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CorrectionDrew DeVault1+1-1
Forbidden topics updateDrew DeVault1+5-0
Name GPNDrew DeVault1+8-8
The forbidden topicsDrew DeVault1+166-0
Add vaxry's responseDrew DeVault1+28-0
Fix typoDrew DeVault1+2-2
Hyprland toxicityDrew DeVault1+156-0
talks/foss-and-money: add recordingDrew DeVault1+2-0
AI crap: additional minor fixDrew DeVault1+1-1
AI crap: Correct minor typoDrew DeVault1+1-1
Update mail service provider recommendationsDrew DeVault1+2-0
AI crapDrew DeVault1+119-0
Hello from AresDrew DeVault1+99-0
Update URLDrew DeVault1+1-1
How does IRC federate: Fix typoAndrás Németh2+2-2
A great alternative...: Fix typoAndrás Németh2+2-2
Dot Org: Fix typoAndrás Németh1+1-1
Conservative web dev: Typo fixesAndrás Németh1+2-2
Commons Clause will destroy OSS: Typo fixesAndrás Németh1+2-2
The rc shell and its excellent handling of whitespaceDrew DeVault1+179-0
Minor rewordingDrew DeVault1+2-3
Typo fixDrew DeVault1+1-1
Alpine does not make newsDrew DeVault1+58-0
Don't sign a CLA 2: typo fixDrew DeVault1+1-1
Don't sign a CLA part twoDrew DeVault1+135-0
Burnout 2: minor clarificationDrew DeVault1+8-8
Parasocial mediaDrew DeVault1+56-0
Burnout 2Drew DeVault1+87-0
Clarify OSS cooperationDrew DeVault1+3-3
Reforming the free software message: fix typoDrew DeVault1+2-2
Reforming the free software messageDrew DeVault1+50-0
Mobile linux: fix a typoKartik K. Agaram1+1-1
Mobile linux: fix himitsu linkDrew DeVault1+1-1
Throwing in the towel on mobile LinuxDrew DeVault2+225-0
.build.yml: drop gemini related codeDrew DeVault1+0-3
Minor fixes/clarificationsDrew DeVault1+8-8
How to go to war with your employerDrew DeVault1+160-0
Update a name in "It takes a village"Drew DeVault1+1-1
Typo fixDrew DeVault1+1-1
BurnoutDrew DeVault1+56-0
Minor tweaksDrew DeVault1+4-5
Who leads us?Drew DeVault1+96-0
Fix typos in rc postDrew DeVault1+3-3
rcDrew DeVault1+212-0
Typo fixKartik K. Agaram1+1-1
drop commentsDrew DeVault2+0-18
The FSF is dyingDrew DeVault1+112-0
Drivers and mercuryDrew DeVault1+614-0
When to comment that codeDrew DeVault1+234-0
Helios aarch64 part 1Drew DeVault1+682-0
Typo fixDrew DeVault1+2-2
Typo fixDrew DeVault1+1-1
Should private platforms engage in censorship?Drew DeVault1+187-0
Update helios link for FOSDEMDrew DeVault1+1-3
FOSDEMDrew DeVault1+64-0
Bump postfix configsStacy Harper1+2-2
A new focusDrew DeVault1+77-0
I shall toil at a reduced volumeDrew DeVault1+43-0
Hare codegen v2Drew DeVault1+291-0
In praise of Plan 9Drew DeVault1+104-0
local-mail-server: fix transportVlad-Stefan Harbuz1+2-2
Kernel hacking part 3Drew DeVault1+772-0
Update TOTPDrew DeVault1+6-0
TOTPDrew DeVault1+101-0
more spellcheckDrew DeVault1+2-2
spellcheckDrew DeVault1+9-4
Status updateDrew DeVault1+147-0
Fix grammatical errorDrew DeVault1+6-6
ffmpeg: correct -vf command lineDrew DeVault1+1-1
In praise of Alpine Linux for WWWDrew DeVault1+88-2
loop videoDrew DeVault1+1-1
In praise of ffmpegDrew DeVault1+89-0
Fix typoDrew DeVault1+1-1
Typo fixDrew DeVault1+1-1
Rust in LinuxDrew DeVault1+177-0
Kernel hacking part 2Drew DeVault1+492-0
Fix typoDrew DeVault1+1-1
open source, againDrew DeVault1+94-0
Status updateDrew DeVault1+33-0
Be a little bit less extraDrew DeVault1+0-1
bootvec correctionDrew DeVault1+5-5
Kernel hacking with Hare, part 1Drew DeVault1+292-0
talks: add "Can free software be made sustainable?"Drew DeVault2+24-0
In praise of qemuDrew DeVault1+83-0
powerctl: Remove unnecessary "power"Josiah Frentsos1+1-1
powerctl: Fix permissionsJosiah Frentsos1+1-1
powerctlDrew DeVault1+251-0
Poco F1 reviewDrew DeVault1+153-0
RIP PINE64Drew DeVault1+108-0
status updateDrew DeVault1+34-0
How I wish I could organize my thoughtsDrew DeVault1+79-0
rewordDrew DeVault1+1-1
cDrew DeVault1+13-0
Drop references to Gemini capsuleDrew DeVault2+2-13
typo fixDrew DeVault1+1-1
open hardwareDrew DeVault1+50-0
Code review with aercDrew DeVault1+144-0
Correct ethernet driver nameDrew DeVault1+1-1
Status updateDrew DeVault1+64-0
Typo fixDrew DeVault1+1-1
Fediverse toxicityDrew DeVault1+43-0
Update Mark Rober Gemini articleDrew DeVault1+7-5
Doom on HeliosDrew DeVault1+484-0
Recommend compensating projectsDrew DeVault1+3-0
Fix twitt.re URLDrew DeVault1+1-1
GPL launderingDrew DeVault1+237-0
HimitsuDrew DeVault2+199-7
Himitsu talkDrew DeVault2+29-0
typo fixDrew DeVault1+1-1
status updateDrew DeVault1+66-0
Fix up draft errorsDrew DeVault1+5-5
HeliosDrew DeVault1+93-0
blehDrew DeVault1+66-0
Remove donation link from home pageDrew DeVault1+0-2
Thanks GoogleDrew DeVault1+88-0
Add sourcehut CI talkDrew DeVault2+25-0
Abiopause: correct errorDrew DeVault1+1-1
Status update: correct temporal anomalyDrew DeVault1+3-3
Big status update!Drew DeVault1+133-0
typoDrew DeVault1+3-3
A Hare code generator for finding ioctl numbersDrew DeVault1+514-0
hare-ssh: fix urlVlad-Stefan Harbuz1+2-1
When will we learnDrew DeVault1+102-0
hare-sshDrew DeVault2+941-4
Minor edit to open sourcing video gamesDrew DeVault1+4-3
talks/hare: update video linkDrew DeVault1+1-1
It takes a village: user-requested redactionDrew DeVault2+0-2
Correct typo in "free software, free infrastructure"Drew DeVault1+4-4
Hare: correct post URLDrew DeVault1+1-1
hare talk: fix abstractDrew DeVault1+5-6
fix: typo in the titleantoinentl1+1-1
Announcing HareDrew DeVault1+11-0
Hare time clarificationDrew DeVault1+1-1
HareDrew DeVault2+29-0
Stepping away from GeminiDrew DeVault2+18-0
Status updateDrew DeVault1+104-0
Correct date of cryptocurrency talkDrew DeVault1+1-1
talks: add qbeDrew DeVault2+30-0
cryptocurrency sucksDrew DeVault2+28-0
credit where dueDrew DeVault1+6-6
git snail-mailDrew DeVault1+160-0
FateDrew DeVault2+18-0
weeeeeedDrew DeVault2+29-0
Typo fixDrew DeVault1+1-1
Free software, free infrastructureDrew DeVault1+142-0
Minor fixDrew DeVault2+7-7
Netherlands updateDrew DeVault2+111-0
Status update: March 2022Drew DeVault1+158-0
Update contributor nameCara Salter2+1-2
Thank youDrew DeVault2+2035-0
updateDrew DeVault1+17-0
Minor footnoteDrew DeVault2+7-0
Why am I building a programming language in private?Drew DeVault2+135-0
Update OSI postDrew DeVault2+4-23
typo fixDrew DeVault2+2-2
Add gemtext version of OSD postDrew DeVault2+38-0
OSDDrew DeVault1+144-0
Optimize image assetsRohan Kumar4+0-0
Mention $58M plaid lawsuitDrew DeVault1+8-5
Improve B2B criticismDrew DeVault1+1-1
Fix "third party" hyphenationsDrew DeVault1+2-2
PlaidDrew DeVault1+63-0
tar is good actuallyDrew DeVault2+59-0
Status update, February 2022Drew DeVault1+64-0
Clarify emoji usageDrew DeVault1+6-6
Improve wording somewhatDrew DeVault1+6-6
SpellcheckDrew DeVault1+3-3
Framing accessibility in broader termsDrew DeVault1+117-0
On the MIT licenseDrew DeVault1+81-0
layouts/blog: add link to mailing list archivesPranjal Kole1+3-2
MIME databaseDrew DeVault1+482-0
Update invidious links to use redirectorDrew DeVault3+6-6
config.toml: limit RSS to 10 entriesDrew DeVault1+1-0
Typo fixDrew DeVault1+1-1
Chilean constitutional conventionDrew DeVault1+52-0
Pine64's weird prioritiesDrew DeVault1+82-0
Typo fixDrew DeVault1+11-11
Status updateDrew DeVault2+79-0
RISC-V: correct HVEC to HEVCPranjal Kole2+2-2
Low-effort gemini conversionDrew DeVault2+24-0
Further correctionsDrew DeVault1+3-3
RISC-V: CorrectionsDrew DeVault1+3-3
The RISC-V experienceDrew DeVault1+170-0
avoid that footnotes mess with line separationJorge Maldonado Ventura1+4-0
Typo fixKévin Le Gouguec1+4-4
Breaking down a small language design proposalDrew DeVault1+203-0
Fix SpellingCara Salter1+1-1
Correction: Shotwell is the COODrew DeVault1+1-1
StarshipDrew DeVault2+53-0
Add comment from a11y expert on DiscordDrew DeVault1+28-1
Link to source regarding a11y at discordDrew DeVault1+7-5
Typo fixDrew DeVault2+2-2
No, seriously, don't use Discord for FOSS projectsDrew DeVault2+111-0
Update video game FOSS guideDrew DeVault1+8-0
Improve sidebar email thingDrew DeVault2+5-3
Please use me as a resourceDrew DeVault2+46-0
Post-copyrightDrew DeVault2+116-0
Add spam honeypotDrew DeVault1+7-0
Additional fix for OBS articleDrew DeVault1+1-1
Fix typo in titleDrew DeVault1+1-1
Correct streamlabs errorsDrew DeVault1+1-2
Commercial FOSS forksDrew DeVault1+82-0
Typo fixPranjal Kole2+2-2
Typo fixDrew DeVault2+3-2
Status update for DecemberDrew DeVault2+55-0
Linux Mint & elementary OSDrew DeVault1+96-0
make-a-blog.md: update Nix Adventures URLDrew DeVault1+1-1
fix missing isw1ke1+1-1
Linux!Drew DeVault2+292-0
postmarketOSDrew DeVault1+74-0
Instant messagingDrew DeVault2+202-0
fix typosjman1+2-2
Dark forestDrew DeVault2+37-0
Moar unicodeDrew DeVault1+1-1
Turn the flame knob down a bitDrew DeVault1+12-12
left-pad: move isArray license out of footnoteDrew DeVault1+27-18
Typo fixDrew DeVault1+2-2
Cash for left padDrew DeVault1+95-0
Add link to earlier distros postDrew DeVault1+2-0
PythonDrew DeVault1+81-0
Reframing GeminiDrew DeVault2+18-0
Status update for NovemberDrew DeVault2+51-0
Update nitter article with scribe.rip linkDrew DeVault1+1-1
Correct typoDrew DeVault1+1-1
Apollo FederationDrew DeVault1+177-0
Understanding pointers (2016): fix tablesDrew DeVault1+11-8
Remove duplicated headerDrew DeVault1+0-2
Happy Halloween!Drew DeVault2+24-0
Stalebot badDrew DeVault1+57-0
More minor improvementsDrew DeVault1+28-25
Typo fixDrew DeVault1+1-1
How SmarterEveryDay's 4privacy can, and cannot, meet its goalsDrew DeVault1+193-0
Further typo fixesDrew DeVault1+4-4
Reliability: fix typoDrew DeVault1+1-1
clarify simple != easyDrew DeVault1+6-4
ReliabilityDrew DeVault1+99-0
Status update, October 2021Drew DeVault2+93-0
update misc.mdDrew DeVault1+1-1
More typosDrew DeVault1+1-1
Fix additional typoDrew DeVault1+1-1
Fix typosDrew DeVault1+2-2
The distant legacy of terminal emulatorsDrew DeVault4+111-0
Typo correctionDrew DeVault2+2-2
Reflection: add Gemini versionDrew DeVault2+334-1
ReflectionDrew DeVault1+413-0
Add link to relevant FOSDEM talkDrew DeVault1+2-0
Let distros do their jobDrew DeVault1+107-0
Update IRC bot postDrew DeVault1+5-0
Internet reclamation: also mention tedditDrew DeVault1+4-2
Internet reclamationDrew DeVault1+66-0
Mark RoberDrew DeVault2+34-0
Status update, September '21Drew DeVault3+71-3
Gemini version of visurf announcementDrew DeVault2+41-6
visurf: typo fixDrew DeVault1+1-1
visurf: typo fixDrew DeVault1+1-1
visurf: add footnoteDrew DeVault1+8-7
visurf: add controls to videoDrew DeVault1+1-1
visurfDrew DeVault1+85-0
Status updateDrew DeVault1+39-0
Debugging a new PLDrew DeVault1+97-0
Minor updateDrew DeVault1+2-1
Apple CSAM scanningDrew DeVault1+68-0
Restore postDrew DeVault1+72-0
Remove postDrew DeVault1+0-72
GOPROXY updateDrew DeVault1+1-1
GOPROXYDrew DeVault1+72-0
Prase for PostgreSQLDrew DeVault2+154-0
YAML replacementDrew DeVault2+138-0
Demon slayerDrew DeVault2+38-0
Status updateDrew DeVault2+112-0
Generate gemini version of github postDrew DeVault1+1-0
Fix typoes, add GitHub Copilot postDrew DeVault4+111-2
How does IRC's federation model compare to ActivityPub?Drew DeVault2+91-0
Mention primary selectionDrew DeVault1+4-0
Drop GT demoDrew DeVault1+2-9
Add another nuanceDrew DeVault1+4-0
You can't capture the nuance of my form fieldsDrew DeVault1+132-0
finger clientDrew DeVault2+131-0
Correct typo in URLDrew DeVault1+1-1
Status updateDrew DeVault1+49-0
Providing "as is"Drew DeVault1+64-0
Minor io_uring updateDrew DeVault1+4-0
もっと敬語を使うDrew DeVault2+2-2
Generalize housing tips requestDrew DeVault2+8-8
Leuk je te ontmoeten, Nederland!Drew DeVault2+108-0
We have enough projects nowDrew DeVault2+5-0
Build your project in our languageDrew DeVault2+47-0
consistently indent code with tabsBor Grošelj Simić2+75-75
Correction for mbsync articleDrew DeVault1+7-6
Fix typoDrew DeVault2+4-4
Fix tab issues in sample codeDrew DeVault2+2-2
io_uring and fingerDrew DeVault2+1502-0
Add an extra headerDrew DeVault1+2-0
How I choose a licenseDrew DeVault2+58-0
Add links to Gemini postDrew DeVault1+6-1
Release notesDrew DeVault2+197-0
aerc/mbsync/postfixDrew DeVault1+116-0
Status update, May 2021Drew DeVault2+111-0
Further typo fixDrew DeVault2+2-2
Typo fixDrew DeVault2+2-2
Pinebook Pro reviewDrew DeVault2+97-0
TypoDrew DeVault1+1-1
Clarify that this is not a budget airlineDrew DeVault1+4-3
Unlikable softwareDrew DeVault1+46-0
godocs.io v2Drew DeVault2+54-0
Alpine Linux praise (gemini exclusive)Drew DeVault2+40-0
Improve awk snippetDrew DeVault1+1-1
awk is cool yoDrew DeVault2+171-0
Remove comment URL from cryptocurrency postDrew DeVault2+3-0
s/CO²/CO₂/Drew DeVault2+2-2
Disclose that I made a profit on BTCDrew DeVault1+2-1
Clarify why I asked readers to disclose stakeDrew DeVault1+3-1
Typo #2Drew DeVault2+2-2
Fix typoDrew DeVault2+6-6
Cryptocurrency is a disasterDrew DeVault3+197-0
Update link in "Conservative web development"Drew DeVault1+1-1
Fix typo, thanks tech_exorcistDrew DeVault2+2-2
Update "Don't sign a CLA"Drew DeVault1+7-0
Lichess re-postDrew DeVault2+49-0
self-hosted parserDrew DeVault2+1254-0
Remove editing text from miscDrew DeVault1+0-1
Status updateDrew DeVault2+100-0
DCODrew DeVault2+124-0
More typosDrew DeVault2+4-4
More typosDrew DeVault2+3-3
Fix typoDrew DeVault1+1-1
Tweak for clarityDrew DeVault2+2-2
The next chat appDrew DeVault2+139-0
Typos typos typos by godDrew DeVault2+2-2
Mention VVVVVV 2.2 tagDrew DeVault1+7-0
Add Flotilla example to permissive code/proprietary assetsDrew DeVault1+8-6
typo fixesDrew DeVault1+3-3
Go is a great languageDrew DeVault2+94-0
Stupid IRC botDrew DeVault2+241-0
Correct classification of Duke Nukem 3DDrew DeVault1+3-3
Fix typo v2Drew DeVault1+1-1
Typo fixDrew DeVault1+1-1
Open sourcing video gamesDrew DeVault1+244-0
Fix target release dateDrew DeVault2+6-2
Mention platform plansDrew DeVault1+2-0
Mention platform plansDrew DeVault1+4-0
Typo fixDrew DeVault2+2-2
A new systems programming languageDrew DeVault4+204-5
Date the anime recommendations articleDrew DeVault1+1-0
Monogatari reviewDrew DeVault2+21-0
Add missing dateKarl Rieländer1+1-0
Add missing status update from December 2019Eyal Sawady1+83-0
Fix typoEyal Sawady2+2-2
Corporate surveillance title changeDrew DeVault1+1-1
Remove move fast and break things from the indexDrew DeVault2+0-103
Remove anti-wayland horseshit from the main pageDrew DeVault2+0-58
Status updateDrew DeVault2+163-0
Update email provider recommendationsDrew DeVault1+2-2
Remove github articleDrew DeVault1+0-231
fucking githubDrew DeVault2+236-0
Update HN-over-Gemini.gmiDrew DeVault1+2-0
Fix typoDrew DeVault2+2-2
Don't fucking kill your usersDrew DeVault2+64-0
Add gemreader postDrew DeVault2+18-0
Correct date formatDrew DeVault1+1-1
Conform to gemini feeds specDrew DeVault1+1-1
Update Gemini TOFU recommendationsDrew DeVault1+16-11
To make money in FOSS, build a business firstDrew DeVault2+61-0
CelesteDrew DeVault3+22-0
Remove newline from abbr tagDrew DeVault1+5-4
Add abbr tagsDrew DeVault1+4-2
Gmail spamDrew DeVault2+96-0
Fix typoDrew DeVault2+3-3
Fix typoDrew DeVault2+2-2
Fix typoDrew DeVault2+3-2
good replacementsDrew DeVault2+105-0
Fix gemini ascii artDrew DeVault1+1-1
Gemini hostingDrew DeVault2+10-0
Fix copypasta errorsDrew DeVault2+2-2
Status updateDrew DeVault2+175-0
Fix typoDrew DeVault1+3-3
Fix gemini links.Lukas Wedeking1+2-2
Fix typo 2Drew DeVault2+2-2
Fix typoDrew DeVault2+4-3
Rust: "Move fast and break things" as a moral imperativeDrew DeVault2+102-0
DownstreamsDrew DeVault2+66-2
Fix typoDrew DeVault1+1-1
Correct typosDrew DeVault1+1-1
Anti-Wayland horseshitDrew DeVault2+58-0
Signal: correct typoDrew DeVault1+1-1
Correct mumble linkDrew DeVault1+1-1
Add gemini version of latestDrew DeVault2+14-0
Use open platforms, or elseDrew DeVault1+62-0
Update gemini articleDrew DeVault1+1-1
Add comment about how to build wealth for *you*Drew DeVault1+3-1
FOSS is to surrender your monopolyDrew DeVault2+120-0
Rewrite godocs.ioDrew DeVault1+13-46
Fuck ElasticDrew DeVault3+72-1
Fix spooky gemini outputDrew DeVault1+1-1
Add gemini version of spooky codeDrew DeVault2+50-0
Spooky action at a distanceDrew DeVault1+84-0
Fix typojman1+1-1
Fix gemini builds for HTML articlesDrew DeVault1+1-1
Typo fixDrew DeVault2+2-2
Fix typoDrew DeVault2+2-2
Status updateDrew DeVault2+113-0
Add disclaimer about emailsDrew DeVault1+7-0
Remove "HN over Gemini" from HTML blogDrew DeVault1+1-0
Additional typo fixDrew DeVault2+2-2
Typo correctionDrew DeVault2+2-2
History will not remember us fondlyDrew DeVault2+104-0
Add interactivity noticeDrew DeVault1+2-0
Add "Invented or discovered" surveyDrew DeVault1+165-0
Fix sway linkDrew DeVault1+1-1
Remove tonsky.me from openring feedDrew DeVault1+0-1
Stability & reliabilityDrew DeVault2+74-0
Constrain videos to article widthDrew DeVault1+1-1
Atomic commitsDrew DeVault2+50-0
Add clarification to megacorps articleDrew DeVault2+17-12
Megacorps are not your dream jobDrew DeVault2+88-0
Correct date on newest postDrew DeVault1+1-1
New programming language designDrew DeVault2+103-0
Moar 'twasDrew DeVault1+1-1
H0 H0 H0Drew DeVault2+31-0
Update godocs.io post with FTS infoDrew DeVault2+7-0
godocs.ioDrew DeVault3+70-0
Correct Eyal Sawady's nameDrew DeVault2+2-2
Status updateDrew DeVault2+68-0
Correct typosDrew DeVault2+3-3
Shell literacyDrew DeVault2+285-0
Analytics and informed consentDrew DeVault2+68-0
Correct typo in URLDrew DeVault1+1-1
俺のスカイツリー旅行Drew DeVault2+34-0
Correct link to alpsOliver Leaver-Smith1+2-2
Improve FOSS jobs git commandDrew DeVault2+2-2
Fix broken linkNoah Kleiner1+1-1
Make money in FOSSDrew DeVault2+162-0
Minor tweaksDrew DeVault2+4-3
Search enginesDrew DeVault2+125-0
Add contact details to Gemini pageDrew DeVault1+2-0
Fix typoDrew DeVault2+2-2
RE: Is This Aggregator Idea Good?Drew DeVault3+19-1
Add gemtext version of status updateDrew DeVault2+101-1
Status updateDrew DeVault1+120-0
Drop HN & web proxy links from home pageDrew DeVault1+0-2
Copying ain't stealingDrew DeVault2+36-0
Add note about other rolesDrew DeVault1+4-0
Add link to election board guide materialsDrew DeVault1+4-0
Correct typoDrew DeVault1+1-1
Election day experienceDrew DeVault2+54-0
Fix URLs in HN postDrew DeVault1+2-2
Fix typoDrew DeVault1+1-1
Add web.sh to gemini indexDrew DeVault1+1-0
Add HN over Gemini articleDrew DeVault2+30-0
Drop mastodon link from sidebarDrew DeVault1+0-2
Add link to hn.pyDrew DeVault1+1-0
Update layout to improve reader viewDrew DeVault1+14-14
Usability vs utilityDrew DeVault2+75-0
Update "What is Gemini anyway"Drew DeVault1+13-13
What is Gemini?Drew DeVault3+210-0
Update gmnisrv.gmiDrew DeVault1+1-0
gemini.md: Fix typoDrew DeVault1+1-1
Update gmnisrv.gmiDrew DeVault1+33-0
Gemini: update _index.gmiDrew DeVault1+5-1
Remove defunct blog from make-a-blog.mdDrew DeVault1+1-1
FurthermoreDrew DeVault1+1-1
Fix title rendering for GemtextDrew DeVault1+3-3
wlroots handoffDrew DeVault2+34-0
more typoDrew DeVault2+2-2
Typo fixDrew DeVault2+2-2
RIP FirefoxDrew DeVault2+99-0
Add missing dates on some postsRoshless9+9-0
New workstationDrew DeVault2+35-0
Update misc.mdDrew DeVault1+1-0
Add missing postsEyal Sawady9+770-0
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