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Bootstrapping signify for my assets

As you might know, I'm not a huge fan of OpenPGP so when I learned about OpenBSD's signify(1) I wanted to use it on doing my next software release, now is the time.

In a way similar to OpenBSD I'm going to rotate keys at least once every 6 months, I'll not probably not write blog articles on each rotation unless it nicely syncs with my status updates but I'll copy them into /releases/signify/ and post them on the fediverse (like this) or any other place.

keys and their signatures

2019-10 is the first key present to have both key signed, actual assets will be using 2019-11 (the second key), first key being there only to show how the rotation is done.


untrusted comment: minisign public key C99CEA24AB65873


untrusted comment: signature from minisign secret key
trusted comment: timestamp:1572560484   file:2019-10.pub


untrusted comment: minisign public key 5F06B43D63F98329


untrusted comment: signature from minisign secret key
trusted comment: timestamp:1572560509   file:2019-11.pub

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