Actually non-tor certificates will (sadly) be signed with Let’s Encrypt a bit before 2017-05-26, tor will be self-signed
Support La Quadrature Du Net

Désintox’ / Free and Open-Source Software, Firmware and Hardware

Migration of proprietary or bloated/obscure services, software, firmware/microcode and hardware to decentralised, free and open.

The idea comes from the webpage désintoxication of corzntin.


OKDropbox®Abandonned few month after creating it.
OKFacebook®Deleted and inactive since 2009, photos of me doesn’t have my full face. \m/ FTW
OKGoogle®Deleted and downloaded archives of my accounts and blocked (my filter)
OKPastebinRemoved: 2016-11-05
OKMicrosoft® Hotmail/MSN
WaitingMicrosoft® Skype®Removed maximum of info’ and put garbage on required, waiting for confirmation of deletion on 2017-01-04
No DeleteMicrosoft® LinkedIn®no garbage this time…
DeletedTwitterDeactivated on 2017-05-20, deleted on 2017-06-19.
DeletedDeviant ArtSubscriptions moved to RSS/Atom, Deactivated + Deleted PII
OKGithubSelf hosted git + gitlab

For already hosted instances see CHATONS.


NeverAppImage, Docker, …
OKGoogle AndroidSailfishOS and gentoo on dual-boot !
OKGoogle Play Store
OKGoogle Chrom’otter/qupzilla / netsurf
OKAdobe Flash Player
choice after bootNvidia’s drivers
OKPulseaudio (Lennart)Never worked on my machines when ALSA does/did
OKLennart’s Systemd
not enoughudevCurrently mostly using eudev(a fork), trying to use mdev/nothing
OKLennart’s avahi
Correcthplip, foomaticnetcat on JetDirect/Raw, USB dongle otherwise
still dependenciesGNU Compiler Collection
still dependenciesGNU Lib CI have Musl Hardened for my server
still dependenciesGTK-
still dependenciesGNU GRUBNeeded for disk encryption, maybe will change by using coreboot/libreboot, not needed on my non-PC machines
need alt-packagescoreutils
PortingJolla SailfishOSPorting the port to gentoo
OKMozilla Firefoxnetsurf (and Otter-Browser)
OKMozilla Thunderbirdmutt
still dependenciesNSS
still dependenciesBoringSSLRemoved Chromium and QtWebEngine
still dependenciesOpenSSLStill used for some games(thx binairies)
OKGeoGebra (java/web)KDE Interactive Geometry (kig)
OKbig DE/WMXMonad(WM) + xmobar(status) + dmenu(launcher)


Building StalledLaptop
In TodoKeyboard
In TodoPhoneProbably buy a Neo900/Jolla/Purism when it’s affordable or when my phone will broke


Yes, I do not want to keep using this fucked up thing that is the web (outside of HTML5/CSS3 without cookies). Yes, I’m aware that this is a website, but this website can be used as yet another example of a respectful web.

OKOpenStreetMapmerkaartor(editing), marble-qt(viewing)
Mediawiki projectslooking a nice viewer to SQL/XML dumps, website works fine
Migration to be doneWhen SalutÀToi/Movim can be used to subscribe to fediverse(OStatus, diaspora, friendica, …) or when there is a light alternative I’ll migrate
To be testedtorrent trackers/indexerspopcorntime / hacking the DHT, websites works fine
not compatibleEtherpad (lite)OpenCollabora(abiword)