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Firefox begone

published on 2024-02-09T04:30:08Z, last updated on 2024-02-09T04:30:08Z

Could also be titled “I'm never going to use Firefox ever again”.

Pop-in with the following content:
[Cartoon fox waving a paw]
Welcome Back
Here's a quick reminder that you can keep your favorite indie browser just one click away.
  • [Highlighted button] Open my links with Firefox
  • [Simple hyperlink] Not now

Cute Fox sure, but that dark-patterned popin spawned right in the web-based game I was testing, well after it loaded. Thanks for stealing focus… And of course you cannot answer "no, never" maybe the folks at mozilla need a reminder of what consent means.
This should have never have ended up into a firefox release, there's a limit to how much you can nag users at every browser launch, this it way past tolerable.
For me this ended up being the final straw, I ended up uninstalling firefox. I'd rather just use chromium few times a year instead as fallback to when I need WebRTC until GstWebRTC is viable (btw Firefox grabs it's WebRTC implementation directly from chromium).

By the way, Firefox is not an independent browser. It has been reliant on Google's money for ages, even while Google's main business effectively directly goes against values Firefox supposedly has.

Fucking adware.