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Lennart Poettering merged “su” command replacement into systemd: Test Drive on Fedora Rawhide

“Original” Article

Well, there have been long discussions about this, but the problem is that what "su" is supposed to do is very unclear. On one hand it's supposed to open a new session and change a number of execution context parameters (`uid`, `gid`, `env`, ...), and on the other it's supposed to inherit a lot concepts from the originating session (`tty`, `cgroup`, `audit`, ...). Since this is so weakly defined it's a really weird mix&match of old and new paramters.

Pretty clear, it ask for root or specified user password, launches a shell. If -, -l, --login is put it starts a new environement before starting the shell.

To keep this somewhat managable we decided to only switch the absolute minimum over, and that excludes `XDG_RUNTIME_DIR`, specifically because `XDG_RUNTIME_DIR` is actually bound to the `session/audit` runtime and those we do not transition. Instead we simply unset it.

Ah, of course desktop crap in the userland… And crappy explanation, maybe you should patent and copyreich that in case. ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

$ cat /etc/os-release
NAME=Fedora VERSION="24 (Workstation Edition)"
PRETTY_NAME="Fedora 24 (Workstation Edition)"
VARIANT="Workstation Edition"

$ systemctl --version
systemd 225

Okay here’s the same shit from a non voided system. Let’s share. ;D

% cat /etc/os-release
% rc --version
rc (OpenRC) 0.17 (Gentoo Linux)

Anyway, let’s continue

$ machinectl shell Connected to the local host. Press ^] three times within 1s to exit session.

Okay even worse binding than Escape-Meta-Alt-Control-Shift(EMACS), fuck stty eof(^D), fuck POSIX, fuck quick and intuitive commands(shell for login, hell yeah), yes rude mode is activated.

It works! We can work as superuser. And isn’t end: we can also set shell and host: $ machinectl shell /bin/bash

Wait… ssh is crap too? Why is there a dot before the host(maybe fuck localhost too…)?

Login as non-root user and set variable of shell environment: #1000 - UID of user `paul` #SYSTEMD_TEST - test variable of user environment $ machinectl shell --uid 1000 --setenv="SYSTEMD_TEST=777"

’Kay so starting another $SHELL and export VAR=VARIABLE too ?

$ sudo systemd-run -p CPUQuota=50% -p PAMName=login -t /bin/bash -c '/usr/bin/stress -c 4'

Ah! So after saying cgroups is awesome… you goes with quota on the CPU… well maybe that’s called evolution… ? Why are you using login, you created machinectl for nothing? Why are you using -p options like a replacement to args… o_O
Well this command is full of fuck(not the very great program which among other thing uses… sudo with the last command :D)

I wonder when you will eat Emacs(meta-OS), build your own kernel because fuck UNIX so we can 🖖“live long an prosper” with (GNU/)Linux and BSD and you with SystemDOS.

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