'develop' into '2435-list-multiple-users'lain325+3623-2026
support for expires_in/expires_at in filtersAlexander Strizhakov11+710-235
Merge branch 'fix/missing-own_votes' into 'develop'Haelwenn4+110-13
Merge branch 'docs/apache-config' into 'develop'feld8+149-46
CredoMark Felder1+1-1
Clarify the state of mediaproxy cache invalidation for ApacheMark Felder1+1-1
Note the requirement for the url_format parameterMark Felder1+7-0
Add sudo rule, remove quoting that breaks the for loopMark Felder1+7-3
Merge branch 'develop' into docs/apache-configMark Felder219+1969-1460
[#3213] Removed DISTINCT clause from ActivityPub.fetch_activities_query/2.Ivan Tashkinov1+0-1
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/develop' into feature/object-hashtags-reworkIvan Tashkinov217+1963-1455
[#3213] Switched to using embedded hashtags in Object.hashtags/1 (to avoid extra joins / preload in timeline queries).Ivan Tashkinov2+5-14
Merge branch 'refactor/deactivated_user_field' into 'develop'feld213+1959-1451
Ensure consistent behavior between pleroma.user activate/deactivate mix tasksMark Felder2+22-9
little refactor and testsAlexander Strizhakov3+101-24
Document pleroma.user activate mix taskMark Felder1+13-0
Provide pleroma.user mix task for both activate and deactivateMark Felder3+50-1
Document removal of toggle_activatedMark Felder1+2-1
Update PleromaFE: pleroma-fe@eb2975b64d849af6bdc327dabac34b8e6d952eaeMark Felder135+1696-1220
Update AdminFE: admin-fe@8a390584676b27b611d3363eca2a1194d94ed71fMark Felder35+44-44
Merge branch 'develop' into refactor/deactivated_user_fieldMark Felder48+1066-214
[#3213] Speedup of HashtagsTableMigrator (query optimization). State handling fix.Ivan Tashkinov2+19-3
Merge branch 'fix/minor-doc-fix' into 'develop'rinpatch4+4-4
add missing sudo prefix in install doc𝑓4+4-4
Include own_votes in the poll dataMark Felder3+27-7
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/develop' into feature/object-hashtags-reworkIvan Tashkinov3+6-5
Merge branch 'fix/tag-urls' into 'develop'Haelwenn3+6-5
Make tag urls absoluteMark Felder3+6-5
Document improved Apache supportMark Felder1+1-0
Add Invalidation Script url_format settingMark Felder1+9-2
Test URL formattingMark Felder1+26-0
Improve descriptionMark Felder1+1-1
rename functionMark Felder1+3-3
Add ability to invalidate cache entries for ApacheMark Felder4+50-3
Allow to define custom HTTP headers per each frontendeugenijm5+39-15
Ability to set the Service-Worker-Allowed headereugenijm4+25-1
Update Apache configuration. This has been tested.Mark Felder1+51-40
[#3213] Ignoring of blank elements from objects.data->tag.Ivan Tashkinov2+19-0
[#3213] HashtagsTableMigrator: failures handling fix, retry function. Changed default hashtags filtering strategy to non-aggregate approach.Ivan Tashkinov4+47-22
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/develop' into feature/object-hashtags-reworkIvan Tashkinov172+1576-587
Merge branch 'limiter-setup-fix' into 'develop'feld6+79-3
Merge branch 'test-cases-mox-setup' into 'develop'lain4+19-39
changed naming in changelogAlexander Strizhakov2+2-2
use proper namingAlexander Strizhakov4+4-4
Update docsMark Felder1+3-3
Document ConcurrentLimiter for RichMedia and MediaProxyMark Felder1+2-0
configurable limits for ConcurrentLimiterAlexander Strizhakov4+75-1
Merge branch 'copyright-fun' into 'develop'feld1+29-1
Merge branch 'deprecate-public_endpoint' into 'develop'feld18+226-89
Consistent comment style for :ex_awsMark Felder1+1-1
Add bucket_namespace to be extra certain truncated_namespace worksMark Felder1+1-0
Merge branch 'update/oban' into 'develop'feld9+32-9
Merge branch 'fix/active-user-query' into 'develop'Haelwenn4+9-47
Special handling for unconfirmed users based on instance config no longer needed.Mark Felder1+0-8
Only need to test if unconfirmed users are successfully deletedMark Felder1+7-23
This scenario no longer exists. Users are auto-confirmed if confirmation not required at time of registration.Mark Felder1+0-7
Special handling for unconfirmed users based on instance config no longer needed.Mark Felder1+1-9
use correct versions for oban migrationsAlexander Strizhakov3+6-3
Active users must be confirmedMark Felder1+1-0
[#3213] Performance-related stat in HashtagsTableMigrator. Reworked `count/_` to indicate approximate total count for current iteration.Ivan Tashkinov1+13-1
[#3213] `timeout` option for `HashtagsTableMigrator.count/_`.Ivan Tashkinov1+2-2
[#3213] Added `HashtagsTableMigrator.count/1`.Ivan Tashkinov1+29-13
Merge branch 'update-changelog-reblog-fix' into 'develop'lain1+1-0
Add Reblog fix to CHANGELOGEgor Kislitsyn1+1-0
Merge branch 'feat/improved-postgres-tuning-docs' into 'develop'lain2+24-16
Improve PostgreSQL optimization articlerinpatch2+24-16
Merge branch 'mergeback/2.2.2' into 'develop'rinpatch1+9-0
Merge branch 'stable' into mergeback/2.2.2rinpatch1+9-0
Merge branch 'weblate-pleroma-pleroma' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+594-0
Mox mode setup tweak; refactoring.Ivan Tashkinov4+19-39
Translated using Weblate (Portuguese (Portugal))João Rodrigues1+120-110
Added translation using Weblate (Portuguese (Portugal))João Rodrigues1+584-0
Merge branch 'fix/reblog-api' into 'develop'feld3+34-1
Merge branch 'develop' into refactor/deactivated_user_fieldMark Felder118+392-356
Merge branch 'refactor/approval_pending_user_field' into 'develop'feld38+108-88
Update AdminFE: admin-fe@27db721e3969d9d017a70b9e16dc262d4f31202fMark Felder27+34-34
Document new is_approved attributeMark Felder1+1-0
Merge branch 'develop' into refactor/approval_pending_user_fieldMark Felder117+321-305
Merge branch 'refactor/confirmation_pending_user_field' into 'develop'feld116+318-301
Document new is_confirmed attributeMark Felder1+1-0
Keep *Breaking* at the topMark Felder1+1-1
Update AdminFE: pleroma/admin-fe@d4c7989f05f38fd4f30c234a13a6e51cac83be57Mark Felder83+163-163
Test that only author can reblog a private statusEgor Kislitsyn1+8-3
Fix Reblog APIEgor Kislitsyn3+29-1
Changelog: Add list fix.Lain Soykaf1+1-0
ListController: Fix being unable to add / remove users.Lain Soykaf2+18-5
Merge branch 'release/2.2.2' into 'stable'rinpatch138+382-326
pleroma-fe bundle: update to 320418d524a33c20d7d769c8d67a25be81f251ecrinpatch133+254-249
mix.exs: bump version to 2.2.2rinpatch1+1-1
CHANGELOG.md: Finalize 2.2.2 changelogrinpatch1+6-1
Merge branch 'fix/missing_emoji_steal_dir' into 'develop'lain3+121-75
[#3213] Missing copyright header for HashtagsTableMigrator.State.Ivan Tashkinov1+4-0
Merge branch 'fix/changelog-entries' into 'develop'lain1+2-3
CHANGELOG.md: Remove wrong entries from Unreleased(patch)rinpatch1+2-3
update for retired elixir_make package versionAlexander Strizhakov1+1-1
[#3213] Feature lock adjustment for HashtagsTableMigrator.Ivan Tashkinov1+10-4
start oban app in migrations and mix tasksAlexander Strizhakov3+6-1
use explicitly oban migration versionAlexander Strizhakov1+7-2
[#3251] Fixed wrong test-env config setting for [Pleroma.Upload]. Refactoring. Added warning to `clear_config/_` to minimize such issues in future.Ivan Tashkinov6+35-33
[#3213] Refactoring of HashtagsTableMigrator. Hashtag timeline performance optimization (auto switch to non-aggregate join strategy when efficient).Ivan Tashkinov6+84-51
mix.exs: Make copyright regexes more preciseHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+6-5
mix.exs: Put template into one variable with ~s[]Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+5-5
mix.exs: GNU sed doesn't into proper getopt()Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+2-2
Add a mix alias to bump copyrightMark Felder1+11-1
Split out yearMark Felder1+2-2
Add mix alias to easily add copyright headers to filesMark Felder1+18-1
Update Oban to 2.3.4Mark Felder3+15-5
Merge branch 'fix/attachment-cleanup-queues' into 'develop'feld1+1-1
Only run one attachment cleanup job per nodeMark Felder1+1-1
Revert accidental blank line removalMark Felder1+1-0
Document removal of toggle_confirmedMark Felder1+0-1
Remove toggle_confirmation; require explicit state changeMark Felder11+36-40
Change user.confirmation_pending field to user.is_confirmedMark Felder29+121-101
ReadabilityMark Felder1+1-1
Make setting user activation status explicitMark Felder8+24-24
Remove toggle_activationMark Felder4+1-63
Add copyright headerMark Felder1+4-0
Remove User.restrict_deactivated/1Mark Felder2+4-8
Change user.deactivated field to user.is_activeMark Felder40+125-107
Further simplify changeset logicMark Felder1+1-2
Change user.approval_pending field to user.is_approvedMark Felder10+74-54
Merge branch 'optimize-command_available' into 'develop'Haelwenn1+4-1
Hack to fix tests not passing. Unclear why the filters are being set to nil. Both of these changes are needed or it doesn't work.Mark Felder2+3-1
Just validate command is in PATH; forking a shell is wastefulMark Felder1+4-1
LintMark Felder1+0-0
Bump Copyright yearMark Felder2+2-2
Add ConfigDB migrationMark Felder2+117-0
[#3213] Refactoring of HashtagsTableMigrator.Ivan Tashkinov3+79-47
BackupTest: Fix s3 test.Lain Soykaf1+3-6
Merge branch 'pleroma-password' into 'develop'rinpatch21+130-31
Linting.Lain Soykaf1+7-1
Pbkdf2: Use it everywhere.Lain Soykaf21+37-127
Password -> Password.Pbkdf2Lain Soykaf2+90-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/develop' into feature/object-hashtags-reworkIvan Tashkinov916+3913-3478
[#3213] Prototype of data migrations functionality / HashtagsTableMigrator.Ivan Tashkinov11+316-64
Unnecessary duplication hereMark Felder1+0-2
Consistent styleMark Felder2+5-13
Not needed in test.exsMark Felder1+0-4
truncated_namespace should default to nilMark Felder3+6-4
LintingLain Soykaf1+5-1
Password: Replace Pbkdf2 with Password.lain18+29-30
Password: Add password modulelain3+91-1
Merge branch 'chores/bump-copyright' into 'develop'Haelwenn884+884-884
COPYING: Bump copyright to 2021Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+1-1
Bump Copyright to 2021Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier883+883-883
Switch another test to Upload.base_url/0Mark Felder1+1-1
Document deprecationMark Felder1+1-0
Fix tests relying on old behavior. Use the Upload.base_url, Luke.Mark Felder3+13-8
Provide a non-nil fallback for Upload.base_url/0 for tests using TestUploaderSuccess as the uploaderMark Felder1+1-1
Fix another ad-hoc construction of the upload base_urlMark Felder1+2-14
Deprecate Pleroma.Uploaders.S3, :public_endpointMark Felder7+55-19
Merge branch 'fix/backup-url-on-s3' into 'develop'feld7+54-42
Merge branch 'chat-message-pagination' into 'develop'rinpatch2+5-5
Pagination: Don't be dos'd by random parameters.lain1+1-1
Simplify. We will always have a result from Upload.base_url/0, so just add it to the listMark Felder1+2-10
Fix regression in MediaProxy.local?/0 and appending the Upload.base_url to whitelisted domainsMark Felder1+9-9
ChatMessages: Fix pagination headers.lain2+5-5
FormattingMark Felder1+8-8
[#3213] transfer_hashtags mix task refactoring.Ivan Tashkinov1+59-68
Merge branch 'feat/format-optional-migrations' into 'develop'rinpatch1+1-1
.formatter.exs: Format optional migrationsrinpatch1+1-1
Merge branch 'add_some_information_about_setting_up_a_development_environment' into 'develop'rinpatch21+147-61
Add development sectionIlja21+147-61
Apply 4 suggestion(s) to 2 file(s)feld2+12-27
Move construction of S3 base URL with optional namespace and bucket to Upload.base_url/0Mark Felder2+23-16
More places we should be using Upload.base_urlMark Felder3+11-15
Avoid duplicate Config callsMark Felder1+3-2
Apply Upload.base_url for S3Mark Felder2+11-6
Fix URL generated for backup files, try to create a source of truth we can reuse throughout the codebaseMark Felder2+27-1
Merge branch 'guppe-example' into 'develop'lain2+44-0
Merge branch 'confirm-users' into 'develop'lain2+62-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into confirm-usersAlex Gleason94+497-458
Remove ConfirmUserPlugAlex Gleason3+0-61
Merge branch 'fix/missing_emoji_steal_dir' into 'develop'lain3+115-75
Merge branch 'backup-ids' into 'develop'lain2+19-0
Backups: render ID in APIAlex Gleason2+19-0
Merge branch 'cleanup/unused-proxy-opts' into 'develop'lain2+8-9
ActivtityPub Test: Add example for guppe actorlain2+44-0
Merge branch 'object-normalize-refactor' into 'develop'lain77+269-246
Merge branch 'adminapi-user-email' into 'develop'lain3+18-0
Merge branch 'upstream/remote-emoji-support' into 'develop'lain3+16-1
[#3213] Removed PK from hashtags_objects table. Improved hashtags_transfer mix task (logging of failed ids).Ivan Tashkinov3+20-15
Oopsie whoopsie fix changelogAlex Gleason1+0-6
Exclude blockers from notifications when `blockers_visible: false`Alex Gleason2+31-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into block-behaviorAlex Gleason699+15623-7988
Call ConfirmUserPlug from Router, not EndpointAlex Gleason2+1-2
Add AdminAPI.AccountViewTestAlex Gleason1+16-0
AdminAPI: return user emailAlex Gleason2+2-0
allow external emojiRoger Braun3+16-1
Resilience Test: Add notification check for killing likes.lain1+18-2
Resilience Test: Add tests for killing likes.lain1+87-0
Merge branch 'fix/mediaproxy-config-descriptions' into 'develop'feld1+17-120
Remove configurability of upload proxy opts, simplifyMark Felder2+8-9
Merge branch 'fix/emoji-encoding' into 'develop'lain4+17-1
Add test to validate URLs to custom emojis are properly encodedMark Felder1+15-0
Add dinosaur gif from https://gifs.ccMark Felder2+1-0
URI.encode custom emojisMark Felder1+1-1
Merge branch 'fix/pagination-regression' into 'develop'lain3+18-6
Merge branch 'develop' of git.pleroma.social:pleroma/pleroma into alexgleason/pleroma-confirm-userslain28+303-128
Merge branch '1526-account-aliases' into 'develop'lain13+79-12
User: Use ObjectID type to validate also-known-as fieldlain2+10-13
Merge branch 'develop' of git.pleroma.social:pleroma/pleroma into 1526-account-aliaseslain18+246-121
Merge branch 'pleroma-moderation-log-stuff' into 'develop'lain3+7-0
Merge branch 'develop' of git.pleroma.social:pleroma/pleroma into pleroma-moderation-log-stufflain10+190-114
AccountControllerTest: Fix test logiclain1+9-7
Merge branch 'develop' of git.pleroma.social:pleroma/pleroma into object-normalize-refactorlain10+190-114
Merge branch '2391-async-bugs' into 'develop'Haelwenn10+190-114
SideEffects.DeleteTest: asyncify.lain10+190-114
Add test to validate profile pagination works with keysetMark Felder1+13-0
Do not try to guess which pagination we need by the existence of an :offset param. Require explicit request to get offset pagination.Mark Felder2+3-6
Object: Rework how Object.normalize workslain77+269-246
AdminAPI: return id for moderation log entriesAlex Gleason3+7-0
Migration to confirm previously-logged-in usersAlex Gleason2+62-0
Merge branch 'fix/reports-ordering' into 'develop'feld3+27-2
Document reports ordering changeMark Felder1+1-0
Aliases: refactor validate_also_known_as/1Alex Gleason1+4-3
Apply 2 suggestion(s) to 1 file(s)Alex Gleason1+4-3
Ensure newest report is returned first in the listMark Felder1+25-0
Automatically confirm logged-in usersAlex Gleason3+62-0
Merge branch 'fix/adminapi-user-status-pagination' into 'develop'feld3+22-5
Apply 1 suggestion(s) to 1 file(s)feld1+1-1
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/develop' into feature/object-hashtags-reworkIvan Tashkinov2+3-3
Alternative implementation of hashtag-filtering queries in ActivityPub. Fixed GROUP BY clause for aggregation on hashtags.Ivan Tashkinov2+100-22
[#3213] Added query options support for Repo.chunk_stream/4. Used infinite timeout in transfer_hashtags select query.Ivan Tashkinov2+8-9
Render AKAs in Actor endpointsAlex Gleason2+8-1
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into aliasesAlex Gleason746+19073-9506
Make pagination type conditionalMark Felder1+7-1
Continue to use ActivityPub.fetch_user_activities/3, make it pass :offsetMark Felder2+2-2
Support pagination in AdminAPI for user statusesMark Felder2+16-5
Do not reverse order of reports. We want newest ones sorted to the top.Mark Felder1+1-2
Merge branch 'deps/crypt-local-fork' into 'develop'lain2+3-3
[#3213] Made Object.object_data_hashtags/1 handle both AS2 and plain text hashtags.Ivan Tashkinov1+3-1
[#3213] Fixed Object.object_data_hashtags/1 to process only AS2 elements of `data.tag` (basing on #2984).Ivan Tashkinov1+10-2
[#3213] Improved `database.transfer_hashtags` mix task: proper rollback, speedup.Ivan Tashkinov1+25-21
Switch to local fork of crypt until upstream fixes ability to build on aarch64Mark Felder2+3-3
Merge branch 'revert-b122b6ff' into 'develop'Haelwenn24+72-165
Revert "Merge branch 'features/hashtag-column' into 'develop'"Haelwenn24+72-165
Merge branch 'features/hashtag-column' into 'develop'Haelwenn24+165-72
pleroma.database fill_old_hashtags: Add month_limit argumentHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+45-35
Pleroma.Object/1: take %Object{} as argument insteadHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier9+12-17
[#3213] Made Object.hashtags/1 work with :hashtags assoc. Adjusted tests.Ivan Tashkinov4+29-14
non condition dir creationAlexander Strizhakov1+1-11
changelog entryAlexander Strizhakov1+1-0
not neededAlexander Strizhakov1+1-2
insreasing test coverage for StealEmojiPolicyAlexander Strizhakov2+103-64
check dir existence in policyAlexander Strizhakov2+22-31
Add MRFs to the list of things that may need a soft rebootMark Felder1+2-1
Mark privateMark Felder1+1-1
Create dir for EmojiStealPolicy automaticallyMark Felder1+19-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/develop' into feature/object-hashtags-reworkIvan Tashkinov206+690-451
[#3213] Hashtag-filtering functions in ActivityPub. Mix task for migrating hashtags to `hashtags` table.Ivan Tashkinov3+216-63
Merge branch 'cachex-test' into 'develop'lain204+667-438
Adds tests for breaking tag and mention links after text is converted from markdown to htmlMary Kate1+78-0
Revert, this is useful in an edge caseMark Felder1+1-0
FormattingMark Felder1+4-5
Update descriptions for MediaProxy, remove settings that should not be exposed in AdminFEMark Felder1+17-119
Remove Proxy settings that were not meant to exist under Pleroma.UploadMark Felder1+0-1
Add test/instance to .gitignoreMark Felder1+1-0
Merge branch 'update/linkify' into 'develop'lain3+3-2
Update Linkify to 0.4.1Mark Felder3+3-2
Merge branch 'mergeback/2.2.1' into 'develop'lain1+18-8
Align changeloglain1+18-8
Merge branch 'stable' into mergeback/2.2.1lain0+0-0
Merge branch 'release/2.2.1' into 'stable'lain79+2084-1225
Fixtures: Add application actor fixture.lain1+67-0
Merge branch 'release/2.2.1' of git.pleroma.social:pleroma/pleroma into release/2.2.1lain1+3-3
Update changeloglain1+5-6
Apply 1 suggestion(s) to 1 file(s)lain1+4-4
Update frontendlain53+1590-1119
Mix: Update version.lain2+1-2
Update changeloglain1+3-0
Report fixes.lain9+271-39
Mix: Update linkify to 0.4.1lain4+6-6
[#2301] Quick fix: users with is_discoverable == false (default!) are included in search results.Ivan Tashkinov2+8-5
fix for elixir 1.11Alexander Strizhakov4+65-38
SideEffects: fix testlain1+1-1
User: Remove left-over (wrong) fix.lain1+0-1
User: Don't allow local users in remote changesetslain2+20-0
Switch to a fork of Hackney 1.15.2 for now so we can have our URL normalization bugfixMark Felder2+12-9
Update changeloglain1+1-0
Search: Only skip ordering the rum index.lain1+1-1
Activity search: Fix order of resultslain1+4-1
Document fixing the pleroma.user delete_activities mix taskMark Felder1+8-0
Need to start web_resp cache or mix task failsMark Felder1+1-1
Document S3 and Elixir 1.11 compat fixMark Felder1+1-0
Fix S3 uploads with Elixir 1.11Mark Felder2+2-2
pleroma.instance: Fix Exiftool module nameHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier3+5-2
remove PurgeExpiredActivity from Oban db configAlexander Strizhakov1+19-0
Added Hashtag entity and objects-hashtags association with auto-sync with `data.tag` on Object update.Ivan Tashkinov6+144-10
possibility to run rollback in test envAlexander Strizhakov2+4-3
Merge branch 'update-elixir-make' into 'develop'feld1+1-1
update for retired elixir_make package versionAlexander Strizhakov1+1-1
Merge branch 'update/instance-gen-template' into 'develop'rinpatch1+1-2
Create Object.hashtags/1 wrapperHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier7+20-20
Insert text representation of hashtags into object["hashtags"]Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier22+141-53
Do not include pool_size in the template. It encourages unwanted fiddling :)Mark Felder1+1-2
Encapsulation of tags / hashtags fetching from objects.Ivan Tashkinov12+78-39
Merge branch 'develop' into 'develop'lain2+5-1
Tests: Stub the pipeline in all tests.lain2+18-0
Pipeline test: Switch from Mock to Mox.lain10+156-147
Tests: Add a helper method to reduce sleeping times in test.lain5+18-11
Test: More async/sync tweaks.lain11+53-19
Tests: More test fixes.lain3+7-2
XMLBuidlder test: Make async.lain1+1-1
Test config: Raise pool size for postgres.lain1+4-1
Tests: Make as many tests as possible async.lain134+141-137
Cachex: Unify arity of callback functionlain2+2-2
Caching: Add caching behavior, add null implementation.lain2+24-3
Fix trailing whitespaces in lib/pleroma/web/web_finger.exKaizhe Huang1+1-1
Merge branch 'fix/remove-sharelock-warning-oban-configdb' into 'develop'lain1+2-8
Merge branch 'bugfix/mastofe-install-script' into 'develop'rinpatch1+12-9
Add test for subscribe_address in JSON WebFinger responseKaizhe Huang1+2-1
config/description.exs: Remove outdated information about Obanrinpatch1+2-8
Tests: Use NullCache for async tests.lain13+119-11
Cachex: Make caching provider switchable at runtime.lain20+92-59
Jason: Remove by now superfluous jason_types filelain2+0-10
WebFinger: add subscribe_address in return data of JSON responsesFiveYellowMice1+3-0
Tests: Remove unneeded explicit cachex use.lain17+10-47
Tests: Reset all cachex caches between synchronous testslain2+19-4
Merge branch 'long-life-oauth-tokens' into 'develop'rinpatch2+14-1
[#2353] Virtually never-expiring OAuth tokens (new and already issued ones).Ivan Tashkinov2+14-1
Merge branch 'registration-workflow' into 'develop'feld12+221-73
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into registration-workflowAlex Gleason162+8936-2663
Merge branch 'fix/2336-mastoapi-ws-posts-dropping' into 'develop'lain15+47-28
download-mastofe-build.sh: Proper exit when artifact is missingHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+12-9
Merge branch 'support/2255_posix_errors' into 'develop'lain10+504-58
Merge branch 'fix/config-gen-detect-exiftool' into 'develop'lain1+12-3
Merge branch 'weblate-pleroma-pleroma' into 'develop'lain1+64-64
Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))shironeko1+64-64
Merge branch 'chore/refactor-hide-counts' into 'develop'lain1+6-10
Minor refactoring of the logic for hiding followers/following counts.Mark Felder1+6-10
changelogAlexander Strizhakov1+5-4
Fix for dropping posts/notifs in WS when mix task is executedAlexander Strizhakov15+43-25
Merge branch 'fix/hackney-follow-redirects' into 'develop'rinpatch3+14-10
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