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non-XOrg Wayland

Warning: This is Wayland without any of libX11 or related (ie. instead of in the system, this also removes the XWayland compatibility layer as it's an xorg-server component.
You can find this kind of similar setup in embedded systems (ie. SailfishOS), as X11 makes no sense outside of keyboard+mouse setups, but I don't expect it until a bunch of years for regular desktops (say when X.Org will have died), I'm doing this right now to avoid having to rush to get rid of X11 with having to push the End-of-Life date way back it's upstream date (that happened with python-2 because it wasn't much prepared until the last year or two).
It's also the kind of setup that I expect soon in security-oriented systems because Wayland addresses a number of design flaws.

Testing is done on Gentoo Linux with USE="-X -XWayland" and -DEGL_NO_X11 into the C(XX)FLAGS. And launched into the Sway compositor.


static linking
(LDFLAGS="-static") some of the library is copied in the executable
shared linking
(LDFLAGS="-shared") system library like loading the libraries before execution
dynamic linking loading
(dlopen()) loading a library during the execution


Web Browsers


Just Works

Needed a bit of work

Doesn't works


Emulator / Compat-layer


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