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Few updates about this website

Atom syndication

I finally added a syndication feed, using the Atom format (and xHTML for the articles)! (seriously after all theses years?) I’m pretty sure the URL for it isn’t backward-compatible with what I had a long time ago, so you’ll have to update.

The link is available on the navbar and have proper metadata so it should show up in your browser, but here it is for completeness sake:

New colorscheme for this website

Few weeks ago I changed the colorscheme of my terminal from solarized (which has quite too much blue even with redshift) to gruvbox (by the way here is a commit to patch st-0.8.1 with switch from light and dark), which also has better contrast and something I wanted for a long time: all the colors are viewable nicely, unless you set the same color on fg and bg and maybe few similar things.

And having a colorscheme which has poor contrast even for my probably good eyes on a website is totally not something I wanted to keep. And so with this colorscheme default foreground with the soft background nicely passes the WCAG AAA level with a ratio of 9.57:1.

Screenshot of the colors of gruvbox dark in my terminal

Anyway if you don’t like it, use the atom feed. 😜

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