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2020-03 Summary


Finally 2.0.0 is released (with a bunch of great pleroma-tan drawings), which means that old OStatus code got removed, it broke a bit of current federation with some instances but all software including GnuSocial are ActivityPub-compatible so it's just a matter of time.

In the neat things that I done among a bunch of others (some yet to be merged): Remove use of the User.source_data blob, Only keep useful data in attachments, fix using them in AP C2S, remove usage of \n in formatting, <br/> is now always used, Audio activities+Funkwhale channels.


GURU is is much better shape now, should have been just taking time for it to take off the ground, which isn't really a bad thing as rushing this kind of thing could end up in a huge mess. I started moving few things from my overlay to it and became a Trusted Contributor so been helping on keeping the master branch up-to-date. It also got added into repology which is great for visibility of the packages inside it. I wonder a bit what this will mean for the ::gentoo (aka main) repository and proxy-maint but so far it looks like a testing+helping ground before good ebuilds wanting to be maintained get there, which should mean better ebuild quality and less work for proxy-maint project which has been overwhelmed for quite a while.

My large changes addressing the inconsistent uses of USE=gles2 to mean either adding support or using it instead of full OpenGL got merged and deployed in stable ebuilds.

COVID-19 Lockdown

As I'm full remote basically nothing changed here other than much less motivation to go to store (I bought a bit more than usual beforehand, so quite far from crazy stocking) and not going to the hackerspace every Wednesday evening. Only part which is really annoying is that I had some paperwork which required physical meeting and that I can't buy any hardware (at least I done part of it before the lockdown).

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