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Multi-posting on micro-blogging is a nightmare

As a user of micro-blogging platform, I see people doing a pile of micro-posts that are probably already redacted elsewhere. I’m calling it multi-posting and it’s also known under the name of “thread” (which I’m not using because it could be confusing). I want to ask y’all to stop doing theses things and ask you to use stuff like a blog or even just a pastebin/twitlonger. Here is few of the reasons I don’t like theses:

And this is just without the social part of it, with the social part you can have stuff like:

I know this will probably not stop the whole thing as it have been going for quite a long time, but it will allow me (and you too, I hope) to easily link to this post from time to time and so I can avoid yelling at people or repeating myself.

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