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The anti-competitive "Web Environment Integrity" by Google needs to rendered illegal

published on 2023-07-26T22:18:38Z, last updated on 2023-08-02T04:48:34Z

Using Firefox or any other browser, isn't going to do anything against "Web Environment Integrity"

Let's say again what DRM and other broken-by-design copyright protections mechanisms under the DMCA means:

  • Circumventing the DRM is illegal
  • Typically if you're not an authorized vendor, you cannot legally implement the DRM
  • So for the web, this effectively means that alternative browsers will either be incompatible with a lot more websites, or be effectivelly part of the grey/black market.
    The only way forward is to go against Google in an anti-trust lawsuit, after all trying to render other implementations illegal probably couldn't be more anti-competitive. Or, to reform laws like the DMCA to defang Google's "Web Environment Integrity", for example with adding an exception for interoperability.

    Update: But that would be with assuming WEI is breakable in a way or another, which simply might just not be. At least no one broke Google SafetyNet yet and it might simply not be breakable, like if you would need to break client-side x509 certificates delivered by Google.

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