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The next chat appDrew DeVault2+139-0
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Go is a great languageDrew DeVault2+94-0
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Mention platform plansDrew DeVault1+4-0
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A new systems programming languageDrew DeVault4+204-5
Date the anime recommendations articleDrew DeVault1+1-0
Monogatari reviewDrew DeVault2+21-0
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Corporate surveillance title changeDrew DeVault1+1-1
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fucking githubDrew DeVault2+236-0
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Don't fucking kill your usersDrew DeVault2+64-0
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Conform to gemini feeds specDrew DeVault1+1-1
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To make money in FOSS, build a business firstDrew DeVault2+61-0
CelesteDrew DeVault3+22-0
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Rust: "Move fast and break things" as a moral imperativeDrew DeVault2+102-0
DownstreamsDrew DeVault2+66-2
Fix typoDrew DeVault1+1-1
Correct typosDrew DeVault1+1-1
Anti-Wayland horseshitDrew DeVault2+58-0
Signal: correct typoDrew DeVault1+1-1
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Use open platforms, or elseDrew DeVault1+62-0
Update gemini articleDrew DeVault1+1-1
Add comment about how to build wealth for *you*Drew DeVault1+3-1
FOSS is to surrender your monopolyDrew DeVault2+120-0
Rewrite godocs.ioDrew DeVault1+13-46
Fuck ElasticDrew DeVault3+72-1
Fix spooky gemini outputDrew DeVault1+1-1
Add gemini version of spooky codeDrew DeVault2+50-0
Spooky action at a distanceDrew DeVault1+84-0
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Fix typoDrew DeVault2+2-2
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Typo correctionDrew DeVault2+2-2
History will not remember us fondlyDrew DeVault2+104-0
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Add "Invented or discovered" surveyDrew DeVault1+165-0
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Stability & reliabilityDrew DeVault2+74-0
Constrain videos to article widthDrew DeVault1+1-1
Atomic commitsDrew DeVault2+50-0
Add clarification to megacorps articleDrew DeVault2+17-12
Megacorps are not your dream jobDrew DeVault2+88-0
Correct date on newest postDrew DeVault1+1-1
New programming language designDrew DeVault2+103-0
Moar 'twasDrew DeVault1+1-1
H0 H0 H0Drew DeVault2+31-0
Update godocs.io post with FTS infoDrew DeVault2+7-0
godocs.ioDrew DeVault3+70-0
Correct Eyal Sawady's nameDrew DeVault2+2-2
Status updateDrew DeVault2+68-0
Correct typosDrew DeVault2+3-3
Shell literacyDrew DeVault2+285-0
Analytics and informed consentDrew DeVault2+68-0
Correct typo in URLDrew DeVault1+1-1
俺のスカイツリー旅行Drew DeVault2+34-0
Correct link to alpsOliver Leaver-Smith1+2-2
Improve FOSS jobs git commandDrew DeVault2+2-2
Fix broken linkNoah Kleiner1+1-1
Make money in FOSSDrew DeVault2+162-0
Minor tweaksDrew DeVault2+4-3
Search enginesDrew DeVault2+125-0
Add contact details to Gemini pageDrew DeVault1+2-0
Fix typoDrew DeVault2+2-2
RE: Is This Aggregator Idea Good?Drew DeVault3+19-1
Add gemtext version of status updateDrew DeVault2+101-1
Status updateDrew DeVault1+120-0
Drop HN & web proxy links from home pageDrew DeVault1+0-2
Copying ain't stealingDrew DeVault2+36-0
Add note about other rolesDrew DeVault1+4-0
Add link to election board guide materialsDrew DeVault1+4-0
Correct typoDrew DeVault1+1-1
Election day experienceDrew DeVault2+54-0
Fix URLs in HN postDrew DeVault1+2-2
Fix typoDrew DeVault1+1-1
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Add link to hn.pyDrew DeVault1+1-0
Update layout to improve reader viewDrew DeVault1+14-14
Usability vs utilityDrew DeVault2+75-0
Update "What is Gemini anyway"Drew DeVault1+13-13
What is Gemini?Drew DeVault3+210-0
Update gmnisrv.gmiDrew DeVault1+1-0
gemini.md: Fix typoDrew DeVault1+1-1
Update gmnisrv.gmiDrew DeVault1+33-0
Gemini: update _index.gmiDrew DeVault1+5-1
Remove defunct blog from make-a-blog.mdDrew DeVault1+1-1
FurthermoreDrew DeVault1+1-1
Fix title rendering for GemtextDrew DeVault1+3-3
wlroots handoffDrew DeVault2+34-0
more typoDrew DeVault2+2-2
Typo fixDrew DeVault2+2-2
RIP FirefoxDrew DeVault2+99-0
Add missing dates on some postsRoshless9+9-0
New workstationDrew DeVault2+35-0
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Status updateDrew DeVault2+100-0
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Add Kineto to list of Gemini projectsDrew DeVault2+8-0
Four principlesDrew DeVault2+46-0
Fix RSS feed titleDrew DeVault1+1-1
Correct typoDrew DeVault1+1-1
Update spamtoberfest w/DO's responseDrew DeVault2+8-0
.build.yml: fix feed.xml storageDrew DeVault1+1-1
Add link to makeworld.qqDrew DeVault1+4-0
.build.yml: re-introduce hugoDrew DeVault1+1-0
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Add links to Gemini versions from applicable WWW postsDrew DeVault1+6-0
SpamtoberfestDrew DeVault3+154-1
Fix embedded video in Git-email-webcast.mdHonza Pokorny1+3-4
Remove frontmatter from A-story-of-two-libcs.gmiDrew DeVault1+0-5
List gemini-exclusive posts on the WWW pageDrew DeVault2+21-2
rss.xml: limit to HTML postsDrew DeVault1+2-0
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Add gemini RSS feedDrew DeVault3+5-1
Gemini!Drew DeVault15+490-0
Re-home two C's storyDrew DeVault1+0-0
Yet another typo fixDrew DeVault1+1-1
s/SIGSEV/SIGSEGV/Drew DeVault1+1-1
Add clarifying commentDrew DeVault1+1-1
Rename article like a competent personDrew DeVault1+1-1
fuck you glibcDrew DeVault2+252-1
Remove dead translation linkDrew DeVault1+0-2
Add angry blurb about cryptocurrency bullshitDrew DeVault1+8-0
Fix algorithm issuesDrew DeVault1+5-5
Add TOFU clarificationsDrew DeVault1+7-5
Add Gemini TOFUDrew DeVault1+80-0
Remove references to Star Trek because people are fucking assholesDrew DeVault1+6-14
Fix typoDrew DeVault1+1-1
FederationDrew DeVault1+81-0
Update sidebar sourcehut URL to project hubDrew DeVault1+1-1
Tiny status updateDrew DeVault1+36-0
Update livestreaming postDrew DeVault1+2-15
Correct formatting in Signal postDrew DeVault1+1-0
Fix typosDrew DeVault1+3-3
Correct typoDrew DeVault1+1-1
Linux development is profoundly distributedDrew DeVault1+89-0
Fix link to main blog in RSSDrew DeVault1+1-1
Fix broken link to MigaduJake Bauer1+1-1
Add notice to annotations postDrew DeVault1+2-0
Fix migration issue with older articleDrew DeVault1+1-0
Fix typoDrew DeVault1+5-5
Add link to aercDrew DeVault1+3-1
Microsoft plays their handDrew DeVault1+64-0
Fix typoDrew DeVault1+4-4
Alice in WonderlandDrew DeVault2+76-1
Specify dimensions of avatar to avoid FOUCDrew DeVault1+4-1
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I yearn for deathDrew DeVault2+11-10
Fucking work fuck's sake god dammitDrew DeVault1+6-6
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