Désintox’: Going towards ethical computing

The idea comes from the webpage désintoxication of corzntin.


2009 Facebook.com
2010(~) Dropbox.com
Abandonned few days after creation
2015(~) Adobe Flash Player
2016-10 XMPP
R.I.P Jappix
2016-11-05 Pastebin.com
Deleted on 2016-11-05, made sshpaste to upload to my server
2017-06-19 Twitter.com
Deactivated on 2017-05-20, deleted on 2017-06-19.
2018 DeviantArt.com
Subscriptions via RSS/Atom feeds, deletion of the account and Personnal Indentifying Information (so not everything)
2019-02-17 Roll20.net
Alphabet (Google)
Deleted, archives downloaded, blocked wth (my filter).
Using youtube via RSS/Atom feeds, youtube-dl(hooked with mpv), searx
Microsoft Hotmail/MSN
Microsoft Skype
Microsoft LinkedIn
Fully self-hosted (primary and secondary)
Not really unethical, but it’s basically a silo for activists
Not used

Work in Progress

2018-11: Email
Fully self-hosted (2018-11, primary and secondary), announce and then closing accounts on silos to be done
Still used for patches and tickets for some external projects
Waiting that it becomes worth it to replace my GTX 650 Ti Boost with an AMD
Jolla SailfishOS
Slowly building a gentoo for phones (with few android parts for the blobs)
Smartphone (OnePlus One)
Waiting for the PinePhone to be done…


Keeping the account for GOG Connect
Ordinateur Portable OSHW
Project DIY arrêté

Not started

Paypal, Patreon, Tipeee
Hopefully moving to Wire Transfer (I’m in EU)

To see what I host at home, see Services hosted. If you prefer co-hosting (or a bit of both) I would recommend to look for something like CHATONS in your area.