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How well does this website works?

This is a page describing how well this website works among all browsers so far. I encourage other web developers to do the same kind of transparency list, at least internally as the Web should work in Any Browser and if it doesn't it is a bug. This is inspired from the AnyBrowser campaign.

Note: I consider the last versions only (Sorry Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 5 on (Open)Solaris), engines are used in replacement to browser when possible and relevant.

WebKit(GTK, WPE), Mozilla Firefox, Chromium and derived
Works greatly, supports everything used
Renders quite closely to the mainstream ones
w3m, lynx, links, elinks, Dillo, abaco, Kristall
Works fine
Works fine, except on few pages due to the lack of support for tables breaks few pages, specially /animelist. Consider abaco or Netsurf ported to Plan9 instead
Netscape, Mosaic, …
Untested, needs a proxy because TLS is mandatory