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Mozilla is Broken

I’m quitting Mozilla, not that I have been really been into the community(mostly because they want me to do one thing, apply this to programs, not humans) but I was using and enjoying it for a long time(like since 2008). Also in about 2014 I switched from Thunderbird to mutt because I wanted something simple which does GPG, hard time to switch but I love it. And now it seems like Mozilla is killing Firefox for years :

And there is potentially way more shit (just look and the old but still open tickets)

Solution kept: Used to be in a constant change of web browser/interface, see . Now it's been actually solved by doing my own WebKitGTK+ browser: BadWolf.

BTW if everyone have to use a LTS/ESR/real-stable version of a browser even if they are actual developers… well why is the Developer Edition based on Nightly ? For badly supported things like H.264 ? gstreamer works(can be an interface to ffmpeg). For brand new stuff ? Well most web-smiths have to support old browsers like IE6 or IE7. For marketing because we are the browser with tons of features ? Well I think so. I think Netscape did the same mistake in the browser-war, why change things?

Apparently since like… middle-late 2016 Mozilla Firefox is now better in Nightly than ESR. Whatever, it’s still broken for me.


published on 2015-11-11T23:12:25Z, last updated on 2020-08-13T21:35:00Z

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