My custom branche(s) on searx, a meta-search engine git clone https://hacktivis.me/git/searx.git
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[theme/lanodan] searx.css: footer, header { clear: both; }Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+1-0
[templates/lanodan]: Remove <p/> in the <footer/>Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+1-3
[theme/lanodan] searx.min.css → searx.cssHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+1-1
[theme] debloat lanodan theme by removing unused/unsupported stuffHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier54+7-10869
Fix the sidebar taking too much vertical spaceHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+2-5
searx/settings.yml: MerfHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+2-2
[theme] New Theme (lanodan) copied from simpleHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier78+11894-1
Merge pull request #1477 from kvch/masterAdam Tauber70+10635-420
Merge pull request #1474 from Venca24/devel_mojeekNoémi Ványi1+14-0
Merge pull request #1444 from Venca24/devel_google_videosNoémi Ványi2+41-10
Merge pull request #1461 from dimqua/masterNoémi Ványi2+0-12
Merge pull request #1464 from miicha/bugfix_startpageNoémi Ványi2+15-14
Merge pull request #1469 from bourrel/fix_bing_imagesNoémi Ványi2+4-6
remove findx engine (#1452)dimqua2+0-133
Update Dockerfile (#1451)ZEROF1+1-1
Use a more human-friendly format in searx/data/engines_languages.json (#1399)Ivan Skytte Jørgensen2+27229-2
Merge pull request #1438 from Venca24/devel_seznampofilo1+13-0
Merge pull request #1450 from ZEROF/patch-1pofilo1+1-0
Merge pull request #1385 from dalf/minor_changesAdam Tauber3+11-4
Merge pull request #1368 from aliceinwire/gentoo_engineAdam Tauber2+132-0
Merge pull request #1233 from Angristan/patch-2Noémi Ványi1+2-2
[fix] pep8Adam Tauber1+1-1
[enh] admin configurable suspend time of errored engines - closes #1266Adam Tauber3+8-3
[enh] configurable default oscar styleAdam Tauber2+3-0
[fix] remove publicly unavailable 500px engine - #1338Adam Tauber3+0-111
Merge pull request #1378 from Angristan/update-docker-alpineAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #1323 from cy8aer/dsgvoAdam Tauber1+1-0
Merge pull request #1374 from dadosch/masterAdam Tauber3+122-0
Merge pull request #1250 from matejc/add-random-answersAdam Tauber1+21-3
Merge pull request #1231 from Angristan/patch-1Adam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #1244 from Venca24/masterAdam Tauber1+0-0
Merge pull request #1355 from asciimoo/manage.shAdam Tauber1+5-3
Merge pull request #1354 from asciimoo/requirementsAdam Tauber1+4-4
Merge pull request #1360 from Popolon/masterAdam Tauber2+3-1
Merge pull request #1369 from LiquidLemon/masterAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #1370 from dalf/simpleAdam Tauber39+1762-1215
[fix] update qwant search urlAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #1366 from kvch/fix-etymonline-engineAdam Tauber1+3-4
Merge pull request #933 from dalf/firefox_versionAdam Tauber3+96-20
Merge pull request #1303 from MarcAbonce/bingAdam Tauber2+6-3
Merge pull request #1342 from bourrel/fix_wikidata_imageAdam Tauber2+14-10
Merge pull request #1330 from MarcAbonce/user-agentAdam Tauber1+9-8
[fix] add py3 compatibility to base engine - closes #1319Adam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] add basestring for py3Adam Tauber1+1-0
[fix] remove obsolete testAdam Tauber1+0-15
[fix] use html result page in google images (previous endpoint stopped working)Adam Tauber1+16-25
Merge pull request #1312 from Venca24/fix_google_scholarAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #1313 from dalf/update_requirementsAdam Tauber1+5-5
Merge pull request #1309 from usernameisntallowed/1158/50pxAdam Tauber5+8-6
Merge pull request #1304 from kvch/fix-piratebay-urlAdam Tauber2+4-4
Merge pull request #1301 from kvch/fix-gigablast-engineAdam Tauber1+2-0
Merge pull request #1290 from rinpatch/acgsou-unicodeAdam Tauber2+7-6
Merge pull request #1289 from rinpatch/acgsou-httpAdam Tauber2+2-2
Merge pull request #1283 from rinpatch/acgsou-engineAdam Tauber3+158-0
Merge pull request #1284 from rinpatch/nyaa-https-fixAdam Tauber1+2-2
Merge pull request #1280 from rinpatch/remove-buttons-infinite-scrollAdam Tauber1+3-0
Merge pull request #1279 from rinpatch/duckduckgo-currencyAdam Tauber3+35-16
Merge pull request #1277 from kvch/fix-findx-engineAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #1273 from MarcAbonce/google-hotfixAdam Tauber2+7-7
Merge pull request #1265 from asciimoo/add-pronunciationAdam Tauber1+2-0
Merge pull request #1260 from MarcAbonce/engine-fixesAdam Tauber6+13-17
Merge pull request #1252 from MarcAbonce/search-languagesAdam Tauber43+420-313
[fix] assign the correct variable in query.py - fixes #1253Adam Tauber1+2-2
Merge pull request #1136 from kvch/add-findx-generalAdam Tauber4+151-6
[fix] get doi_rewriters from settings - fixes #1245Adam Tauber1+1-1
[enh] update translations ++ add polish - closes #1239Adam Tauber13+1055-38
Merge pull request #1238 from MarcAbonce/duckduckgoAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #1226 from rndevfx/fix-vim-mode-on-firefoxAdam Tauber1+2-1
Merge pull request #1190 from Themimitoof/masterAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #1227 from Pofilo/masterAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #1127 from kvch/remove-source-option-from-manage-shAdam Tauber1+2-10
[enh] version 0.14.0Adam Tauber2+15-2
[doc] add @daftaupe @icegiant @trankmichael @josephkiranbabu @maiki @zeph33 to authorsAdam Tauber1+6-0
[enh] update translations - add taiwanese and filipinoAdam Tauber12+2075-40
[fix] pep8Adam Tauber1+1-0
[enh] add asksteem engine - closes #1163Adam Tauber2+47-0
Merge pull request #1199 from kvch/fix-microsoft-academicAdam Tauber2+76-9
[fix] fix engine initializationAdam Tauber1+4-4
Merge pull request #1186 from kvch/fix-bing-videosAdam Tauber2+38-83
Merge pull request #1180 from daftaupe/patch-1Adam Tauber1+1-1
[mod] add bottom margin to results - closes #1176Adam Tauber3+5-4
[enh] update translationsAdam Tauber35+114-112
[enh] build oscar cssAdam Tauber1+2-2
Merge pull request #1166 from IceGiant/img-results-aspect-ratioAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #1162 from trankmichael/adding-virtualenv-to-gitignoreAdam Tauber1+1-0
Merge pull request #1148 from MarcAbonce/python3.5-fixAdam Tauber4+7-3
Merge pull request #1124 from JosephKiranBabu/python3-unicode-supportAdam Tauber3+3-3
Merge pull request #1135 from kvch/fix-yacy-linkAdam Tauber1+10-1
[enh] overwrite secret_key from env with the SEARX_SECRET env var if exists - closes #845Adam Tauber1+3-0
Merge pull request #1126 from kvch/minor-logicodev-dark-changesAdam Tauber2+11-2
Merge pull request #1121 from kvch/add-cookie-to-reqsAdam Tauber1+2-0
Merge pull request #1119 from maiki/patch-1Adam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #1111 from kvch/searx-links-in-footerAdam Tauber2+14-2
Merge pull request #1112 from dalf/manange_shAdam Tauber2+67-33
[fix] do not save engine/plugin cookies as unknown settings options - fixes #1110Adam Tauber1+6-1
[fix] gigablast url parameter change - fixes #1107Adam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] use proper encoding with both py2/3 - closes #1094Adam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #973 from MarcAbonce/languagesAdam Tauber56+166-249
Merge pull request #1109 from dalf/simple_magnet_svgAdam Tauber14+35-30
[enh] make custom oscar option configurable from urlAdam Tauber4+10-4
[enh] add dark version of oscar/logicodevAdam Tauber4+245-4
[fix] handle /sorry redirectsAdam Tauber1+4-0
[enh] display engine error messagesAdam Tauber1+4-1
[fix] pdbe testAdam Tauber1+2-2
[fix] do not crash if publication date is missing in pubmed engineAdam Tauber1+8-5
[fix] multiple fixes in pdbe engineAdam Tauber1+8-5
[fix] convert json engine result attributes to string - closes #1006Adam Tauber2+23-2
[fix] skip non-string result url/title/contentAdam Tauber1+6-0
Merge pull request #1105 from kvch/fix-time-range-selection-in-chromeAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #1098 from dalf/license_simple_themeAdam Tauber8+36-11
Merge pull request #1093 from Zeph33/fix/#1088Adam Tauber1+1-1
[enh] version 0.13.1Adam Tauber2+12-1
[fix] autocompleter py3 compatibility - fixes #1088Adam Tauber1+7-1
[fix] replace obsolete string.join functionAdam Tauber1+1-2
[fix] measure request duration only if total_time attribute is set - fixes autocompleterAdam Tauber1+2-2
[fix] change domain name in google engine testAdam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] use english in google engine if no language was set - this prevents guessing the language by the IP of the instanceAdam Tauber1+3-4
[fix] revert language changes to prevent CAPTCHAsAdam Tauber1+4-4
[enh] timeout and total HTTP time are managed by searx.poolrequestsAlexandre Flament2+79-42
Merge pull request #1090 from asciimoo/requirement_upgradeAdam Tauber1+3-3
[enh] version 0.13.0Adam Tauber2+22-1
[doc] add @vachi, @lcpz, @nikaiw, Thirnearez, @MrPetovan, @woorst, @Apply55gx, @pyrrh0n1c, @cclauss, @moon2l to authorsAdam Tauber1+10-0
[enh] update translationsAdam Tauber4+42-42
[fix] remove trailing 0x00 from csv outputAdam Tauber1+2-0
[fix] resurrect csv output in py2Adam Tauber1+13-9
[fix] fix language support of googleAdam Tauber1+4-4
[fix] allow none as category in preferences - #1086Adam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #1084 from moon2l/masterAdam Tauber1+2-1
Merge pull request #1083 from cclauss/patch-2Adam Tauber1+5-3
[enh] update translationsAdam Tauber53+5016-1626
Merge pull request #1079 from pyrrh0n1c/masterAdam Tauber2+21-23
Merge pull request #1068 from Apply55gx/geniusAdam Tauber3+323-0
Merge pull request #1078 from kvch/result-engines-setAdam Tauber1+2-2
[mod] add more error handling to json engine II.Adam Tauber1+5-2
[mod] add more error handling to json engineAdam Tauber1+8-2
Merge pull request #1076 from jibe-b/patch-10Adam Tauber1+14-2
Merge pull request #1075 from kvch/finish-jibe-b-enginesAdam Tauber13+373-40
[enh] update translationsAdam Tauber49+7892-3455
[fix] pep8Adam Tauber1+1-1
[mod] compress saved preferences in urlAdam Tauber4+27-10
Merge pull request #1066 from MrPetovan/issue/fix-favicon-pathsAdam Tauber2+2-2
Merge pull request #1061 from a01200356/bingAdam Tauber11+115-40
Merge pull request #1059 from kvch/preferences-support-intuitiveAdam Tauber9+44-26
adjust whitespace in shell scriptsThirnearez1+17-17
handle input carefully in shell scriptsThirnearez2+21-21
fix a shell typo that generated a bogus fileThirnearez1+1-1
[mod] disable yahoo by defaultAdam Tauber1+1-0
Merge pull request #1037 from dalf/codecovAdam Tauber5+38-6
[fix] remove duplicated german translation - closes #937Adam Tauber3+0-845
Merge pull request #1046 from jibe-b/again-unittest-baseAdam Tauber1+91-0
Merge pull request #1035 from misnyo/voatAdam Tauber1+4-4
Merge pull request #971 from kvch/image-proxy-compatibilityAdam Tauber2+13-3
Merge pull request #1031 from misnyo/static_pathAdam Tauber5+112-113
Merge pull request #1022 from misnyo/nyaaAdam Tauber4+142-85
Merge pull request #1017 from misnyo/geektimesAdam Tauber1+6-6
Merge pull request #1018 from misnyo/generalfileAdam Tauber1+0-62
Merge pull request #1019 from misnyo/gigablastAdam Tauber1+6-2
Merge pull request #1020 from misnyo/gitlabAdam Tauber1+7-6
Merge pull request #1021 from misnyo/google_newsAdam Tauber2+58-8
Merge pull request #1016 from misnyo/blekkoAdam Tauber3+0-147
Merge pull request #1015 from misnyo/diggAdam Tauber1+7-0
[fix] pep8 fix for faroo enginemisnyo1+10-11
[fix] faroo json api and image layout fixedmisnyo3+21-44
Merge pull request #1009 from misnyo/torrentzAdam Tauber3+42-34
[doc] remove flattr from readmeAdam Tauber1+0-4
[doc] add opencollective badges - closes #1005Adam Tauber1+10-0
"./manage.sh update_packages" updates pip and setuptoolsAlexandre Flament1+2-0
Merge pull request #995 from dalf/seleniumAdam Tauber5+63-34
Merge pull request #994 from dalf/simple_fixAdam Tauber1+12-11
[fix] add missing no_results.html template to simple themeAdam Tauber1+16-0
Merge pull request #858 from dalf/simpleAdam Tauber85+11908-6
Merge pull request #988 from a01200356/bingAdam Tauber3+231-0
Merge pull request #984 from asciimoo/requirements-upgradeAdam Tauber1+7-7
ensure all parameters are merged in resultsmarc1+5-0
add google videosmarc3+147-0
Merge pull request #980 from nikaiw/masterAdam Tauber1+4-1
[fix] use poolrequests in ddg enginesAdam Tauber2+2-2
[mod] separate engine load and initializationAdam Tauber1+17-10
[enh] allow default empty values for normal and result proxiesAdam Tauber2+3-3
[enh] add "inactive" attribute to enginesAdam Tauber1+2-0
add timeout errors in search_multiple_requestsNoémi Ványi1+1-0
change unresponsive_engines to a set to eliminate duplication of errorsNoémi Ványi2+4-4
Merge pull request #961 from kvch/user-visible-engine-errorsAdam Tauber6+34-5
Italian localisation: corrected and fixed typosLuke Bonham2+48-49
[fix] duckduckgo images doesn't fail with countryless languagemarc4+10-6
[enh] generate search url of saved preferencesAdam Tauber3+37-5
[fix] use py2/3 compatibility layerAdam Tauber1+1-5
[fix] wrap suggestions inside suggestion boxmarc4+27-4
[fix] is_valid_lang fixed for new languages.py + dictzone engine encodingpotato2+3-3
Merge pull request #947 from vachi/patch-2Adam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #944 from kvch/fix-google-imagesAdam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] load engines if debug mode is enabled using uwsgiAdam Tauber1+3-1
[fix] pep8Adam Tauber1+1-0
[enh] add init function to engines which loads parallelAdam Tauber3+17-4
[enh] version 0.12.0Adam Tauber2+24-1
[doc] add Joachim Cherqui, @maxigas, @kiney, @juanitobananas to authors ++ promote @a01200356 to major contributorAdam Tauber1+5-1
Merge pull request #932 from a01200356/duckduckgoAdam Tauber2+4-4
add duckduckgo images enginemarc4+204-30
[enh] update translations - closes #930Adam Tauber6+20-20
[mod] add category to each results, and change group criterias (template and existing image)Alexandre Flament1+6-3
[fix] rss feed : the jinja template was not found when the rss feed returns an valid feed including an error.Alexandre Flament1+2-1
[fix] produce valid urls if scheme is missingAdam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] use raw response with etree.parsefromstring - Unicode strings with encoding declaration are not supportedAdam Tauber2+7-7
Merge pull request #926 from kvch/update-translationsAdam Tauber6+476-339
[fix] pep8Adam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #925 from kvch/free-software-directoryAdam Tauber2+16-2
[fix] bing imagesmarc2+48-86
Merge pull request #816 from dalf/debianAdam Tauber5+59-43
[fix] framalibre : remove result['thumbnail'] (not used)Dalf1+0-1
[mod] add/modify image fetching for bing_news, qwant and twitter enginesAlexandre Flament4+27-10
Merge pull request #913 from asciimoo/py3Adam Tauber115+517-513
[fix] yahoo news date parsingAdam Tauber1+11-8
[mod] searx doesn't crash at startup when an engine can't be loaded (see #884)Alexandre Flament1+2-1
[fix] build french translation to be identical with the .po sourceAdam Tauber1+0-0
[mod] upgrade requirements.txtAlexandre Flament2+9-12
[fix] fix travis buildAlexandre Flament1+1-0
Merge pull request #881 from mmuman/framalibreAdam Tauber3+180-0
Merge pull request #878 from kvch/update-languagesAdam Tauber45+3528-149
make search language handling less strictmarc8+18-16
add language support for qwantmarc5+55-10
[mod] oscar theme: use tinypng.com to reduce logos and faviconAlexandre Flament4+0-0
[mod] reduce png and gif image sizes using optipng and gifsicle tools.Alexandre Flament18+0-0
Merge pull request #873 from juanitobananas/issue-0872-google-search-and-dockerAdam Tauber1+0-1
[enh] alpine version bump in dockerAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #854 from kiney/masterAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #856 from kvch/fix-search-form-pagingAdam Tauber1+7-7
Merge pull request #848 from maxigas/masterAdam Tauber1+11-0
Merge pull request #849 from kvch/ddg-paging-fixAdam Tauber1+5-4
Merge pull request #804 from dalf/flask_perimeterAdam Tauber4+21-24
[mod] darker green url in logicodevAdam Tauber2+3-3
[fix] add padding to pointhi theme's navbar - closes #841Adam Tauber2+3-2
Merge pull request #840 from kvch/darker-green-urlAdam Tauber3+5-5
[fix] do not show glyph icons if noscript is enabled - #838Adam Tauber1+5-0
[enh] add result number parsing to google engineAdam Tauber1+6-0
Merge pull request #837 from kvch/smaller-navbarAdam Tauber5+48-120
Merge pull request #836 from kvch/smaller-number-of-resultsAdam Tauber1+1-8
Merge pull request #835 from kvch/green-result-urlAdam Tauber3+10-8
[fix] do not do unnecessary package upgradesAdam Tauber1+2-2
[fix] whitespaceAdam Tauber1+1-1
[enh] search input design mods according to #226Adam Tauber8+53-34
[fix] correct search parameter checkAdam Tauber1+2-2
[fix] search time range value checkAdam Tauber1+1-2
[fix] handle missing mapsettingsAdam Tauber1+2-1
Merge pull request #832 from dalf/input_checkAdam Tauber17+231-414
Merge pull request #830 from davidar/seAdam Tauber2+15-4
Merge pull request #827 from davidar/spellAdam Tauber5+23-0
Merge pull request #829 from jcherqui/masterAdam Tauber3+44-0
Merge pull request #825 from dalf/text_query_fixAdam Tauber1+1-1
[enh] 0.11.0 version bumpAdam Tauber1+1-1
[doc] remove duplications from changelogAdam Tauber1+0-2
[enh] version 0.11.0Adam Tauber1+31-0
[doc] @firebovine @luccoj @eig8phei added to authorsAdam Tauber1+3-0
[fix] skip non-complete google news resultsAdam Tauber1+8-5
Merge pull request #820 from dalf/config_apiAdam Tauber1+10-1
Merge pull request #817 from asciimoo/del_pyasn1_modules-1Adam Tauber1+0-1
[enh] add instant answers to google engineAdam Tauber1+4-0
[fix] french translation template var nameAdam Tauber2+1-1
[enh] update translationsAdam Tauber37+5637-2884
[enh] propagate all search properties to the results page's componentsAdam Tauber1+17-23
Merge pull request #813 from dalf/standalone2Adam Tauber2+101-0
Merge pull request #812 from kvch/revert-image-modalAdam Tauber7+33-135
Merge pull request #810 from dalf/standaloneAdam Tauber1+2-3
Merge pull request #811 from dalf/geckodriverAdam Tauber1+32-0
[fix] autocomplete unicode issue - closes #808Adam Tauber1+5-5
Merge pull request #805 from dalf/requirements_upgradeAdam Tauber1+5-5
Merge pull request #801 from dalf/extract_textAdam Tauber1+3-1
Merge pull request #800 from dalf/searchpy5Adam Tauber2+14-17
[fix] use english as default language in bingAdam Tauber2+6-3
Merge pull request #799 from kvch/modal-arrowsAdam Tauber4+26-10
Merge pull request #798 from dalf/searchpy4Adam Tauber1+90-81
Merge pull request #793 from kvch/pics-modalAdam Tauber7+119-33
Merge pull request #794 from a01200356/languagesAdam Tauber9+81-104
[fix] load engines with uwsgi tooAdam Tauber1+3-3
[mod] display supported languages in preferences engine viewAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #748 from a01200356/languagesAdam Tauber54+984-153
[fix] proper engine initAdam Tauber1+0-3
[fix] do not reload engines twice if started with debug modeAdam Tauber1+3-1
[enh] explicit engine initAdam Tauber2+8-9
[fix] robot tests ++ set default value for server http protocol versionAdam Tauber2+2-1
[enh] configurable listening http protocol versionAdam Tauber2+2-1
Merge pull request #788 from suchkultur/add_ccctv_to_settingsAdam Tauber2+12-0
[fix] disable etymonline by default - closes #789Adam Tauber1+1-0
[enh] add searx engineAdam Tauber2+65-0
[fix] handle missing images in google newsAdam Tauber1+3-3
Merge pull request #661 from davidar/etAdam Tauber1+11-0
[fix] re-enable ssl verification for searchcodeAdam Tauber2+0-10
[fix] engine setting if no categories specifiedAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #783 from kvch/time-range-search-yearAdam Tauber16+82-7
Merge pull request #782 from cy8aer/yacyhtmltagAdam Tauber1+3-1
Merge pull request #780 from kvch/google-play-movies-fixAdam Tauber2+7-6
Merge branch '500px_rewrite' of github.com:asciimoo/searxAdam Tauber2+32-73
[fix] vimeo engine change follow-upAdam Tauber2+19-92
[fix] google news engine change follow-upAdam Tauber2+58-132
[enh] extend json response with suggestions, infoboxes and answersAdam Tauber1+4-1
[fix] remove html tags from qwant resultsAdam Tauber1+6-4
Merge pull request #776 from asciimoo/voat-engineAdam Tauber1+12-0
[fix] unicode response in deezer and spotifyAdam Tauber2+2-2
[fix] remove unused variableAdam Tauber1+0-1
[enh] handle engine response crashesAdam Tauber1+5-2
Merge pull request #751 from dalf/searchpy2Adam Tauber3+154-131
[enh] central handling of empty result titlesAdam Tauber1+2-1
[mod] return empty string on missing osm titleAdam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] kickass test html escapingAdam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] tests ++ flickr errorAdam Tauber7+10-13
[enh] central html escaping of resultsAdam Tauber1+4-3
[enh] add author to image result contentAdam Tauber1+6-1
[fix] query escaping in rss/opensearch outputAdam Tauber3+12-12
[mod] do not escape html content in enginesAdam Tauber30+56-97
[fix] proper escaping of the search query in templatesAdam Tauber4+20-21
[fix] correct path for autoscroll on non-root urlsAdam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] pep8Adam Tauber1+1-1
[enh] add statistics answererAdam Tauber1+51-0
[enh] add quick answer functionality with an example answererAdam Tauber7+156-4
[mod] move load_module function to utilsAdam Tauber2+17-13
[fix] gettext requires request.preferencesAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #764 from kvch/set-search-language-from-settings-ymlAdam Tauber3+18-13
[fix] search mocking in webapp testAdam Tauber1+2-1
[fix] remove unused importsAdam Tauber1+2-2
[enh] display errorsAdam Tauber2+25-6
[fix] rewrite missing variableAdam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] allow empty autocomplete settingAdam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] pep8Adam Tauber1+2-1
[fix] bing unicode issue part III.Adam Tauber1+2-2
[enh] show traceback of search errorsAdam Tauber1+2-1
[fix] bing character encoding - closes #760Adam Tauber1+2-2
[fix] unicode search expression for bingAdam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] bing paging and language supportAdam Tauber2+5-12
[fix] suspend end time checkAdam Tauber1+2-1
Merge pull request #753 from kvch/lobsters-engineAdam Tauber1+10-0
Merge pull request #733 from dalf/searchpyAdam Tauber9+274-227
[fix] menu style in pointhi oscar themeAdam Tauber3+32-2
[fix] menu without js - closes #747Adam Tauber8+45-54
Merge pull request #746 from kvch/moar-time-range-supportAdam Tauber9+53-8
[mod] do not proxify images if image proxy is not setAdam Tauber1+3-3
Merge pull request #745 from kvch/version-info-in-configAdam Tauber1+2-1
[enh] use morty proxy for image proxification too if it is configuredAdam Tauber1+3-0
[enh] allow morty proxy without hmac keyAdam Tauber1+7-3
Merge pull request #697 from Eig8phei/http1.1Adam Tauber1+3-0
[mod] the environment variable SEARX_DEBUG can override the general.debug value in settings.ymldalf2+23-4
Merge pull request #737 from dalf/ixquickAdam Tauber1+2-2
Merge pull request #736 from kvch/fix-images-infinite-scrollAdam Tauber1+2-2
Merge pull request #734 from dalf/seeks_urlAdam Tauber4+4-4
Merge pull request #728 from kvch/fix-kickass-torrentsAdam Tauber4+45-48
Merge pull request #726 from mmuman/opensearch_shortnameAdam Tauber2+2-2
[fix] gecko driver cannot detect the page load finish on preferences form submit. It now works with this dirty workaround..Adam Tauber1+20-24
[enh] add latest firefox addon to travisAdam Tauber1+2-0
[fix] add missing gecko executable to travisAdam Tauber1+3-0
[enh] update dev requirementsAdam Tauber1+3-3
[fix] unicode url proxiingAdam Tauber1+2-2
[enh] add result proxy support - #707Adam Tauber3+28-0
[enh] use HMAC for image proxy url verificationAdam Tauber1+5-5
Merge pull request #724 from Athemis/masterAdam Tauber4+226-0
[enh] update certifi to the current latestAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #677 from pydo/feature/seedpeer-engine-integrationAdam Tauber5+247-0
[mod] disallow search results for robotsAdam Tauber1+1-0
[fix] robot test engine names II.Adam Tauber1+2-2
[fix] robot test engine namesAdam Tauber1+2-2
[fix] do not allow underscore in engine names - closes #708Adam Tauber2+10-4
[mod] rename "default" theme to "legacy"Adam Tauber75+361-361
Merge pull request #702 from a01200356/digbtAdam Tauber2+4-2
Merge pull request #609 from LuccoJ/betterwolframAdam Tauber4+32-12
Merge pull request #694 from firebovine/urbandictionaryAdam Tauber1+3-3
[fix] 404 HTTP status on not found pages - closes #681Adam Tauber1+1-1
[enh] version 0.10.0Adam Tauber2+37-1
[doc] @blyxxyz @ammarnajjar @stepshal @mmuman @a01200356 @harry-wood @threnard added to authorsAdam Tauber1+9-3
[enh] translation updatesAdam Tauber34+2758-1312
[fix] unicode urlsAdam Tauber2+3-8
Merge pull request #678 from potato/masterAdam Tauber4+167-0
[fix] thread safe threaded_requests() functionAdam Tauber1+4-2
[enh] more compact image results ++ fixed modal linksAdam Tauber3+11-6
[fix] replace modal-content class to prevent remote content loadAdam Tauber5+33-5
[fix] use threading to recover after incomplete request crashes - closes #651 #662Adam Tauber1+2-1
[enh] socks proxy supportAdam Tauber2+2-2
[mod] truncate result content in html - closes #224Adam Tauber1+3-6
[fix] result url wrap - closes #652Adam Tauber4+12-4
[fix] remove trailing whitespacesAdam Tauber2+4-4
[fix] 404 page localization #2Adam Tauber4+4-4
[fix] 404 page localizationAdam Tauber4+12-4
[fix] links in new tabs without js ++ noopener bug fix - closes #674Adam Tauber23+70-39
Merge pull request #672 from kvch/self-info-pagingAdam Tauber2+22-4
Merge pull request #671 from kvch/custom-404Adam Tauber6+38-0
[fix] remove btdigg - see https://torrentfreak.com/btdigg-shut-down-due-to-torrent-spam-for-now-160711/Adam Tauber1+0-4
[fix] piratebay engine - using pirateproxy.red - see https://proxybay.tv/Adam Tauber1+2-6
Merge pull request #664 from kvch/uncapitalize-searxAdam Tauber11+31-31
Merge pull request #639 from kvch/digbt-engineAdam Tauber5+144-15
Merge pull request #663 from davidar/hoogleAdam Tauber4+15-3
[fix] remove unused imports ++ int token timestamp by defaultAdam Tauber1+1-3
[fix] google images paging - closes #571Adam Tauber2+34-39
Merge pull request #660 from davidar/maAdam Tauber2+33-8
Merge pull request #629 from stepshal/E305Adam Tauber3+4-0
Merge pull request #658 from davidar/scrollAdam Tauber4+44-0
Merge pull request #656 from cy8aer/openreposAdam Tauber1+12-0
[fix] oscar grunt css buildAdam Tauber1+2-2
Merge pull request #657 from davidar/patch-1Adam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #630 from davidar/doiAdam Tauber4+59-2
Merge pull request #655 from kvch/advanced-cursor-pointerAdam Tauber4+10-4
Merge pull request #588 from a01200356/wikidataAdam Tauber9+964-265
Merge pull request #654 from kvch/toggle-buttonAdam Tauber8+136-10
Merge pull request #645 from dalf/remove_kickassAdam Tauber1+0-4
[fix] collect garbage after searches to reduce memory footprintAdam Tauber1+4-3
[fix] wrap categories on small screens ++ some code formatting - closes #647Adam Tauber10+60-49
[fix] time range detectionAdam Tauber10+10-7
[mod] disable ddg by default - it just proxies yahoo/bing results: https://duck.co/help/company/yahoo-partnershipAdam Tauber1+1-0
Merge pull request #634 from kvch/advanced-searchAdam Tauber25+293-97
[fix] do not load engines which cannot be initialized - closes #585Adam Tauber1+7-2
Merge pull request #644 from dalf/logicodev_fixAdam Tauber2+3-3
Merge pull request #646 from harry-wood/patch-1Adam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #643 from dalf/remove_mapquestAdam Tauber2+13-18
Merge pull request #633 from kvch/deviantart-fixAdam Tauber2+12-44
Merge pull request #621 from stepshal/anomalous-backslash-in-stringAdam Tauber21+47-47
[fix] pep8Adam Tauber2+2-2
[fix] do not replace image href urls - closes #594Adam Tauber1+0-3
[fix] result count testsAdam Tauber1+2-2
[fix] compute the order of results only once per searchAdam Tauber1+7-5
[mod][fix] use the average of results number ++ do not display smaller result number than the actual result count - closes #600Adam Tauber2+15-5
Merge pull request #624 from davidar/scholarAdam Tauber2+15-0
[fix] styles fix according to the new oscar dir structureAdam Tauber1+2-1
Merge pull request #619 from stepshal/commentAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #615 from mmuman/scanrAdam Tauber3+258-0
Merge pull request #623 from a01200356/duckduckgoAdam Tauber2+24-14
Merge pull request #618 from stepshal/comparisonAdam Tauber1+2-2
Merge pull request #617 from stepshal/whitespacesAdam Tauber3+11-11
Merge pull request #616 from stepshal/blankAdam Tauber8+9-1
Merge pull request #613 from mmuman/inaAdam Tauber3+153-0
Merge pull request #612 from stepshal/trailingAdam Tauber2+25-26
Merge pull request #611 from ammarnajjar/readme-installationAdam Tauber1+1-1
[enh] add engine shortcut to config apiAdam Tauber1+1-0
Merge pull request #604 from blyxxyz/masterAdam Tauber1+1-1
[enh] update useragent versionsAdam Tauber1+8-8
[enh][fix] update to latest dependencies ++ fix tests & travis test runnerAdam Tauber13+23-23
Merge pull request #601 from kvch/uncapitalizeAdam Tauber2+2-3
[fix] mobile navbar errors - closes #596Adam Tauber2+7-2
[fix] hide number of results if 0Adam Tauber1+1-1
[enh] display number of resultsAdam Tauber5+31-6
[fix] rtl result templateAdam Tauber1+1-2
[mod] more compact logicodev skinAdam Tauber3+6-5
[fix] result url block selectionAdam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] logo responsivity ++ preferences button hoverAdam Tauber3+8-8
[enh] oscar theme redesign addedAdam Tauber28+496-101
[fix] save unknown preferences parameters to cookiesAdam Tauber1+5-0
[fix] gigablast redirect - closes #575Adam Tauber1+3-4
[fix] geektimes xpath - #575Adam Tauber1+2-2
Merge pull request #584 from kvch/settings-api-callAdam Tauber1+19-0
Merge pull request #582 from kvch/archive-isNoémi Ványi1+11-0
[fix] missing importAdam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] missing requirements files from setup.py - closes #572Adam Tauber1+2-0
[enh] version 0.9.0 - #529Adam Tauber2+40-2
[doc] @jibe-b, @pietsch, @Maxqia, @pyprism, @imZack, @mikhirev added to authorsAdam Tauber1+7-0
Merge pull request #567 from asciimoo/revert-551-masterAdam Tauber19+475-1194
Merge pull request #551 from mikhirev/masterAdam Tauber19+1194-475
Merge pull request #549 from guyou/feature-pool-fine-tuningAdam Tauber2+10-4
Merge pull request #555 from imZack/masterAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #553 from Maxqia/convertAdam Tauber2+10-13
Merge pull request #554 from pyprism/patch-1Adam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #550 from Maxqia/convertAdam Tauber1+2-2
Merge pull request #547 from ukwt/vim-hotkeysAdam Tauber4+375-1
Merge pull request #545 from pointhi/oscar-improvementAdam Tauber1+9-0
Merge pull request #540 from a01200356/wikipedia_infoboxAdam Tauber9+307-17
Merge pull request #542 from ukwt/fix538Adam Tauber2+11-5
[mod] disable nyaa anime engine by defaultAdam Tauber1+1-0
Merge pull request #526 from ukwt/animeAdam Tauber13+936-7
Merge pull request #531 from guyou/add-doku-engineAdam Tauber4+171-0
Merge pull request #536 from kvch/general-minor-refactorsAdam Tauber8+33-38
[fix] clear image link if javascript enabled - closes #535Adam Tauber1+3-0
[fix] user data checkAdam Tauber1+4-2
Merge pull request #534 from kvch/preferences-refactorAdam Tauber8+525-168
[fix] broken google images parsingAdam Tauber2+6-8
[fix] try to decode url - closes #527Adam Tauber1+4-0
Merge pull request #522 from jibe-b/masterAdam Tauber3+140-10
Merge pull request #528 from a01200356/autocompleteAdam Tauber2+18-12
[fix] bing images page changeAdam Tauber2+10-154
[fix] no more redirect ++ explicitly specify search language to avoid googles ip based heuristicsAdam Tauber1+5-2
Merge pull request #525 from ukwt/masterAdam Tauber4+252-0
Merge pull request #523 from a01200356/masterAdam Tauber3+27-47
[fix] manage.sh return with actions exit statusAdam Tauber1+3-3
[fix] posix compatibilityAdam Tauber1+4-6
[fix] csv results filename encodingAdam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] docs url mod to prevent http redirectAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #473 from GreenLunar/patch-2Adam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #517 from pointhi/manage-improvementAdam Tauber1+2-2
Merge pull request #516 from pointhi/translation-fixAdam Tauber38+3415-362
Merge pull request #515 from dalf/qwantAdam Tauber1+18-0
[fix] opensearch image issue - closes #507Adam Tauber4+5-4
Merge pull request #513 from a01200356/wolframalphaAdam Tauber11+449-315
[fix] pep8Adam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] robot testsAdam Tauber2+12-5
[enh] settings option to change instance name - closes #450Adam Tauber7+10-7
Merge pull request #512 from ldidry/refix-428Adam Tauber1+1-0
[fix] wolframalpha unicode inputsAdam Tauber1+1-1
[enh] suspend engines after errorAdam Tauber2+17-4
[mod] engine load refactorAdam Tauber1+18-31
[fix] encapsulate wolframalpha token fetching errorsAdam Tauber1+6-3
[fix] wolframalpha page changesAdam Tauber2+63-227
[mod] move plugin static files to static/pluginsAdam Tauber2+1-1
[enh] new plugin to open results on new browser tabsAdam Tauber3+29-0
Merge pull request #505 from Wonderfall/masterAdam Tauber1+6-2
[fix] restrict wikipedia queries to the titles to avoid irrelevant resultsAdam Tauber1+4-2
[fix] real support of non wikipedia style mediawikisAdam Tauber1+11-8
Merge pull request #493 from cy8aer/cy8aerAlexandre Flament1+2-2
[enh] add occitan search language - example query: ":oc !wp south" - closes #445Adam Tauber1+1-0
Merge pull request #504 from kvch/frinkiac-engineAdam Tauber3+98-0
[fix] pep8Adam Tauber2+14-11
[fix] missing gigablast testsAdam Tauber1+54-27
[fix] bing images changesAdam Tauber2+15-21
[fix] gigablast params ++ json response formatAdam Tauber1+12-16
[fix] swisscow and yandex escaping - fixes #499Adam Tauber2+8-6
Merge pull request #497 from pointhi/translation-fixAdam Tauber1+1-1
[mod] enable wolframalpha by defaultAdam Tauber1+0-1
[mod] move wolframalpha to "science" categoryAdam Tauber2+3-1
Merge pull request #486 from a01200356/masterAdam Tauber5+621-16
[fix] temporary disable googles inner links - #491Adam Tauber1+23-23
[fix] pep8 compatibiltyAdam Tauber18+30-29
[fix] manage.sh dev package update helpAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/install-refactor'Adam Tauber72+150-716
[fix] google markup change - closes #489Adam Tauber2+12-12
Merge pull request #481 from Wonderfall/masterAdam Tauber1+43-15
Merge pull request #487 from misnyo/#485Adam Tauber1+2-1
Merge pull request #483 from misnyo/masterAdam Tauber1+29-3
Merge pull request #480 from misnyo/masterAdam Tauber2+9-1
Merge pull request #478 from a01200356/masterAdam Tauber2+68-0
Merge pull request #474 from pointhi/gigablast-improvementsAdam Tauber2+31-9
[enh] version 0.8.1Adam Tauber2+22-1
[doc] @GreenLunar, @kvch, @gugod added to authorsAdam Tauber1+3-0
[fix] gigablast https + url paramsAdam Tauber1+5-5
[fix] prevent google engine to redirectAdam Tauber2+2-34
[fix] remove debug messageAdam Tauber1+0-1
Merge pull request #466 from GreenLunar/masterAdam Tauber4+4-4
[fix] quickfix for sometimes missing PREF cookieAdam Tauber2+5-2
[doc] correct google images docstringAdam Tauber1+2-2
[fix] replace the dead google images ajax api with a working oneAdam Tauber2+57-113
Merge pull request #395 from gugod/masterAdam Tauber2+5-5
Merge pull request #438 from Cqoicebordel/error_page_formatAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #437 from GreenLunar/patch-1Adam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #456 from matejc/masterAdam Tauber4+120-195
[fix] yandex engine language support according to #430Adam Tauber1+10-3
[mod] yandex shortcutAdam Tauber1+1-1
[enh] yandex engine addedAdam Tauber2+60-0
[fix] lock request pool generatorAdam Tauber1+6-4
[fix] google engine - ignore new useless result typeAdam Tauber1+6-2
[fix] answer result typeAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #453 from dnet/robot-py-ymlAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #452 from pointhi/engine_fixAdam Tauber2+40-9
[fix] tests fix after result refactorAdam Tauber1+17-11
[fix] use base_url in http redirects - closes #451Adam Tauber1+3-3
[fix] rename after result refactorAdam Tauber1+4-4
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/result-handling-refactor'Adam Tauber9+419-295
[fix] gigablast url paramsAdam Tauber1+6-2
[fix] bing news test mockAdam Tauber1+6-6
[fix] unicode decodingAdam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] content escaping - closes #441Adam Tauber1+3-2
Merge pull request #435 from Cqoicebordel/fix_prefs_pixartAdam Tauber1+2-2
[fix] add missing scheme to duplicated results too ++ revert gigablasts handlingAdam Tauber2+4-5
[fix] handle missing url scheme - fixes #428Adam Tauber1+2-0
[enh] v0.8.0Adam Tauber2+47-1
[doc] @ldidry, @haasn, @underr, @beniz addedAdam Tauber1+4-0
[fix] remove obsolete youtube engineAdam Tauber3+0-298
[enh] add chinese localeAdam Tauber1+2-1
[enh] translation syncAdam Tauber26+1972-606
[enh] extend user agent versionsAdam Tauber1+4-2
[fix] duckduckgo unicode url - #419Adam Tauber2+5-4
[fix][mod] wikidata date handling refactor - fixes #387Adam Tauber2+36-26
[enh] test utils.prettify_urlAdam Tauber2+14-3
Merge pull request #416 from pointhi/travisAdam Tauber1+6-0
[fix] escape format string..Adam Tauber2+1-1
Merge pull request #410 from beniz/ddg_url_encoding_utf8Adam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] display categories of the selected enginesAdam Tauber1+3-0
[fix] engine selection from urlAdam Tauber1+2-2
[fix] bing unicode encode error - fixes #408Adam Tauber6+18-18
[mod] disable searchcode SSL verification (unable to get local issuer)Adam Tauber2+10-0
[fix] piratebay tld according to wikipediaAdam Tauber2+4-4
[fix] check empty engine language attribute - fixes subtitleseekerAdam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] handle missing url in twitter resultsAdam Tauber1+6-2
Merge pull request #385 from framasoft/opensearch-iconAdam Tauber3+3-0
Merge pull request #405 from pointhi/bug_fixesAdam Tauber3+14-2
[fix] cookie parameter typeAdam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] type errorAdam Tauber1+1-1
[enh] default settings option to safe_search - #396Adam Tauber2+5-4
[enh] default settings option to autocomplete backend - #396Adam Tauber3+10-2
[mod] change settings file structure according to #314Adam Tauber7+46-34
[enh] add settings option to set listening address - closes #397Adam Tauber3+4-1
[fix] full AGPLv3+ license according to #382Adam Tauber1+658-11
Merge pull request #333 from dalf/piratebayAdam Tauber3+5-8
Merge pull request #377 from underr/masterAdam Tauber3+575-0
Merge pull request #374 from haasn/optipngAdam Tauber27+0-0
Merge pull request #378 from dalf/versionsAdam Tauber1+44-36
[fix] shortcut added to ixquickAdam Tauber1+1-0
Merge branch 'Cqoicebordel-remove_trackers_plugin'Adam Tauber2+47-1
[fix] debug message parameterAdam Tauber1+1-1
[enh] add search testsAdam Tauber1+25-0
[fix] reverse proxy non-root url fixAdam Tauber1+37-2
[mod] disable qwant & swisscows by default to improve result qualityAdam Tauber1+2-0
Merge pull request #371 from framasoft/add-useragent-pluginAdam Tauber4+64-38
Merge pull request #370 from Cqoicebordel/fix_vimeoAdam Tauber5+114-25
Merge pull request #367 from glogiotatidis/dockerfileupdateAlexandre Flament1+13-12
Merge pull request #357 from asciimoo/google_engineAdam Tauber1+131-16
Merge pull request #362 from Cqoicebordel/currency_charsAdam Tauber1+3-3
Merge pull request #361 from asciimoo/httpsAdam Tauber4+6-6
Merge pull request #356 from pointhi/settings_fixAdam Tauber5+31-16
Merge pull request #354 from asciimoo/bing_newsAdam Tauber4+157-245
Merge pull request #353 from Cqoicebordel/languagesAdam Tauber1+8-3
[fix] youtube_noapi : don't crash when there is no contentDalf1+33-17
Merge pull request #346 from Cqoicebordel/youtubeAdam Tauber8+813-1
remove 'print'Dalf1+0-1
Merge pull request #349 from Cqoicebordel/startpage_autocompleteAlexandre Flament1+18-6
Merge pull request #344 from asciimoo/google_engineAdam Tauber2+150-21
Merge pull request #348 from pointhi/swisscowsAdam Tauber4+237-0
Merge branch 'startpage'Adam Tauber1+8-5
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ui'Adam Tauber3+58-9
[fix] do not submit form if there is no search query - fixes #341Adam Tauber1+3-1
[fix] do not use category select js if there is no search query field on the pageAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #335 from dalf/flickrAdam Tauber2+74-193
Merge pull request #332 from dalf/bing_newsAdam Tauber2+17-17
[fix] data directory added to setup.py package_dataAdam Tauber1+1-0
Merge pull request #320 from dalf/currencyAdam Tauber4+7869-6
[mod] transifex client dir added to gitignoreAdam Tauber1+2-0
[enh] romanian translation ++ translation updatesAdam Tauber23+1857-800
[enh] prettier search url displayAdam Tauber3+4-5
[mod] allow whitespaces in category/engine listAdam Tauber1+2-2
[fix] setup.py package data update - fixes #323Adam Tauber1+2-2
[enh] cleaner category/engine selection from GET/POST param - closes #289Adam Tauber1+15-2
Merge pull request #310 from dalf/yahoo_newsAdam Tauber2+89-89
[doc] @dalf added as maintainerAdam Tauber1+2-2
[fix] plugin descriptionAdam Tauber1+2-1
[fix] robot test - kill the only subprocessAdam Tauber1+1-3
Merge pull request #308 from dalf/versions_upgradeAdam Tauber40+481-393
Merge pull request #309 from dalf/twitterAdam Tauber1+2-2
Merge pull request #307 from dalf/masterAdam Tauber2+7-8
Merge pull request #305 from dalf/https_againAdam Tauber9+22-7
Merge pull request #303 from dalf/patch-1Adam Tauber2+4-2
Merge branch 'Cqoicebordel-oscar-cookies'Adam Tauber1+176-150
Merge pull request #301 from dalf/httpsAdam Tauber8+9-9
Merge pull request #298 from dalf/sslAdam Tauber8+25-12
[mod] enable category select plugin by defaultAdam Tauber1+3-3
[fix] remove swapfileAdam Tauber1+0-0
Merge pull request #300 from dalf/patch-1Adam Tauber1+0-4
Merge pull request #299 from dalf/noreferrerAdam Tauber26+47-47
Merge pull request #297 from dalf/proxiesAdam Tauber3+14-2
Merge pull request #246 from Cqoicebordel/pix-artsAdam Tauber22+1076-0
[fix] load https rulesAdam Tauber1+3-0
[mod] https rewrite pluginificationAdam Tauber42+234-231
[doc] plugin license infosAdam Tauber3+48-0
[enh] new plugin: search on category select (currently only in oscar theme)Adam Tauber3+23-1
[enh] plugins: client side dependency supportAdam Tauber3+26-4
[fix] do not escape empty result content - closes #291Adam Tauber1+2-3
[mod] remove image proxy requests from the connection poolAdam Tauber1+5-5
[fix] timeout to autocompletersAdam Tauber1+9-1
[fix] ordered categories in preferences - closes #258Adam Tauber4+8-8
[fix] test follow upAdam Tauber1+1-1
[mod] removing unavailable blekko engineAdam Tauber1+6-5
[fix] piratebay - cloudfare ssl errorsAdam Tauber1+4-0
[enh] reset default preferencesAdam Tauber4+13-2
[fix] call ip plugin as a post search callbackAdam Tauber1+2-2
[fix] piratebay: missing torrent linkAdam Tauber2+37-4
Merge pull request #274 from ldidry/fix-271Adam Tauber1+4-0
[fix] remove ip plugin pre_search override - closes #275Adam Tauber1+0-2
[fix] request argsAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge branch 'plugins'Adam Tauber10+238-74
[fix] deezer test with httpsAdam Tauber1+4-4
[mod] https in deezer engine - closes #262Adam Tauber1+6-2
Merge pull request #252 from dalf/masterAdam Tauber1+4-0
Merge pull request #257 from pointhi/version_fixAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #251 from Cqoicebordel/moar-enginesAdam Tauber7+207-29
[enh] support of multiple outgoing IPsAdam Tauber2+54-5
Merge pull request #249 from dalf/masterAdam Tauber2+65-67
[fix] russian translation syntaxAdam Tauber2+1-1
[enh] russian translation updateAdam Tauber1+0-0
Merge pull request #234 from dimqua/masterAdam Tauber1+31-32
Merge pull request #241 from Cqoicebordel/Remove-whitespaceAdam Tauber6+9-7
Merge pull request #239 from Cqoicebordel/masterAdam Tauber22+109-69
[enh] log redirectsAdam Tauber1+1-0
Merge pull request #237 from dalf/masterAdam Tauber2+5-5
Merge pull request #235 from Cqoicebordel/rtl-fixesAdam Tauber17+29-23
Merge pull request #233 from dalf/masterAdam Tauber2+9-4
Merge pull request #210 from Cqoicebordel/unit-testsAdam Tauber26+2430-54
Merge pull request #227 from Cqoicebordel/rtl-fixAdam Tauber13+36-33
Merge pull request #225 from Cqoicebordel/rtl-fixAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #223 from pointhi/translationsAdam Tauber23+3551-1627
[fix] category name i18n - closes #221Adam Tauber2+10-2
Merge branch 'Cqoicebordel-rtl'Adam Tauber28+297-100
[fix] image proxify utf urlsAdam Tauber1+3-4
Merge pull request #220 from pointhi/safesearchAdam Tauber10+75-3
Merge pull request #219 from pointhi/new_enginesAdam Tauber6+252-0
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:asciimoo/searxAdam Tauber2+22-1
[enh] fabfile to setup searx with uwsgi+nginx under debian based distrosAdam Tauber1+117-0
[fix] handle proxied https scheme with uwsgiAdam Tauber1+3-0
[doc] @glogiotatidis added to authorsAdam Tauber1+1-0
[enh] v0.7.0Adam Tauber2+33-1
[doc] @Cqoicebordel promoted to major contributorAdam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] default blocked categoriesAdam Tauber1+2-1
[enh] category specific engine deactivation - closes #205Adam Tauber7+35-26
[fix] piratebay url change in testsAdam Tauber1+3-3
[fix] piratebay urlAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge branch 'Cqoicebordel-unit-tests'Adam Tauber45+3692-71
Merge pull request #208 from pointhi/new_enginesAdam Tauber5+157-13
Merge pull request #207 from pointhi/hash_fixAdam Tauber1+5-3
[enh] allow override of blocked engines from query stringAdam Tauber1+4-6
[enh] default disabled engines - closes #109Adam Tauber5+23-16
[mod] python importable engine namesAdam Tauber3+2-2
[mod] pretty url separationAdam Tauber2+10-6
[mod] reduce cookie expirity time - fixes #204Adam Tauber1+1-1
[mod] update useragent versionsAdam Tauber1+4-4
[fix] flickr-noapi logging ++ use correct image url - fixes #203 #181Adam Tauber1+8-3
[enh] always enable inner autocompletition (server side only)Adam Tauber1+7-12
Merge pull request #201 from pointhi/engine_fixAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #200 from Cqoicebordel/bing-dateAdam Tauber1+1-2
[enh] russian .mo file addedAdam Tauber1+0-0
[fix] handle single closing element in HTMLTextExtractorAdam Tauber1+4-0
[fix] poolrequest post method parametersAdam Tauber1+2-2
Merge pull request #195 from dalf/googleAdam Tauber1+13-0
Merge pull request #194 from Cqoicebordel/moar-enginesAdam Tauber4+178-0
Merge pull request #192 from dalf/connection-poolAdam Tauber5+65-5
Merge pull request #188 from Cqoicebordel/general-cookiesAdam Tauber6+71-12
[doc] @dimqua added to authorsAdam Tauber1+1-0
Merge pull request #186 from Cqoicebordel/add-bang-autocompletionAdam Tauber1+9-8
Merge pull request #185 from dimqua/masterAdam Tauber2+437-0
Merge pull request #183 from pointhi/bootstrap_themesAdam Tauber6+13-4
[fix] opensearch xml mimetype - #184Adam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #182 from dalf/enh-proxyAdam Tauber11+39-17
[doc] locale settings comment - #177Adam Tauber1+1-1
[enh] configurable default interface locale - #177Adam Tauber2+4-0
[fix] robot test config option updateAdam Tauber1+1-0
Merge pull request #178 from Cqoicebordel/thumbnailsAdam Tauber9+43-8
Merge pull request #180 from Cqoicebordel/copy-all-filesAdam Tauber1+2-0
[fix] test with default themeAdam Tauber1+1-0
[fix] pep8Adam Tauber1+1-1
[enh] add image proxy toggle to preferences templatesAdam Tauber3+34-7
[enh] image proxy config from preferencesAdam Tauber1+7-2
[enh] add image proxy to image resultsAdam Tauber3+4-5
[enh] image proxificationAdam Tauber2+16-0
[enh] image proxy baseAdam Tauber1+36-1
[mod] oscar as default themeAdam Tauber1+10-10
Merge pull request #176 from Cqoicebordel/courgette-UXUIAdam Tauber40+902-838
Merge pull request #175 from Cqoicebordel/correct-startpageAdam Tauber1+0-2
Merge branch 'pointhi-code_results'Adam Tauber26+464-1020
Merge pull request #174 from pointhi/nojs_fixAdam Tauber10+47-20
Merge pull request #173 from Cqoicebordel/default-UXUIAdam Tauber30+152-196
[enh] static content generalizationAdam Tauber89+1-495
Merge pull request #172 from Cqoicebordel/torrents-w3c+ux+rssAdam Tauber4+18-17
Merge pull request #166 from Cqoicebordel/non-exclusif-bangAdam Tauber2+6-2
[fix] dates before 1900Adam Tauber1+6-16
[enh] date formatting by localeAdam Tauber1+29-4
[fix] hadle missing titleAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #170 from pointhi/little_fixesAdam Tauber9+137-13
[fix] autocompleter error handlingAdam Tauber1+2-2
[fix] endless logging recursionAdam Tauber1+0-2
[mod] ignore startpage unicode errorsAdam Tauber1+4-1
[enh] engine exception tracebackAdam Tauber1+2-3
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:asciimoo/searxAdam Tauber29+409-134
[enh] using the loggerAdam Tauber4+22-8
[fix] template syntaxAdam Tauber2+2-2
[enh] logging addedAdam Tauber1+11-1
Merge pull request #167 from Cqoicebordel/minor-fixesAdam Tauber2+10-15
[doc] @opi added to authorsAdam Tauber1+1-0
[doc] @vincib added to authorsAdam Tauber1+1-0
[doc] todo updatesAdam Tauber1+5-8
[enh] pep8 check added to testsAdam Tauber1+4-4
[fix] pep8Adam Tauber3+8-9
[enh] tox.ini added to rewrite standard pep8 rulesAdam Tauber1+2-0
[doc] nested list fixAdam Tauber1+11-10
[doc] release date ++ formattingAdam Tauber1+19-18
[fix] favicon pathsAdam Tauber9+11-8
[fix] static content pathsAdam Tauber5+6-6
[enh] better result template handlingAdam Tauber5+34-6
[fix] filename stripAdam Tauber1+0-0
[fix] static file pathsAdam Tauber7+13-14
[enh] themes static content refactorAdam Tauber184+19-10
Merge pull request #143 from Cqoicebordel/Wiki-dateAdam Tauber1+15-0
[mod] purge local html_to_textAdam Tauber1+1-5
[fix] ignore scripts/styles in html_to_textAdam Tauber1+23-0
Merge pull request #165 from Cqoicebordel/Moar-enginesAdam Tauber14+191-51
Merge pull request #164 from pointhi/faviconsAdam Tauber38+8-8
Merge pull request #163 from pointhi/translationsAdam Tauber20+797-364
[doc] list indentation fixAdam Tauber1+7-7
[enh] v0.6.0Adam Tauber1+1-1
[doc] changelog addedAdam Tauber1+26-0
[enh] nl, de, fr, hu translation updatesAdam Tauber12+191-211
[fix] view testsAdam Tauber1+1-1
[enh] subtitleseeker: better language handlingAdam Tauber1+11-1
Merge branch 'Cqoicebordel-Detect-favicons'Adam Tauber12+24-24
Merge pull request #161 from Cqoicebordel/SubtitleSeeker-engineAdam Tauber2+71-0
[fix] flickr engine code cleanup ++ handle missing ownerAdam Tauber1+32-45
Merge pull request #149 from Cqoicebordel/Flickr-engineAdam Tauber3+163-31
[enh] engine shortcut validationAdam Tauber1+6-1
Merge pull request #159 from pointhi/photon_fixAdam Tauber1+6-2
Merge pull request #158 from Cqoicebordel/Moar-EnginesAdam Tauber4+183-0
Merge pull request #156 from Cqoicebordel/Fix-map-oscarAdam Tauber4+26-5
[mod][fix] https rewrite refactor ++ fixesAdam Tauber3+68-61
Merge pull request #152 from pointhi/search_enginesAdam Tauber11+200-38
[mod] better search request exception handlingAdam Tauber1+16-12
[fix] handle empty search requestsAdam Tauber1+3-1
[mod] display timeoutted engine nameAdam Tauber1+4-3
[fix] timeout and response parsing orderAdam Tauber1+8-8
[mod] strict timeout handlingAdam Tauber1+14-18
Merge pull request #151 from pointhi/kickass_fixAdam Tauber2+6-2
Merge pull request #150 from pointhi/oscar_image_fixAdam Tauber1+0-0
Merge pull request #144 from Cqoicebordel/KickassTorrent-Search-EngineAdam Tauber6+89-1
[fix] mysterious string removeAdam Tauber1+0-1
[fix] use queues to answers/suggestions/infoboxesAdam Tauber1+18-22
[fix] proper search timeout handlingAdam Tauber1+19-6
Merge pull request #145 from Cqoicebordel/HTML+Bugs-TemplatesAdam Tauber13+19-23
[mod] engine load refactorAdam Tauber1+11-5
[fix] disable debug modeAdam Tauber1+1-1
[mod] disabling piratebay, according to #146 and https://torrentfreak.com/feds-receive-requests-to-shut-down-the-pirate-bay-140801/Adam Tauber1+4-4
[doc] @Reventl0v added to authorsAdam Tauber1+1-0
[fix] piratebay urlAdam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] autocomplete x-suggestionAdam Tauber1+1-1
[mod] image results removed from google engineAdam Tauber1+5-2
[enh] v0.5.0Adam Tauber1+1-1
[doc] @Cqoicebordel added to authorsAdam Tauber1+1-0
[mod] search thread namesAdam Tauber1+5-2
Merge pull request #141 from Cqoicebordel/UX+Bugs+HTMLAdam Tauber8+24-29
Merge pull request #142 from Cqoicebordel/Fix-Google-ImageAdam Tauber1+2-2
Merge pull request #139 from dalf/masterAdam Tauber24+277-187
[fix] pep8Adam Tauber1+22-13
[enh] gevent/grequests changed to the built-in threading libAdam Tauber5+20-23
[fix] version.py pep8 and py3 compatibilityAdam Tauber1+3-1
[doc] description fixesAdam Tauber1+2-2
Merge pull request #136 from pointhi/template_oscar_fixAdam Tauber15+395-227
Merge pull request #134 from Reventl0v/patch-1Adam Tauber1+1-0
[doc] domain name changeAdam Tauber1+3-3
[enh] translation updateAdam Tauber8+422-270
[enh] french translation buildAdam Tauber1+0-0
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:asciimoo/searxAdam Tauber1+47-48
[enh] user agent string updateAdam Tauber1+7-1
Merge pull request #130 from pointhi/template_oscar_fixAdam Tauber1+2-2
Merge pull request #129 from courgette/courgetteAdam Tauber2+139-21
Merge pull request #127 from pointhi/template_oscar_mapAdam Tauber38+783-95
[fix] sidebar overflowAdam Tauber2+2-2
[fix] whitespace removeAdam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] suggestions displayAdam Tauber2+7-5
[enh] category select warning messageAdam Tauber3+109-3
[fix] syggestions max widthAdam Tauber1+1-0
Merge pull request #125 from pointhi/versionsAdam Tauber8+42-3
[fix] startpage engine compatibilityAdam Tauber1+20-12
Merge pull request #124 from matejc/oscarfixAdam Tauber1+6-5
[fix] html attribute quoteAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #105 from pointhi/template_oscarAdam Tauber154+12025-199
[fix] wikipedia autocompleter url paramAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #122 from pointhi/bugfixAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #118 from dalf/masterAdam Tauber16+135-144
[doc] @kernc added to authors listAdam Tauber1+1-0
Merge pull request #117 from pointhi/https_fixAdam Tauber1+5-4
[enh][fix] https rewrite rules added to setup.pyAdam Tauber1+2-1
[fix] pep8 part II.Adam Tauber6+121-80
[fix] pep8 compatibilityAdam Tauber2+22-18
Merge pull request #115 from pointhi/engine_farooAdam Tauber3+117-0
Merge pull request #97 from pointhi/httpsAdam Tauber40+4695-13
Merge pull request #114 from kernc/patch-1Adam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] wikidata: using only the first urlAdam Tauber1+3-2
[enh] translation updatesAdam Tauber14+638-356
Merge pull request #110 from pointhi/language_japaneseAdam Tauber3+216-0
Merge pull request #113 from dalf/masterAdam Tauber3+63-34
[fix] default template handlingAdam Tauber1+2-2
[fix] preferences button displayAdam Tauber2+9-8
[mod] sidebar positioningAdam Tauber2+85-6
[fix] code cleanupAdam Tauber1+4-10
[fix] html escape urlAdam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] debug mode disabled by defaultAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #104 from dalf/masterAdam Tauber12+619-130
Merge pull request #107 from pointhi/float_bugAdam Tauber1+16-4
Merge pull request #67 from opi/patch-1Adam Tauber1+2-2
Merge pull request #106 from pointhi/query_parserAdam Tauber3+164-58
Merge branch 'comments' of https://github.com/pointhi/searxAdam Tauber4+174-2
Merge pull request #99 from dalf/masterAdam Tauber2+120-26
Merge pull request #94 from dalf/masterAdam Tauber1+7-2
[enh] archive.org link added to resultsAdam Tauber3+8-3
[enh] duckduckgo autocomplete addedAdam Tauber1+11-0
Merge pull request #93 from dalf/masterAdam Tauber3+29-9
[enh] more flexible category selectionAdam Tauber1+8-2
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:asciimoo/searxAdam Tauber1+0-2
[enh] settings.yml docsAdam Tauber1+5-5
[enh] openstreetmap added to configAdam Tauber1+4-0
[enh] new engine: openstreetmapAdam Tauber1+47-0
[enh] setup.py keywordsAdam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] print removedAdam Tauber1+0-1
[fix] string formattingAdam Tauber1+9-8
Merge pull request #91 from pointhi/enginesAdam Tauber2+74-18
[enh][fix] support base_urls without language code ++ extra whitespaces removedAdam Tauber1+22-11
Merge pull request #90 from pointhi/enginesAdam Tauber3+59-80
[fix] query escaped in all htmls, invalid todo removedAdam Tauber1+0-1
[enh] HTTP GET theme selectAdam Tauber1+3-1
Merge pull request #89 from pointhi/enginesAdam Tauber16+406-115
Merge pull request #88 from pointhi/enginesAdam Tauber11+401-101
Merge pull request #86 from pointhi/enginesAdam Tauber1+1-0
Merge pull request #85 from courgette/masterAdam Tauber1+19-2
[doc] @courgette added to authorsAdam Tauber1+1-0
Merge pull request #82 from courgette/masterAdam Tauber33+1607-0
[enh] setup.py classifiersAdam Tauber1+5-0
[fix] html escapeAdam Tauber1+3-2
[enh] standalone search exampleAdam Tauber1+36-0
[mod] select autocomplete results with mouse clickAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #79 from Aigeruth/cover/searx.enginesAdam Tauber4+89-0
Merge pull request #78 from Aigeruth/cover/searx/utilsAdam Tauber3+92-3
Merge pull request #76 from Aigeruth/landscapeioAdam Tauber1+3-0
[fix] unused globals removed II.Adam Tauber1+0-1
[fix] unused globals removedAdam Tauber7+0-8
Merge pull request #75 from Aigeruth/coverallsAdam Tauber1+4-0
[deploy] new pypi package (0.3.1)Adam Tauber1+1-1
[enh] github ribbon to landingpageAdam Tauber3+5-1
[enh][mod] search refactorAdam Tauber4+170-174
[fix] url path unquoted check to avoid duplicationsAdam Tauber1+8-2
[fix] pep8Adam Tauber1+2-1
[doc] authors list updateAdam Tauber1+1-0
Merge pull request #74 from posativ/patch/application-aliasAdam Tauber1+3-0
Merge pull request #73 from posativ/fix/gevent-monkeypatchAdam Tauber1+3-3
[enh][mod] engine list updatesAdam Tauber1+10-4
[enh] general-file.com engine addedAdam Tauber1+35-0
[enh] https rewrite basicsAdam Tauber3+34-3
Merge pull request #72 from matejc/fixsdistAdam Tauber1+4-4
Merge pull request #70 from matejc/theming_supportAdam Tauber49+390-315
[fix] flickr.com modsAdam Tauber1+34-28
[mod] useragent generationAdam Tauber1+3-1
[fix] www. domain duplicationsAdam Tauber1+9-1
[doc] authors file addedAdam Tauber1+26-0
[fix] flickr compatibilityAdam Tauber1+29-18
[fix] pep8Adam Tauber2+5-3
[mod] tpb sort refactorAdam Tauber1+16-6
[fix] indentationAdam Tauber1+1-1
Merge pull request #65 from rsdy/masterAdam Tauber1+7-2
[mod] right sidebarAdam Tauber2+2-2
[fix] suggestions marginAdam Tauber2+3-1
[mod] inline suggestionsAdam Tauber3+29-24
[mod] search field widthAdam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] test updatesAdam Tauber1+2-2
[enh] better highlightingAdam Tauber4+14-3
[fix] paddingAdam Tauber2+3-3
[enh][mod] results ui refactorAdam Tauber5+86-78
[fix] using different opensearch url to fix chrome POST request bugAdam Tauber2+4-3
Merge pull request #61 from matejc/optional_search_getAdam Tauber5+30-6
[fix] wikipedia autocomplete error handlingAdam Tauber1+3-1
[fix] autocomplete encodingAdam Tauber2+12-13
[fix] opensearch autocompleteAdam Tauber2+3-6
[fix] pep8Adam Tauber1+2-1
[fix] autocompleter.py addedAdam Tauber1+48-0
[enh] autocompleter server side partAdam Tauber5+69-28
Merge branch 'autocompleter' of https://github.com/pointhi/searx into autocompleteAdam Tauber12+745-81
[fix] importAdam Tauber1+1-1
[mod] engine mod - urbandictionary suspendedAdam Tauber1+8-7
[fix] indexingAdam Tauber1+4-1
[fix] indexing ++ url extractionAdam Tauber1+5-2
[mod] ddg engine modsAdam Tauber1+45-13
[fix] remove unused imports ++ pep8Adam Tauber3+2-4
[mod][fix] cookie expiration ++ pep8 compatibilityAdam Tauber1+11-9
[enh] translation updateAdam Tauber14+114-51
Merge pull request #57 from pointhi/resultsAdam Tauber9+26-15
[fix] #55Adam Tauber1+8-1
[fix] #38Adam Tauber2+6-6
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:asciimoo/searxAdam Tauber2+2-2
[fix] #38Adam Tauber4+8-8
[doc] wiki page link positionAdam Tauber1+2-2
[enh] translation updatesAdam Tauber7+60-71
[fix] pep8Adam Tauber3+26-15
Merge pull request #50 from pointhi/resultsAdam Tauber8+62-2
[enh] translation updatesAdam Tauber14+145-97
Merge pull request #49 from pointhi/stylesAdam Tauber4+1-1
[enh] Dutch translation addedAdam Tauber3+159-0
[fix] pep8Adam Tauber1+2-0
[fix] yahoo url extractionAdam Tauber2+7-9
[doc] wiki link addedAdam Tauber1+2-0
[enh] 0.3.0 pypi versionAdam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] pep8Adam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] #47Adam Tauber1+12-4
[enh] engine default category initAdam Tauber1+3-0
Merge pull request #46 from pointhi/stylesAdam Tauber8+769-229
[enh] italian translation addedAdam Tauber3+159-0
[enh] german translation updatesAdam Tauber3+31-36
[enh] spanish translationsAdam Tauber2+162-3
[fix] translationAdam Tauber6+2-6
[enh] translation updatesAdam Tauber8+171-108
[fix] proper src/href url handlingAdam Tauber7+18-18
Merge pull request #44 from potato/masterAdam Tauber1+2-2
[fix] pep8Adam Tauber1+1-0
[fix] search url categoriesAdam Tauber1+1-1
[enh] linkable search url displayAdam Tauber3+7-0
[enh] better useragent string generationAdam Tauber1+5-2
[fix] pep8Adam Tauber1+1-1
[fix] yahoo engine url extractionAdam Tauber2+2-2
Merge pull request #43 from pointhi/newsAdam Tauber4+152-0
[fix] yahoo url modsAdam Tauber1+5-1
[fix] visited link color changeAdam Tauber1+2-1
Merge pull request #40 from matejc/masterAdam Tauber1+1-0
[mod] removing uncyclopedia from the default enginesasciimoo1+6-5
[mod][fix] startpage engine updatesasciimoo1+4-1
[mod][enh] default timeout 1.8 -> 2.0sec ++ uncyclopedia engine addedasciimoo1+7-1
[fix][#36] remembering results download categoriesasciimoo1+7-18
[fix][#36] paging category resetasciimoo1+6-0
[fix] debug print removedasciimoo1+0-1
[fix] unicode url fixasciimoo1+2-1
[fix] PYTHONPATH settingsasciimoo1+5-0
[fix] translations pathasciimoo1+1-1
[mod] decreasing default timeoutsasciimoo1+3-1
[enh] new engine parameter: timeoutasciimoo1+6-2
[mod] len() removed from conditionsasciimoo8+19-17
[enh] result css modsasciimoo1+4-2
[fix] language query string comparisonasciimoo1+1-1
[mod] engine listasciimoo1+1-3
[mod] shortcut modsasciimoo1+2-2
[enh] displaying language_code in preferencesasciimoo1+1-1
[enh] better search language selection from queryasciimoo1+12-3
[enh] chainable query modifiersasciimoo1+1-0
[enh] language selection from queryasciimoo1+6-1
[mod] query parsing refactor vol.1asciimoo1+25-20
[fix] robots.txtasciimoo1+1-1
[mod] index renderingasciimoo1+3-0
[fix] unicode and pep8 fixesasciimoo3+11-8
[fix] robot testsasciimoo1+3-6
[fix] language/locale settingsasciimoo1+0-1
[fix] formattingasciimoo1+1-1
[mod] deny vs blockasciimoo1+2-2
[fix] linkasciimoo1+1-1
[enh][mod] code refactor ++ search engine filteringasciimoo3+133-100
[fix] pep8asciimoo1+1-1
[enh] engine customisation initasciimoo5+63-49
Merge pull request #34 from Aigeruth/pep8Adam Tauber12+26-32
[fix] pep8asciimoo1+1-1
[fix] whitespace duplication fix in nonhtml outputsasciimoo1+3-1
[enh] utils - translation updater script addedasciimoo1+17-0
[enh] hungarian translationsasciimoo2+3-4
[doc] readme updatesasciimoo1+1-0
[fix] pep8asciimoo2+3-3
[doc] readme updatesasciimoo1+2-4
[enh] displaying shortcuts at engines pageasciimoo2+5-2
[enh] engine shortcutsasciimoo1+21-0
[enh] query parsing improvements - shortcut supportasciimoo1+15-10
[enh] shortcut support added to enginesasciimoo1+21-7
[enh] translation updatesasciimoo8+75-40
Merge pull request #33 from matejc/moretestsAdam Tauber5+182-11
[fix] pep8asciimoo1+1-1
[enh] search language support upadtesasciimoo2+13-2
[enh] search language support initasciimoo9+162-13
[mod] search input modsasciimoo1+5-5
[fix] using absolute templatepathsasciimoo1+3-3
[enh] german translations addedasciimoo3+141-0
[enh] new version - 0.2.0asciimoo1+1-1
[enh] transifex link addedasciimoo1+1-0
[enh] translation mods ++ en addedasciimoo6+150-16
[enh] about updates - links addedasciimoo1+11-0
[mod] travis notification modsasciimoo1+1-0
[fix] paging for api formsasciimoo1+3-0
[enh] ui modsasciimoo2+44-33
[fix] print removedasciimoo1+0-1
[enh][fix] opensearch separation ++ better chrome supportasciimoo2+15-16
[doc] todo updatesasciimoo1+1-1
[fix] function parametersasciimoo1+2-1
[fix] print removedasciimoo1+0-1
[fix] function parametersasciimoo1+2-2
[enh] using yahoo engine instead of xpath for yahoo searchesasciimoo1+1-7
[enh] yahoo engine addedasciimoo1+42-0
[enh] importable url extractorasciimoo1+1-1
[fix] print removedasciimoo1+0-1
[enh] startpage paging initasciimoo1+6-1
[enh] paging support for stackoverflowasciimoo1+5-2
[enh] paging support for soundcloudasciimoo1+6-3
[enh] paging support for piratebayasciimoo1+7-3
[enh] paging support for mediawikiasciimoo2+5-2
[fix] comment removedasciimoo1+0-2
[enh] paging support for google imagesasciimoo1+4-2
[enh] paging support for flickrasciimoo1+7-2
[enh] paging support for filecropasciimoo1+6-2
[enh] paging support for ddgasciimoo1+5-2
[enh] paging support for youtubeasciimoo1+6-2
[enh] paging support for deviantartasciimoo1+6-3
[fix] pagination positionasciimoo2+5-1
[enh] paging support for dailymotionasciimoo1+5-3
[enh] logo modasciimoo1+19-7
[fix] unused var removedasciimoo1+0-2
[fix] translation updatesasciimoo4+34-17
[enh] paging added to example engineasciimoo1+2-0
[enh] bing, google paging supportasciimoo2+12-4
[enh] paging supportasciimoo4+41-10
[fix] w3m submit button text displayasciimoo2+2-1
[mod] minor mods ++ google engine changedasciimoo1+2-8
[enh] google engine addedasciimoo1+28-0
Merge pull request #32 from matejc/robottestsAdam Tauber4+67-103
[enh][mod] better query parsing ++ selecting categories with query stringsasciimoo1+18-3
Merge pull request #31 from pw3t/french_translationAdam Tauber5+132-1
[enh] translations && informations @ preferencesasciimoo3+23-7
[fix] engines page translationasciimoo1+1-1
[fix] pep8asciimoo1+4-3
[mod] engine config modsasciimoo1+5-4
Merge pull request #29 from pw3t/ixquickAdam Tauber3+22-4
[fix] html tag removalasciimoo1+2-1
[fix] pep8 compatibilityasciimoo1+3-3
[enh] hungarian translation addedasciimoo2+115-0
[enh] configurable localizationasciimoo7+55-12
[enh] config locale supportasciimoo1+4-0
[enh] i18n supportasciimoo6+29-20
[enh] babel.cfg addedasciimoo1+3-0
[mod] ui localization init - new dependency: flask-babelasciimoo4+15-2
[mod] import restructureasciimoo1+4-5
[fix] rst conversion fixasciimoo1+3-3
[mod] setup.py version, README updateasciimoo1+3-3
[mod] README format change - pypi compatiblityasciimoo2+159-122
[fix] linkasciimoo1+1-1
[fix] linkasciimoo1+1-1
[mod] about pageasciimoo1+10-10
[fix] pep/flake8 compatibilityasciimoo23+197-109
[mod] robots.txt updateasciimoo1+1-0
Merge pull request #30 from matejc/smallissuesAdam Tauber17+293-130
[doc] about page updatesasciimoo1+1-1
[mod] favicon modsasciimoo1+7-2
[enh] results favico handlingasciimoo5+7-11
Merge branch 'featured_result' of https://github.com/pw3t/searxasciimoo15+52-7
[fix] typoasciimoo1+1-1
[mod] about page modasciimoo1+0-1
[fix] new settings importasciimoo1+1-7
[fix] unused settings.py removedasciimoo1+0-16
[enh] settings unification - new dependency: pyyamlasciimoo10+150-121
[fix] weight configurable via engines.cfgasciimoo1+0-2
[mod] function nameasciimoo2+3-3
[fix] about page updatesasciimoo1+2-2
Merge pull request #27 from matejc/flatdesignAdam Tauber2+11-4
[fix] markdown syntax removedasciimoo1+1-1
[enh] about page updates II.asciimoo1+8-0
[enh] piratebay in files categoryasciimoo1+1-1
[enh] files category ++ filecrop engine added to cfgasciimoo1+4-0
[enh] general torrent search with piratebayasciimoo1+1-0
[enh][mod] search category orderasciimoo1+2-1
[enh] /engines page addedasciimoo2+32-1
[enh] about page updatesasciimoo1+20-25
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:asciimoo/searxasciimoo5+54-6
[doc] irc channel addedasciimoo1+1-0
[enh] gitignore updatesasciimoo1+3-0
tests and robot tests framework, build overhaulMatej Cotman17+732-6
[fix] opensearch/rss content typeasciimoo1+1-3
[enh] button to opensearch/rssasciimoo1+11-3
[doc] output formatsasciimoo1+4-2
[fix] syntax error..asciimoo1+1-1
[enh] opensearch/rss support part I.asciimoo2+50-9
Merge pull request #21 from dnet/masterAdam Tauber1+2-7
[doc] readme updateasciimoo1+0-1
[enh] own useragent handling initasciimoo2+7-1
[fix] whitespaces removedasciimoo1+1-1
[fix] urbandictionary html modsasciimoo1+3-3
[enh][doc] more about section addedasciimoo1+9-0
Merge pull request #20 from dalf/patch-1Adam Tauber1+2-0
[enh] logo addedasciimoo1+191-0
[enh] new favicon addedasciimoo2+1-1
[enh] ui modsasciimoo1+9-6
[enh] github ribbon removed from landing pageasciimoo1+0-1
[mod] clearing .result classasciimoo1+1-1
[fix] newlinesasciimoo1+1-1
[fix] title escapingasciimoo1+1-1
[mod] vimeo engine modsasciimoo1+8-5
Merge pull request #18 from rsdy/masterAdam Tauber5+24-11
[fix] highlighting only htmlasciimoo3+35-28
[fix] unused closing tag removedasciimoo1+1-1
[mod] currency convert engine name changeasciimoo1+1-1
Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/dalf/searxasciimoo6+117-75
Merge pull request #17 from pw3t/vimeoAdam Tauber3+46-1
[fix] html5 compatibilityasciimoo1+3-3
[enh] score per result stat addedasciimoo1+11-2
Merge pull request #16 from dalf/masterAdam Tauber9+85-41
[fix] id duplicationasciimoo1+1-1
[fix] setting category cookie expiration to 4 weeksasciimoo1+2-1
[fix] error percentage @ stats pageasciimoo1+1-1
[mod] unused imports and whitespaces purgedasciimoo2+9-11
Merge pull request #13 from pw3t/masterAdam Tauber3+115-0
Merge pull request #15 from dalf/masterAdam Tauber1+7-1
Merge pull request #14 from dalf/masterAdam Tauber2+2-2
[enh] preferences redirectionasciimoo1+2-3
[enh] navigation linkasciimoo1+1-0
[fix] preferences template addedasciimoo1+18-0
[enh] links to preferencesasciimoo2+2-0
[enh] preferences addedasciimoo1+29-10
[mod] separating categoriesasciimoo2+6-5
Merge remote-tracking branch 'dalf/master'asciimoo3+31-3
Merge commit '4009b9a66dd2125671526c294a8951d253bf2b92' - ignoringasciimoo0+0-0
[fix] piratebay.sx is no longer available - using piratebay.seasciimoo1+1-1
[doc] readme updatesasciimoo1+1-1
[mod][fix] using base_url instead of hostname in settings.pyasciimoo2+3-3
Merge pull request #10 from dalf/masterAdam Tauber4+39-2
[enh] optionally configurable hostname - edit settings.pyasciimoo2+7-1
[enh] viewport meta addedasciimoo1+1-0
[enh] currency convert to general categoryasciimoo1+1-0
[fix] not highlighting Nonetypeasciimoo1+3-0
[fix] search category checkbox whitespacesasciimoo1+1-1
[fix] checkbox idsasciimoo1+1-1
[enh] w3c compatibility ++ ui modsasciimoo4+5-4
[fix] debug print removedasciimoo1+0-1
[mod] html modsasciimoo2+3-5
[mod] html5 doctypeasciimoo1+1-1
[enh][fix] csv output updatesasciimoo1+4-3
[enh] css modsasciimoo1+1-1
[enh] favicon addedasciimoo3+12-6
[enh][mod] displaying search query in page titleasciimoo2+2-2
[enh] faq updatesasciimoo1+4-4
[enh] smarter currency query parse II.asciimoo1+1-1
[enh] smarter currency query parseasciimoo1+8-4
[enh] faq updatesasciimoo1+12-4
[enh] robots.txt addedasciimoo1+8-0
[fix] form submit urlasciimoo1+1-1
[enh] csv/json download buttonsasciimoo2+15-1
[enh] google added to sample configasciimoo1+8-0
[enh] json engine addedasciimoo1+79-0
[fix] utf8 content highlightingasciimoo1+7-6
[fix] html escapeasciimoo1+4-3
[mod] code formattingasciimoo1+6-1
[enh] csv output supportasciimoo2+46-0
[enh] pointer cursor to suggestionsasciimoo1+1-1
[enh] submittable suggestionsasciimoo2+3-2
[enh] suggestions @ yahoo engineasciimoo1+7-6
[enh] suggestion renderingasciimoo2+9-3
[enh] suggestion support for xpath engineasciimoo1+5-1
[enh] suggestion support addedasciimoo2+10-4
[mod] result scoring separatedasciimoo1+43-38
[doc] features modsasciimoo1+2-2
[doc] todo updatesasciimoo1+1-0
[fix] currency converter - valid date url paramasciimoo1+8-1
[fix] query highlight fixasciimoo1+5-3
[enh] incasesensitive query highlightingasciimoo1+12-2
[enh] moar weight for currency convertorasciimoo1+1-0
[enh] engine score weight support @ config and enginesasciimoo1+13-8
[doc] todo updatesasciimoo1+2-1
[enh] removing result html tagsasciimoo4+7-6
[enh] search query highlight in result textsasciimoo1+13-0
[enh] utils.py addedasciimoo1+26-0
[enh] about page updateasciimoo1+10-3
[enh] ui mods - smaller fontsasciimoo1+3-2
[enh] searchbar ui modsasciimoo1+25-21
[enh] example config updateasciimoo1+3-0
[enh] currency converter engine addedasciimoo1+45-0
[enh] skipping empty/nonetype categoriesasciimoo1+4-1
[enh] ignoring empty request urlsasciimoo1+4-0
[enh] specify search engine in queriesasciimoo1+29-20
[mod] searching by selected enginesasciimoo2+12-10
[enh] request arg refactorasciimoo1+18-14
[fix] varnameasciimoo1+2-2
[enh] request timeout addedasciimoo2+10-6
[enh] clickable youtube thumbnailasciimoo1+1-1
[enh] better url comparisonasciimoo1+3-1
[fix] correct scheme @ parsed urlasciimoo1+1-0
[enh] searx index image addedasciimoo3+5-1
[enh] about page modsasciimoo1+3-2
[mod] css modsasciimoo1+1-1
[enh] ui modsasciimoo2+4-4
[enh] search button icon addedasciimoo3+2-2
[enh] search input "design"asciimoo2+34-2
[fix] valid https checkingasciimoo1+1-1
[enh] https support @ opensearch.xmlasciimoo1+4-1
[doc] todo updatesasciimoo1+1-0
[mod] scoringasciimoo1+1-1
[fix] css classname typoasciimoo1+1-1
[enh] engine exception handling ++ statsasciimoo1+20-3
[mod] scoring modsasciimoo1+2-1
[mod] pageload stat orderasciimoo1+1-1
[mod] scoring modsasciimoo1+2-2
[enh] score stat modsasciimoo1+4-1
[mod] results engines modsasciimoo1+2-1
[mod] engine list removed from default result templateasciimoo1+1-1
[fix] using https linksasciimoo1+1-2
[enh] engine score statsasciimoo1+14-2
[enh] search countasciimoo1+3-1
[fix] urlparsing fixasciimoo1+2-0
[doc] formattingasciimoo1+1-0
[doc] running instancesasciimoo1+2-1
[enh] stat bar graphsasciimoo3+12-5
[enh] stat updatesasciimoo2+29-11
[enh] new stat: average request durationasciimoo1+9-2
[enh] view for statsasciimoo1+7-1
[enh] template for statsasciimoo1+16-0
[enh] engine statisticsasciimoo1+14-0
[enh] more compact image viewasciimoo2+6-4
[enh] about page updatesasciimoo1+4-2
[enh] config checksasciimoo1+4-0
[enh] urbandictionary xpath engine addedasciimoo1+8-0
[enh] xpath engine absolute xpath supportasciimoo1+12-7
[enh] yahoo xpath engine addedasciimoo1+8-0
[enh] xpath engine addedasciimoo1+54-0
[mod] var renameasciimoo1+1-1
[enh] basic config checkasciimoo1+6-0
[enh] engine params to response callbacksasciimoo1+3-2
[doc] flattr button link fixasciimoo1+1-1
[doc] flattr button addedasciimoo1+2-0
[fix] url encodingasciimoo1+1-1
[enh] url prettifyasciimoo2+6-1
[fix] debug msg removedasciimoo1+0-1
[enh] bing updates ++ language supportasciimoo1+14-1
[enh] bing section exampleasciimoo1+3-0
[enh] bing engine addedasciimoo1+26-0
[fix] urljoin removedasciimoo1+2-2
[fix] character encoding fixasciimoo1+1-1
[enh] engine cfg compatibiltyasciimoo9+36-39
[enh][mod] engines.cfg supportasciimoo1+28-14
[enh] mediawiki engine addedasciimoo1+23-0
[doc] install notesasciimoo1+1-0
[enh] sample engine configuration file addedasciimoo1+49-0
[enh] engines.cfg gitignoredasciimoo1+1-0
[mod] wikipedia engine removedasciimoo1+0-16
[enh] about updatesasciimoo1+1-1
[fix] unused var removedasciimoo1+0-2
[enh] valid json content typeasciimoo1+1-1
[enh] merging only results with same rendering templatesasciimoo1+2-1
[fix] handling missing github descriptionsasciimoo1+4-1
[fix] image widthasciimoo1+1-1
[fix] debug print removedasciimoo1+0-1
[fix] skipping empty urlsasciimoo1+2-0
[enh][mod] using image template renderingasciimoo3+8-8
[enh] image result template addedasciimoo1+8-0
[enh] result rendering templatesasciimoo3+15-5
[fix] description escapingasciimoo1+2-1
[enh] about page updateasciimoo3+6-2
[enh] thumbnails to youtube video resultsasciimoo1+8-1
[enh] magnet link addedasciimoo1+2-0
[enh] displaying seeders/leechersasciimoo1+2-0
[enh] piratebay engine addedasciimoo1+34-0
[enh] categories to request callbackasciimoo2+41-39
[enh] about page updatesasciimoo1+5-3
[mod] github ribbon to about pageasciimoo3+5-3
Merge pull request #4 from rsdy/masterAdam Tauber1+3-0
[enh] about page modsasciimoo2+3-2
[mod] header removedasciimoo4+4-11
[fix] missing header template addedasciimoo1+4-0
[enh] about page addedasciimoo4+39-41
[mod] about page movedasciimoo1+0-0
Merge pull request #3 from stef/masterAdam Tauber1+47-0
[enh] chrome opensearch supportasciimoo4+10-6
[doc] HTTP GET supportasciimoo1+1-1
[enh] HTTP GET supportasciimoo1+7-6
[doc] todo updateasciimoo1+2-1
[enh] github engine addedasciimoo1+25-0
[fix] handling empty resultsets III.asciimoo1+2-2
[fix] url encoding fixasciimoo1+3-4
[mod] always remember selected categoriesasciimoo2+1-4
[fix] default categoryasciimoo1+3-0
[fix] link attribasciimoo1+1-1
[fix] filteringasciimoo1+1-1
[fix] request header parameteringasciimoo1+5-5
[fix] handling empty resultset II.asciimoo1+1-1
[fix] handling empty resultsetasciimoo1+2-0
[enh] checkbox redesignasciimoo2+45-2
[doc] descasciimoo1+1-1
[doc] issuesasciimoo1+6-0
[doc] todo addedasciimoo1+1-0
[enh] deviantart engine addedasciimoo1+29-0
[enh] twitter engine addedasciimoo1+26-0
[enh] css rulesasciimoo1+2-0
[fix][doc] install stepsasciimoo1+1-1
[enh] soundcloud playlistsasciimoo1+1-1
[enh][mod] ui changesasciimoo3+4-3
[mod] content formattingasciimoo1+3-1
[mod] engine renameasciimoo1+0-0
[enh] google images refactorasciimoo1+11-13
Merge pull request #2 from stef/masterAdam Tauber1+28-0
[enh] number of search resultsasciimoo2+9-1
[enh] container div addedasciimoo2+6-0
[enh] cookie supportasciimoo1+3-1
[doc] features updateasciimoo1+1-0
[mod] checkbox label positionasciimoo1+2-2
[enh] example engine updateasciimoo1+2-0
[enh] youtube engine addedasciimoo1+35-0
[enh] ordering categoriesasciimoo1+1-1
[fix] better url comparison II.asciimoo1+1-1
[fix] sanitize results II.asciimoo1+1-1
[fix] sanitize resultsasciimoo1+5-1
[fix] better url comparisonasciimoo1+2-1
[enh] category selection rememberasciimoo2+4-1
[enh] smaller search form @ results pageasciimoo2+5-1
[enh] description + keywordsasciimoo1+2-2
[enh] custom engine result weightsasciimoo1+1-1
[enh] engine blacklist supportasciimoo1+4-1
[fix] using httpsasciimoo1+1-1
[enh] startpage engine addedasciimoo1+28-0
[mod] class renameasciimoo1+8-6
[enh] ui modsasciimoo1+5-2
[enh] displaying all search engines in resultsasciimoo1+1-0
[enh] better url comparisonasciimoo1+9-1
[mod] .gitignore changesasciimoo1+0-1
[mod] config file replacedasciimoo3+1-17
[enh] settings.py addedasciimoo3+18-5
[doc] todo updatesasciimoo1+0-1
[doc] description updateasciimoo1+2-2
[fix] several fixesasciimoo1+5-6
Merge pull request #1 from stef/masterAdam Tauber1+29-0
[fix] dict keysasciimoo1+1-1
[doc] features updateasciimoo1+1-0
[enh] storing search categories in cookiesasciimoo1+17-4
[enh] soundcloud search addedasciimoo1+23-0
[mod] ui modsasciimoo1+2-2
[enh] category addedasciimoo1+2-0
[enh] category supportasciimoo3+25-8
[enh] ui modsasciimoo2+5-2
[fix] proper html escapingasciimoo1+2-1
[doc] features updateasciimoo1+1-0
[enh][mod] template refactorasciimoo3+11-13
[enh] browser autocompletition turned offasciimoo2+2-2
[doc] feature list updateasciimoo1+1-0
[enh] license infosasciimoo1+17-0
[enh] json output supportasciimoo1+4-0
[enh] stackoverflow addedasciimoo1+25-0
[mod] wikipedia limited to first resultasciimoo1+3-2
[enh] todo updatedasciimoo1+0-2
[enh] result ordering and deduplicationasciimoo1+21-1
[doc] todosasciimoo1+13-5
[enh] github ribbon addedasciimoo2+3-0
[enh] opensearch xml addedasciimoo2+27-1
[enh] result orderingasciimoo1+6-3
[enh] default engine selectionasciimoo1+2-0
[fix] unicode (en|de)codingasciimoo1+2-2
[enh] proper urlsasciimoo1+1-1
[mod] removed debug messagesasciimoo1+0-2
[enh] engine selection supportasciimoo2+10-2
[enh] wikipedia search addedasciimoo1+15-0
[enh] rendering engine namesasciimoo1+5-0
[enh] template render updatesasciimoo1+8-4
[enh] engine typesasciimoo7+34-29
[enh] ui improvementsasciimoo1+6-0
[enh] landing page updatesasciimoo1+7-5
[enh] ui improvementsasciimoo1+11-0
[mod] search refactorasciimoo2+40-34
[doc] featuresasciimoo1+2-2
[fix] comments removedasciimoo1+0-13
[fix] result template tag fixasciimoo1+1-1
[doc] feature listasciimoo1+6-1
[doc] install notes II.asciimoo1+1-1
[enh] license informationsasciimoo2+31-0
[doc] install notesasciimoo1+9-0
[enh] examples addedasciimoo1+21-0
[enh] search form @ results pageasciimoo2+5-2
[enh] duckduckgo definitionsasciimoo1+32-0
[enh] result template addedasciimoo1+7-0
[enh] useragent forwardingasciimoo1+6-3
[enh] sample configasciimoo1+7-0
[enh] initial commitasciimoo11+139-0