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2020-02 Summary


Was a great weekend, specially meeting other pleroma contributors and users (we got an actual pleroma gang of at least 20 people…) as well as some operating system booths (you could compile your own badge at gentoo's), will definitely go next year. We didn't went to many talks but for me FOSDEM seems to be more like about meeting up, it's something like Free and Open-Source Developer European Meetup after all.

Sadly I missed going to OFFDEM on Saturday afternoon to meet SocialHub (ActivityPub forum) folks, I realised it was the afternoon way too late.

I went by train, 4 hours and basically direct in both directions in a mostly straight line versus 6+ hours (with having to get up early) via plane by going trough Amsterdam or Lyon (I'm in Rennes) is just not it. Also costed something like two times more.

Pleroma and AFK life

I got hired for more pleroma work two weeks before FOSDEM so now I'm dedicating most of my time for pleroma and I don't have to worry about where the hell I would end up (I got no diploma nor had paid work experience). Currently having to suddenly manage a huge pile of paperwork for transfering or cancelling rent/subscriptions/… from my Dad to myself, hopefully everything will go well with the bunch of different deadlines (thanks France for not making it easier in some forms).


GURU is a mess, it's been two months since any push from dev to master. I think I'll try to become a gentoo-dev and move my stuff into the main repository instead.

My two important packages, app-shells/mksh and app-editors/vis got stabilized, I'll try to get app-shells/mksh stabilized on more arches as now that klibc got dropped as an optionnal-dependency it is available on more arches. Might also try to get my other packages stabilized after this but they're less important to me.

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