I, too, "value your privacy" but unlike most I think it is priceless and fundamental. Privacy Policy

Google ReCaptcha

Google ReCaptcha is one of the most horrible insult one can send to it's user base.


The raison-d’être of Boston Dynamics is to produce military drones. Google bought that company. They are used against citizens (NYPD war dogs), I guess they needed to mecanize the dogs of the state.


The internet is not a free workforce, if you want people to take time training your AIs or to do reviews, contract them properly.

I will also not produce work where I don't have any rights on it's final product. For example, want me to fill Google Maps? Nah, OpenStreetMap is a much better project for this.

Captcha alternatives

On the internet no ones knows you're a dog. Well now everyone wants you to use your automata to proove that you're not an automata through skills that aren't human-defining, what a joke, here is some alternatives:

And if you throw captchas at already fully logged in connections or at the login page, you have a security problem or you need to learn about rate-limiting. Do your job.

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