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AtlAASian: The Bullshit factory

This is a port of a loose-thread I made on the Fediverse while trying to delete an account on that was supposely linked to BitBucket (Atlassian service).

Start of this bullshit: 2019-02-15 17:28

So after trying to log into Codacy via BitBucket via Atlassian while not remembering either the email nor the password (yeah it was already a huge mess), I guessed the email would be the same as the one Codacy send me the notification.

So I go to account recovery, it sends me a email with a overly large link (~1180 characters) to reset my password, google recaptcha greeting, fill the password, omit filling the Full Name, “Submit”, help train the Google AIs, “Full name must not be empty” (at this point I’m quite aware that they are fucking noobs at doing web), fill it, “Submit”, “I’m not a Robot”

Screenshot: Page headed “Are you using the right account?” and choosing for either Signing for BitBucket or using a different account
Wait… did they just send me a password reset link while my account is non-existent?

Whatever, I end up on, which goes into a redirection loop (noobs). Well let’s see if there is another way to delete the account. Search for “GDPR Atlassian Delete”, after a bit I end up on a heavily bugged webpage headed “Request deletion of personal data”.

Screenshot: Functionality is not ready yet (it’s broken) Screenshot: Form to request deletion of your personnal data (it works)
First image is without accepting launchdarly in uMatrix, second is why accepting it. Enjoy the non-sensical error message.

So once their widget works: There was an error during form submission. Please try again later. Well I try right away (with google recaptcha allowed in the meantime): it works

And few seconds later I receive this in my emails:

Your request to delete your personal data

We received a request to delete your personal data. Because you have an Atlassian account, you need to delete your account, which will delete your personal data along with it. To do so, log in to your account and go to the
*Delete account* tab. If your organization manages your account, ask an organization admin to delete the account for you.
Log in to your Atlassian account ( )
If you didn't make this request, you can ignore this email. We won't delete your personal data. Report this email. ( ) Thanks, The Atlassians

( )

So back where I was…

I fiddle a bit with uMatrix on the loop-redirecting, end up creating a clean firefox profile, disable referer spoofing on it and it finally loads.

Screenshot: We’ll permanently delete your account Screenshot: Firefox pop-up about “How tracking protection works”
Finally… Extra: Enjoy this mozilla pop-up.

End of this bullshit: 2019-02-15 18:17 so about 45 minutes.

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