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diff --git a/scripts/database/recipes.ndtl b/scripts/database/recipes.ndtl @@ -520,7 +520,7 @@ BORSCHT WITH TOFU SOUR CREAM & Devine has been taking russian classes every week, and he comes back from his lessons with new words to teach me. Last week, he not only returned with new words, he also brought back a Borscht recipe. & Borscht is traditionally served with sour cream. A lot of vegan sour cream recipes have cashews, because of my tree nut allergy, i had to opt for something different. soft tofu does the job well, the mix of that plus lemon and apple cider vinegar gives a perfect sour taste! INST - Tofu sour cream + Sour cream - Drain the pack of {{soft tofu}}, press it lightly with a cloth or paper towels to remove some of the water. - Put the {{tofu}}, {_1 tsp_} of {{whole cane sugar}}, {_1 tbsp_} of {{apple cider vinegar}} and {_5 tsp_} of {{lemon juice}} in a bowl. Blend until smooth. - Put in the refrigerator for {#1 hour#} to give it time to thicken. @@ -1454,7 +1454,7 @@ SUNFLOWER HEIRLOOM CARROT PASTA & In this recipe I used heirloom carrots, because I enjoy the varying tones on a plate, but also because different colors offer different nutrients. & To soften the seeds, it's possible to quick-boil them. This makes it easier to grind down into a sauce. If you've got the time, soaking them for 1-2h is a better option ({{ref|https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4325021/}}). INST - Sunfower sauce + Sunflower sauce - Soak {_1/4 cup_} of {{sunflower seeds}} in water, for {#1-2h#}. Rinse and strain, keep aside. - Sautee {_1 chopped_} {{yellow onion}} and {_2 minced_} {{garlic cloves}} in a pan with {_1 tsp_} of {{olive oil}}. Cook until onion is translucent. - Purée {{sunflower seeds}} in a blender with the cooked garlic and onion, {_1 tbsp_} of {{soy sauce}}, {_1/2 tsp_} of {{smoked paprika}}, {_1 heaping tsp_} of {{white miso}}, {_1 tbsp_} of {{nutritional yeast}} and {_1/2 cup_} of {{water}}. Blend until smooth. diff --git a/scripts/helpers.js b/scripts/helpers.js @@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ function Š (target) { } String.prototype.to_markup2 = function () { - html = this + html = this.replace(/\"/g,'\\"') html = html.replace(/{_/g, '<i>').replace(/_}/g, '</i>') html = html.replace(/{\*/g, '<b>').replace(/\*}/g, '</b>') html = html.replace(/{\#/g, "<u>").replace(/\#}/g, '</u>') diff --git a/scripts/templates/home.js b/scripts/templates/home.js @@ -8,8 +8,8 @@ function HomeTemplate (id, rect) { this.answer = function (q) { const ingredients = find_ingredients(q.tables.recipes) - translate_ingredients(q.tables.ingredients) - // translate_recipes(q.tables.recipes) + // translate_ingredients(q.tables.ingredients) + translate_recipes(q.tables.recipes) ingredients.coffee = 1 @@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ function HomeTemplate (id, rect) { } txt += `add_part(&${snake_name}, &${part_name});\n` } - txt += '\n\n' + txt += '\n' } console.log(txt) diff --git a/src/recipes.c b/src/recipes.c @@ -1,36 +1,1473 @@ +// tzaziki +Recipe tzaziki = create_recipe("tzaziki", "sauce", "8 servings", 20191206, 10); +set_description(&tzaziki, "Making tzaziki is easy. This is a basic recipe that works well enough with all kinds of substitutions, depending on dietary restrictions.<br /><br /><b>Substitutions</b><br /><br />It is possible to use <a href='sunflower_seeds.html'>sunflower seeds</a> and <a href='tofu.html'>tofu</a> to replace the hemp seeds. In this recipe, I used half hemp and half soy, because hemp — while being nutritious — is not cheap. Using just <a href='shelled_hemp_seeds.html'>shelled hemp seeds</a> — wallet permitting — is very possible.<br /><br />If using sunflower seeds, you should pre-soak them for 1-2h prior to blending. If using only tofu, you may not require extra water in the recipe.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart tzaziki_sauce = create_part("sauce"); +add_instruction(&tzaziki_sauce, "Blend <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='shelled_hemp_seeds_.html'>shelled hemp seeds </a> with <i>225g</i> of <a href='soft_tofu.html'>soft tofu</a>, <i>3 cloves</i> of <a href='garlic.html'>garlic</a>, <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a> and the juice of <i>1</i> <a href='lemon.html'>lemon</a>."); +add_instruction(&tzaziki_sauce, "Mince the <a href='fresh_dill.html'>fresh dill</a> and <a href='peppermint.html'>peppermint</a>, set aside."); +add_instruction(&tzaziki_sauce, "Cut <i>1</i> cucumber into small cubes."); +add_instruction(&tzaziki_sauce, "Add <a href='fresh_dill.html'>fresh dill</a>, <a href='peppermint.html'>peppermint</a>, the cubed <a href='persian_cucumbers.html'>persian cucumbers</a> and <i>1 pinch</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a> to the rest of the ingredients and mix well."); +add_instruction(&tzaziki_sauce, "Garnish with some <a href='peppermint.html'>peppermint</a> and <a href='fresh_dill.html'>fresh dill</a> leaves."); +add_serving(&tzaziki_sauce, &shelled_hemp_seeds, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&tzaziki_sauce, &soft_tofu, "250g"); +add_serving(&tzaziki_sauce, &garlic, "2 cloves"); +add_serving(&tzaziki_sauce, &water, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&tzaziki_sauce, &lemon, "1, juiced"); +add_serving(&tzaziki_sauce, &fresh_dill, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&tzaziki_sauce, &peppermint, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&tzaziki_sauce, &persian_cucumbers, "2"); +add_serving(&tzaziki_sauce, &salt, "pinch"); +add_part(&tzaziki, &tzaziki_sauce); -Recipe sweet_sour_lentils = create_recipe("sweet and sour lentils","dinner","2 servings",20190602,30); -set_description(&sweet_sour_lentils, "In my galley I have a few recipes that I consider staples, that I'm always in the mood to eat. I usually rotate these throughout the week, adding maybe a new recipe or two to change things up. This sweet and sour lentils recipe is one of these, a favourite of ours."); -RecipePart sweet_sour_lentils_sauce = create_part("sauce"); -add_instruction(&sweet_sour_lentils_sauce, "Mix all liquid ingredients together in a bowl, add {_1 tbsp_} of {{peanut butter}} and stir until dissolved."); -add_instruction(&sweet_sour_lentils_sauce, "Stir in {_1 tbsp_} of {{arrowroot starch}} (to help thicken sauce)."); -add_instruction(&sweet_sour_lentils_sauce, "Add {_2 tsp_} of {{chili pepper flakes}}, {_3_} minced {{garlic cloves}} and roughly {_1 inch_} of minced {{ginger root}}."); -add_serving(&sweet_sour_lentils_sauce, &soy_sauce, "2 tbsp"); -add_serving(&sweet_sour_lentils_sauce, &japanese_rice_vinegar, "2 tbsp"); -add_serving(&sweet_sour_lentils_sauce, &chili_pepper_flakes, "2 tsp"); -add_serving(&sweet_sour_lentils_sauce, &peanut_butter, "1 tbsp"); -add_serving(&sweet_sour_lentils_sauce, &maple_syrup, "2 tbsp"); -add_serving(&sweet_sour_lentils_sauce, &sesame_oil, "1 tsp"); -add_serving(&sweet_sour_lentils_sauce, &garlic, "3 cloves, minced"); -add_serving(&sweet_sour_lentils_sauce, &ginger_root, "1 root minced"); -add_serving(&sweet_sour_lentils_sauce, &arrowroot_starch, "1 tbsp"); -add_part(&sweet_sour_lentils, &sweet_sour_lentils_sauce); -RecipePart sweet_sour_lentils_main = create_part("main"); -add_instruction(&sweet_sour_lentils_main, "Rinse lentils. Transfer rinsed lentils to a pot and add {_1 1/2 cups_} of {{vegetable bouillon}}."); -add_instruction(&sweet_sour_lentils_main, "Bring water to a rapid simmer, then reduce heat to medium."); -add_instruction(&sweet_sour_lentils_main, "Simmer uncovered. After {#10 minutes#} add {_1_} cubed {{carrot}} and {_2 inches_} of cubed {{daikon}}."); -add_instruction(&sweet_sour_lentils_main, "Let mixture simmer for an additional {#10-20 minutes#}, add extra water as needed."); -add_instruction(&sweet_sour_lentils_main, "If lentils are tender, they are ready. Strain lentils and return to pot with {_1/4 tsp_} of {{salt}}."); -add_instruction(&sweet_sour_lentils_main, "Pour sauce onto lentils, mix well. Serve into two bowls with some {{chives}}. Eat wrapped in salad or cabbage leaves, or with {{crackers}}."); -add_serving(&sweet_sour_lentils_main, &brown_lentils, "1/2 cup"); -add_serving(&sweet_sour_lentils_main, &vegetable_bouillon, "1 1/2 cups"); -add_serving(&sweet_sour_lentils_main, &carrots, "1, cubed"); -add_serving(&sweet_sour_lentils_main, &daikon, "2 cubed"); -add_serving(&sweet_sour_lentils_main, &chives, "3 stalks"); -add_serving(&sweet_sour_lentils_main, &salt, "1/4 tsp"); -add_part(&sweet_sour_lentils, &sweet_sour_lentils_main); - - - - -Recipe *recipes[] = {&sweet_sour_lentils};- \ No newline at end of file +// spicy stirfry chickpeas +Recipe spicy_stirfry_chickpeas = create_recipe("spicy stirfry chickpeas", "dinner", "2 servings", 20190625, 15); +set_description(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas, "If someone was to ask me which food I could eat forever without stopping, I'd answer chickpeas. There's a TON of different ways to prepare them, and all of these ways are delicious. They can be baked, squished, pureed, ground, sprouted and baked. Their versatility make my life easier, I can eat them everyday and it doesn't ever get boring.<br /><br /><b>Nutrition</b>: Legumes is an important part of the diet, and one of the best plant sources of <b>lysine</b>, one of 9 essential amino acids required for good health. Protein is necessary for muscles, bones, hormones, digestive enzymes, to absorb nutrients and to rebuild cells. If you eat 1/2 cup dry beans a day, your daily protein needs are covered.<br /><br />Another plus is that dry chickpeas keep a long, long time. If you keep them in air-tight containers they will last even longer, because moisture and oxygen is the enemy of all beans. Oxygen makes the bean oils rancid overtime. You can store them for 5+ yrs if you add oxygen absorbers (packet consisting of powdered iron oxide) to the containers. I like to buy them in bulk and cook them as needed. An advantage of buying them dry is that it is cheap, and they taste better (honest). Read about <a href='https://extension.usu.edu/foodstorage/howdoi/dry_beans' target='_blank'>storing dry beans</a>.<br /><br /><b>Recommendations</b><br /><br />Adding a <a href='bay_leaf.html'>bay leaf</a>, a bit of <a href='onion.html'>onion</a> or a clove or two of <a href='garlic.html'>garlic</a> to the cooking water add a subtle seasoning to the <a href='chickpeas.html'>chickpeas</a> and boost flavor.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_marinade = create_part("marinade"); +add_instruction(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_marinade, "Cook <i>3/4 cup</i> of dried <a href='chickpeas.html'>chickpeas</a> (see <a href='#chickpeas.html'>instructions</a>), or use 1 can (15oz)."); +add_instruction(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_marinade, "Mix the marinade ingredients together in a wide bowl, and add the <i>1.5 cups</i> of cooked <a href='chickpeas.html'>chickpeas</a> (or 15-19 oz can) and <i>175g</i> of cubed <a href='tofu.html'>tofu</a>. Leave to marinate <u>at least a few hours</u>. <u>Overnight</u> is even better."); +add_serving(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_marinade, &chickpeas, "1.5 cups, cooked"); +add_serving(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_marinade, &tofu, "175g cubed, firm"); +add_serving(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_marinade, &soy_sauce, "2 tsp"); +add_serving(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_marinade, &balsamic_vinegar, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_marinade, &arrowroot_starch, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_marinade, &salt, "1/4 tsp"); +add_serving(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_marinade, &black_pepper, "1/4 tsp"); +add_part(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas, &spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_marinade); +RecipePart spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_sauce = create_part("sauce"); +add_instruction(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_sauce, "In a small bowl, combine the ingredients for the sauce: mix <i>3 tsp</i> of <a href='maple_syrup.html'>maple syrup</a>, <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='soy_sauce.html'>soy sauce</a>, <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='balsamic_vinegar.html'>balsamic vinegar</a>, <i>1 tbsp</i> <a href='arrowroot_starch.html'>arrowroot starch</a> and <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='sesame_oil.html'>sesame oil</a>."); +add_serving(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_sauce, &maple_syrup, "3 tsp"); +add_serving(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_sauce, &soy_sauce, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_sauce, &balsamic_vinegar, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_sauce, &arrowroot_starch, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_sauce, &sesame_oil, "1 tsp"); +add_part(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas, &spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_sauce); +RecipePart spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_stir_fry = create_part("stir fry"); +add_instruction(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_stir_fry, "Peel and slice <i>3 cloves</i> of <a href='garlic.html'>garlic</a> and <i>equal amounts</i> of <a href='ginger.html'>ginger</a> thinly, and chop the <i>2</i> <a href='scallions.html'>scallions</a> in a size matching their diameter. Cut <i>1</i> <a href='carrot.html'>carrot</a> (peel carrot) and <i>1/2 cup's worth</i> of <a href='red_cabbage.html'>red cabbage</a> into bite-sized bits."); +add_instruction(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_stir_fry, "Add <i>1 tbsp</i> of vegetable oil, then warm pan to high heat. When oil is hot, add <i>~1-2 tbsp</i> of <a href='chili_pepper_flakes.html'>chili pepper flakes</a> and <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='sichuan_peppercorns.html'>sichuan peppercorns</a>. Stir-fry until they're crisp and that the mixture is spicy and fragrant. Careful not to burn the spices, remove from heat for a bit if overheating."); +add_instruction(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_stir_fry, "Add the <a href='chickpeas.html'>chickpeas</a>, <a href='tofu.html'>tofu</a>, <a href='carrot.html'>carrot</a> and <a href='red_cabbage.html'>red cabbage</a> and fry over high heat, stirring constantly. <u>After a minute</u>, add the <a href='ginger_root.html'>ginger root</a>, <a href='garlic.html'>garlic</a> and <a href='scallions.html'>scallions</a> and stir-fry for <u>a few more minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_stir_fry, "Stir the sauce, and add it to the pan while stirring and tossing. When the sauce starts to thicken, remove from heat and serve."); +add_serving(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_stir_fry, &carrots, "1"); +add_serving(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_stir_fry, &red_cabbage, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_stir_fry, &scallions, "2 stalks"); +add_serving(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_stir_fry, &garlic, "3 cloves"); +add_serving(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_stir_fry, &ginger_root, "equal to garlic"); +add_serving(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_stir_fry, &chili_pepper_flakes, "1-2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_stir_fry, &sichuan_peppercorns, "1 tsp, whole"); +add_serving(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_stir_fry, &salt, "1/4 tsp"); +add_serving(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_stir_fry, &black_pepper, "1/4 tsp"); +add_part(&spicy_stirfry_chickpeas, &spicy_stirfry_chickpeas_stir_fry); + +// scrambled chickpeas +Recipe scrambled_chickpeas = create_recipe("scrambled chickpeas", "sidedish", "2 servings", 20190625, 15); +set_description(&scrambled_chickpeas, "An ingredient that is important in my galley, is <a href='chickpea_flour.html'>chickpea flour</a>, also known as garbanzo flour, gram flour and besan flour. It is not an essential ingredient, but I really love it. It helps to give my meals variety, plus it has a long shelf life due to the low-moisture and low-fat content.<br /><br />recipes/scrambled.chickpeas.2.jpg<br /><br />Chickpea flour has a texture and taste that is ideal for savoury pancakes or faux-omelettes. As this recipe suggests, it also makes a very good alternative to scrambled tofu.<br /><br /><b>Flavors</b><br /><br />You can add extra flavourings, like chili pepper flakes, curry powder, cumin, smoked paprika or liquid smoke for an extra kick.<br /><br /><b>Recommendations</b><br /><br />I like to eat scrambled chickpeas with a side of sliced avocado, topped with a drizzle of sambal oelek or <a href='sriracha.html'>sriracha</a>. Sometimes when I make meal salads, I add scrambled chickpeas for bulk. Another meal I enjoy with this recipe is a sort of ovenless deconstructed <a href='pate_chinois.html'>pate chinois</a> (quebec-style sheperd's pie), I eat it with mashed potatoes, corn and sambal oelek. You can also make this with cooked chickpeas by smashing them with a fork and mixing them up with nutritional yeast, salt and other flavourings.<br /><br />recipes/scrambled.chickpeas.3.jpg<br /><br />"); +RecipePart scrambled_chickpeas_scrambled_chickpeas = create_part("scrambled chickpeas"); +add_instruction(&scrambled_chickpeas_scrambled_chickpeas, "In a bowl, mix <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='chickpea_flour.html'>chickpea flour</a>, <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='nutritional_yeast.html'>nutritional yeast</a>, <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='tahini.html'>tahini</a> and a <i>pinch</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a>."); +add_instruction(&scrambled_chickpeas_scrambled_chickpeas, "Bring a non-stick pan to medium heat. Sprinkle a bit water in the pan, if it sizzles pour the contents of the bowl into the pan. (this will make it stick less)"); +add_instruction(&scrambled_chickpeas_scrambled_chickpeas, "Let mixture heat for <u>3-5 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&scrambled_chickpeas_scrambled_chickpeas, "When the edges start to cook, flip it and start to break it apart with the side of the spatula."); +add_instruction(&scrambled_chickpeas_scrambled_chickpeas, "Let it cook <u>for a minute</u>, then continue to break it apart further. You'll need to do this repeatedly, until the mixture is broken up into smaller bits and until it has become dry and crisp for <u>8-10 minutes or so</u>. When cooking, it's important to stir often, and to constantly break it up into smaller bits so all sides can can cook."); +add_instruction(&scrambled_chickpeas_scrambled_chickpeas, "NOTE: I like to use a spatula and a fork to break it up, and also to brush some of the batter off the spatula (it is very wet in the beginning and is a bit sticky). Serve into salads, or as a side for other dishes."); +add_serving(&scrambled_chickpeas_scrambled_chickpeas, &chickpea_flour, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&scrambled_chickpeas_scrambled_chickpeas, &nutritional_yeast, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&scrambled_chickpeas_scrambled_chickpeas, &tahini, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&scrambled_chickpeas_scrambled_chickpeas, &salt, "to taste"); +add_serving(&scrambled_chickpeas_scrambled_chickpeas, &water, "2/3 cup"); +add_part(&scrambled_chickpeas, &scrambled_chickpeas_scrambled_chickpeas); + +// cheese +Recipe cheese = create_recipe("cheese", "basic", "2 servings", 20190609, 60); +set_description(&cheese, "I used to have a cheese recipe on this website, but it failed me a few times after making it, which made it a poor recipe indeed. This time, I've experiemented a lot more, removing and adding ingredients.<br /><br />This is a basic cheese recipe, that you can add onto if you want different flavors. It's simple to prepare, and ready under an hour. Another great thing about it is that it's completely nut-free!<br /><br />This cheese can be grated, it holds its shape well enough so it can be used as a topping on pizza — yay!<br /><br />In this recipe I use <a href='kanten.html'>kanten</a>, which is similar to <a href='agar_agar.html'>agar agar</a> except that it's made from a different type of red algae (tengusa). It can be swapped 1:1 in a recipe, although the resulting texture will not be the same. Adding agar agar will make the cheese softer, so I highly recommend using kanten if available.<br /><br />recipes/cheese.1.jpg<br /><br /><b>Flavors</b><br /><br />For a pepper jack cheese flavor, add <a href='garlic.html'>garlic</a>, <a href='onion_powder.html'>onion powder</a> and <a href='chili_pepper_flakes.html'>chili pepper flakes</a>. You can also add <a href='black_pepper.html'>black pepper</a>, for a bit of spice, or <a href='pimento_olives.html'>pimento olives</a>!<br /><br />"); +RecipePart cheese_cheese = create_part("cheese"); +add_instruction(&cheese_cheese, "In a bowl, mix <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='soy_milk.html'>soy milk</a>, <i>4 tbsp</i> of <a href='nutritional_yeast.html'>nutritional yeast</a>, <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='tahini.html'>tahini</a>, <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='apple_cider_vinegar.html'>apple cider vinegar</a> and <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='red_miso.html'>red miso</a>."); +add_instruction(&cheese_cheese, "Heat a saucepan at medium heat, pour <i>3/4 cup</i> of <a href='soy_milk.html'>soy milk</a> and sprinkle <i>1 generous tsp</i> of <a href='kanten_powder.html'>kanten powder</a>. Stir <a href='kanten_powder.html'>kanten powder</a> into the milk."); +add_instruction(&cheese_cheese, "When content starts to boil, lower to a simmer and add the bowl of mixed ingredients into it. Stir, for <u>a minute or two</u> and then pour contents of pan into two small bowls. The reason I use two instead of one, is because the cheese will harden quicker."); +add_instruction(&cheese_cheese, "Let mixture rest for <u>1 hour or so, 2 is better</u> (especially if it's hot where you are)."); +add_instruction(&cheese_cheese, "Flip bowls upside down, scoop out cheese and enjoy! This cheese can be grated onto pizza too!"); +add_serving(&cheese_cheese, &soy_milk, "1 cup"); +add_serving(&cheese_cheese, &nutritional_yeast, "4 tbsp"); +add_serving(&cheese_cheese, &tahini, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&cheese_cheese, &apple_cider_vinegar, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&cheese_cheese, &red_miso, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&cheese_cheese, &kanten_powder, "1 generous tsp"); +add_part(&cheese, &cheese_cheese); + +// sweet and sour lentils +Recipe sweet_and_sour_lentils = create_recipe("sweet and sour lentils", "dinner", "2 servings", 20190602, 30); +set_description(&sweet_and_sour_lentils, "In my galley I have a few recipes that I consider staples, that I'm always in the mood to eat. I usually rotate these throughout the week, adding maybe a new recipe or two to change things up. This sweet and sour lentils recipe is one of these, a favourite of ours.<br /><br />You can eat the lentils as is, or scoop it up with crackers. Devine & I enjoy eating it wrapped in salad or cabbage leaves.<br /><br />We've cooked sweet and sour lentils often on long passages, it's a simple one-pot meal. It's also my go-to recipe during pot lucks - even people who don't like lentils will enjoy it (I've never had any complaints, not yet).<br /><br /><b>Substitutions</b><br /><br />It's a versatile recipe, so if I don't have any carrots or daikon I'll sometimes put brocoli or fresh green peas instead. For a heartier meal, adding sweet potatoes is also delicious. Sometimes, if I'm out of peanut butter I'll use tahini instead, the flavour is very similar and doesn't change much in the recipe (also nice for those with peanut allergies). This recipe only works with whole lentils, because there's still a bite to them, halved lentils will soften too much and the resulting texture won't be as pleasant.<br /><br />Enjoy this humble, but delicious recipe.<br /><br />recipes/sweet.and.sour.lentils.2.jpg<br /><br />"); +RecipePart sweet_and_sour_lentils_sauce = create_part("sauce"); +add_instruction(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_sauce, "Mix all liquid ingredients together in a bowl, add <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='peanut_butter.html'>peanut butter</a> and stir until dissolved."); +add_instruction(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_sauce, "Stir in <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='arrowroot_starch.html'>arrowroot starch</a> (to help thicken sauce)."); +add_instruction(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_sauce, "Add <i>2 tsp</i> of <a href='chili_pepper_flakes.html'>chili pepper flakes</a>, <i>3</i> minced <a href='garlic_cloves.html'>garlic cloves</a> and roughly <i>1 inch</i> of minced <a href='ginger_root.html'>ginger root</a>."); +add_serving(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_sauce, &soy_sauce, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_sauce, &japanese_rice_vinegar, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_sauce, &chili_pepper_flakes, "2 tsp"); +add_serving(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_sauce, &peanut_butter, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_sauce, &maple_syrup, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_sauce, &sesame_oil, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_sauce, &garlic, "3 cloves, minced"); +add_serving(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_sauce, &ginger_root, "1", minced"); +add_serving(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_sauce, &arrowroot_starch, "1 tbsp"); +add_part(&sweet_and_sour_lentils, &sweet_and_sour_lentils_sauce); +RecipePart sweet_and_sour_lentils_lentils = create_part("lentils"); +add_instruction(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_lentils, "Rinse lentils. Transfer rinsed lentils to a pot and add <i>1 1/2 cups</i> of <a href='vegetable_bouillon.html'>vegetable bouillon</a>."); +add_instruction(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_lentils, "Bring water to a rapid simmer, then reduce heat to medium."); +add_instruction(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_lentils, "Simmer uncovered. After <u>10 minutes</u> add <i>1</i> cubed <a href='carrot.html'>carrot</a> and <i>2 inches</i> of cubed <a href='daikon.html'>daikon</a>."); +add_instruction(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_lentils, "Let mixture simmer for an additional <u>10-20 minutes</u>, add extra water as needed."); +add_instruction(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_lentils, "If lentils are tender, they are ready. Strain lentils and return to pot with <i>1/4 tsp</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a>."); +add_instruction(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_lentils, "Pour sauce onto lentils, mix well. Serve into two bowls with some <a href='chives.html'>chives</a>. Eat wrapped in salad or cabbage leaves, or with <a href='crackers.html'>crackers</a>."); +add_serving(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_lentils, &brown_lentils, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_lentils, &vegetable_bouillon, "1 1/2 cups"); +add_serving(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_lentils, &carrots, "1, cubed"); +add_serving(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_lentils, &daikon, "2", cubed"); +add_serving(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_lentils, &chives, "3 stalks"); +add_serving(&sweet_and_sour_lentils_lentils, &salt, "1/4 tsp"); +add_part(&sweet_and_sour_lentils, &sweet_and_sour_lentils_lentils); + +// coffee jelly +Recipe coffee_jelly = create_recipe("coffee jelly", "dessert", "2 servings", 20190225, 40); +set_description(&coffee_jelly, "Coffee jelly is a popular dessert and drink (you could say) that is served in coffee shops in Japan. It is very simple to make, it doesn't require refrigeration to become jelly and it is delicious!<br /><br />The key ingredient in this recipe is kanten, or agar agar, a gelling agent that is algae based and that is widely available in asia. It is available in powder form, and also in sheets. Sheets can be melted in a liquid the same way as the powder form. Agar agar has no calories, and imparts no flavour.<br /><br />You can use instant coffee as well for this recipe, using 2 tbsp of instant coffee per cup.<br /><br />On Pino, we sometimes make the mix without a sweetener, and pour a spoonful on top afterwards.<br /><br /><b>Quick soy pudding</b><br /><br />You can eat the coffee jelly as is, or you can add the cubes in another recipe like a coconut or soy milk pudding. It can also be used as a garnish for other desserts.<br /><br />Also, I sometimes make a quick 'soy pudding' by heating some soy milk in a pan with some arrowroot starch. The mixture will thicken, it becomes pudding-like and is delicious over coffee jelly.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart coffee_jelly_jelly = create_part("jelly"); +add_instruction(&coffee_jelly_jelly, "Brew a pot of <a href='coffee.html'>coffee</a>."); +add_instruction(&coffee_jelly_jelly, "Pour 350ml of coffee into a saucepan, add <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='maple_syrup.html'>maple syrup</a> and bring to a boil,"); +add_instruction(&coffee_jelly_jelly, "Lower heat, then add <i>4g</i> (around <i>2 tsp</i>) of <a href='agar_agar_powder.html'>agar agar powder</a>. Stir constantly for <u>2 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&coffee_jelly_jelly, "Pour the mixture into two small bowls, or cups. Let stand for <u>30 minutes and up to 1 hour</u>. It doesn't need to be refrigerated to solidify, but you can do that if you prefer it cold."); +add_serving(&coffee_jelly_jelly, &coffee, "350 ml"); +add_serving(&coffee_jelly_jelly, &agar_agar_powder, "4 g"); +add_serving(&coffee_jelly_jelly, &maple_syrup, "2 tbsp"); +add_part(&coffee_jelly, &coffee_jelly_jelly); + +// okonomiyaki +Recipe okonomiyaki = create_recipe("okonomiyaki", "dinner", "4 servings", 20190221, 20); +set_description(&okonomiyaki, "<b>Okonomiyaki</b> (meaning, 'grilled as you like it') is a Japanese dish, similar to the American omelette, but the main difference is the variation of ingredients. Typical okonomiyaki are made with eggs, and often include meat or fish, because of this it's not something we would make at home. Making it without meat is simple enough, but without eggs? Back when we lived in Tokyo, our experience in cooking with plants was limited, but now we've been doing it long enough that we can think of alternatives with ease.<br /><br />The key ingredient? <a href='Chickpea_flour.html'>Chickpea flour</a>, or 'besan flour'. We make chickpea pancakes, and <a href='scrambled_chickpeas.html'>scrambled chickpeas</a> (resembles scrambled eggs) at home all the time. Chickpea flour is a staple on Pino, and works very well for okonomiyaki.<br /><br />recipes/okonomiyaki.1.jpg<br /><br />If you're in a place were nagaimo (or yamaimo) is available, we highly reccommend adding it to the dish. It makes a fluffier pancake. Although we've made okonomiyaki without nagaimo before, so if you can't find it know that it will work and be very delicious anyway. It imparts little flavour, all it does is add nutrition and texture. Nagaimo, unlike most potatoes, can be eaten raw. However, it is best to handle the nagaimo with gloves, or to soak the peeled tuber in a vinegar-water solution to neutralize irritant <b>oxalate crystals</b> found on their skin. Nagaimo are low-calorie, high in protein, and have potassium, zinc, vitamin C and more. The texture of grated nagaimo can be off-putting, it looks like a regular tuber when whole, but when grated it becomes slime, almost liquid. This sort of texture is well-liked in Japan and referred to as being \"neba neba\" (slimy). This texture present in many other foods like okra and nattou. This texture makes it an ideal egg alternative, it can be used to make deserts when baking. I'm thinking it too, could make a good faux-cheese pizza topping.<br /><br />Aonori is another obscure ingredient - again, it can be omitted, although it tastes really amazing with it. We made okonomiyaki without it when we were in Majuro, because it simply wasn't available, so we used finely cut nori instead. Obviously, this isn't a perfect substitution, because aonori is very sweet and tastes nothing like nori. However, nori is still very delicious and pairs well enough with the okonomiyaki.<br /><br /><b>How to make true okonomi sauce</b><br /><br />In this recipe, I don't use true 'okonomi sauce'. Why? Because I don't use many pre-made sauces, I prefer to make my own. Okonomi sauce requires many ingredients, and honestly, the sauce I've made works really well in this recipe and makes a good okonomi sauce alternative.<br /><br />If you want to make your own, you can mix 1 1/2 tbsp <a href='#whole_can_sugar.html'>sugar</a>, 4 tbsp <b>ketchup</b> and 3 1/3 tbsp <b>worcestershire sauce</b>. If you are like me, and don't care to buy pre-made sauces but want to avoid buying both ketchup and worcestershire sauce, you can make these too:<br /><br /><b>Worcestershire sauce:</b> combine <a href='apple_cider_vinegar.html'>apple cider vinegar</a>, water, <a href='soy_sauce.html'>soy sauce</a>, <a href='#whole_cane_sugar.html'>sugar</a>, <a href='#mustard_seeds.html'>mustard powder</a>, onion powder, garlic powder, <a href='cinnamon.html'>cinnamon</a> and <a href='black_pepper.html'>black pepper</a> in pan, bring to a boil and cook for a minute, then let cool.<br /><br /><b>Ketchup:</b> Using some <b>fresh tomato sauce</b> may be enough, otherwise add a bit of <a href='#whole_cane_sugar.html'>sugar</a> and <a href='apple_cider_vinegar.html'>apple cider vinegar</a> to it.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart okonomiyaki_okonomiyaki = create_part("okonomiyaki"); +add_instruction(&okonomiyaki_okonomiyaki, "Peel the <a href='nagaimo.html'>nagaimo</a>, then soak it in a water and vinegar solution (doing this helps to remove irritants). Dry the nagaimo, then grate <i>3 inches</i> of <a href='nagaimo.html'>nagaimo</a> (equivalent to 1/4 cup) with a fine grater. Do this over a bowl, as the grated nagaimo is very slimy. Keep aside."); +add_instruction(&okonomiyaki_okonomiyaki, "Mince <i>1 medium</i> <a href='green_cabbage.html'>green cabbage</a>, keep aside."); +add_instruction(&okonomiyaki_okonomiyaki, "In a bowl, mix <i>1 cup</i> of <a href='chickpea_flour.html'>chickpea flour</a>, <i>4 tbsp</i> <a href='nutritional_yeast.html'>nutritional yeast</a>, <i>1/4 cup</i> of grated <a href='nagaimo.html'>nagaimo</a>, the minced <a href='green_cabbage.html'>green cabbage</a> and <i>1/4 tsp</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a>. Then, add <i>320 ml</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a>, or <a href='shiitake.html'>shiitake</a> dashi. (for shiitake dashi, soak 5-6 shiitake 320 ml of hot water for <u>15 minutes</u>, or <u>overnight</u> in cold water.)"); +add_instruction(&okonomiyaki_okonomiyaki, "Heat a non-stick pan at high heat, add <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='sesame_oil.html'>sesame oil</a>. If you throw some water on and it starts to sizzle, the pan is hot and you can add <i>1/4</i> of the batter. Alternatively, you can add 1/2, although this makes two very large portions."); +add_instruction(&okonomiyaki_okonomiyaki, "Let okonomiyaki cook for <u>5 minutes</u>, shaking the pan every now and then so the batter doesn't stick."); +add_instruction(&okonomiyaki_okonomiyaki, "After <u>5 minutes</u>, it's time to give the other side some grilling time. Put a plate on top of the pancake, keep your hand on the plate and flip the pan so that the pancake ends up cooked side up on the plate. Then, slide the pancake back into the pan (cooked side up). You can also just flip it with a spatula, but we rather like the plate method :)."); +add_instruction(&okonomiyaki_okonomiyaki, "Cook for another <u>5 minutes</u>, then slide onto a plate, repeat process for the rest of the batter."); +add_serving(&okonomiyaki_okonomiyaki, &chickpea_flour, "1 cup"); +add_serving(&okonomiyaki_okonomiyaki, &nutritional_yeast, "4 tbsp"); +add_serving(&okonomiyaki_okonomiyaki, &salt, "1/4 tsp"); +add_serving(&okonomiyaki_okonomiyaki, &nagaimo, "1/4 cup, grated"); +add_serving(&okonomiyaki_okonomiyaki, &green_cabbage, "1 medium, minced"); +add_serving(&okonomiyaki_okonomiyaki, &shiitake, "6"); +add_serving(&okonomiyaki_okonomiyaki, &water, "320 ml"); +add_serving(&okonomiyaki_okonomiyaki, &sesame_oil, "1-2 tsp"); +add_part(&okonomiyaki, &okonomiyaki_okonomiyaki); +RecipePart okonomiyaki_sauce = create_part("sauce"); +add_instruction(&okonomiyaki_sauce, "In a small bowl, mix <i>4 tbsp</i> of <a href='soy_sauce.html'>soy sauce</a>, <i>4 tbsp</i> of <a href='mirin.html'>mirin</a>, <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='sugar.html'>sugar</a> and <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='arrowroot_starch.html'>arrowroot starch</a>. Stir well."); +add_instruction(&okonomiyaki_sauce, "Heat a pan at high heat, when hot, add sauce and cook for <u>2-3 minutes</u> until it thickens. Then, divide onto your okonomiyaki."); +add_serving(&okonomiyaki_sauce, &soy_sauce, "4 tbsp"); +add_serving(&okonomiyaki_sauce, &mirin, "4 tbsp"); +add_serving(&okonomiyaki_sauce, &sugar, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&okonomiyaki_sauce, &arrowroot_starch, "1 tbsp"); +add_part(&okonomiyaki, &okonomiyaki_sauce); +RecipePart okonomiyaki_topping = create_part("topping"); +add_instruction(&okonomiyaki_topping, "First, add about <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='aonori.html'>aonori</a> on top of the sauce."); +add_instruction(&okonomiyaki_topping, "Then, add <i>1 or 2 tbsp</i> of <a href='beni_shouga.html'>beni shouga</a> (pickled red ginger)."); +add_instruction(&okonomiyaki_topping, "Finally, top off with some finely chopped <a href='scallions.html'>scallions</a>."); +add_serving(&okonomiyaki_topping, &ao_nori, "4 tbsp"); +add_serving(&okonomiyaki_topping, &beni_shouga, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&okonomiyaki_topping, &scallions, "4 branches"); +add_part(&okonomiyaki, &okonomiyaki_topping); + +// seitan +Recipe seitan = create_recipe("seitan", "basic", "2 servings", 20190108, 60); +set_description(&seitan, "<b>Seitan</b> (say-tan) or <b>wheat meat</b>, can be made into a variety of meat-like foods using a variation of spices and other seasonings. It is the base of Buddhist vegetarian cooking, and has been documented in China since the 6th century. It's an ingredient that is also present in Japanese cuisine, for <b>Shojin Ryori</b> (vegetarian cooking) - an important term to remember if you don't eat meat and are traveling the country. Seitan takes on a different name there - it is known as <b>Fu</b>, and can be found in two forms, raw (nama-fu) or dry-baked (yaki-fu, which looks like bread).<br /><br />recipes/seitan.2.jpg<br /><br />Seitan, or Fu, can be produced at home, but it's very labor intensive. Making it requires kneading wheat flour with water to rinse out the starch from the wheat, what remains is a sticky mass of pure gluten protein. If your plan is to make it from scratch, good on you, but otherwise, <a href='gluten_flour.html'>gluten flour</a> (or vital wheat gluten) is your best bet. The basic ingredients for seitan are gluten flour and water, but it's best to flavour it with other ingredients - it is rather bland on its own. The amount of liquid that you use to make your dough will also affect the chewiness of your seitan, less waters means more chewy with a harder texture, and more will make it tender.<br /><br />In this recipe, I added chickpea flour for added nutrition. Wheat gluten proteins are deficient in lysine (an essential amino acid for good health), adding a lysine-rich food like chickpea flour to the mix makes up for this deficiency.<br /><br />When preparing seitan, it's important to flavour both the inside and outside of the dough. Adding a variation of ingredients to the dough mix such as <a href='ginger.html'>ginger</a>, <a href='garlic.html'>garlic</a>, <a href='onion_powder.html'>onion powder</a>, <a href='tomato_sauce.html'>tomato sauce</a>, <a href='soy_sauce.html'>soy sauce</a> and so on will make it extra flavourful, the same goes for the broth. Adding vegetable broth and <a href='soy_sauce.html'>soy sauce</a> as a base, and roughly chopped <a href='onions.html'>onions</a>, <a href='garlic.html'>garlic</a> and <a href='ginger.html'>ginger</a> will season the outside of the dough.<br /><br />recipes/seitan.4.jpg<br /><br />There are <b>3 ways</b> to cook seitan: <b>boiling, steaming or baking</b>. In this recipe, I used the boiling method. Steaming requires wrapping the dough in foil or some other wrapper to help it keep its shape, then steaming it in a steamer basket over a pot of boiling water for 30 minutes or so. Baking the seitan, means flattening or stretching the dough to fit the baking dish, adding seasonings overtop, and baking it for an hour. All methods are good, but some are better for certain kinds of meals.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart seitan_seitan = create_part("seitan"); +add_instruction(&seitan_seitan, "In a bowl, stir <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='gluten_flour.html'>gluten flour</a> with <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='chickpea_flour.html'>chickpea flour</a>."); +add_instruction(&seitan_seitan, "In another bowl, mix <i>1/3 cup</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a> (or vegetable broth) and <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='soy_sauce.html'>soy sauce</a>. Pour into dry ingredients."); +add_instruction(&seitan_seitan, "Knead for <u>2-3 minutes</u>. If dough is too sticky, add more flour. Let rest for <u>10 minutes</u>, and knead for another set of <u>2-3 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&seitan_seitan, "<i>Separate dough in two</i> - optional, but it creates more surface area that can inbibe flavour. Also, the seitan expands quite a bit and having smaller pieces makes it more manageable."); +add_serving(&seitan_seitan, &gluten_flour, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&seitan_seitan, &chickpea_flour, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&seitan_seitan, &soy_sauce, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&seitan_seitan, &water, "1/3 cup"); +add_part(&seitan, &seitan_seitan); +RecipePart seitan_broth = create_part("broth"); +add_instruction(&seitan_broth, "Cut the following ingredients into smaller pieces: <i>2 cloves</i> of <a href='garlic.html'>garlic</a>, a <i>1/2 large</i> <a href='yellow_onion.html'>yellow onion</a> and <i>1 palm-sized knob</i> of <a href='ginger.html'>ginger</a>."); +add_instruction(&seitan_broth, "Add the cut ingredients to a pot, add <i>3 cups</i> of <a href='vegetable_broth.html'>vegetable broth</a> (or 1 tbsp of vegetable broth powder in 3 cups of water) and <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='soy_sauce.html'>soy sauce</a>. Bring to a boil."); +add_instruction(&seitan_broth, "Add the seitan cutlets, reduce heat to low, and cover."); +add_instruction(&seitan_broth, "Let the seitan simmer for <u>1 hour</u>."); +add_instruction(&seitan_broth, "Cut into slices, and sautee them in a pan with seasonings - you can also add a glaze for extra flavour. Usually we drink the broth as a sidedish too, it's very good - if not a bit salty."); +add_serving(&seitan_broth, &garlic, "2 cloves"); +add_serving(&seitan_broth, &ginger_root, "1 knob"); +add_serving(&seitan_broth, &vegetable_bouillon, "3 cups"); +add_serving(&seitan_broth, &yellow_onion, "1/2"); +add_part(&seitan, &seitan_broth); + +// spinach pajeon +Recipe spinach_pajeon = create_recipe("spinach pajeon", "dinner", "1 pancake", 20140819, 15); +set_description(&spinach_pajeon, "A dish of korean inspiration! A delicious scallion pancake coloured green with spinach. This is a great way to add an extra portion of vegetables to your meal.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart spinach_pajeon_pancake = create_part("pancake"); +add_instruction(&spinach_pajeon_pancake, "Blend <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='spinach.html'>spinach</a> with <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a> until smooth. Set aside."); +add_instruction(&spinach_pajeon_pancake, "In a bowl, whisk together <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='spelt_flour.html'>spelt flour</a>, <i>1 tsp</i> <a href='sesame_oil.html'>sesame oil</a> and the blended spinach."); +add_instruction(&spinach_pajeon_pancake, "Heat a large pan with <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='sesame_oil.html'>sesame oil</a> over <i>medium heat</i>."); +add_instruction(&spinach_pajeon_pancake, "Put the chopped <a href='scallions.html'>scallions</a> in the pan and pour the batter onto it. With a spatula, press down on the pancake to flatten it out."); +add_instruction(&spinach_pajeon_pancake, "Cook for <u>3-4 minutes</u> until the sides come off the pan and the bottom is cooked. Flip, cook for a a few extra minutes and transfer to a plate."); +add_instruction(&spinach_pajeon_pancake, "Cut it into pieces to make it easier to dip into the sauce!"); +add_serving(&spinach_pajeon_pancake, &spinach, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&spinach_pajeon_pancake, &water, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&spinach_pajeon_pancake, &spelt_flour, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&spinach_pajeon_pancake, &sesame_oil, "2 tsp"); +add_serving(&spinach_pajeon_pancake, &scallions, "1 bunch"); +add_part(&spinach_pajeon, &spinach_pajeon_pancake); +RecipePart spinach_pajeon_dipping_sauce = create_part("dipping sauce"); +add_instruction(&spinach_pajeon_dipping_sauce, "Put the sauce ingredients together in a bowl and mix!"); +add_serving(&spinach_pajeon_dipping_sauce, &soy_sauce, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&spinach_pajeon_dipping_sauce, &japanese_rice_vinegar, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&spinach_pajeon_dipping_sauce, &chili_pepper_flakes, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&spinach_pajeon_dipping_sauce, &black_sesame_seeds, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&spinach_pajeon_dipping_sauce, &maple_syrup, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&spinach_pajeon_dipping_sauce, &garlic, "1 clove"); +add_part(&spinach_pajeon, &spinach_pajeon_dipping_sauce); + +// houjicha overnight oatmeal +Recipe houjicha_overnight_oatmeal = create_recipe("houjicha overnight oatmeal", "breakfast", "1 serving", 20140904, 10); +set_description(&houjicha_overnight_oatmeal, "Mornings are made better with the nutty and earthy flavour of houjicha oatmeal. If you're not familiar with houjicha, visit a tea shop and ask for it, it's a Japanese roasted tea that is often served with sweet and savoury dishes. It's a good low-caffeine alternative to most teas, and adds just the right amount of flavour to oatmeal without overpowering it.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart houjicha_overnight_oatmeal_oatmeal = create_part("oatmeal"); +add_instruction(&houjicha_overnight_oatmeal_oatmeal, "Boil <i>1 cup</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a>, then infuse <i>1 1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='houjicha_leaves.html'>houjicha leaves</a> in a tea strainer. You can leave it anywhere from <u>1-3 min</u>, it depends how strong you like your tea to be. The longer you brew houjicha the nuttier it'll taste."); +add_instruction(&houjicha_overnight_oatmeal_oatmeal, "Remove the tea leaves and let cool."); +add_instruction(&houjicha_overnight_oatmeal_oatmeal, "Add a chopped <a href='banana.html'>banana</a> (to cut the bitterness of the tea), as well as <i>1 tbsp</i> of ground <a href='flax_seeds.html'>flax seeds</a> (for added nutrition), blend until smooth."); +add_instruction(&houjicha_overnight_oatmeal_oatmeal, "Mix in <i>1/3 cup</i> of <a href='rolled_oats.html'>rolled oats</a>, stir well, and then put it in the fridge overnight. Enjoy for breakfast the next day!"); +add_serving(&houjicha_overnight_oatmeal_oatmeal, &water, "1 cup"); +add_serving(&houjicha_overnight_oatmeal_oatmeal, &houjicha, "1 1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&houjicha_overnight_oatmeal_oatmeal, &banana, "1"); +add_serving(&houjicha_overnight_oatmeal_oatmeal, &flax_seeds, "1 tbsp, ground"); +add_serving(&houjicha_overnight_oatmeal_oatmeal, &rolled_oats, "1/3 cup"); +add_part(&houjicha_overnight_oatmeal, &houjicha_overnight_oatmeal_oatmeal); + +// wakame bites +Recipe wakame_bites = create_recipe("wakame bites", "snack", "30 small cookies", 20140913, 50); +set_description(&wakame_bites, "Seaweed bites, a great snack packed with your a good dose of <b>iodine</b> - necessary for good health. These are highly addictive and sweet — beware.<br /><br />I went all out this time, and used my fancy cookie cutters, but most times I just cut the sheets of dough into small squares with a regular knife. Using cookie cutters is longer, because I want to use every bit of the dough and that means re-using the bits around the cut outs.<br /><br />The cookies were adapted from a recipe by <a href='http://www.food-sommelier.jp/recipe/R0123/173155.html' target='_blank'>Kiuchi Yuki-san</a><br /><br />"); +RecipePart wakame_bites_cookies = create_part("cookies"); +add_instruction(&wakame_bites_cookies, "Mix <i>1 tbsp</i> of ground <a href='flax_seeds.html'>flax seeds</a> with <i>3 tbsp</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a>. Let it sit until it thickens."); +add_instruction(&wakame_bites_cookies, "In a bowl, mix <i>3/4 cup</i> of <a href='flour.html'>flour</a> with <i>4 tsp</i> of <a href='cornstarch.html'>cornstarch</a>."); +add_instruction(&wakame_bites_cookies, "In a separate bowl, cream <i>4 1/2 tbsp</i> of <a href='coconut_sugar.html'>coconut sugar</a> with <i>6 tbsp</i> of <a href='canola_oil.html'>canola oil</a> and <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='soy_milk.html'>soy milk</a>. Stir in the flax seeds and water mix."); +add_instruction(&wakame_bites_cookies, "Put the wet ingredients with the dry ones, add <i>2 tsp</i> of shredded <a href='wakame.html'>wakame</a> and mix well."); +add_instruction(&wakame_bites_cookies, "Form into a ball, put it in a bowl with a cover and stick it in the fridge for approximately <u>20 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&wakame_bites_cookies, "Preheat your oven to <u>350F</u>. After the <u>20 minutes</u> is up, take the dough out of the fridge and flatten it into a rectangle with a rolling pin to a thickness of about <u>1/2 cm</u>. Cut into whatever shape you want! I had small flower-shaped cookie cutters so i used that, you can cut the dough into squares with a knife."); +add_instruction(&wakame_bites_cookies, "Prepare a baking sheet lined with a baking mat, bake for about <u>15 minutes</u> until they brown on top."); +add_instruction(&wakame_bites_cookies, "Place on a cooling rack and enjoy!"); +add_serving(&wakame_bites_cookies, &flax_seeds, "1 tbsp, ground"); +add_serving(&wakame_bites_cookies, &all_purpose_flour, "3/4 cup"); +add_serving(&wakame_bites_cookies, &cornstarch, "4 tsp"); +add_serving(&wakame_bites_cookies, &coconut_sugar, "4 1/2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&wakame_bites_cookies, &canola_oil, "6 tbsp"); +add_serving(&wakame_bites_cookies, &soy_milk, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&wakame_bites_cookies, &wakame, "2 tsp"); +add_part(&wakame_bites, &wakame_bites_cookies); + +// no knead bread +Recipe no_knead_bread = create_recipe("no knead bread", "basic", "1 loaf", 20190112, 60); +set_description(&no_knead_bread, "<b>No knead bread</b> is the easiest kind of artisan-style bread you can make at home - it requires little effort and absolutely no kneading whatsoever.<br /><br />This forgiving recipe allows for substitutions and additions of ingredients without altering the final texture of the bread. If you bake a whole wheat loaf, you might want to add 1-2 tsp of <a href='gluten_flour.html'>gluten flour</a> to help it rise.<br /><br />The bread can be left to rise overnight. I usually mix it at around 9pm, and bake it early the next morning at 8am. Unlike a lot of bread recipes, there is no second rise, and you don't need to knead or monitor it at all, because the gluten develops on its own. It's a recipe that is very hard to fail at, and you'll get good bread every time!<br /><br />We sometimes add spices to the dough, like <a href='chili_pepper_flakes.html'>chili</a> and <a href='garlic.html'>garlic</a>, or we make a more hearty bread by adding <a href='pumpkin_seeds.html'>pumpkin seeds</a> or <a href='sunflower_seeds.html'>sunflower seeds</a>. Experiment with it!<br /><br /><b>Baking without a dutch oven</b><br /><br />If you don't have a cast-iron container with a lid, you can use a baking pan with foil. This is the method I use, because I lack a good lid. While the bread doesn't have a hard top crust, the result is still great (the bottom will be tougher than the top). Coat the bread pan with <i>1 tbsp</i> <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a>, and sprinkle the inside of the pan with <i>3-4 tbsp</i> of <a href='cornmeal.html'>cornmeal</a> (enough to cover it all in a thin coat). The cornmeal will keep the dough from sticking to the pan. Bread pans don't keep their temperature as well as cast-iron cookware, so the bread will stick due to lack of heat. Oiling the pan is necessary.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart no_knead_bread_bread_preparation = create_part("bread preparation"); +add_instruction(&no_knead_bread_bread_preparation, "In a bowl, mix <i>2 cups</i> of all purpose flour, <i>1 cup</i> of <a href='spelt_flour.html'>spelt flour</a> (whole wheat works too), <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a>, and <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='active_dry_yeast.html'>active dry yeast</a>. Mix well."); +add_instruction(&no_knead_bread_bread_preparation, "Add <i>1 1/2 cups</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a> gradually, stirring it with a spoon into a cohesive dough. The dough will be wet - that's okay, there is no need to add extra flour."); +add_instruction(&no_knead_bread_bread_preparation, "Put a bag or cloth over the bowl, and let the dough rest <u>anywhere from 9 to 24 hours</u>. Ideally, prepare the dough in the evening and let it rest overnight."); +add_instruction(&no_knead_bread_bread_preparation, "<u>Next morning:</u> Preheat your oven to <u>450F</u>, and add your dutch oven (or ovenproof pot with lid) in it. Pre-heating your container beforehand, will prevent the dough from sticking to the bottom. (To bake <b>without a dutch oven</b>, I have a mini-tutorial in the recipe description above.)"); +add_instruction(&no_knead_bread_bread_preparation, "Place the wet dough on a lightly floured surface. Shape the dough into a rough ball. If too wet to handle, put some flour on your hands."); +add_instruction(&no_knead_bread_bread_preparation, "Once the oven is at temperature, carefully take out the dutch oven with oven mitts — careful, it's hot! Place your bread into the dutch oven. At this point, you can add some seeds overtop of the bread. In this recipe, I used <a href='sesame_seeds.html'>sesame seeds</a>, but <a href='poppy_seeds.html'>poppy seeds</a> or quick oats would also be good. Cover with lid and place back inside oven."); +add_instruction(&no_knead_bread_bread_preparation, "Bake for <u>30 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&no_knead_bread_bread_preparation, "After <u>30 minutes</u>, take the lid off, and let it cook uncovered for <u>another 7 minutes</u>."); +add_serving(&no_knead_bread_bread_preparation, &all_purpose_flour, "2 cups"); +add_serving(&no_knead_bread_bread_preparation, &spelt_flour, "1 cup"); +add_serving(&no_knead_bread_bread_preparation, &salt, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&no_knead_bread_bread_preparation, &water, "1 1/2 cups"); +add_serving(&no_knead_bread_bread_preparation, &active_dry_yeast, "1/2 tsp"); +add_part(&no_knead_bread, &no_knead_bread_bread_preparation); + +// roasted carrots with beluga lentils +Recipe roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils = create_recipe("roasted carrots with beluga lentils", "dinner", "2 servings", 20141025, 30); +set_description(&roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils, "My oven has been working overtime these days - I've been baking and roasting food almost everyday. I picked up a pack of heirloom carrots at the market last weekend, threw them in the oven with a bit of oil, and served them over a bed of beluga lentils! I also topped it with a delicious spicy peanut butter sauce.<br /><br />Roasted carrots are sweet, a nice change from eating them raw. I could have easily eaten all 8 carrots myself, but I also need to feed Devine.<br /><br />Beluga lentils aren't the cheapest kind you can get, but I like them because they hold their shape well.<br /><br /><b>Credits:</b> The idea to make a recipe with beluga lentils was inspired by Meike Peters' <a href='https://eatinmykitchen.meikepeters.com/beluga-lentil-salad-with-pear-blue-cheese-and-thyme/' target='_blank'>beluga lentil salad recipe</a>.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_carrots = create_part("carrots"); +add_instruction(&roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_carrots, "Preheat oven to <u>400F</u>"); +add_instruction(&roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_carrots, "Wash <i>8</i> organic <a href='heirloom_carrots.html'>heirloom carrots</a> but do not peel them. Dry the carrots, and then toss them with <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a> and <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='thyme.html'>thyme</a>."); +add_instruction(&roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_carrots, "Lay on a baking sheet and sprinkle with a dash of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a> and some <a href='black_pepper.html'>black pepper</a>. Bake for <u>25 minutes</u>, making sure to flip the carrots halfway through."); +add_serving(&roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_carrots, &heirloom_carrots, "8"); +add_serving(&roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_carrots, &olive_oil, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_carrots, &thyme, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_carrots, &sea_salt, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_carrots, &black_pepper, "pinch"); +add_part(&roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils, &roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_carrots); +RecipePart roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_sauce = create_part("sauce"); +add_instruction(&roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_sauce, "Mix <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='sriracha.html'>sriracha</a>, <i>2 tbsp</i> <a href='peanut_butter.html'>peanut butter</a>, <i>1/4 cup</i> <a href='soy_sauce.html'>soy sauce</a> and <i>2 tbsp</i> <a href='Japanese_rice_vinegar.html'>Japanese rice vinegar</a> in a small bowl."); +add_serving(&roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_sauce, &sriracha, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_sauce, &peanut_butter, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_sauce, &soy_sauce, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_sauce, &japanese_rice_vinegar, "2 tbsp"); +add_part(&roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils, &roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_sauce); +RecipePart roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_lentils = create_part("lentils"); +add_instruction(&roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_lentils, "Wash <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='beluga_lentils.html'>beluga lentils</a>. Put <i>375 ml</i> of <a href='vegetable_bouillon.html'>vegetable bouillon</a> in a pot and add the <a href='lentils.html'>lentils</a>, bring to a boil."); +add_instruction(&roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_lentils, "Reduce heat to <u>medium</u> and simmer for <u>25 minutes</u> — don't let them cook for too long or they'll get too mushy. If the lentils seem cooked but haven't absorbed all of the water, strain them out."); +add_instruction(&roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_lentils, "Set the beluga lentils on a plate with a bit of sauce and top with 4 roasted carrots!"); +add_serving(&roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_lentils, &beluga_lentils, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_lentils, &vegetable_bouillon, "375 ml"); +add_part(&roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils, &roasted_carrots_with_beluga_lentils_lentils); + +// black sesame brittle +Recipe black_sesame_brittle = create_recipe("black sesame brittle", "dessert", "10 pieces", 20141106, 20); +set_description(&black_sesame_brittle, "Sesame brittle looks impressive when served over desserts, like pieces of black coral. If you like the nutty taste of sesame seeds with a bit of sweet, you will love this recipe.<br /><br />It's simple to make, but requires all of your attention. The sugar syrup becomes solid when cool, which means every step needs to be done quickly. These are no-bake, and are ready to eat almost instantly.<br /><br />These should be served over desserts that aren't too sweet, the sweet of the sesame brittle can be a bit much. I suggest serving it with fruit, or <a href='#kanten_powder.html'>kanten</a> (agar agar based desserts).<br /><br />"); +RecipePart black_sesame_brittle_brittle = create_part("brittle"); +add_instruction(&black_sesame_brittle_brittle, "Prepare baking sheet lined with a baking mat, keep a flat spatula close by."); +add_instruction(&black_sesame_brittle_brittle, "Put the <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='brown_sugar.html'>brown sugar</a> and <i>1/4 tsp</i> of <a href='vanilla_extract.html'>vanilla extract</a> in a pot at medium heat."); +add_instruction(&black_sesame_brittle_brittle, "Stir constantly, until the sugar is completely dissolved."); +add_instruction(&black_sesame_brittle_brittle, "Add <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='black_sesame_seeds.html'>black sesame seeds</a>. Mix thoroughly."); +add_instruction(&black_sesame_brittle_brittle, "This part is tricky, the mixture solidifies very quickly. You need to do this fast! Take the pot, and pour its contents out onto the baking sheet. With the spatula spread and flatten it out as much as you can."); +add_instruction(&black_sesame_brittle_brittle, "Cut the brittle while it's still warm, serve with fresh fruit!"); +add_serving(&black_sesame_brittle_brittle, &brown_sugar, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&black_sesame_brittle_brittle, &black_sesame_seeds, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&black_sesame_brittle_brittle, &vanilla_extract, "1/4 tsp"); +add_part(&black_sesame_brittle, &black_sesame_brittle_brittle); + +// spinach oatmeal cookies +Recipe spinach_oatmeal_cookies = create_recipe("spinach oatmeal cookies", "cookies", "5 pieces", 20141113, 20); +set_description(&spinach_oatmeal_cookies, "When making green cookies, spinach is an obvious choice. It adds colour, nutrition, and doesn't alter the flavour of the food.<br /><br />I've been having a lot of baking failures as of late, I needed something simple to make that didnt involve flour.<br /><br />This recipe also doesn't take very long to make. It makes 5 small cookies, it's easy and doesn't make a mess. I never bake huge batches of desserts, but if you want more you can double or triple the recipe easily.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart spinach_oatmeal_cookies_cookies = create_part("cookies"); +add_instruction(&spinach_oatmeal_cookies_cookies, "Preheat oven to <u>350F</u>"); +add_instruction(&spinach_oatmeal_cookies_cookies, "Purée <i>1 handful</i> of <a href='spinach_leaves.html'>spinach leaves</a> with <i>1 whole</i> <a href='banana.html'>banana</a>."); +add_instruction(&spinach_oatmeal_cookies_cookies, "Stir in <i>1/4 tsp</i> of <a href='vanilla_extract.html'>vanilla extract</a> and <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='rolled_oats.html'>rolled oats</a>."); +add_instruction(&spinach_oatmeal_cookies_cookies, "Put 5 balls of dough onto a baking sheet lined with a baking mat (or parchment paper). Flatten the balls down into desired thickness."); +add_instruction(&spinach_oatmeal_cookies_cookies, "Bake for <u>12-15 minutes</u>, let cool for <u>10 minutes</u> before you move them off the baking mat."); +add_serving(&spinach_oatmeal_cookies_cookies, &spinach, "1 handful"); +add_serving(&spinach_oatmeal_cookies_cookies, &banana, "1"); +add_serving(&spinach_oatmeal_cookies_cookies, &vanilla_extract, "1/4 tsp"); +add_serving(&spinach_oatmeal_cookies_cookies, &rolled_oats, "1/2 cup"); +add_part(&spinach_oatmeal_cookies, &spinach_oatmeal_cookies_cookies); + +// borscht with tofu sour cream +Recipe borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream = create_recipe("borscht with tofu sour cream", "sidedish", "4 quarts", 20141116, 60); +set_description(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream, "Devine has been taking russian classes every week, and he comes back from his lessons with new words to teach me. Last week, he not only returned with new words, he also brought back a Borscht recipe.<br /><br />Borscht is traditionally served with sour cream. A lot of vegan sour cream recipes have cashews, because of my tree nut allergy, i had to opt for something different. soft tofu does the job well, the mix of that plus lemon and apple cider vinegar gives a perfect sour taste!<br /><br />"); +RecipePart borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_sour_cream = create_part("sour cream"); +add_instruction(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_sour_cream, "Drain the pack of <a href='soft_tofu.html'>soft tofu</a>, press it lightly with a cloth or paper towels to remove some of the water."); +add_instruction(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_sour_cream, "Put the <a href='tofu.html'>tofu</a>, <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='whole_cane_sugar.html'>whole cane sugar</a>, <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='apple_cider_vinegar.html'>apple cider vinegar</a> and <i>5 tsp</i> of <a href='lemon_juice.html'>lemon juice</a> in a bowl. Blend until smooth."); +add_instruction(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_sour_cream, "Put in the refrigerator for <u>1 hour</u> to give it time to thicken."); +add_serving(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_sour_cream, &soft_tofu, "1 pack"); +add_serving(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_sour_cream, &whole_cane_sugar, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_sour_cream, &apple_cider_vinegar, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_sour_cream, &lemon_juice, "5 tsp"); +add_part(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream, &borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_sour_cream); +RecipePart borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_borscht = create_part("borscht"); +add_instruction(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_borscht, "Bring <i>4 cups</i> of <a href='vegetable_bouillon.html'>vegetable bouillon</a> to a boil, add <i>2 peeled medium-sized</i> <a href='red_beets.html'>red beets</a>. Boil until softened."); +add_instruction(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_borscht, "Peel and slice <i>1 medium-sized</i> <a href='sweet_potato.html'>sweet potato</a>. Add to pot and let boil for <u>15 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_borscht, "While the potatoes are cooking, peel and julienne <i>2 carrots</i>, cut <i>1/2</i> a <a href='red_onion.html'>red onion</a> and mince <i>3 cloves</i> of <a href='garlic.html'>garlic</a>. Add it all to a pan and fry until fragrant. Near the end add <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='tomato_paste.html'>tomato paste</a>, then toss in the pot."); +add_instruction(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_borscht, "Cut <i>1/2 head</i> of a small <a href='red_cabbage.html'>red cabbage</a> into thin strips, add to pot."); +add_instruction(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_borscht, "Put <i>1</i> <a href='bay_leaf.html'>bay leaf</a>, season with <a href='salt.html'>salt</a> and <a href='pepper.html'>pepper</a> and let it simmer for <u>10 minutes</u> or until all the veggies are nice and soft."); +add_instruction(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_borscht, "At the end, take pot off heat and stir in <i>2 tsp</i> of <a href='lemon_juice.html'>lemon juice</a>. You can serve as is if you like a chunkier soup, otherwise purée it with a handblender. Serve hot with tofu sour cream! For thicker and tastier Borscht, cook the soup the day before you plan to eat it. Let it cool and refrigerate it. It tastes better the next day, just re-heat it. Trust me, it'll be delicious."); +add_serving(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_borscht, &vegetable_bouillon, "4 cups"); +add_serving(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_borscht, &red_beets, "2"); +add_serving(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_borscht, &sweet_potatoes, "1"); +add_serving(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_borscht, &carrots, "2"); +add_serving(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_borscht, &red_onion, "1/2"); +add_serving(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_borscht, &garlic, "3"); +add_serving(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_borscht, &tomato_paste, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_borscht, &red_cabbage, "2 1/2 cups"); +add_serving(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_borscht, &bay_leaf, "1"); +add_serving(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_borscht, &sea_salt, "pinch"); +add_serving(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_borscht, &black_pepper, "pinch"); +add_serving(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_borscht, &lemon_juice, "2 tsp"); +add_part(&borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream, &borscht_with_tofu_sour_cream_borscht); + +// dark gyoza +Recipe dark_gyoza = create_recipe("dark gyoza", "sidedish", "40 wrappers", 20141217, 60); +set_description(&dark_gyoza, "We made homemade gyoza dough with some friends a few weeks back, and it took FOREVER. Devine had the amazing idea of using our pasta maker to do it. We still needed to do a bit of kneading, to get it through the machine the first time. After that, it's easy and sweat-free!<br /><br />recipes/dark.gyoza.1.jpg<br /><br />We didn't have any round cookie cutters, the last time we tried I was using upside down glasses. Didn't work well because the rims aren't sharp and smooshes the dough down instead. Again, Devine had a stroke of genius: Cans! I had an empty chickpea pan lying around, it was about the size of a gyoza wrapper so we used that to poke holes through the dough.<br /><br />recipes/dark.gyoza.2.jpg<br /><br />I know not everyone has a pasta maker, you don't need one to make wrappers. You can just use a rolling pin.<br /><br />recipes/dark.gyoza.4.jpg<br /><br />Gyoza wrapper techniques and ratios were based on the recipe from <a href='http://www.justonecookbook.com/recipes/gyoza-wrappers/' target='_blank'>Just one cookbook</a>. She explains it really well too on her blog it's worth taking a look. I learned a lot from her even if our techniques differ slightly. While I preferred not to knead by hand, or with a rolling pin, i did do it her way the first time.<br /><br />recipes/dark.gyoza.5.jpg<br /><br />"); +RecipePart dark_gyoza_dough = create_part("dough"); +add_instruction(&dark_gyoza_dough, "Mix <i>2 cups</i> of <a href='all_purpose_flour.html'>all purpose flour</a> with <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='bamboo_charcoal_powder.html'>bamboo charcoal powder</a> in a bowl."); +add_instruction(&dark_gyoza_dough, "Dissolve <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a> in <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='just-boiled_water.html'>just-boiled water</a>, and pour into the flour little by little while mixing."); +add_instruction(&dark_gyoza_dough, "Knead the dough on a clean flat surface for a few minutes until it becomes smooth. If your dough is too dry, add 1 tbsp of hot water and repeat as needed."); +add_instruction(&dark_gyoza_dough, "<i>Separate the dough in 3</i>. Roll into balls and wrap them up with a bag or place in a lidded bowl, refrigerate for at least <u>30 minutes</u>. Leaving it to rest in the refrigerator makes the dough easier to manipulate afterwards."); +add_instruction(&dark_gyoza_dough, "Flatten each piece out with a rolling pin into a rough rectangle, thin enough so that you can run it through the pasta maker. Pass it through your pasta maker a few times, incrementing down to the thinnest setting gradually. You can use a rolling pin instead, it works but it takes a lot more effort. Both techniques work, this one just happens to be quicker and easier on your body. Note that depending on your pasta maker, the dough will come out a bit thicker than a traditional gyoza. If you want it thinner you can flatten it a bit more with a rolling pin."); +add_instruction(&dark_gyoza_dough, "Put the thin sheet of dough onto a clean flat surface. Take a can (with about a 3\" diameter) and start to poke holes into it, these are your gyoza wrappers! You can use cookie cutters if you have some. I used an old chickpea can I had."); +add_instruction(&dark_gyoza_dough, "Pile the wrappers, sprinkle some <a href='cornstarch.html'>cornstarch</a> (or potato starch) inbetween each piece so they don't stick together. Put a damp towel over your wrappers so they don't dry out. Repeat this process for the other 2 portions of dough, and you can re-use the scraps and make new dough to run through the pasta maker."); +add_serving(&dark_gyoza_dough, &all_purpose_flour, "2 cups"); +add_serving(&dark_gyoza_dough, &bamboo_charcoal_powder, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&dark_gyoza_dough, &sea_salt, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&dark_gyoza_dough, &water, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&dark_gyoza_dough, &cornstarch, "1 tbsp"); +add_part(&dark_gyoza, &dark_gyoza_dough); +RecipePart dark_gyoza_filling = create_part("filling"); +add_instruction(&dark_gyoza_filling, "Mix the <i>1/2 block</i> of <a href='tofu.html'>tofu</a>, the <i>2/3 cup</i> of <a href='coriander.html'>coriander</a>, the <i>4 grated</i> <a href='carrots.html'>carrots</a> and the <i>2 tsp</i> of <a href='ginger_root.html'>ginger root</a> together in a bowl. Add <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='soy_sauce.html'>soy sauce</a> as well as <a href='black_pepper.html'>black pepper</a> and <a href='salt.html'>salt</a> to taste. Mix."); +add_serving(&dark_gyoza_filling, &carrots, "4"); +add_serving(&dark_gyoza_filling, &tofu, "1/2 block"); +add_serving(&dark_gyoza_filling, &coriander, "2/3 cup"); +add_serving(&dark_gyoza_filling, &garlic, "4 cloves"); +add_serving(&dark_gyoza_filling, &ginger_root, "2 tsp"); +add_serving(&dark_gyoza_filling, &soy_sauce, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&dark_gyoza_filling, &black_pepper, "pinch"); +add_serving(&dark_gyoza_filling, &sea_salt, "1/2 tsp"); +add_part(&dark_gyoza, &dark_gyoza_filling); +RecipePart dark_gyoza_dipping_sauce = create_part("dipping sauce"); +add_instruction(&dark_gyoza_dipping_sauce, "Combine <i>3 tbsp</i> of <a href='Japanese_rice_vinegar.html'>Japanese rice vinegar</a> with <i>3 tbsp</i> of <a href='soy_sauce.html'>soy sauce</a> and <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='sesame_oil.html'>sesame oil</a>."); +add_serving(&dark_gyoza_dipping_sauce, &japanese_rice_vinegar, "3 tbsp"); +add_serving(&dark_gyoza_dipping_sauce, &soy_sauce, "3 tbsp"); +add_serving(&dark_gyoza_dipping_sauce, &sesame_oil, "1 tsp"); +add_part(&dark_gyoza, &dark_gyoza_dipping_sauce); +RecipePart dark_gyoza_pan_fry = create_part("pan fry"); +add_instruction(&dark_gyoza_pan_fry, "Take 1 gyoza wrapper (<a href='#dark_gyoza_wrappers.html'>see recipe</a>), wet all around the edge with water using your fingers. Keep a bowl of water close to dip your fingers in."); +add_instruction(&dark_gyoza_pan_fry, "Put a spoonful of filling in the middle."); +add_instruction(&dark_gyoza_pan_fry, "Close it. Make little folds with the flap that is facing you using both hands, leaving the back part smooth. Make sure it's sealed tight. Repeat for the rest of the gyoza skins, alternate between fillings. Cover with a damp towel while you work so they don't dry up."); +add_instruction(&dark_gyoza_pan_fry, "Put some vegetable oil in a pan on medium heat. Add gyoza in 2 rows of 3 in the pan. Cook until bottom becomes golden."); +add_instruction(&dark_gyoza_pan_fry, "Add <i>1/3 cup</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a> and put a lid on. Let steam until all the water evaporates."); +add_instruction(&dark_gyoza_pan_fry, "Add a bit of <a href='sesame_oil.html'>sesame oil</a> and cook until crispy."); +add_serving(&dark_gyoza_pan_fry, &sesame_oil, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&dark_gyoza_pan_fry, &water, "1/3 cup"); +add_part(&dark_gyoza, &dark_gyoza_pan_fry); + +// raisin beet bread +Recipe raisin_beet_bread = create_recipe("raisin beet bread", "bread", "1 loaf", 20141220, 60); +set_description(&raisin_beet_bread, "I present to you a sweet bread that you can have in the morning for breakfast, or as a dessert.<br /><br />recipes/raisin.beet.bread.1.jpg<br /><br />If like my dad you like raisin bread, you will love this sweet raisin beet bread. It's halfway between a cake and bread. Adapted from one of my mom's old cookbook by Margo Oliver <b>les menus de margo oliver</b>.<br /><br />It's simple to make, and you can replace the raisins with currants or cranberries. If you make my recipe, just be sure to add plenty of raisins on top! I emptied a bag on it, without regret. They'll get super crispy, and will develop a sweet crispy caramelized taste. Was hard to keep myself from picking them off, Devine hates it when I do that.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart raisin_beet_bread_sweet_bread = create_part("sweet bread"); +add_instruction(&raisin_beet_bread_sweet_bread, "Preheat oven to <u>350F</u>. Grease a baking pan and set aside."); +add_instruction(&raisin_beet_bread_sweet_bread, "Put <i>1 cup</i> of <a href='dried_raisins.html'>dried raisins</a> in a bowl, cover with <i>1 cup</i> of <a href='warm_water.html'>warm water</a>. Let cool, then add <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='vanilla_extract.html'>vanilla extract</a>."); +add_instruction(&raisin_beet_bread_sweet_bread, "Peel and cut <i>2 small</i> <a href='red_beets.html'>red beets</a> into cubes, purée in food processor, set aside."); +add_instruction(&raisin_beet_bread_sweet_bread, "Mix <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='ground_flax_seeds.html'>ground flax seeds</a> with <i>6 tbsp</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a>, let thicken. In a separate bowl, measure out <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='canola_oil.html'>canola oil</a>. Add <i>1/3 cup</i> of <a href='whole_cane_sugar.html'>whole cane sugar</a>, gradually, mixing at the same time. In that same bowl, add the <a href='flax_seeds.html'>flax seeds</a> and the <a href='puréed_beets.html'>puréed beets</a>. This is the sweet part of our bread: the cream."); +add_instruction(&raisin_beet_bread_sweet_bread, "Mix your dry ingredients together, <i>2 1/4 cups</i> of <a href='all_purpose_flour.html'>all purpose flour</a>, the <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a> and <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='baking_soda.html'>baking soda</a>."); +add_instruction(&raisin_beet_bread_sweet_bread, "Take your wet raisins and the bowl of flour, and add both in small gradual batches to the bowl of cream."); +add_instruction(&raisin_beet_bread_sweet_bread, "Add spoonfuls of the wet dough to your greased pan, add the remaining <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='dried_raisins.html'>dried raisins</a> on the top of the dough. Push down gently to make sure they stick."); +add_instruction(&raisin_beet_bread_sweet_bread, "Bake in the oven for <u>45 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&raisin_beet_bread_sweet_bread, "Let cool, and enjoy!"); +add_serving(&raisin_beet_bread_sweet_bread, &all_purpose_flour, "2 1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&raisin_beet_bread_sweet_bread, &baking_soda, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&raisin_beet_bread_sweet_bread, &sea_salt, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&raisin_beet_bread_sweet_bread, &flax_seeds, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&raisin_beet_bread_sweet_bread, &canola_oil, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&raisin_beet_bread_sweet_bread, &whole_cane_sugar, "1/3 cup"); +add_serving(&raisin_beet_bread_sweet_bread, &dried_raisins, "1 1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&raisin_beet_bread_sweet_bread, &water, "1 cup"); +add_serving(&raisin_beet_bread_sweet_bread, &vanilla_extract, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&raisin_beet_bread_sweet_bread, &red_beets, "1 cup, puréed"); +add_part(&raisin_beet_bread, &raisin_beet_bread_sweet_bread); + +// miso veggie pate +Recipe miso_veggie_pate = create_recipe("miso veggie pate", "sidedish", "4 blocks", 20141228, 60); +set_description(&miso_veggie_pate, "Végé pâté is a quebec staple food, it's also one of those things that most people never think to make yourself. Every picnic I had this summer included this, it's great with veggies, on crackers and in sandwiches too! Purchasing it pre-made can be expensive, and not all brands are good. This summer, I decided to learn to make it myself.<br /><br /><b>Recommendations</b><br /><br />A lot of végé pâté recipes call for whole wheat flour, I've made pâté with it before with great results. If you don't have oats, you can use whole wheat flour instead. Using oats as a substitute works great, I always have a bucket-load of rolled oats lying around. To grind the rolled or quick oats oats down into flour, I use my mortar and pestle, but a handstick blender would work well too.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate = create_part("veggie pate"); +add_instruction(&miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate, "Soak <a href='sunflower_seeds.html'>sunflower seeds</a> in water, for <u>1-2h</u> (<a href='https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4325021/' target='_blank'>ref</a>)."); +add_instruction(&miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate, "Preheat oven to <u>350F</u>."); +add_instruction(&miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate, "Put a few inches of water in a pot, add steamer basket and bring to a boil. Add <i>1/3 cup</i> of peeled <a href='pumpkin.html'>pumpkin</a> cubes (or sweet potato). Cover, and let steam until softened."); +add_instruction(&miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate, "Combine <a href='sunflower_seeds.html'>sunflower seeds</a> with <i>1/2 cup</i> of finely ground oats, <i>1 large diced</i> <a href='carrot.html'>carrot</a> (or two medium), the <a href='pumpkin.html'>pumpkin</a> (or sweet potato), <i>2 minced cloves</i> of <a href='garlic.html'>garlic</a>, <i>1 tbsp minced</i> <a href='ginger_root.html'>ginger root</a>, <i>2 chopped</i> <a href='scallions.html'>scallions</a>, <i>1/4 cup</i> fresh <a href='coriander.html'>coriander</a>, <i>2 tbsp</i> <a href='soy_sauce.html'>soy sauce</a>, <i>1 tsp</i> <a href='lemon_juice.html'>lemon juice</a>, <i>2 tbsp</i> <a href='white_miso.html'>white miso</a> and <i>1/3 cup</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a>. Purée with a food processor until smooth."); +add_instruction(&miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate, "Stir in <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='nutritional_yeast.html'>nutritional yeast</a>, and season with <a href='black_pepper.html'>black pepper</a> to taste."); +add_instruction(&miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate, "Put in a greased 8x8 pyrex baking dish, pour mixture in and flatten it with a spatula."); +add_instruction(&miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate, "Bake for <u>50 minutes</u>, let cool. Cut into 4 squares and store in the refrigerator. Best eaten the next day! Keeps for a week in the fridge, up to a month frozen."); +add_serving(&miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate, &sunflower_seeds, "1 cup"); +add_serving(&miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate, &carrots, "1 large"); +add_serving(&miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate, &pumpkin, "1/3 cup, cubed"); +add_serving(&miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate, &garlic, "2 cloves"); +add_serving(&miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate, &ginger_root, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate, &scallions, "2 branches"); +add_serving(&miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate, &coriander, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate, &nutritional_yeast, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate, &rolled_oats, "1/2 cup, ground"); +add_serving(&miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate, &soy_sauce, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate, &lemon_juice, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate, &white_miso, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate, &water, "1/3 cup"); +add_serving(&miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate, &black_pepper, "pinch"); +add_part(&miso_veggie_pate, &miso_veggie_pate_veggie_pate); + +// persimmon curry +Recipe persimmon_curry = create_recipe("persimmon curry", "rice", "2 servings", 20150103, 30); +set_description(&persimmon_curry, "I've been looking for ways to incorporate persimmon into savoury recipes. I always thought it could make a great sauce for pasta or rice meals. If puréed, it will taste very sweet, but if you mix in curry powder and other spices and ingredients it becomes less of a dessert.<br /><br />Be careful when selecting your persimmon, there are two varieties. Hachiya persimmon are more elongated and you need to wait for it to soften down before attempting to eat it. Fuyu persimmon, have a tomato-like shape and you can eat it like an apple.<br /><br />There are many different varieties of curry powders it's just a pre-mixed combination of different ground spices. If you're in a hurry, buying a mix is best. But if you have a full stocked spice rack, it may be better and more fun to do it yourself. Typically curry mixes have turmeric, coriander, cumin, black and red bell pepper, cinnamon cloves, fennel seeds, cardamom, ginger and fenugreek. There can be as much as 20 different spices, but you can probably omit a few and it'll still taste pretty great.<br /><br />Enjoy over some basmasti rice.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart persimmon_curry_rice = create_part("rice"); +add_instruction(&persimmon_curry_rice, "Rinse <i>1 cup</i> of <a href='basmati_rice.html'>basmati rice</a> under cold water, transfer to pot."); +add_instruction(&persimmon_curry_rice, "Boil some water, pour <i>1 1/2 cups</i> of it over the rice. Bring pot to a boil. Add <a href='bay_leaf.html'>bay leaf</a>, lower heat and cover. Simmer for <u>15 minutes</u>, remove from heat and let steam for an additional <u>5 minutes</u> with the lid on."); +add_instruction(&persimmon_curry_rice, "Remove <a href='bay_leaf.html'>bay leaf</a> and serve."); +add_serving(&persimmon_curry_rice, &basmati_rice, "1 cup"); +add_serving(&persimmon_curry_rice, &water, "1 1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&persimmon_curry_rice, &bay_leaf, "1"); +add_part(&persimmon_curry, &persimmon_curry_rice); +RecipePart persimmon_curry_sauce = create_part("sauce"); +add_instruction(&persimmon_curry_sauce, "Scoop the flesh out of <i>2 ripe</i> <a href='hachiya_persimmons.html'>hachiya persimmons</a>, purée with a hand blender."); +add_instruction(&persimmon_curry_sauce, "Sauté <i>1 chopped</i> <a href='onion.html'>onion</a>, <i>2 minced</i> <a href='garlic.html'>garlic</a> cloves, <i>1 tsp</i> <a href='ginger_root.html'>ginger root</a> with a bit of <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a> in a pan over medium heat. Cook until onions become translucent."); +add_instruction(&persimmon_curry_sauce, "Add the <i>2 diced</i> <a href='carrots.html'>carrots</a> and the <i>handful</i> of <a href='spinach.html'>spinach</a>. Stir for <u>2 minutes</u>, then add <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='curry_powder.html'>curry powder</a>. Cook for an additional minute."); +add_instruction(&persimmon_curry_sauce, "Add puréed persimmon, cook for <u>5 minutes</u> and then season with <a href='salt.html'>salt</a>. Serve over <a href='rice.html'>rice</a>."); +add_serving(&persimmon_curry_sauce, &hachiya_persimmon, "2"); +add_serving(&persimmon_curry_sauce, &curry_powder, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&persimmon_curry_sauce, &ginger_root, "1 tsp, minced"); +add_serving(&persimmon_curry_sauce, &garlic, "2 cloves"); +add_serving(&persimmon_curry_sauce, &carrots, "2"); +add_serving(&persimmon_curry_sauce, &sea_salt, "1/4 tsp"); +add_serving(&persimmon_curry_sauce, &yellow_onion, "1"); +add_serving(&persimmon_curry_sauce, &spinach, "1/3 cup"); +add_part(&persimmon_curry, &persimmon_curry_sauce); + +// mason jar bread pudding +Recipe mason_jar_bread_pudding = create_recipe("mason jar bread pudding", "dessert", "1 serving", 20150108, 30); +set_description(&mason_jar_bread_pudding, "Bread pudding was one of my favourite desserts when I was a kid. We would usually have some after the holidays, thanks to my aunt's crust-free sandwiches! She would usually just give the bag of crusts to my mom, which she in turn, used to make bread pudding.<br /><br />recipes/mason.jar.bread.pudding.1.jpg<br /><br />I asked my mom for her personal bread pudding recipe, but she told me that it was best to just watch her do it. There aren't really any specific measurements, she just makes it from memory. That's the case with most of her recipes, most of them have never been written down.<br /><br />When she makes bread pudding, she makes a basin-full of it. My dad never has trouble going through all of it.<br /><br />As much as i'd like to make a bucketload of bread pudding at home, me and Devine would NEVER get through the whole thing. I don't like eating the same thing for a week, so I adapted my mom's bread pudding into a single-serving one. The mason jar is a wide-mouthed 1/2 pint jar.<br /><br />If ever you have some leftover crusts (even just a few) you can totally make this. It's a quick and simple dessert, with a taste of home.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart mason_jar_bread_pudding_bread_pudding = create_part("bread pudding"); +add_instruction(&mason_jar_bread_pudding_bread_pudding, "Preheat oven at <u>350F</u>"); +add_instruction(&mason_jar_bread_pudding_bread_pudding, "Combine <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='tofu.html'>tofu</a> (or soft tofu), <i>1/3 cup</i> of <a href='soy_milk.html'>soy milk</a> and <i>1/4 tsp</i> of <a href='vanilla_extract.html'>vanilla extract</a>. Blend until smooth."); +add_instruction(&mason_jar_bread_pudding_bread_pudding, "Take a <i>1/2 pint</i> wide-mouthed mason jar. Fill it up halfway with <a href='bread_crusts.html'>bread crusts</a>. Add a bit of <a href='dried_raisins.html'>dried raisins</a>, pour liquid to cover Until it's at a level with bread crusts"); +add_instruction(&mason_jar_bread_pudding_bread_pudding, "Cover with more bread crusts and dried raisins. Pour more liquid onto it, until the jar is about 3/4 full."); +add_instruction(&mason_jar_bread_pudding_bread_pudding, "Sprinkle <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='whole_cane_sugar.html'>whole cane sugar</a> on top, decorate with slices of <a href='apple.html'>apple</a> and add <a href='cinnamon.html'>cinnamon</a> to taste."); +add_instruction(&mason_jar_bread_pudding_bread_pudding, "Cook for <u>20-25 minutes</u>, or until top is browned. Let cool, drizzle with some <a href='maple_syrup.html'>maple syrup</a> and enjoy!"); +add_serving(&mason_jar_bread_pudding_bread_pudding, &bread_crusts, "1/2 cup, packed"); +add_serving(&mason_jar_bread_pudding_bread_pudding, &dried_raisins, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&mason_jar_bread_pudding_bread_pudding, &soft_tofu, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&mason_jar_bread_pudding_bread_pudding, &soy_milk, "1/3 cup"); +add_serving(&mason_jar_bread_pudding_bread_pudding, &vanilla_extract, "1/4 tsp"); +add_serving(&mason_jar_bread_pudding_bread_pudding, &whole_cane_sugar, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&mason_jar_bread_pudding_bread_pudding, &cinnamon, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&mason_jar_bread_pudding_bread_pudding, &maple_syrup, "1 tbsp"); +add_part(&mason_jar_bread_pudding, &mason_jar_bread_pudding_bread_pudding); + +// basic black bread +Recipe basic_black_bread = create_recipe("basic black bread", "Experimental", "1 loaf", 20150111, 140); +set_description(&basic_black_bread, "Introducing, my basic black bread recipe. This bread is super light and fluffy, it's great great for morning toast or sandwiches.<br /><br />I've been reading up a lot about bread, there's so many kinds out there. I wanted to understand how the ingredients we add, can change the texture of the bread. Also read about the differences in temperature, to knead or not to knead etc.<br /><br />Truth is, it depends on the type of bread you want.<br /><br />recipes/basic.black.bread.1.jpg<br /><br />I wanted to make a sandwich bread with a light crumb, the kind that bounces back when touched.<br /><br />The one I made this time has more fat, which in turn makes it softer and fluffier. The fat that you use will also change the texture/taste of the bread. A lot of people wont like the idea of adding 'fat' to a recipe, know that fat isn't synonymous with unhealthy. Too much of it can be bad, but in moderation there really isn't anything to worry about. It also depends on what fat you choose, there are good and bad kinds of fat.<br /><br />There are many things you can do to help soften your bread, like brushing the outside with a little oil or fat. Do this as soon as you take it out of the oven, it will make the outside less crunchy. You can also substitute nut milk for the water, if you want a richer taste. There are so many different things to think about when baking!<br /><br />I made this loaf for a brunch I had with friends, we wanted to have fondue with a set I got as a gift during the holidays. We cut the loaf into cubes, and dunked them in! Soft bread is perfect for fondue!<br /><br />recipes/basic.black.bread.2.jpg<br /><br />So there you have it! A basic black bread!<br /><br />"); +RecipePart basic_black_bread_bread = create_part("bread"); +add_instruction(&basic_black_bread_bread, "In a large bowl, stir <i>1 1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a> and <i>3/4 tbsp</i> of <a href='maple_syrup.html'>maple syrup</a> in <i>1 cup</i> of <a href='warm_water.html'>warm water</a> until dissolved. Sprinkle tsp of <a href='active_dry_yeast.html'>active dry yeast</a>, let sit for <u>10 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&basic_black_bread_bread, "Sift <i>1 1/2 cups</i> of <a href='all_purpose_flour.html'>all purpose flour</a>, <i>1 1/2 cups</i> of <a href='whole_grain_flour.html'>whole grain flour</a> and <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='bamboo_charcoal_powder.html'>bamboo charcoal powder</a> together in a separate bowl. Once flours are mixed evenly enough."); +add_instruction(&basic_black_bread_bread, "Add <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='canola_oil.html'>canola oil</a> to the water mix, then stir in <i>1/2 cup</i> of the flour mix with a wooden spoon. Keep adding flour a <u>1/2 cup</u> at a time, until the dough stops sticking to the sides."); +add_instruction(&basic_black_bread_bread, "Put ball of dough on lightly floured counter-top and start kneading, add a bit of flour everytime it starts to stick to your hands. Knead for <u>15 minutes</u>. You may not use up all of your flour, if there's still a lot left and your dough is nice smooth don't add any more. Don't want to risk drying it out."); +add_instruction(&basic_black_bread_bread, "Heat up oven at the very lowest setting. This will be our warm place for bread rising."); +add_instruction(&basic_black_bread_bread, "Grease up a bowl and put the dough, rolling it once to cover all sides. Cover with a cloth and place in oven. <i>Let rise for 45 minutes</i>."); +add_instruction(&basic_black_bread_bread, "Your bread should have doubled in size. Take bread out of oven, knead a few times and shape into a 10-11 inch cigar-shape. Sprinkle some <a href='corn_semolina.html'>corn semolina</a> on a baking sheet and place bread on top - this will keep it from sticking. Slash the top of the bread in the middle with a knife, doing this will keep the ends of the bread from splitting. Mist top of bread lightly with <a href='water.html'>water</a>, then add <a href='white_sesame_seeds.html'>white sesame seeds</a>. Press lightly to make them stick. Cover loaf with a cloth, put back in oven to rise for an additional <u>45 minutes</u>. If you don't want a traditional bread shape, put bread in a greased loaf pan to rise."); +add_instruction(&basic_black_bread_bread, "Turn oven up to <u>350F</u> . Bake for <a href='30_minutes.html'>30 minutes</a>, or until it sounds hollow when tapped at the bottom."); +add_instruction(&basic_black_bread_bread, "Brush sides lightly with <a href='coconut_oil.html'>coconut oil</a>, then let cool on a pile of towels or a cooling rack if you have one."); +add_instruction(&basic_black_bread_bread, "BURGER BUNS: Repeat steps 1 to 6."); +add_instruction(&basic_black_bread_bread, "Instead of forming into a 'cigar' shape at step 7, <i>divide into 8 pieces</i> and shape into a tight ball. Sprinkle baking sheet with some <a href='corn_semolina.html'>corn semolina</a> and put buns on top. Cover and let rise for another 45 minutes in the warmed oven."); +add_instruction(&basic_black_bread_bread, "Take buns out of oven, brush lightly with <a href='vegan_butter.html'>vegan butter</a> and put <a href='white_sesame_seeds.html'>white sesame seeds</a> on top. Bake uncovered for <u>20 minutes</u> at <u>350F</u>."); +add_instruction(&basic_black_bread_bread, "Let cool on a pile of towels or cooling rack."); +add_instruction(&basic_black_bread_bread, "HOT DOG BUNS: Repeat steps 1 to 6. <i>Divide through into 15 pieces</i> and shape into small cylinders (or general elongated hot dog shape). Sprinkle baking sheet with some <a href='corn_semolina.html'>corn semolina</a> and put buns on top. Cover and let rise for another <u>45 minutes</u> in the warmed oven."); +add_instruction(&basic_black_bread_bread, "Take buns out of oven, brush lightly with <a href='coconut_oil.html'>coconut oil</a>. Bake uncovered for <u>20 minutes</u> at <u>350F</u>."); +add_instruction(&basic_black_bread_bread, "Let cool on a pile of towels or cooling rack."); +add_serving(&basic_black_bread_bread, &all_purpose_flour, "1 1/2 cups"); +add_serving(&basic_black_bread_bread, &whole_wheat_flour, "1 1/2 cups"); +add_serving(&basic_black_bread_bread, &bamboo_charcoal_powder, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&basic_black_bread_bread, &water, "1 cup, warm"); +add_serving(&basic_black_bread_bread, &canola_oil, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&basic_black_bread_bread, &active_dry_yeast, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&basic_black_bread_bread, &sea_salt, "1 1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&basic_black_bread_bread, &maple_syrup, "3/4 tbsp"); +add_serving(&basic_black_bread_bread, &white_sesame_seeds, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&basic_black_bread_bread, &corn_semolina, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&basic_black_bread_bread, &coconut_oil, "1 tbsp"); +add_part(&basic_black_bread, &basic_black_bread_bread); + +// shichimi togarashi crackers +Recipe shichimi_togarashi_crackers = create_recipe("shichimi togarashi crackers", "snack", "30 crackers", 20150114, 40); +set_description(&shichimi_togarashi_crackers, "I like making my own crackers, and to play around with different flavors. I enjoy the taste of the Japanese spice mix <b>Shichimi Togarashi</b>, which translates to '7-flavour chili pepper'.<br /><br /><b>How to make your own spice mix:</b><br /><br />If you have a well-stocked spice rack, you can easily make it yourself. Mix together: 2 tbsp chili flakes, 1 tbsp sanshou (sichuan peppercorns), 1 tbsp <a href='dried_orange_peel.html'>dried orange peel</a>, 1 tbsp <a href='black_sesame_seeds.html'>black sesame seeds</a>, 1 tbsp <a href='white_sesame_seeds.html'>white sesame seeds</a>, 2 tsp ground ginger and 2 tbsp <a href='aonori.html'>aonori</a>.<br /><br />Some people substitute sichuan peppercorns for black peppercorns - I don't reccommend doing that. They're not interchangeable, sichuan peppercorns are what makes it taste awesome. It's a numbing pepper, with a really distinctive taste and aroma. If you eat one peppercorn, you'll notice right away that it numbs your tongue and alters your sense of taste.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart shichimi_togarashi_crackers_crackers = create_part("crackers"); +add_instruction(&shichimi_togarashi_crackers_crackers, "Preheat oven to <u>350F</u>."); +add_instruction(&shichimi_togarashi_crackers_crackers, "In a bowl, combine <i>1 cup</i> <a href='chickpea_flour.html'>chickpea flour</a>, <i>1 tbsp</i> <a href='ground_flax_seeds.html'>ground flax seeds</a>, a pinch of <a href='baking_soda.html'>baking soda</a>, <i>1/2 tsp</i> <a href='sesame_oil.html'>sesame oil</a>, <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='sea_salt.html'>sea salt</a> and <i>3 tsp</i> <a href='shichimi_togarashi.html'>shichimi togarashi</a>. Stir in <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a>, mix until well combined and form into a ball. Add extra chickpea flour if the dough is too sticky, 1 tbsp at a time."); +add_instruction(&shichimi_togarashi_crackers_crackers, "Flatten ball of dough in-between two sheets of parchment paper with a rolling pin, get it into a <i>1/4\" thick rectangle</i>."); +add_instruction(&shichimi_togarashi_crackers_crackers, "Cut about 10 half-inch wide strips of nori and line on top of flattened dough, leaving some space between each piece. If the nori doesn't stick you can brush the top with a bit of soy sauce (or water)."); +add_instruction(&shichimi_togarashi_crackers_crackers, "Slice the dough into squares and poke holes in with a toothpick so the crackers so they don't puff up. Place on a baking sheet and bake for <u>15-20 minutes</u> or until golden brown."); +add_instruction(&shichimi_togarashi_crackers_crackers, "Let cool, snap pieces apart and enjoy!"); +add_serving(&shichimi_togarashi_crackers_crackers, &chickpea_flour, "1 cup"); +add_serving(&shichimi_togarashi_crackers_crackers, &flax_seeds, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&shichimi_togarashi_crackers_crackers, &baking_soda, "1/4 tsp"); +add_serving(&shichimi_togarashi_crackers_crackers, &sesame_oil, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&shichimi_togarashi_crackers_crackers, &shichimi_togarashi, "3 tsp"); +add_serving(&shichimi_togarashi_crackers_crackers, &sea_salt, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&shichimi_togarashi_crackers_crackers, &water, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&shichimi_togarashi_crackers_crackers, &nori_sheets, "1 sheet"); +add_part(&shichimi_togarashi_crackers, &shichimi_togarashi_crackers_crackers); + +// roasted pumpkin seeds +Recipe roasted_pumpkin_seeds = create_recipe("roasted pumpkin seeds", "snack", "6 servings", 20150118, 30); +set_description(&roasted_pumpkin_seeds, "Pumpkin seeds can be prepared in many ways, one of the best ones is oven-roasted! It doesn't take a lot of time, and it makes a nice snack or add-on to soups or other meals.<br /><br />I don't buy raw shelled pumpkin seeds often, because they're expensive. It helps to buy them in bulk, you pay less in the end.<br /><br />Roasted pumpkin seeds are delicious with almost anything, the sweet of the maple syrup with the spicy taste of the paprika is perfect. Subtle, but very good.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart roasted_pumpkin_seeds_pumpkin_seeds = create_part("pumpkin seeds"); +add_instruction(&roasted_pumpkin_seeds_pumpkin_seeds, "Preheat oven to <u>300F</u>."); +add_instruction(&roasted_pumpkin_seeds_pumpkin_seeds, "Mix <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='smoked_paprika.html'>smoked paprika</a>, <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='ground_cumin.html'>ground cumin</a>, <i>1/4 tps</i> of <a href='sea_salt.html'>sea salt</a> and <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='maple_syrup.html'>maple syrup</a> together. Add <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='raw_pumpkin_seeds.html'>raw pumpkin seeds</a>."); +add_instruction(&roasted_pumpkin_seeds_pumpkin_seeds, "Line baking sheet with parchment paper, spread seeds out as flat and as apart from each other as you can on the sheet."); +add_instruction(&roasted_pumpkin_seeds_pumpkin_seeds, "Bake for <u>20 minutes</u>, at the 10 minute mark stir seeds around and then bake for another <u>10 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&roasted_pumpkin_seeds_pumpkin_seeds, "Eat as a snack or add as a topping in soups!"); +add_serving(&roasted_pumpkin_seeds_pumpkin_seeds, &pumpkin_seeds, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&roasted_pumpkin_seeds_pumpkin_seeds, &smoked_paprika, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&roasted_pumpkin_seeds_pumpkin_seeds, &cumin_seeds, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&roasted_pumpkin_seeds_pumpkin_seeds, &maple_syrup, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&roasted_pumpkin_seeds_pumpkin_seeds, &sea_salt, "pinch"); +add_part(&roasted_pumpkin_seeds, &roasted_pumpkin_seeds_pumpkin_seeds); + +// potato gnocchi +Recipe potato_gnocchi = create_recipe("potato gnocchi", "pasta", "6 servings", 20150121, 60); +set_description(&potato_gnocchi, "A few weeks ago, I asked people what they wanted to see me cook. Some asked for gnocchi, so here they are! Made from scratch, beautiful and black (just because). Topped with a light and sweet sauce, fresh scallions and daikon!<br /><br />As it turns out, making gnocchi is long. It's well worth the effort, but if you're planning on making some, clear your afternoon!<br /><br />Every step takes time. You have to wait for the potatoes to bake, wait for them to cool, you need to remove the skins etc. Skipping any of those steps will result in a gnocchi disaster.<br /><br />These turned out perfect! This is a large recipe, so if you're only two you'll have plenty left-over that you can let dry, freeze and eat later.<br /><br />recipes/potato.gnocchi.2.jpg<br /><br />Because the sauce and toppings are light and simple, you can focus on the texture of the gnocchi.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart potato_gnocchi_gnocchi = create_part("gnocchi"); +add_instruction(&potato_gnocchi_gnocchi, "Preheat oven to <u>400F</u>."); +add_instruction(&potato_gnocchi_gnocchi, "Bake potatoes until fork tender. Peel skins off and mash them up with a fork or food processor. Let cool completely (you can also boil them until fork tender)."); +add_instruction(&potato_gnocchi_gnocchi, "Sift <i>1 1/4 cup</i> of <a href='whole_wheat_flour.html'>whole wheat flour</a>, <i>1 tbsp</i> <a href='bamboo_charcoal_powder.html'>bamboo charcoal powder</a> and <i>1 pinch</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a> together in a bowl."); +add_instruction(&potato_gnocchi_gnocchi, "Mix the potatoes in gradually, and knead until you get a consistent dough."); +add_instruction(&potato_gnocchi_gnocchi, "Sprinkle flour on your working surface, and divide your ball of dough into 4. Roll each section into a long rope with an approximate <i>2cm diameter</i>."); +add_instruction(&potato_gnocchi_gnocchi, "Proceed to cutting up the ropes into <i>2cm sections</i>."); +add_instruction(&potato_gnocchi_gnocchi, "To make the little lines over the gnocchis (optional, but fun), take each piece and make a ball with it. Press it up against the backside of a fork and slide it down all the way to the ends with your finger. Your ball will be left with sets of lines on top and will take its signature elongated shape."); +add_instruction(&potato_gnocchi_gnocchi, "Cook gnocchi in a pot of boiling water with salt, the bits that are ready will float back to the surface."); +add_serving(&potato_gnocchi_gnocchi, &russet_potatoes, "2 1/2"); +add_serving(&potato_gnocchi_gnocchi, &whole_wheat_flour, "1 1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&potato_gnocchi_gnocchi, &bamboo_charcoal_powder, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&potato_gnocchi_gnocchi, &sea_salt, "1/4 tsp"); +add_part(&potato_gnocchi, &potato_gnocchi_gnocchi); +RecipePart potato_gnocchi_sauce = create_part("sauce"); +add_instruction(&potato_gnocchi_sauce, "Mix <i>6 tbsp</i> of <a href='soy_sauce.html'>soy sauce</a>, <i>3 tbsp</i> of <a href='mirin.html'>mirin</a> and <i>4 tsp</i> of <a href='sugar.html'>sugar</a> in a bowl."); +add_serving(&potato_gnocchi_sauce, &soy_sauce, "6 tbsp"); +add_serving(&potato_gnocchi_sauce, &mirin, "3 tbsp"); +add_serving(&potato_gnocchi_sauce, &sugar, "4 tsp"); +add_part(&potato_gnocchi, &potato_gnocchi_sauce); +RecipePart potato_gnocchi_toppings = create_part("toppings"); +add_instruction(&potato_gnocchi_toppings, "Rehydrate <i>3 tbsp</i> of <a href='wakame.html'>wakame</a> as well in a separate cup. Let stand for <u>5 minutes</u>, drain, rinse and cut into smaller pieces."); +add_instruction(&potato_gnocchi_toppings, "Chop up <i>5 branches</i> of <a href='scallions.html'>scallions</a> and grate <i>1/3 cup</i> worth of <a href='daikon.html'>daikon</a>. Squeeze water out of daikon, and set aside."); +add_instruction(&potato_gnocchi_toppings, "When gnocchi are cooked, sauté in a pan with the sauce and shiitake for <u>4-5 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&potato_gnocchi_toppings, "Serve gnocchi in two separate bowls, and top first with wakame, then scallions, followed by a dollop of grated daikon. Sprinkle some <a href='shichimi_togarashi.html'>shichimi togarashi</a> on top!"); +add_serving(&potato_gnocchi_toppings, &shiitake, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&potato_gnocchi_toppings, &scallions, "5 branches"); +add_serving(&potato_gnocchi_toppings, &daikon, "1/3 cup"); +add_serving(&potato_gnocchi_toppings, &wakame, "3 tbsp"); +add_serving(&potato_gnocchi_toppings, &shichimi_togarashi, "To taste"); +add_part(&potato_gnocchi, &potato_gnocchi_toppings); + +// lentils with roasted beet sauce +Recipe lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce = create_recipe("lentils with roasted beet sauce", "dinner", "2 servings", 20150202, 60); +set_description(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce, "This recipe is especially good and filling with lentils, but it's also possible to serve it on other grains or even pasta. I used beluga lentils, because they hold their shape better than <a href='brown_lentils.html'>brown lentils</a>.<br /><br />Beets make any dish beautiful, but it can stain your skin. Not to worry though - it doesn't stay, you'll just look like you've just killed something.<br /><br />Fresh peppermint is key in this recipe, don't omit it. If you have a fresh supply at home, that is perfect, otherwise store-bought stalks are fine. You can keep store-bought stalks longer if you do these simple steps: first, tear off any wilted leaves, wash the mint gently, and then put the stalks in a glass with a bit of water and a bag over the top. Then, store it in the refrigerator.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_lentils = create_part("lentils"); +add_instruction(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_lentils, "Wash <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='beluga_lentils.html'>beluga lentils</a>. Put <i>1 1/3 cup</i> of <a href='vegetable_bouillon.html'>vegetable bouillon</a> in a pot, add the lentils, and bring to a boil."); +add_instruction(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_lentils, "Reduce heat to <u>medium</u> and simmer for <u>25 minutes</u>. Don't let them cook for too long or they'll get too mushy. If the lentils seem cooked but haven't absorbed all of the water, strain it out."); +add_serving(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_lentils, &beluga_lentils, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_lentils, &vegetable_bouillon, "1 1/3 cup"); +add_part(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce, &lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_lentils); +RecipePart lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_sauce = create_part("sauce"); +add_instruction(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_sauce, "Preheat oven to <u>400F</u>."); +add_instruction(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_sauce, "Peel and cut <i>3 medium-sized</i> <a href='red_beets.html'>red beets</a> into pieces. Toss with <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a>, <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='thyme.html'>thyme</a>, <i>a pinch</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a> and some <a href='black_pepper.html'>black pepper</a>."); +add_instruction(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_sauce, "Put <a href='red_beets.html'>red beets</a> on a baking sheet and roast for <u>30 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_sauce, "Cook <i>3 minced cloves</i> of <a href='garlic.html'>garlic</a> in a pan with a bit of <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a>. Transfer to a food processor along with <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='vegetable_bouillon.html'>vegetable bouillon</a>, <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='balsamic_vinegar.html'>balsamic vinegar</a>, <i>1 tbsp</i> <a href='lemon_juice.html'>lemon juice</a> and a <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='nutritional_yeast.html'>nutritional yeast</a>."); +add_instruction(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_sauce, "Once the red beets are ready, add them in with the rest and then purée everything until smooth."); +add_instruction(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_sauce, "Transfer the sauce to a pan with the rest of the <a href='vegetable_bouillon.html'>vegetable bouillon</a>, bring to medium heat and cook for <u>10 minutes</u>. Stir in <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='soy_milk.html'>soy milk</a>. Cook for an additional <u>5 minutes</u> and then serve over the lentils with minced <a href='peppermint.html'>peppermint</a>."); +add_serving(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_sauce, &red_beets, "3"); +add_serving(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_sauce, &olive_oil, "2 tsp"); +add_serving(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_sauce, &thyme, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_sauce, &garlic, "3 cloves"); +add_serving(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_sauce, &balsamic_vinegar, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_sauce, &lemon_juice, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_sauce, &nutritional_yeast, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_sauce, &vegetable_bouillon, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_sauce, &soy_milk, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_sauce, &peppermint, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_sauce, &sea_salt, "1/4 tsp"); +add_serving(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_sauce, &black_pepper, "1/4 tsp"); +add_part(&lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce, &lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce_sauce); + +// teriyaki carrot patties +Recipe teriyaki_carrot_patties = create_recipe("teriyaki carrot patties", "sidedish", "2 servings", 20150217, 40); +set_description(&teriyaki_carrot_patties, "Taking the time to cook good food is important, someone said this to me ages ago, never forgot it. It took me a while to understand, I didn't always care about what I ate. I now take the time, because food matters.<br /><br />Cooking isn't just about getting your hunger pangs to go away, it's also a time to be creative.<br /><br />With this recipe, I wanted to make something nutritious that would look nice on a plate. I didn't have to go out to get special ingredients, I just looked in my fridge and used items I had on hand. The result was fantastic!<br /><br />"); +RecipePart teriyaki_carrot_patties_patties = create_part("patties"); +add_instruction(&teriyaki_carrot_patties_patties, "Peel, and chop <i>2</i> <a href='carrots.html'>carrots</a> into pieces, mince <i>2 cloves</i> of <a href='garlic.html'>garlic</a>, chop <i>1/2</i> a <a href='yellow_onion.html'>yellow onion</a> finely, grind <i>4 tbsp</i> of <a href='rolled_oats.html'>rolled oats</a> into powder, and cut <i>1 cup</i> of <a href='raw_cubed_pumpkin_bits.html'>raw cubed pumpkin bits</a>."); +add_instruction(&teriyaki_carrot_patties_patties, "Mix in <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='curry_powder.html'>curry powder</a> and pulse in a food processor."); +add_instruction(&teriyaki_carrot_patties_patties, "Separate into <i>6 patties</i>, cook 3 at a time in a pan with a bit of <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a>. Flatten the balls with a spatula and cook until lightly browned."); +add_serving(&teriyaki_carrot_patties_patties, &carrots, "2"); +add_serving(&teriyaki_carrot_patties_patties, &curry_powder, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&teriyaki_carrot_patties_patties, &yellow_onion, "1/2"); +add_serving(&teriyaki_carrot_patties_patties, &garlic, "2 cloves"); +add_serving(&teriyaki_carrot_patties_patties, &rolled_oats, "4 tbsp"); +add_serving(&teriyaki_carrot_patties_patties, &pumpkin, "1 cup"); +add_part(&teriyaki_carrot_patties, &teriyaki_carrot_patties_patties); +RecipePart teriyaki_carrot_patties_sauce = create_part("sauce"); +add_instruction(&teriyaki_carrot_patties_sauce, "Mix <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='soy_sauce.html'>soy sauce</a>, <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='sake.html'>sake</a>, <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='mirin.html'>mirin</a> and <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='whole_cane_sugar.html'>whole cane sugar</a>."); +add_instruction(&teriyaki_carrot_patties_sauce, "Pour in a pan, bring to medium-heat and cook for <u>5 minutes</u> or until thickened."); +add_instruction(&teriyaki_carrot_patties_sauce, "Put patties in a plate, drizzle with the teriyaki sauce and your veggies of choice!"); +add_serving(&teriyaki_carrot_patties_sauce, &soy_sauce, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&teriyaki_carrot_patties_sauce, &sake, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&teriyaki_carrot_patties_sauce, &mirin, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&teriyaki_carrot_patties_sauce, &whole_cane_sugar, "1 tsp"); +add_part(&teriyaki_carrot_patties, &teriyaki_carrot_patties_sauce); + +// savoury turmeric cookies +Recipe savoury_turmeric_cookies = create_recipe("savoury turmeric cookies", "cookies", "16 servings", 20150219, 30); +set_description(&savoury_turmeric_cookies, "These yellow treats will help brighten up cold, and grey winter days. Turmeric powder has a subtle taste, and will also do a good job of making your baked goods yellow!<br /><br />In these cookies, I use <a href='spelt_flour.html'>spelt flour</a> because it's more nutritious than wheat flour. Cookies aren't exactly high on the 'health food' scale though, that I know, but it's a way of sneaking in whole grains which can contribute to good health. When it comes to sugar, there are no true 'healthy' alternatives. Desserts are rare treats, and should be eaten in moderation. The same goes for oil. I used canola oil because it imparts little flavor, and because it's a source of <a href='#nutrition.html'>omega3</a>.<br /><br />recipes/savoury.turmeric.cookies.2.jpg<br /><br />It's possible to use chocolate chips, but I like to use <a href='Carob_chips.html'>Carob chips</a> because they lack bitterness and contain no caffeine. I'm a coffee drinker, I enjoy a good cup of coffee, but because an excess of caffeine can worsen my anxiety I try and limit my intake, and this includes chocolate products because they contain <b>theobromine</b>.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart savoury_turmeric_cookies_cookies = create_part("cookies"); +add_instruction(&savoury_turmeric_cookies_cookies, "Preheat oven to <u>350F</u>."); +add_instruction(&savoury_turmeric_cookies_cookies, "Mix <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='all_purpose_flour.html'>all purpose flour</a>, <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='spelt_flour.html'>spelt flour</a>, <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='baking_powder.html'>baking powder</a>, <i>2 tsp</i> of <a href='turmeric_powder.html'>turmeric powder</a> and <i>1 tsp</i> of ground <a href='dried_orange_peels.html'>dried orange peels</a> in a bowl. Stir well to mix."); +add_instruction(&savoury_turmeric_cookies_cookies, "NOTE: You can make your own dried orange peels by keeping the peels of organic navel oranges, slicing then thinly, then drying them in an oven at <u>200F</u> for <u>25-30 minutes</u>. They keep <u>3 months</u> in the refrigerator. You can grind them with a mortar and pestle for this recipe"); +add_instruction(&savoury_turmeric_cookies_cookies, "Cream <i>6 tbsp</i> of <a href='canola_oil.html'>canola oil</a> with <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='whole_cane_sugar.html'>whole cane sugar</a> in a separate bowl. Then. mix with the dry ingredients, gradually adding the <a href='soy_milk.html'>soy milk</a> <i>1 tbsp at a time</i> until you get a soft and consistent dough."); +add_instruction(&savoury_turmeric_cookies_cookies, "Line a baking sheet with a baking mat, make <i>16 little balls of dough</i> and flatten each one gently. Add a <a href='carob_chips.html'>carob chips</a> at the center of each cookie."); +add_instruction(&savoury_turmeric_cookies_cookies, "Bake for <u>15-20 minutes</u>. Let cool, and serve with some tea!"); +add_serving(&savoury_turmeric_cookies_cookies, &all_purpose_flour, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&savoury_turmeric_cookies_cookies, &spelt_flour, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&savoury_turmeric_cookies_cookies, &baking_powder, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&savoury_turmeric_cookies_cookies, &whole_cane_sugar, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&savoury_turmeric_cookies_cookies, &canola_oil, "6 tbsp"); +add_serving(&savoury_turmeric_cookies_cookies, &ground_turmeric, "2 tsp"); +add_serving(&savoury_turmeric_cookies_cookies, &dried_orange_peel, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&savoury_turmeric_cookies_cookies, &soy_milk, "6 tbsp"); +add_serving(&savoury_turmeric_cookies_cookies, &carob_chips, "20"); +add_part(&savoury_turmeric_cookies, &savoury_turmeric_cookies_cookies); + +// sweet mock eel nigiri +Recipe sweet_mock_eel_nigiri = create_recipe("sweet mock eel nigiri", "rice", "2 servings", 20150224, 50); +set_description(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri, "Burmese tofu is not really tofu, I know it's confusing. Burmese tofu is made with chickpea flour, one of my staple foods. The cool thing about it, is that it takes 10 minutes to make and sets under 1 hour. It's a great soy-free alternative, and the texture is comparable to that of soft tofu.<br /><br />recipes/sweet.mock.eel.nigiri.1.jpg<br /><br />The original recipe for chickpea tofu, I believe, was sourced from a book called <a href='http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0871317680/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=0871317680&linkCode=as2&tag=girl07-20' target='_blank'>The Burmese kitchen</a> by Aung Thein. This recipe will use up about half of the burmese tofu, which means you'll have a whole other half to use in other meals.<br /><br />I thought the chickpea tofu would be well-suited as a 'mock unagi kabayaki', and that it would look especially striking atop some black rice.<br /><br />recipes/sweet.mock.eel.nigiri.2.jpg<br /><br />The sauce served over unagi (eel) kabayaki is sweet, with hints of caramel. Most Japanese sauces are easy to make, and usually require around 3-4 ingredients, these almost always include: soy sauce, sake, mirin, or Japanese rice vinegar. If you want to cook Japanese food, having these around is a must.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_rice = create_part("rice"); +add_instruction(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_rice, "Prepare <a href='black_glutinous_rice.html'>black glutinous rice</a>, it needs to be prepared at a 2:1 water to rice ratio. If you prepare 1 cup of dry rice, you need 2 cups of water."); +add_instruction(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_rice, "Put <i>1 1/2 tbsp</i> of <a href='Japanese_rice_vinegar.html'>Japanese rice vinegar</a>, <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='whole_cane_sugar.html'>whole cane sugar</a> and <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a> in a sauce pan. Stir over low heat, until sugar dissolves."); +add_instruction(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_rice, "Once rice is cooked, transfer to a flat tray, and pour sushi dressing over it. Mix dressing into rice with a spatula, using a sideways cutting motion. Cover with a damp towel, and let cool."); +add_instruction(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_rice, "Shape tablespoons of black rice into oblongs, smear tops with a bit of <a href='wasabi.html'>wasabi</a>, lay a nori strip texture-side up, place strip of chickpea tofu as well as the rice ball (wasabi side facing downwards) and finally fold nori over bottom of rice (cut off excess, you can wet the edges with a bit of water if ever it isn't sticking)."); +add_instruction(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_rice, "Makes about <i>12 nigiri</i>. If you have nigiri molds, shaping the rice into ovals will be very easy. Otherwise use your hands, keep them moist so the rice doesn't stick."); +add_serving(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_rice, &black_glutinous_rice, "3/4 cup"); +add_serving(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_rice, &water, "2 cups"); +add_serving(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_rice, &japanese_rice_vinegar, "1 1/2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_rice, &whole_cane_sugar, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_rice, &sea_salt, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_rice, &nori_sheets, "1 sheet"); +add_part(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri, &sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_rice); +RecipePart sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_sauce = create_part("sauce"); +add_instruction(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_sauce, "Mix <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='soy_sauce.html'>soy sauce</a>, <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='mirin.html'>mirin</a>, <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='whole_cane_sugar.html'>whole cane sugar</a> and <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='sake.html'>sake</a>."); +add_instruction(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_sauce, "Bring to a boil in a pan, lower heat and let thicken for a few minutes."); +add_serving(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_sauce, &soy_sauce, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_sauce, &mirin, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_sauce, &whole_cane_sugar, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_sauce, &sake, "1 tbsp"); +add_part(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri, &sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_sauce); +RecipePart sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_chickpea_tofu = create_part("chickpea tofu"); +add_instruction(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_chickpea_tofu, "Bring <i>1 1/2 cups</i> of <a href='vegetable_bouillon.html'>vegetable bouillon</a> to a rolling boil in a pot."); +add_instruction(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_chickpea_tofu, "Mix <i>1 cup</i> of <a href='chickpea_flour.html'>chickpea flour</a> with <i>1/4 tsp</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a> and <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='ground_turmeric.html'>ground turmeric</a>. Add an additional <i>1 1/2 cups</i> of <a href='vegetable_bouillon.html'>vegetable bouillon</a>. Stir until the mixture is lump-free."); +add_instruction(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_chickpea_tofu, "Lower to medium heat, and pour in chickpea batter. Whisk continuously for <u>5-10 minutes</u>, until thickened."); +add_instruction(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_chickpea_tofu, "Pour into a 8x8 baking dish lined with a baking mat. Smooth out top with the back of a spoon."); +add_instruction(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_chickpea_tofu, "Let cool and set for <u>1 hour</u>, then refrigerate for a little while longer before cutting. This will give the 'tofu' time to set."); +add_instruction(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_chickpea_tofu, "After 1 hour, <i>cut into 12 pieces</i>, and then cut in 2 again lenghtwise to make them fit over nigiri."); +add_instruction(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_chickpea_tofu, "Preheat oven to <u>350F</u>."); +add_instruction(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_chickpea_tofu, "Line backing sheet with a baking mat, line up pieces of chickpea tofu."); +add_instruction(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_chickpea_tofu, "Bake for <u>15 minutes</u>. Remove from oven, brush chickpea tofu with unagi sauce and bake for an additional <u>15 minutes</u>."); +add_serving(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_chickpea_tofu, &vegetable_bouillon, "3 cups"); +add_serving(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_chickpea_tofu, &chickpea_flour, "1 cup"); +add_serving(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_chickpea_tofu, &sea_salt, "1/4 tsp"); +add_serving(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_chickpea_tofu, &ground_turmeric, "1/2 tsp"); +add_part(&sweet_mock_eel_nigiri, &sweet_mock_eel_nigiri_chickpea_tofu); + +// black sesame rice pancakes +Recipe black_sesame_rice_pancakes = create_recipe("black sesame rice pancakes", "breakfast", "12 servings", 20150226, 20); +set_description(&black_sesame_rice_pancakes, "Black sesame rice pancakes, for those who share my love of sesame.<br /><br />Photo is with a generous dollop of <a href='mango.html'>mango</a>, because sometimes I need a break from maple syrup — okay. No I don't, but here's something different anyway. The real reason I added mango, was because I enjoyed the contrast of colors. Most times, I top my pancakes with <a href='maple_syrup.html'>maple syrup</a>.<br /><br /><b>Substitutions:</b> For matcha pancakes, omit the black sesame seeds and add 1 tbsp of matcha powder.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart black_sesame_rice_pancakes_pancakes = create_part("pancakes"); +add_instruction(&black_sesame_rice_pancakes_pancakes, "Measure <i>1 1/4 cups</i> of <a href='soy_milk.html'>soy milk</a>, add <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='apple_cider_vinegar.html'>apple cider vinegar</a>. Let sit for <u>5 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&black_sesame_rice_pancakes_pancakes, "Heat <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='black_sesame_seeds.html'>black sesame seeds</a>, in a non-stick pan at medium heat. Remove once they start to pop. Let cool, then crush into a powder with a mortar and pestle or immersion blender."); +add_instruction(&black_sesame_rice_pancakes_pancakes, "Mix the soured soy milk with <u>1 tsp</u> of <a href='vanilla_extract.html'>vanilla extract</a>, <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='canola_oil.html'>canola oil</a> and <i>1/4 cup</i> of ground <a href='black_sesame_seeds.html'>black sesame seeds</a>. Blend until you get a smooth grey liquid."); +add_instruction(&black_sesame_rice_pancakes_pancakes, "In another bowl, mix <i>1 cup</i> of <a href='rice_flour.html'>rice flour</a>, <i>1/4 tsp</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a>, <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='baking_powder.html'>baking powder</a> and <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='whole_cane_sugar.html'>whole cane sugar</a> together."); +add_instruction(&black_sesame_rice_pancakes_pancakes, "Pour wet ingredients into the dry ones, and mix until smooth. Make it as lump-free as you can."); +add_instruction(&black_sesame_rice_pancakes_pancakes, "Heat up non-stick pan at medium heat, add <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='canola_oil.html'>canola oil</a>. Spoon about <i>1/4 cup</i> of batter into the pan. Flip once the bottoms have browned, and little bubbles appear at the top."); +add_instruction(&black_sesame_rice_pancakes_pancakes, "Repeat for the rest of the pancake mix."); +add_serving(&black_sesame_rice_pancakes_pancakes, &soy_milk, "1 1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&black_sesame_rice_pancakes_pancakes, &apple_cider_vinegar, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&black_sesame_rice_pancakes_pancakes, &vanilla_extract, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&black_sesame_rice_pancakes_pancakes, &canola_oil, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&black_sesame_rice_pancakes_pancakes, &rice_flour, "1 cup"); +add_serving(&black_sesame_rice_pancakes_pancakes, &baking_powder, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&black_sesame_rice_pancakes_pancakes, &black_sesame_seeds, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&black_sesame_rice_pancakes_pancakes, &whole_cane_sugar, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&black_sesame_rice_pancakes_pancakes, &salt, "pinch"); +add_part(&black_sesame_rice_pancakes, &black_sesame_rice_pancakes_pancakes); + +// mushroom zucchini pasta +Recipe mushroom_zucchini_pasta = create_recipe("mushroom zucchini pasta", "pasta", "4 servings", 20150303, 20); +set_description(&mushroom_zucchini_pasta, "As much as I love pasta, i like to vary my food a lot day to day. Once in a while, I like to make zucchini noodles! They're ready in an instant, and are delicious when topped with a two-mushroom velouté sauce.<br /><br />recipes/mushroom.zucchini.pasta.2.jpg<br /><br />This meal is also green on green, most of the ingredients are different shades of the same colour. Fun.<br /><br />What other green things can I add to this? Wakame! I don't always have fresh greens in my fridge, when I don't, I use wakame. It's handy to have around, it keeps for a long time and doesn't require a lot of prep. Wakame is also a good source of <b>Iodine</b>.<br /><br />Edamame is another green food that I like. I have the frozen, de-shelled kind in my fridge. It saves a lot of time.<br /><br />Mushrooms aren't green but they do add a TON of flavour to sauces. Shiitake mushrooms have a lot of flavour, shimeji mushrooms have a subtle taste but look nice in a dish.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart mushroom_zucchini_pasta_veggie_noodles_and_toppings = create_part("veggie noodles and toppings"); +add_instruction(&mushroom_zucchini_pasta_veggie_noodles_and_toppings, "Rehydrate <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='wakame.html'>wakame</a> in water, drain and set aside."); +add_instruction(&mushroom_zucchini_pasta_veggie_noodles_and_toppings, "Cut stems off of <i>1/4 cup</i> of dried <a href='shiitake_mushrooms.html'>shiitake mushrooms</a>, rehydrate by pouring boiling water over them. Keep them submerged for <u>30 min</u>, or up to <u>1 hour</u>. It's better to rehydrate them overnight, for <u>a minimum of 8 hours</u>. If you do this, the flavour will be stronger, but if you're in a rush, boiling water is fine. If you have fresh <a href='shiitake.html'>shiitake</a>, you can also skip this step."); +add_instruction(&mushroom_zucchini_pasta_veggie_noodles_and_toppings, "Cut <i>4 medium-sized</i> <a href='zucchinis.html'>zucchinis</a> thinly using a julienne peeler or knife. Place in bowls. I don't always cook my zucchini, but if you prefer a warm version sauté them in a pan."); +add_serving(&mushroom_zucchini_pasta_veggie_noodles_and_toppings, &zucchini, "4"); +add_serving(&mushroom_zucchini_pasta_veggie_noodles_and_toppings, &wakame, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&mushroom_zucchini_pasta_veggie_noodles_and_toppings, &shiitake, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&mushroom_zucchini_pasta_veggie_noodles_and_toppings, &shimeji, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&mushroom_zucchini_pasta_veggie_noodles_and_toppings, &edamame, "1/3 cup"); +add_part(&mushroom_zucchini_pasta, &mushroom_zucchini_pasta_veggie_noodles_and_toppings); +RecipePart mushroom_zucchini_pasta_sauce = create_part("sauce"); +add_instruction(&mushroom_zucchini_pasta_sauce, "Put <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a> in a saucepan over medium heat, whisk in <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='all_purpose_flour.html'>all purpose flour</a>. Stir until it's completely absorbed by the oil. Let roux cook for a minute or so."); +add_instruction(&mushroom_zucchini_pasta_sauce, "Stir in <i>2 cups</i> of <a href='vegetable_bouillon.html'>vegetable bouillon</a>, bring heat up to a boil and then lower to a simmer. Add a <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='shiitake_mushrooms.html'>shiitake mushrooms</a>, a <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='shimeji_mushrooms.html'>shimeji mushrooms</a> and a <i>1/3 cup</i> of <a href='edamame.html'>edamame</a> to the sauce."); +add_instruction(&mushroom_zucchini_pasta_sauce, "Let cook for <u>10 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&mushroom_zucchini_pasta_sauce, "When cooked, season sauce with salt and black pepper."); +add_instruction(&mushroom_zucchini_pasta_sauce, "Add the re-hydrated wakame and serve over zucchini pasta. Season with shijimi togarashi!"); +add_serving(&mushroom_zucchini_pasta_sauce, &all_purpose_flour, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&mushroom_zucchini_pasta_sauce, &olive_oil, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&mushroom_zucchini_pasta_sauce, &vegetable_bouillon, "2 cups"); +add_serving(&mushroom_zucchini_pasta_sauce, &shichimi_togarashi, "1 tsp"); +add_part(&mushroom_zucchini_pasta, &mushroom_zucchini_pasta_sauce); + +// pate chinois +Recipe pate_chinois = create_recipe("pate chinois", "dinner", "4 servings", 20150310, 40); +set_description(&pate_chinois, "Whenever I ask Devine what he wants to eat, he'll always say pasta. I don't always say yes to this, not unless I want to eat pasta everyday. Second, he'll ask for Pâté Chinois. It's hard for me to say no to that, it's one of my favourite childhood meals, so I succumb, peek into the fridge and see what variation of it I can make. It's a super versatile dish, my recipe has layers consisting of tofu and burmese tofu, green peas, sweet potato and cauliflower.<br /><br />recipes/pate.chinois.1.jpg<br /><br />Pâté Chinois is very much like Shepherd's pie, I'm not sure how it got that name, I've researched it but no one knows its true origins. Quotes from Wikipedia: \"...one possible explanation for the Chinese reference is that it was introduced to Canadian railway workers by Chinese cooks during the building of the North American railroads in the late 19th century\". I guess we'll never know.<br /><br />My mom made this all the time when I was a kid - she would make the traditional meat version with creamed corn. My meals, as you know, are always meatless, and I now have an aversion to creamed corn, but the spirit of the dish remains. It inspires the same kind of comfort.<br /><br /><b>Substitutions:</b><br /><br />I've made versions of this dish with just cauliflower, or just using tofu, or just potatoes too. I've made it so often, I've gone through every possibility. All in all, it consists of a protein layer (tofu, burmese tofu, lentils etc) veggie layer (corn or peas), and topped with a doughy vegetable (potatoes, pumpkin, cauliflower etc).<br /><br />I've also made a version which consists of cubed, cooked potatoes (or pumpkin), with scrambled chickpea flour and corn — as I've said, it's always good and can take on different forms!<br /><br />"); +RecipePart pate_chinois_pate_chinois = create_part("pate chinois"); +add_instruction(&pate_chinois_pate_chinois, "Preheat oven to <u>375F</u>."); +add_instruction(&pate_chinois_pate_chinois, "Bring a pot of <a href='water.html'>water</a> (or <a href='vegetable_bouillon.html'>vegetable bouillon</a> for added flavour) to a boil. Cook <i>1 large cubed</i> <a href='sweet_potato.html'>sweet potato</a> as well as <i>1 cup</i> of chopped <a href='white_cauliflower.html'>white cauliflower</a> florets until tender."); +add_instruction(&pate_chinois_pate_chinois, "Drain, mix with <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='smoked_paprika.html'>smoked paprika</a>, and purée with an immersion blender. Season with sea salt and black pepper. Set aside."); +add_instruction(&pate_chinois_pate_chinois, "Take <i>1 block</i> of firm <a href='tofu.html'>tofu</a>, and mash it down using a fork or just using your hands. I just squish it with my fingers to get a crumbly texture. (Alternatively, for a soy-free Pâté Chinois you can also use <a href='Sweet_Mock_Eel_Nigiri.html'>burmese tofu</a>.)"); +add_instruction(&pate_chinois_pate_chinois, "In a large pan, brown the <a href='yellow_onion.html'>yellow onion</a> with <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a>. Add the <a href='tofu.html'>tofu</a>, <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='soy_sauce.html'>soy sauce</a> and <i>1 drop</i> of <a href='liquid_smoke.html'>liquid smoke</a>. Cook for a few minutes. Season with black pepper and sea salt."); +add_instruction(&pate_chinois_pate_chinois, "When cooked, press tofu mix into bottom of a 8x8 baking dish."); +add_instruction(&pate_chinois_pate_chinois, "Cover tofu mix with the contents of <i>1 can</i> of unsalted <a href='green_peas.html'>green peas</a> (reserve a few for the top) and with the puréed cauliflower/sweet potato."); +add_instruction(&pate_chinois_pate_chinois, "Smooth with a spatula, decorate with some green peas and sprinkle with smoked paprika."); +add_instruction(&pate_chinois_pate_chinois, "Bake for <u>30 minutes</u>, or until lightly browned."); +add_instruction(&pate_chinois_pate_chinois, "Let cool, serve with some <a href='sambal_oelek.html'>sambal oelek</a> or some other spicy condiment!"); +add_serving(&pate_chinois_pate_chinois, &white_cauliflower, "1 cup"); +add_serving(&pate_chinois_pate_chinois, &sweet_potatoes, "1"); +add_serving(&pate_chinois_pate_chinois, &green_peas, "1 small can"); +add_serving(&pate_chinois_pate_chinois, &tofu, "1 pack , firm"); +add_serving(&pate_chinois_pate_chinois, &soy_sauce, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&pate_chinois_pate_chinois, &yellow_onion, "1/2"); +add_serving(&pate_chinois_pate_chinois, &smoked_paprika, "1 tsp"); +add_part(&pate_chinois, &pate_chinois_pate_chinois); + +// chili pomegranate brownies +Recipe chili_pomegranate_brownies = create_recipe("chili pomegranate brownies", "dessert", "24 servings", 20150324, 60); +set_description(&chili_pomegranate_brownies, "Making brownies has been on my mind for some time, I finally settled for <b>spicy brownies</b> with a sweet and spicy <b>pomegranate syrup</b>!<br /><br />I put a LOT of chili pepper flakes in these. I have a higher tolerance to it, but if you don't feel free to use less. You can omit the chilis in the batter, but I highly recommend infused the pomegranate syrup with some - it's delicious and won't be the same without it.<br /><br />These were a big success.<br /><br />I baked these brownies for Devine's birthday, and I've been re-making them ever since. You can vary the fruit juice for the topping, making reductions of fruit juices is very easy and it's so good, it makes desserts extra fancy without much effort. I cut them into 24 small squares, but these would look great in larger blocks too. Smaller portions means you can fool yourself into having some longer — I rather like that idea.<br /><br />recipes/chili.pomegranate.brownies.2.jpg<br /><br />In this recipe I substituted half of the fat for puréed pumpkin, you could also use apple sauce or banana (banana tastes is strong though). Know that when baking brownies, you can only substitute <b>half the amount</b> of fat before it effects the texture.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart chili_pomegranate_brownies_brownies = create_part("brownies"); +add_instruction(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_brownies, "Preheat oven to <u>325F</u>."); +add_instruction(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_brownies, "Cut <i>1/3 cup</i> of <a href='pumpkin.html'>pumpkin</a>, steam until softened and process into a purée."); +add_instruction(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_brownies, "Put <i>3 tbsp</i> of <a href='ground_flax_seeds.html'>ground flax seeds</a> in a bowl with <i>9 tbsp</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a>, let thicken for <u>5 minutes</u>. Set aside."); +add_instruction(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_brownies, "Put <i>5 tbsp</i> of <a href='canola_oil.html'>canola oil</a>, <i>5 tbsp</i> of <a href='pumpkin_purée.html'>pumpkin purée</a>, <i>3/4 cup</i> <a href='whole_cane_sugar.html'>whole cane sugar</a>, <i>3/4 cup</i> <a href='cocoa_powder.html'>cocoa powder</a> and a <i>1/4 tsp</i> <a href='salt.html'>salt</a> in a pan over medium to low heat. Stir until the <a href='canola_oil.html'>canola oil</a> is melted, and all is well mixed."); +add_instruction(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_brownies, "Stir in the flax 'egg', as well as the <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='chili_pepper_flakes.html'>chili pepper flakes</a> and <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='cayenne_pepper_powder.html'>cayenne pepper powder</a>. Add <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='all_purpose_flour.html'>all purpose flour</a> and mix well. Mixture should be very thick."); +add_instruction(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_brownies, "Pour into a 8X8 baking dish lined with parchment papper. Flatten with the back of a spoon to even it out and bake for <u>25 minutes</u>, or until knife comes out clean. Let cool. <i>Cut in 24 small squares</i>."); +add_serving(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_brownies, &pumpkin, "1/3 cup"); +add_serving(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_brownies, &flax_seeds, "3 tbsp"); +add_serving(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_brownies, &water, "9 tbsp"); +add_serving(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_brownies, &canola_oil, "5 tbsp"); +add_serving(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_brownies, &whole_cane_sugar, "3/4 cup"); +add_serving(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_brownies, &cocoa_powder, "3/4 cup"); +add_serving(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_brownies, &sea_salt, "1/4 tsp"); +add_serving(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_brownies, &all_purpose_flour, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_brownies, &chili_pepper_flakes, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_brownies, &cayenne_pepper_powder, "1 tsp"); +add_part(&chili_pomegranate_brownies, &chili_pomegranate_brownies_brownies); +RecipePart chili_pomegranate_brownies_syrup = create_part("syrup"); +add_instruction(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_syrup, "Pour <i>2 cups</i> of <a href='unsweetened_pomegranate_juice.html'>unsweetened pomegranate juice</a> into a pot with <i>1 tsp</i> <a href='chili_pepper_flakes.html'>chili pepper flakes</a> and <i>1 tsp</i> <a href='cayenne_pepper_powder.html'>cayenne pepper powder</a>. Bring to a boil, lower to medium-high heat and leave for up to <u>1h</u> or until liquid has been reduced to <i>1 cup</i>."); +add_instruction(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_syrup, "Let cool, the syrup will thicken when cooled."); +add_serving(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_syrup, &pomegranate_juice, "2 cups"); +add_serving(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_syrup, &sugar, "3/4 cup"); +add_serving(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_syrup, &chili_pepper_flakes, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_syrup, &cayenne_pepper_powder, "1 tsp"); +add_part(&chili_pomegranate_brownies, &chili_pomegranate_brownies_syrup); +RecipePart chili_pomegranate_brownies_topping = create_part("topping"); +add_instruction(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_topping, "Top brownies with fresh <a href='pomegranate_seeds.html'>pomegranate seeds</a>, and drizzle with the chili-infused syrup!"); +add_serving(&chili_pomegranate_brownies_topping, &pomegranate_seeds, "1 cup"); +add_part(&chili_pomegranate_brownies, &chili_pomegranate_brownies_topping); + +// panko chickpea fingers +Recipe panko_chickpea_fingers = create_recipe("panko chickpea fingers", "sidedish", "24 servings", 20150330, 90); +set_description(&panko_chickpea_fingers, "Was in the mood for some panko, didn't have tofu, but what I did have... was a jar full of chickpea flour. I prepared a batch of spicy, green scallion 'chickpea tofu' and coated it with breadcrumbs. With this, I prepared some baked panko chickpea fingers!<br /><br />recipes/panko.chickpea.fingers.1.jpg<br /><br />The lemon juice adds flavour to the crumbs, no need for eggs or flour.<br /><br />I had these with sambal oelek, it's spicy but works well with the dish. I've been pairing this condiment with a lot of my foods lately, I'm sure these would also be good with a sweet mustard dip!<br /><br /><b>How to make panko from scratch:</b><br /><br />If you don't have any panko, making something similar is simple: all you need is some left-over bread. I had bread I needed to use up so I tore the slices into smaller bits using my hands. It's easier to do that with a food processor, but not necessary. Then, I lined a baking sheet with a mat and put the crumbs down in a thin layer, laying them out this way ensures even browning. Preheat your oven at 300F, and bake the bread bits for 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes is up shake them around, and bake them for an additional 5 minutes.<br /><br />Keep an eye on me them, to make sure they don't burn! Let cool, and store in an airtight container - keeps for weeks at room temperature. This doesn't make 'panko', but american-style breading, panko is made using a complex process that results in a 'drier' texture. The difference is that panko absorbs less oil, but in the case of this recipe it doesn't matter since the chickpea fingers are baked, not fried.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart panko_chickpea_fingers_chickpea_tofu = create_part("chickpea tofu"); +add_instruction(&panko_chickpea_fingers_chickpea_tofu, "In a pot, add <i>1 1/2 cups</i> of <a href='vegetable_bouillon.html'>vegetable bouillon</a> and bring to a rolling boil."); +add_instruction(&panko_chickpea_fingers_chickpea_tofu, "Mix <i>1 cup</i> of <a href='chickpea_flour.html'>chickpea flour</a> with <i>1/4 tsp</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a>, <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='ground_turmeric.html'>ground turmeric</a> and <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='chili_pepper_flakes.html'>chili pepper flakes</a>. Add <i>1 1/2 cups</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a> and stir until the mixture is lump-free."); +add_instruction(&panko_chickpea_fingers_chickpea_tofu, "Lower heat to medium, and pour in chickpea batter. Whisk continuously for <u>5-10 minutes</u> until the mixture has thickened."); +add_instruction(&panko_chickpea_fingers_chickpea_tofu, "Remove from heat, add <i>2 chopped</i> <a href='green_onions.html'>green onions</a> and mix well. Pour into a 8x8 baking dish lined with a baking mat. Smooth out top with the back of a wooden spoon."); +add_instruction(&panko_chickpea_fingers_chickpea_tofu, "Let cool and set for <u>1 hour</u>, then refrigerate for a little while longer before cutting. <i>Cut into 24 strips</i>."); +add_serving(&panko_chickpea_fingers_chickpea_tofu, &vegetable_bouillon, "1 1/2 cups"); +add_serving(&panko_chickpea_fingers_chickpea_tofu, &chickpea_flour, "1 cup"); +add_serving(&panko_chickpea_fingers_chickpea_tofu, &sea_salt, "1/4 tsp"); +add_serving(&panko_chickpea_fingers_chickpea_tofu, &ground_turmeric, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&panko_chickpea_fingers_chickpea_tofu, &chili_pepper_flakes, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&panko_chickpea_fingers_chickpea_tofu, &water, "1 1/2 cups"); +add_serving(&panko_chickpea_fingers_chickpea_tofu, &scallions, "2 branches"); +add_part(&panko_chickpea_fingers, &panko_chickpea_fingers_chickpea_tofu); +RecipePart panko_chickpea_fingers_panko_coating_mix = create_part("panko coating mix"); +add_instruction(&panko_chickpea_fingers_panko_coating_mix, "Preheat oven to <u>425F</u>."); +add_instruction(&panko_chickpea_fingers_panko_coating_mix, "Mix <i>1 cup</i> of <a href='panko_bread_crumbs.html'>panko bread crumbs</a> and <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='nutritional_yeast.html'>nutritional yeast</a>. Spread out thinly onto a plate."); +add_instruction(&panko_chickpea_fingers_panko_coating_mix, "Pour <i>4 tbsp</i> of <a href='lemon_juice.html'>lemon juice</a> in a separate plate."); +add_instruction(&panko_chickpea_fingers_panko_coating_mix, "Take a slice of the <a href='chickpea_tofu.html'>chickpea tofu</a> and dip into the <a href='lemon_juice.html'>lemon juice</a>, making sure all sides are covered, then dip into panko. Make sure all sides are well coated."); +add_instruction(&panko_chickpea_fingers_panko_coating_mix, "Place on baking sheet lined a baking mat, season with <a href='black_pepper.html'>black pepper</a> and <a href='salt.html'>salt</a>. Spray lightly with <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a>."); +add_instruction(&panko_chickpea_fingers_panko_coating_mix, "Bake for <u>15 minutes</u>, flip, bake for another <u>15 minutes</u>. Serve with dipping sauce of choice!"); +add_serving(&panko_chickpea_fingers_panko_coating_mix, &panko, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&panko_chickpea_fingers_panko_coating_mix, &nutritional_yeast, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&panko_chickpea_fingers_panko_coating_mix, &lemon_juice, "4 tbsp"); +add_part(&panko_chickpea_fingers, &panko_chickpea_fingers_panko_coating_mix); + +// uzumaki hummus bites +Recipe uzumaki_hummus_bites = create_recipe("uzumaki hummus bites", "sidedish", "11 tortillas", 20150429, 50); +set_description(&uzumaki_hummus_bites, "<b>Uzumaki</b> means 'spiral' in Japanese, it is also the name of my favourite Junji Ito story. I thought this to be a good name for these savoury beet hummus bites.<br /><br />Making tortillas at home is damn easy, it doesn't require a lot of waiting time or preparation. The only thing I had trouble with, was making them into nice circular shapes. The easy way is to use a tortilla press, or it just requires lots of practice.<br /><br />recipes/uzumaki.hummus.bites.3.jpg<br /><br />Making the tortillas black is optional, but it adds a nice contrast to the beet hummus.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart uzumaki_hummus_bites_beet_hummus = create_part("beet hummus"); +add_instruction(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_beet_hummus, "Preheat oven to <u>375F</u>."); +add_instruction(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_beet_hummus, "Wash and cut <i>2 small</i> <a href='red_beets.html'>red beets</a> into 4, rub quarters lightly with <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a>."); +add_instruction(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_beet_hummus, "Roast for <u>30-40 minutes</u> or until fork tender."); +add_instruction(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_beet_hummus, "Purée the roasted beets, with <i>1 1/4 cup</i> of cooked <a href='chickpeas.html'>chickpeas</a>, <i>2 minced cloves</i> of <a href='garlic.html'>garlic</a>, a <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='tahini.html'>tahini</a>, <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a> and <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='balsamic_vinegar.html'>balsamic vinegar</a>. Mix in <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a> at the end. If the hummus feels too thick, add a few tbsp of water until you the desired consistency."); +add_serving(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_beet_hummus, &red_beets, "2"); +add_serving(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_beet_hummus, &chickpeas, "1 1/4 cups, cooked"); +add_serving(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_beet_hummus, &garlic, "2 cloves, minced"); +add_serving(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_beet_hummus, &tahini, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_beet_hummus, &sea_salt, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_beet_hummus, &balsamic_vinegar, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_beet_hummus, &olive_oil, "2 tbsp"); +add_part(&uzumaki_hummus_bites, &uzumaki_hummus_bites_beet_hummus); +RecipePart uzumaki_hummus_bites_tortillas = create_part("tortillas"); +add_instruction(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_tortillas, "Put <i>3 cups</i> of <a href='all_purpose_flour.html'>all purpose flour</a>, <i>1 tsp</i> <a href='bamboo_powder.html'>bamboo powder</a> and <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a> in a bowl. Mix well."); +add_instruction(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_tortillas, "Add <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a> and <i>3/4 cup</i> of <a href='cold_water.html'>cold water</a>."); +add_instruction(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_tortillas, "Knead into a smooth dough, and separate into <i>11 balls</i>. Dust the balls lightly with flour, and let rest for <u>5 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_tortillas, "Roll the balls out into circles. Put the tortillas under a moist cloth until you're ready to cook them so they don't dry up (I usually spray a bit of water over the cloth)."); +add_instruction(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_tortillas, "Heat a non-stick pan at medium heat, cook tortillas for <u>30 seconds</u> on each side. Again, put the warmed tortillas under a cloth so they stay nice and moist."); +add_serving(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_tortillas, &all_purpose_flour, "3 cups"); +add_serving(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_tortillas, &bamboo_charcoal_powder, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_tortillas, &sea_salt, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_tortillas, &olive_oil, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_tortillas, &water, "3/4 cup, cold"); +add_part(&uzumaki_hummus_bites, &uzumaki_hummus_bites_tortillas); +RecipePart uzumaki_hummus_bites_filling = create_part("filling"); +add_instruction(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_filling, "Brush some beet hummus onto a tortilla, add some chopped <a href='black_olives.html'>black olives</a> and <a href='arugula.html'>arugula</a> overtop. Be sure to put the fillings near the edge to make it easier to roll."); +add_instruction(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_filling, "Roll the tortillas tightly and then slice into bite-sized bits."); +add_serving(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_filling, &black_olives, "1 cup"); +add_serving(&uzumaki_hummus_bites_filling, &arugula, "few bunches"); +add_part(&uzumaki_hummus_bites, &uzumaki_hummus_bites_filling); + +// anise bread with sweet pear sauce +Recipe anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce = create_recipe("anise bread with sweet pear sauce", "dessert", "2 mini loaves", 20150514, 40); +set_description(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce, "It's mini loaf craze! Love baking with the mini silicone pans I bought, I've been making mini everything. This time, I made some anise bread topped with a sweet sauce, and loaded with caramelized pear chunks.<br /><br />My bag of anise seeds has been sitting in my pantry, for way too long, begging to be given a purpose.<br /><br />recipes/anise.bread.with.sweet.pear.sauce.1.jpg<br /><br />The taste of anise pairs very well with pears.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_bread = create_part("bread"); +add_instruction(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_bread, "Preheat oven to <u>325F</u>."); +add_instruction(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_bread, "Put <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='ground_flax_seeds.html'>ground flax seeds</a> with <i>3 tbsp</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a>, let thicken for <u>5 minutes</u> (this is your flax 'egg'). Mix in <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='whole_cane_sugar.html'>whole cane sugar</a> and stir until dissolved. Add <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='ground_anise_seeds.html'>ground anise seeds</a>, and mix once more."); +add_instruction(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_bread, "Add <i>3/4 cup</i> of <a href='all_purpose_flour.html'>all purpose flour</a> to a bowl with <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='baking_powder.html'>baking powder</a>. Mix."); +add_instruction(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_bread, "Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ones, while gradually adding a bit over <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='soy_milk.html'>soy milk</a>."); +add_instruction(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_bread, "Transfer evenly, to 2 mini loaf pans."); +add_serving(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_bread, &flax_seeds, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_bread, &water, "3 tbsp"); +add_serving(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_bread, &sugar, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_bread, &anise_seeds, "1 tsp, ground"); +add_serving(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_bread, &all_purpose_flour, "3/4 cup"); +add_serving(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_bread, &baking_powder, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_bread, &soy_milk, "1/2 cup + 2 tbsp"); +add_part(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce, &anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_bread); +RecipePart anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_sauce = create_part("sauce"); +add_instruction(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_sauce, "Cut your <a href='bartlett_pear.html'>bartlett pear</a> into cubes."); +add_instruction(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_sauce, "Heat a pan at medium to high heat, add <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='canola_oil.html'>canola oil</a>. Once melted, add <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='whole_cane_sugar.html'>whole cane sugar</a> and <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='maple_syrup.html'>maple syrup</a>."); +add_instruction(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_sauce, "Once it starts to boil, add the cubed pear and lower the heat. Let it bathe in the sweet mixture for <u>3-5 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_sauce, "Pour the sauce over the 2 mini loaves, bake for <u>30 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_sauce, "Let cool and serve!"); +add_serving(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_sauce, &bartlett_pear, "1"); +add_serving(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_sauce, &canola_oil, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_sauce, &whole_cane_sugar, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_sauce, &maple_syrup, "1 tbsp"); +add_part(&anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce, &anise_bread_with_sweet_pear_sauce_sauce); + +// wasabi swirl chocolate cookies +Recipe wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies = create_recipe("wasabi swirl chocolate cookies", "cookies", "13 cookies", 20150518, 30); +set_description(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies, "Black sesame chocolate cookies with a wasabi glaze, it's surprising how well these two things go together.<br /><br />recipes/wasabi.swirl.chocolate.cookies.2.jpg<br /><br />I wanted to mix the wasabi directly in the cookies at first, but after reading a lot about baking wasabi, I decided to apply it after in the form of a glaze because the taste of wasabi fades significantly when heated.<br /><br />It doesn't taste too strong, and adds just the right amount of kick.<br /><br /><b>Quick Yogurt:</b> To make quick yogurt or sour milk, add apple cider vinegar to soy milk, 1 1/4 tbsp for every 1 1/4 cup of milk. The vinegar makes soy curdle and thicken, and adds sourness that makes it taste more complex.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies = create_part("cookies"); +add_instruction(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies, "Preheat oven to <u>350F</u>."); +add_instruction(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies, "Mix <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='ground_flax_seeds.html'>ground flax seeds</a> with {<i>3 tbsp</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a> (this is your 'flax egg'). Let thicken."); +add_instruction(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies, "Sautee <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='black_sesame_seeds.html'>black sesame seeds</a> in a non-stick pan at medium heat, roast until they begin to pop. Let cool."); +add_instruction(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies, "Mix the sesame seeds with <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='soy_yogurt.html'>soy yogurt</a> and pulse in an immersion blender. Alternatively, you can crush the sesame seeds into a mortar and pestle first, then mix it into the soy yogurt."); +add_instruction(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies, "In a bowl, add the flax seed 'egg' to the sesame mix, along with a <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='canola_oil.html'>canola oil</a>, <i>2/3 cup</i> of <a href='whole_cane_sugar.html'>whole cane sugar</a> and <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='vanilla_extract.html'>vanilla extract</a>. Stir well."); +add_instruction(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies, "Take <i>1 1/2 cups</i> of <a href='rolled_oats.html'>rolled oats</a>, break it down into 'coarse' flour with a mortar and pestle. Don't grind it too finely, having bigger bits gives an interesting texture to the cookie!"); +add_instruction(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies, "Add the dry ingredients one by one, mixing thoroughly in-between. Add <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='baking_soda.html'>baking soda</a>, <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='baking_powder.html'>baking powder</a>, <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a>, <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='unsweetened_cocoa_powder.html'>unsweetened cocoa powder</a>, the coarsely ground 'oat' flour as well as <i>2 tsp</i> of <a href='soy_milk.html'>soy milk</a>"); +add_instruction(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies, "Take <i>1 generous tbsp</i> of cookie dough and form into a ball. Put the balls onto a baking sheet lined with a baking mat. Flatten the balls a bit with the palm of your hand."); +add_instruction(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies, "Bake for <u>13 minutes</u>, let cool."); +add_serving(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies, &flax_seeds, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies, &water, "3 tbsp"); +add_serving(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies, &black_sesame_seeds, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies, &canola_oil, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies, &soy_yogurt, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies, &whole_cane_sugar, "2/3 cup"); +add_serving(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies, &vanilla_extract, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies, &baking_soda, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies, &baking_powder, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies, &sea_salt, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies, &cocoa_powder, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies, &rolled_oats, "1 1/2 cups, ground"); +add_serving(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies, &soy_milk, "2 tsp"); +add_part(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies, &wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_cookies); +RecipePart wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_glaze = create_part("glaze"); +add_instruction(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_glaze, "Mix <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='powdered_sugar.html'>powdered sugar</a> and <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='wasabi_powder.html'>wasabi powder</a> together."); +add_instruction(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_glaze, "Add <i>1 1/2 tbsp</i> of <a href='soy_milk.html'>soy milk</a> in gradually while mixing, add more if need be. Apply glaze to cookies! I don't have any fancy glazing tools so i just used a ziploc bag. Just put the glaze in the bag and cut the end off one of the corners and squeeze the glaze through the hole."); +add_serving(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_glaze, &powdered_sugar, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_glaze, &wasabi_powder, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_glaze, &soy_milk, "1 1/2 tbsp"); +add_part(&wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies, &wasabi_swirl_chocolate_cookies_glaze); + +// black sesame syrup +Recipe black_sesame_syrup = create_recipe("black sesame syrup", "sauce", "2 servings", 20150601, 120); +set_description(&black_sesame_syrup, "I like making syrups, or juice reductions a lot. It's simple, and you can use it in many other recipes afterwards! Reductions that aren't sweetened with sugar, you can use as add-on to sauces, or alone as a 'glaze'.<br /><br />I used a technique by the cook <a href='https://discoginferno.wordpress.com/tag/sesame-seed-syrup' target='_blank'>Mike Case</a>, he made a white sesame syrup to use in cocktails. I liked not requiring a blender to make it, blending sesame seeds into a smooth liquid is hard, my immersion blender can't grind seeds finely. Boiling the seeds, and then straining them out is simple. And since you can re-use the seeds afterwards, there's no waste! The fact the seeds are toasted beforehand helps to bring out the nutty flavour, so whatever you do, don't skip that step!<br /><br />This syrup pairs well with ice cream, especially those with subtle flavors like coconut and vanilla. It's also delicious on fruit ice cream. To make fruit ice cream, slice fruit of choice thinly. Lay a sheet of parchment paper over a plate, and lay your fruit overtop (this will keep the fruit from sticking). Let them freeze for a few hours, then run them through an immersion blender. You can use almost any fruit to make it, but it works especially well for <a href='mango.html'>mango</a> and <a href='bananas.html'>bananas</a>.<br /><br />You can use the left-over seeds to bake into desserts, or to add as an extra topping.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart black_sesame_syrup_syrup = create_part("syrup"); +add_instruction(&black_sesame_syrup_syrup, "Put <i>1 cup</i> of <a href='black_sesame_seeds.html'>black sesame seeds</a> in a pan, bring to medium heat and toast them until they start to pop."); +add_instruction(&black_sesame_syrup_syrup, "In a pot, combine <i>1 cup</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a> with the <a href='black_sesame_seeds.html'>black sesame seeds</a>. Bring to a boil and let simmer for <u>10-15 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&black_sesame_syrup_syrup, "Strain liquid from sesame seeds using a cheese cloth or with a mesh strainer, squeezing out as much liquid as you can. Reserve sesame seeds for later use."); +add_instruction(&black_sesame_syrup_syrup, "Return liquid to pot, add <i>1/2 cup</i> of {whole cane sugar}} and bring to medium heat. Stir to dissolve the sugar. Remove from heat and let cool."); +add_instruction(&black_sesame_syrup_syrup, "Serve of fresh fruit, or fruit ice cream."); +add_serving(&black_sesame_syrup_syrup, &black_sesame_seeds, "1 cup"); +add_serving(&black_sesame_syrup_syrup, &water, "1 cup"); +add_serving(&black_sesame_syrup_syrup, &whole_cane_sugar, "1/2 cup"); +add_part(&black_sesame_syrup, &black_sesame_syrup_syrup); + +// hop ice cream +Recipe hop_ice_cream = create_recipe("hop ice cream", "dessert", "1 quart", 20150628, 600); +set_description(&hop_ice_cream, "Me and Devine like craft beer a lot. To help satisfy our evergrowing craving, I decided to try and make hop flavoured ice cream.<br /><br />This ice cream is definitely for people who love the smell and taste of hops (as well as cold summer dairy-free treats).<br /><br />recipes/hop.ice.cream.2.jpg<br /><br />I wasn't sure how to 'infuse' the hops into the ice cream base, we tried making hop tea by infusing it overnight in the fridge, but the taste wasn't strong enough. Felt we would get better results and better flavour if the hops were heated. The pouch method worked pretty well, the ice cream base was perfect! Full of delicious bitterness! Devine suggested to make a concentrate with the hops first, and then mix it into the base next time.<br /><br />The hops used in this recipe are an American variety called \"Colombus\". We got them from <a href='http://www.choppeabarrock.com' target='_blank'>La Choppe a Barrock</a> on Villeneuve and Coloniale in Montreal. Every time we make home brews, we pick up the ingredients there! You can buy a wide variety of hop buds there, you can even get the pellet kind.<br /><br />It was my second time using the ice cream maker, I got it from the 'Free stuff Montreal' group on facebook. It looks like a little red pail — super cute. The woman I got it from even had the manual! You can make ice cream without a machine, although having one helps with the churning process. It saves a lot of time and effort. If i hadn't gotten that ice cream maker for free, i dont think id have one now, but since it's here might as well use it!<br /><br />If you too, are having too many beers these days, try and cook with hops instead. Same taste, different format!<br /><br />"); +RecipePart hop_ice_cream_hop_ice_cream = create_part("hop ice cream"); +add_instruction(&hop_ice_cream_hop_ice_cream, "Roughly chop 7 hop buds (may want to use less if you want it less hoppy). Place leaves into the center of a cheese cloth and make a little loose pouch with it, tying the end. Reserve for later."); +add_instruction(&hop_ice_cream_hop_ice_cream, "Shake <i>2 cans</i> of <a href='coconut_milk.html'>coconut milk</a> before opening them, full-fat coconut milk separates over time and shaking will help to mix it up again. Reserve a <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='coconut_milk.html'>coconut milk</a> for later, put the rest in a pan with <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='maple_syrup.html'>maple syrup</a> and <i>1/4 tsp</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a>."); +add_instruction(&hop_ice_cream_hop_ice_cream, "Bring up to medium-low heat, stir until the <a href='maple_syrup.html'>maple syrup</a> has dissolved completely."); +add_instruction(&hop_ice_cream_hop_ice_cream, "Stir <i>1 1/2 tbsp</i> of <a href='cornstarch.html'>cornstarch</a> into the <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='coconut_milk.html'>coconut milk</a> that was set aside. When dissolved, pour into the pan with the rest of the coconut milk, while whisking slowly."); +add_instruction(&hop_ice_cream_hop_ice_cream, "Increase the heat to medium and add your hop pouch! Let the mixture cook for about <u>8 minutes</u>. Don't let it come to a boil! Reduce the heat if necessary. Move the pouch around once in a while, pinching it down lightly with a wooden spoon to get some of that nice hop flavour out into your ice cream base."); +add_instruction(&hop_ice_cream_hop_ice_cream, "Remove from heat, stir in <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='vanilla_extract.html'>vanilla extract</a>. Leave it to cool — don't remove the hop pouch!"); +add_instruction(&hop_ice_cream_hop_ice_cream, "When cool, take the pouch out and squeeze out all of the 'hop juice' into the pan using your hands. Mix one last time and pour into a container. Place a sheet of parchment paper over the top so you don't get a skin forming on the surface. Refrigerate for a minimum of <u>4 hours</u> (or overnight!)."); +add_instruction(&hop_ice_cream_hop_ice_cream, "Pull your ice cream out of the fridge. It should have a thick pudding-like texture. Pour into your ice cream maker and churn it to desired consistency (I let it run for <u>~23 minutes</u>)."); +add_instruction(&hop_ice_cream_hop_ice_cream, "If you don't have an ice cream maker, please refer to any these <a href='http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-ice-cream-without-an-ice-cream-machine-171060' target='_blank'>6 methods</a> from the Kitchn."); +add_instruction(&hop_ice_cream_hop_ice_cream, "Transfer to a container and press a sheet of parchment paper over the top to keep ice crystals from forming. Your ice cream should be ready to eat in <u>5 hours</u> or so! If you want harder ice cream wait until the next day to eat it. Enjoy!"); +add_serving(&hop_ice_cream_hop_ice_cream, &hops, "7 buds"); +add_serving(&hop_ice_cream_hop_ice_cream, &coconut_milk, "2 X 378ml cans"); +add_serving(&hop_ice_cream_hop_ice_cream, &maple_syrup, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&hop_ice_cream_hop_ice_cream, &sea_salt, "1/4 tsp"); +add_serving(&hop_ice_cream_hop_ice_cream, &cornstarch, "1 1/2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&hop_ice_cream_hop_ice_cream, &vanilla_extract, "1 tsp"); +add_part(&hop_ice_cream, &hop_ice_cream_hop_ice_cream); + +// sunflower heirloom carrot pasta +Recipe sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta = create_recipe("sunflower heirloom carrot pasta", "pasta", "2 servings", 20150716, 20); +set_description(&sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta, "I'm allergic to tree nuts, but this doesn't mean that my choices of 'vegan cheeses' are limited. Seeds can be used interchangeably and produce a similar result, just as creamy and just as nutritious.<br /><br />In this recipe I used heirloom carrots, because I enjoy the varying tones on a plate, but also because different colors offer different nutrients.<br /><br />To soften the seeds, it's possible to quick-boil them. This makes it easier to grind down into a sauce. If you've got the time, soaking them for 1-2h is a better option (<a href='https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4325021/' target='_blank'>ref</a>).<br /><br />"); +RecipePart sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta_sunflower_sauce = create_part("sunflower sauce"); +add_instruction(&sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta_sunflower_sauce, "Soak <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='sunflower_seeds.html'>sunflower seeds</a> in water, for <u>1-2h</u>. Rinse and strain, keep aside."); +add_instruction(&sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta_sunflower_sauce, "Sautee <i>1 chopped</i> <a href='yellow_onion.html'>yellow onion</a> and <i>2 minced</i> <a href='garlic_cloves.html'>garlic cloves</a> in a pan with <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a>. Cook until onion is translucent."); +add_instruction(&sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta_sunflower_sauce, "Purée <a href='sunflower_seeds.html'>sunflower seeds</a> in a blender with the cooked garlic and onion, <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='soy_sauce.html'>soy sauce</a>, <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='smoked_paprika.html'>smoked paprika</a>, <i>1 heaping tsp</i> of <a href='white_miso.html'>white miso</a>, <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='nutritional_yeast.html'>nutritional yeast</a> and <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a>. Blend until smooth."); +add_serving(&sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta_sunflower_sauce, &sunflower_seeds, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta_sunflower_sauce, &water, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta_sunflower_sauce, &soy_sauce, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta_sunflower_sauce, &smoked_paprika, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta_sunflower_sauce, &yellow_onion, "1"); +add_serving(&sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta_sunflower_sauce, &garlic, "2 cloves"); +add_serving(&sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta_sunflower_sauce, &white_miso, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta_sunflower_sauce, &nutritional_yeast, "1 tbsp"); +add_part(&sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta, &sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta_sunflower_sauce); +RecipePart sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta_carrot_pasta = create_part("carrot pasta"); +add_instruction(&sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta_carrot_pasta, "Peel and cut <i>4 large</i> <a href='heirloom_carrots.html'>heirloom carrots</a> into thin strips, using a julienne peeler or a knife. The goal is to make pasta-like strips."); +add_instruction(&sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta_carrot_pasta, "Add a bit of water to a pot, bring to a boil. Place steamer basket in the pot, cover and steam the carrots for a minute. You don't have to steam your carrots, but personally I like to do it so they're not as stiff."); +add_instruction(&sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta_carrot_pasta, "Divide carrot pasta in 2 bowls, pour sauce overtop and serve with some fresh alfalfa sprouts or with a handful of <a href='roasted_pumpkin_seeds.html'>roasted pumpkin seeds</a>."); +add_serving(&sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta_carrot_pasta, &heirloom_carrots, "4 large"); +add_part(&sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta, &sunflower_heirloom_carrot_pasta_carrot_pasta); + +// carrot kinpira onigirazu +Recipe carrot_kinpira_onigirazu = create_recipe("carrot kinpira onigirazu", "rice", "4 servings", 20150731, 20); +set_description(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu, "An onigirazu is a Japanese rice ball sandwich, or a 'lazy onigiri'.<br /><br />The word onigiri (or nigiru) means to press into shape using your hands, while \"razu\" means the opposite. Free form onigiri! This is perfect for people who have a hard time making rice balls, as is the case for me. Onigirazu has the same great taste, without the fear of imperfection.<br /><br />This recipe is perfect when you don't have the right type of rice available for onigiri. You can use just about any type, I tested it out a few different kinds. The seaweed wrapping will keep it together, thus eliminating the need for sticky rice.<br /><br />The rice was seasoned with miso for added flavour, and was filled with carrot 'kinpira' — 'Kinpira' means \"sauteed\" (usually with a mixture of mirin soy sauce and chili peppers.) It's a sweet and spicy dish that is often served in bentos.<br /><br />recipes/carrot.kinpira.onigirazu.2.jpg<br /><br />You should try and make your own version of onigirazu at home! As I said, it's no-fail.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_kinpira_carrot = create_part("kinpira carrot"); +add_instruction(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_kinpira_carrot, "Peel and cut <i>2 large</i> <a href='carrot.html'>carrot</a> into thin strips."); +add_instruction(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_kinpira_carrot, "Stir these ingredients together to make the sauce for the kinpira - <i>2 tsp</i> of <a href='maple_syrup.html'>maple syrup</a>, <i>2 tsp</i> of <a href='mirin.html'>mirin</a> and <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='soy_sauce.html'>soy sauce</a>."); +add_instruction(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_kinpira_carrot, "Heat <u>1 tbsp</u> of <a href='sesame_oil.html'>sesame oil</a> in a pan at medium heat, add the carrot strips and cook for <u>2-3 minutes</u>. Stir in <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='chili_pepper_flakes.html'>chili pepper flakes</a> as well as the sauce prepared in the previous step."); +add_instruction(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_kinpira_carrot, "Cook until no liquid remains. Let cool."); +add_serving(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_kinpira_carrot, &carrots, "2"); +add_serving(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_kinpira_carrot, &maple_syrup, "2 tsp"); +add_serving(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_kinpira_carrot, &mirin, "2 tsp"); +add_serving(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_kinpira_carrot, &soy_sauce, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_kinpira_carrot, &sesame_oil, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_kinpira_carrot, &chili_pepper_flakes, "1 tsp"); +add_part(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu, &carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_kinpira_carrot); +RecipePart carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_rice = create_part("rice"); +add_instruction(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_rice, "Dissolve <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='white_miso.html'>white miso</a> in <i>1 1/2 cups</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a> and pour into pot with <i>1 cup</i> of <a href='short_grain_white_rice.html'>short grain white rice</a> (first, wash the rice until water runs clear)."); +add_instruction(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_rice, "Bring to a boil. Once it starts to bubble up lower to a simmer, cover and cook for <u>5-10 minutes</u> or until all of the liquid has been absorbed."); +add_serving(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_rice, &short_grain_white_rice, "1 cup"); +add_serving(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_rice, &white_miso, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_rice, &water, "1 1/2 cup"); +add_part(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu, &carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_rice); +RecipePart carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_wrapper = create_part("wrapper"); +add_instruction(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_wrapper, "Lay out <i>4 pieces</i> of <a href='nori_sheets.html'>nori sheets</a>, rough side up. Lay out some rice in the center of the 4 sheets, then divide the carrot kinpira into 4 portions and lay over the rice. Cover the carrots with the remaining rice."); +add_instruction(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_wrapper, "Now, take one corner of the nori sheet and fold over into the middle, do the same for the opposing corner. Then, repeat for the other 2 corners. Press down gently."); +add_instruction(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_wrapper, "Wait until the nori has softened and then cut into the middle! Serve as is."); +add_serving(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_wrapper, &nori_sheets, "4"); +add_part(&carrot_kinpira_onigirazu, &carrot_kinpira_onigirazu_wrapper); + +// balsamic banana ice cream +Recipe balsamic_banana_ice_cream = create_recipe("balsamic banana ice cream", "dessert", "2 servings", 20150805, 120); +set_description(&balsamic_banana_ice_cream, "Banana ice cream is a simple alternative to dairy or coconut based desserts. It's a no-fuss recipe, that requires little preparation and waiting time.<br /><br />Making it is easy, and only requires putting bananas in the freezer. While waiting for them to harden up, prepare your balsamic coulis. If you've ever boiled balsamic vinegar, you know that it can sting your eyes. Making a balsamic vinegar reduction makes it thick and syrupy, and works well as a topping. I like the contrast of the bananas and vinegar.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart balsamic_banana_ice_cream_balsamic_reduction = create_part("balsamic reduction"); +add_instruction(&balsamic_banana_ice_cream_balsamic_reduction, "Put <i>1 cup</i> of <a href='balsamic_vinegar.html'>balsamic vinegar</a> in a non-stick pan."); +add_instruction(&balsamic_banana_ice_cream_balsamic_reduction, "Bring up to medium high heat, once it starts to boil bring down to medium low and let simmer until the vinegar has been reduced by a little more than half. Stir it on occasion. Make sure you have an open window or the overhead fan running because boiling vinegar has a really strong smell!"); +add_instruction(&balsamic_banana_ice_cream_balsamic_reduction, "Transfer to a bowl and let cool completely, then store in the refrigerator. It will thicken when it gets cold. This recipe makes a lot of balsamic reduction, it's hard to make very little. It keeps in the refrigerator for a while so you can easily use it in other recipes. It's great when served over fruit."); +add_serving(&balsamic_banana_ice_cream_balsamic_reduction, &balsamic_vinegar, "1 cup"); +add_part(&balsamic_banana_ice_cream, &balsamic_banana_ice_cream_balsamic_reduction); +RecipePart balsamic_banana_ice_cream_banana_ice_cream = create_part("banana ice cream"); +add_instruction(&balsamic_banana_ice_cream_banana_ice_cream, "Peel and cut <i>2 whole</i> <a href='bananas.html'>bananas</a> into slices, lay slices flat onto a plate and put in the freezer for at least <u>2 hours</u>."); +add_instruction(&balsamic_banana_ice_cream_banana_ice_cream, "When properly frozen, put the banana slices in a blender — or food processor — with <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='soy_milk.html'>soy milk</a> and <i>1/4 tsp</i> of <a href='vanilla_extract.html'>vanilla extract</a>. Process until smooth."); +add_instruction(&balsamic_banana_ice_cream_banana_ice_cream, "Serve in individual bowls, with <i>1 tsp</i> or more of balsamic reduction."); +add_serving(&balsamic_banana_ice_cream_banana_ice_cream, &banana, "2"); +add_serving(&balsamic_banana_ice_cream_banana_ice_cream, &soy_milk, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&balsamic_banana_ice_cream_banana_ice_cream, &vanilla_extract, "1/4 tsp"); +add_part(&balsamic_banana_ice_cream, &balsamic_banana_ice_cream_banana_ice_cream); + +// fresh pesto pasta +Recipe fresh_pesto_pasta = create_recipe("fresh pesto pasta", "pasta", "2 servings", 20150922, 20); +set_description(&fresh_pesto_pasta, "Summer is over, temperature in Montreal started to dip into the lower 20's. Colder times means collecting the remaining fresh herbs from my balcony garden. This year, I'm happy to say that my plants have thrived.<br /><br />My basil plant was a real beauty, I harvested all I could from it and made pesto. With it, I made this recipe.<br /><br />The combination of carrots and zucchinis look beautiful on a plate. To complete the dish, I added some roasted pumpkin seeds, and topped it off with cherry tomatoes. For bulk, I added scoobi do pasta to this dish. Scoobi do pasta happens to be my favorite pasta cut (I'm a sucker for shapes)<br /><br />See how to roast your own <a href='roasted_pumpkin_seeds.html'>pumpkin seeds</a>.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart fresh_pesto_pasta_pesto = create_part("pesto"); +add_instruction(&fresh_pesto_pasta_pesto, "Blend the following ingredients in a food processor or blender: <i>2 cups</i> of <a href='fresh_basil.html'>fresh basil</a>, <i>3 cloves</i> of <a href='garlic.html'>garlic</a>, <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='nutritional_yeast.html'>nutritional yeast</a>, <i>1/4 tsp</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a> and a dash of <a href='black_pepper.html'>black pepper</a>."); +add_instruction(&fresh_pesto_pasta_pesto, "Add <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a> and blend again until smooth. Set aside."); +add_serving(&fresh_pesto_pasta_pesto, &basil, "2 cups"); +add_serving(&fresh_pesto_pasta_pesto, &garlic, "3 cloves"); +add_serving(&fresh_pesto_pasta_pesto, &olive_oil, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&fresh_pesto_pasta_pesto, &nutritional_yeast, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&fresh_pesto_pasta_pesto, &sea_salt, "1/4 tsp"); +add_serving(&fresh_pesto_pasta_pesto, &black_pepper, "1/4 tsp"); +add_part(&fresh_pesto_pasta, &fresh_pesto_pasta_pesto); +RecipePart fresh_pesto_pasta_main = create_part("main"); +add_instruction(&fresh_pesto_pasta_main, "Bring a pot of <a href='water.html'>water</a> to a boil, add <i>1 1/2 cups</i> of <a href='scoobi_do.html'>scoobi do</a> pasta and cook until tender. While the pasta is cooking julienne <i>2</i> <a href='carrots.html'>carrots</a> and <i>1</i> <a href='zucchini.html'>zucchini</a>."); +add_instruction(&fresh_pesto_pasta_main, "Drizzle some <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a> in a pan and bring up to medium heat. Add the vegetable strips and cook for <u>2-3 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&fresh_pesto_pasta_main, "Remove from heat, add the cooked pasta as well as a few tablespoons of pesto! The recipe makes about 1 cup of pesto, which you can keep and use for future meals."); +add_instruction(&fresh_pesto_pasta_main, "Season pasta with <a href='salt.html'>salt</a> and <a href='black_pepper.html'>black pepper</a>. Finally, top it all off with <a href='roasted_pumpkin_seeds.html'>roasted pumpkin seeds</a> and <a href='small_heirloom_tomatoes.html'>small heirloom tomatoes</a>!"); +add_serving(&fresh_pesto_pasta_main, &carrots, "2"); +add_serving(&fresh_pesto_pasta_main, &scoobi_do, "1 1/2 cups"); +add_serving(&fresh_pesto_pasta_main, &zucchini, "1 large"); +add_serving(&fresh_pesto_pasta_main, &small_heirloom_tomatoes, "6"); +add_part(&fresh_pesto_pasta, &fresh_pesto_pasta_main); + +// vegemite caramel +Recipe vegemite_caramel = create_recipe("vegemite caramel", "dessert", "1/2 pint", 20150927, 20); +set_description(&vegemite_caramel, "Vegemite is very salty, and i thought would pair well with something sweet.<br /><br />I used deglet noor dates for this recipe (because it's what I had). Feel free to use medjool dates instead. Medjool dates are great, but you don't have to use them. They're expensive, and their cheaper counterpart works just fine.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart vegemite_caramel_caramel = create_part("caramel"); +add_instruction(&vegemite_caramel_caramel, "Soak <i>1 cup</i> of <a href='deglet_noor_dates.html'>deglet noor dates</a> in boiling water for <u>5-10 minutes</u>. Drain."); +add_instruction(&vegemite_caramel_caramel, "Mix <a href='dates.html'>dates</a> with the following ingredients - <i>1 1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='vegemite.html'>vegemite</a>, <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='lemon_juice.html'>lemon juice</a>, <i>4 tbsp</i> of <a href='soy_milk.html'>soy milk</a> and <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='vanilla_extract.html'>vanilla extract</a>."); +add_instruction(&vegemite_caramel_caramel, "Blend to a smooth purée using a hand mixer or food processor. Serve as a dip for apple slices!"); +add_serving(&vegemite_caramel_caramel, &deglet_noor_dates, "1 cup"); +add_serving(&vegemite_caramel_caramel, &vegemite, "1 1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&vegemite_caramel_caramel, &lemon_juice, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&vegemite_caramel_caramel, &soy_milk, "4 tbsp"); +add_serving(&vegemite_caramel_caramel, &vanilla_extract, "1 tsp"); +add_part(&vegemite_caramel, &vegemite_caramel_caramel); + +// halloween pumpkin cookies +Recipe halloween_pumpkin_cookies = create_recipe("halloween pumpkin cookies", "cookies", "15 cookies", 20151010, 30); +set_description(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies, "Been a while since I've baked cookies. It being pumpkin season, the choice was obvious - pumpkin cookies it is.<br /><br />recipes/halloween.pumpkin.cookies.2.jpg<br /><br />These are not very sweet, namely because of the addition of coconut sugar which has a subtle and more complex taste. Coconut sugar will make your cookies a darker shade of orange, almost brown, and I think it fits nicely with the toned-down color of the pumpkin seeds. If you want a bold orange color, use white cane sugar instead.<br /><br /><b>Left over chocolate:</b> This recipe makes more chocolate than is needed for the recipe. If you want to keep it for later, pour it in a chocolate mold or shallow container and put it in the freezer. It will become solid and you'll have delicious homemade chocolate on the side for later times! Once it's solid, pop it out of the mold and put it in a closed container. Keep it in the freezer until you're ready to eat it!<br /><br />"); +RecipePart halloween_pumpkin_cookies_cookie_dough = create_part("cookie dough"); +add_instruction(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_cookie_dough, "Preheat oven to <u>350F</u>."); +add_instruction(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_cookie_dough, "Steam <i>1/2 cup</i>'s worth of <a href='pumpkin.html'>pumpkin</a> cubes. Set aside to cool."); +add_instruction(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_cookie_dough, "Stir <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='all_purpose_flour.html'>all purpose flour</a>, <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='spelt_flour.html'>spelt flour</a> and <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='baking_powder.html'>baking powder</a> together in a bowl."); +add_instruction(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_cookie_dough, "Put the steamed pumpkin, the <i>4 tbsp</i> of melted <a href='canola_oil.html'>canola oil</a> as well as the <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='coconut_sugar.html'>coconut sugar</a> in another bowl. Mash the <a href='pumpkin.html'>pumpkin</a> with a fork (or use a hand blender) and stir everything together until smooth and well mixed."); +add_instruction(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_cookie_dough, "Add the wet to the dry ingredients, mix with a wooden spoon until you get a soft and consistent dough. It will be sticky but that's fine, if it's too sticky feel free to add a bit of extra flour. Let the dough rest for <u>10 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_cookie_dough, "Line a baking sheet with a baking mat. Make little balls of dough, as round as you can make them, and flatten each one gently. Bake for <u>15 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_cookie_dough, "Decorate each cookie with <i>3</i> <a href='pumpkin_seeds.html'>pumpkin seeds</a>, sticking them at the top (pointy end in)."); +add_serving(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_cookie_dough, &all_purpose_flour, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_cookie_dough, &spelt_flour, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_cookie_dough, &baking_powder, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_cookie_dough, &coconut_sugar, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_cookie_dough, &canola_oil, "4 tbsp"); +add_serving(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_cookie_dough, &pumpkin, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_cookie_dough, &pumpkin_seeds, "45"); +add_part(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies, &halloween_pumpkin_cookies_cookie_dough); +RecipePart halloween_pumpkin_cookies_chocolate = create_part("chocolate"); +add_instruction(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_chocolate, "Mix <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='canola_oil.html'>canola oil</a>, <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='cocoa_powder.html'>cocoa powder</a>, <i>1/4 tsp</i> <a href='vanilla_extract.html'>vanilla extract</a>, <i>2 tbsp</i> <a href='maple_syrup.html'>maple syrup</a> and a pinch of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a> together in a glass bowl."); +add_instruction(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_chocolate, "Put a bit of <a href='water.html'>water</a> to boil in a pot (large enough to fit your bowl, or to have it hanging overtop)."); +add_instruction(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_chocolate, "Lower the heat to a simmer, add the glass bowl with the chocolate into the pot, stir with a spoon until the chocolate is smooth and runny."); +add_instruction(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_chocolate, "Remove from heat. Take a toothpick and dip into the chocolate, draw pumpkin faces on your cookies and serve as is!"); +add_serving(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_chocolate, &cocoa_powder, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_chocolate, &canola_oil, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_chocolate, &maple_syrup, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_chocolate, &vanilla_extract, "1/4 tsp"); +add_serving(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies_chocolate, &sea_salt, "pinch"); +add_part(&halloween_pumpkin_cookies, &halloween_pumpkin_cookies_chocolate); + +// salted caramel carob chip cookies +Recipe salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies = create_recipe("salted caramel carob chip cookies", "cookies", "20 cookies", 20151115, 20); +set_description(&salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies, "<b>Recipe location:</b> Montreal, QC. Canada<br /><br />Einkorn was one of the first domesticated and cultivated plants in the world. It has a higher percentage of protein than regular wheat, and a number of nutrients.<br /><br />It has a strong nutty taste, making it more flavorful than regular wheat, and pairs well with the caramel taste of carob chips and date caramel.<br /><br />recipes/salted.caramel.carob.chip.cookies.1.jpg<br /><br />"); +RecipePart salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_date_caramel = create_part("date caramel"); +add_instruction(&salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_date_caramel, "To make date caramel, soak <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='deglet_noor_dates.html'>deglet noor dates</a> in boiling water for <u>5-10 minutes</u>. Drain, purée using a hand blender or food processor with <i>1/2 tsp</i> <a href='lemon_juice.html'>lemon juice</a>, <i>2 tbsp</i> <a href='soy_milk.html'>soy milk</a> and <i>1/2 tsp</i> <a href='vanilla_extract.html'>vanilla extract</a>. Set aside."); +add_serving(&salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_date_caramel, &deglet_noor_dates, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_date_caramel, &lemon_juice, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_date_caramel, &soy_milk, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_date_caramel, &vanilla_extract, "1/2 tsp"); +add_part(&salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies, &salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_date_caramel); +RecipePart salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_cookies = create_part("cookies"); +add_instruction(&salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_cookies, "Pre-heat oven to <u>350F</u>."); +add_instruction(&salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_cookies, "Make your flax egg - put <i>1 tbsp</i> of ground-up <a href='flax_seeds.html'>flax seeds</a> with <i>3 tbsp</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a>, let thicken for <u>5 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_cookies, "In a large bowl, mix <i>1 cup + 3 tbsp</i> of <a href='einkorn_wheat_flour.html'>einkorn wheat flour</a> with <i>3/4 tsp</i> of <a href='baking_soda.html'>baking soda</a> and <i>1/4 tsp</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a>."); +add_instruction(&salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_cookies, "In a separate bowl, cream <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='canola_oil.html'>canola oil</a> with <i>3/4 cup</i> of <a href='coconut_sugar.html'>coconut sugar</a>, a <i>1/4 cup</i> of date caramel and the flax egg. Then add to the dry ingredients and mix well. Add <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='unsweetened_carob_chips.html'>unsweetened carob chips</a> and stir until evenly distributed."); +add_instruction(&salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_cookies, "Line a baking sheet with a baking mat, and scoop out tablespoon-sized portions of cookie dough. Roll them out with your hands and place them on the baking sheet, making sure there's enough space between each one. Sprinkle some <a href='fleur_de_sel.html'>fleur de sel</a> on top and bake for <u>10 minutes</u>, repeat until you run out of cookie dough. Let cool on baking sheet before transfering to a cooling rack. Makes about <b>20 cookies</b>."); +add_serving(&salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_cookies, &canola_oil, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_cookies, &coconut_sugar, "3/4 cup"); +add_serving(&salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_cookies, &date_caramel, "1/4 cup, see above"); +add_serving(&salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_cookies, &flax_seeds, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_cookies, &einkorn_wheat_flour, "1 cup + 3 tbsp"); +add_serving(&salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_cookies, &baking_soda, "3/4 tsp"); +add_serving(&salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_cookies, &sea_salt, "1/4 tsp"); +add_serving(&salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_cookies, &carob_chips, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_cookies, &fleur_de_sel, "to taste"); +add_part(&salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies, &salted_caramel_carob_chip_cookies_cookies); + +// arame soba +Recipe arame_soba = create_recipe("arame soba", "pasta", "2 portions", 20151212, 40); +set_description(&arame_soba, "<b>Recipe location:</b> Montreal, QC. Canada<br /><br />After Japan opened itself to the world, Japanese cooks began to adapt western dishes in their own style. For instance in the west, people use ketchup as a condiment, but the Japanese use it as a base for tomato sauces. Spaghetti naporitan was created just after World War II, after Shigetada (the head chef at the Hotel New Grand in Yokohama) saw occupying soldiers eating it. Nowadays, you can find spaghetti seasoned with soy sauce, and served with seaweed.<br /><br /><b>About arame</b>: <a href='Arame.html'>Arame</a> is a species of kelp of a dark brown color, it has a mild, semi-sweet flavor and a firm texture. It can be reconstituted in about 5 minutes, and can be added to many kinds of dishes. It is high in calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium and vitamin A.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart arame_soba_main = create_part("main"); +add_instruction(&arame_soba_main, "Put <i>handful</i> of dried <a href='arame.html'>arame</a> in a bowl and cover with a cup of <a href='water.html'>water</a>. Let re-hydrate for at least <u>5 minutes</u>, drain."); +add_instruction(&arame_soba_main, "Bring a pot of <a href='water.html'>water</a> to a boil, add <i>2 portions</i> of soba(<a href='buckwheat_noodles.html'>buckwheat noodles</a>) and give them a quick stir so they go underwater. Reduce heat to medium and cook for <u>5 minutes</u>. Drain, rinse and transfer to a pot of cold water. Wash the noodles using your hands to remove the excess starch, drain and set aside."); +add_instruction(&arame_soba_main, "Julienne <i>1</i> <a href='carrot.html'>carrot</a>, chop <i>2 cloves</i> of <a href='garlic.html'>garlic</a> and cut <i>60g</i> of <a href='tempeh.html'>tempeh</a> into small cubes. I used <b>noble bean</b> original tempeh."); +add_instruction(&arame_soba_main, "Heat a pan with a drizzle of <a href='oil.html'>oil</a> at medium heat and sautee the <a href='garlic.html'>garlic</a> for a minute until fragrant. Add the <a href='tempeh.html'>tempeh</a> as well as the julienned <a href='carrot.html'>carrot</a> and cook for <u>2-3 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&arame_soba_main, "Pour the sauce and cook for an additional <u>5 minutes</u> until the <a href='tempeh.html'>tempeh</a> and <a href='carrots.html'>carrots</a> are cooked."); +add_instruction(&arame_soba_main, "Remove from heat and add the noodles, as well as the <a href='arame.html'>arame</a>. Stir well and divide into 2 plates, season with some <a href='sichuan_pepper.html'>sichuan pepper</a>."); +add_serving(&arame_soba_main, &buckwheat_noodles, "2 portions"); +add_serving(&arame_soba_main, &arame, "handful"); +add_serving(&arame_soba_main, &carrots, "1"); +add_serving(&arame_soba_main, &garlic, "2 cloves"); +add_serving(&arame_soba_main, &sichuan_peppercorns, "To taste"); +add_part(&arame_soba, &arame_soba_main); + +// homemade veganaise +Recipe homemade_veganaise = create_recipe("homemade veganaise", "sauce", "1.5 cup", 20191206, 5); +set_description(&homemade_veganaise, "<b>Recipe location:</b> Montreal, QC. Canada<br /><br />Making mayo is easy. This is a basic recipe that can be prepared right before eating, and that requires few tools.<br /><br />It's possible to add other spices and ingredients to augment the flavor of this homemade plant-based mayonnaise, ingredients like smoked paprika, garlic or fresh herbs.<br /><br /><b>Substitutions</b><br /><br />In this recipe it's possible to use <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a> instead of canola. I used canola oil because it has a neutral flavor, while olive oil does not.<br /><br />Instead of using <a href='dijon_mustard.html'>dijon mustard</a>, you can sub with 1 tsp of mustard powder. If you have a spice grinder or a coffee grinder, you can grind your own mustard powder from whole mustard seeds. If you use mustard powder, you'll have to add 1 extra tbsp of apple cider vinegar to the recipe. In this recipe, I used old style <a href='dijon_mustard.html'>dijon mustard</a> with mustard seeds, which explains the texture present in the veganaise. If you want to know how to make old-style dijon mustard, check out <a href='#mustard_from_seed.html'>my recipe</a>.<br /><br />If you prefer sweeter venagaise, add 1/2 tsp of a sweetener.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart homemade_veganaise_veganaise = create_part("veganaise"); +add_instruction(&homemade_veganaise_veganaise, "Blend <i>1 cup</i> of <a href='soft_tofu.html'>soft tofu</a>, <i>3 tbsp</i> of olive oil, <i>2 tbsp</i> <a href='apple_cider_vinegar.html'>apple cider vinegar</a>, <i>3 tbsp</i> <a href='dijon_mustard.html'>dijon mustard</a> and <i>1/4 tsp</i> <a href='salt.html'>salt</a>."); +add_serving(&homemade_veganaise_veganaise, &soft_tofu, "250g"); +add_serving(&homemade_veganaise_veganaise, &canola_oil, "3 tbsp"); +add_serving(&homemade_veganaise_veganaise, &apple_cider_vinegar, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&homemade_veganaise_veganaise, &lemon_juice, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&homemade_veganaise_veganaise, &dijon_mustard, "3 tbsp"); +add_serving(&homemade_veganaise_veganaise, &salt, "1/4 tsp"); +add_part(&homemade_veganaise, &homemade_veganaise_veganaise); + +// chickpea salad sandwich +Recipe chickpea_salad_sandwich = create_recipe("chickpea salad sandwich", "dinner", "4 portions", 20160118, 20); +set_description(&chickpea_salad_sandwich, "<b>Recipe location:</b> Sidney, BC. Canada.<br /><br />I recently ordered ingredients from BC Kelp, a company in northern Canada that grows their own seaweed. A lot of the food I make these days has either nori, wakame, bull kelp or bladderwack whole tips in it.<br /><br />I'd like to see more people cooking with sea vegetables. You can snack on dried seaweed, or add it to soups and salads. The powdered version I'm using in this recipe, adds a lot of umami and color to meals.<br /><br />You can order your own bull kelp powder from the <a href='http://www.bckelp.com/index.html' target='_blank'>BC Kelp website</a>, they have a wide range of quality seaweed to choose from.<br /><br /><b>Recommendations</b><br /><br />Adding a bay leaf, a bit of onion or a clove or two of garlic to the cooking water add a subtle seasoning to the chickpeas and boost flavor.<br /><br /><b>Substitutions</b><br /><br />If you don't have access to <a href='bull_kelp_powder.html'>bull kelp powder</a>, you can use 1 tsp capers or dulse flakes. These needs to be added to create a briny no-tuna taste.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart chickpea_salad_sandwich_chickpea_salad = create_part("chickpea salad"); +add_instruction(&chickpea_salad_sandwich_chickpea_salad, "For veganaise, see the <a href='#homemade_veganaise.html'>recipe</a>."); +add_instruction(&chickpea_salad_sandwich_chickpea_salad, "Cook <i>3/4 cup</i> of dried <a href='chickpeas.html'>chickpeas</a> (see <a href='#chickpeas.html'>instructions</a>), or use 1 can (15oz)."); +add_instruction(&chickpea_salad_sandwich_chickpea_salad, "Mix the cooked <a href='chickpeas.html'>chickpeas</a> with <i>3-4 tbsp</i> of <a href='#homemade_veganaise.html'>venagaise</a>, <i>1 tbsp</i> <a href='dijon_mustard.html'>dijon mustard</a>, <i>1/2 tsp</i> <a href='bull_kelp_powder.html'>bull kelp powder</a>, <i>2 stalks</i> of chopped <a href='scallions.html'>scallions</a> and <i>1/4 tsp</i> of <a href='cayenne_pepper_powder.html'>cayenne pepper powder</a>."); +add_instruction(&chickpea_salad_sandwich_chickpea_salad, "Season with <a href='black_pepper.html'>black pepper</a> and <a href='shichimi_togarashi.html'>shichimi togarashi</a>, and serve over toasted bread."); +add_serving(&chickpea_salad_sandwich_chickpea_salad, &chickpeas, "15oz, cooked"); +add_serving(&chickpea_salad_sandwich_chickpea_salad, &veganaise, "3-4 tbsp"); +add_serving(&chickpea_salad_sandwich_chickpea_salad, &dijon_mustard, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&chickpea_salad_sandwich_chickpea_salad, &bull_kelp_powder, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&chickpea_salad_sandwich_chickpea_salad, &scallions, "2 stalks"); +add_serving(&chickpea_salad_sandwich_chickpea_salad, &cayenne_pepper_powder, "1/4 tsp"); +add_serving(&chickpea_salad_sandwich_chickpea_salad, &sea_salt, "1/4 tsp"); +add_serving(&chickpea_salad_sandwich_chickpea_salad, &black_pepper, "1/4 tsp"); +add_serving(&chickpea_salad_sandwich_chickpea_salad, &shichimi_togarashi, "To taste"); +add_part(&chickpea_salad_sandwich, &chickpea_salad_sandwich_chickpea_salad); + +// beer bread +Recipe beer_bread = create_recipe("beer bread", "bread", "1 loaf", 20160920, 60); +set_description(&beer_bread, "<b>Recipe location:</b> Sidney, BC. Canada.<br /><br />The idea of making beer bread came from a book written by Lin Pardey called \"The Care and Feeding of the Offshore Crew\". In this book, Lin talks about cooking at sea and has an entire chapter dedicated to baking onboard. In this chapter, the authot talks about the many ways to make fresh bread while sailing, including a quickbread recipe that uses 3 basic ingredients: flour, sugar and beer.<br /><br />Beer bread you say? Right up my alley! The next day I gave it a try, the result is fantastic — surprising given the little effort it takes to make it.<br /><br />The best thing about this bread, is that it can taste different everytime. Using different beer, will change the taste and color of the bread. I tried baking with an IPA (21st amendment), a Hefeweizen (Sunriver brewing co) and a brown ale (Hobgoblin).<br /><br />If you have self-rising flour, you can omit the baking powder and salt. You can use even less ingredients if you have a craft beer that has live yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle. If you have a beer like that only flour, sugar and beer will do. Have fun experimenting with beers in your bread!<br /><br />We made a video of the beer bread-making process, check it out <a href='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppASJRVcXmM' target='_blank'>here</a>.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart beer_bread_beer_bread = create_part("beer bread"); +add_instruction(&beer_bread_beer_bread, "Preheat your oven at <u>350F</u>."); +add_instruction(&beer_bread_beer_bread, "Mix all the ingredients together well, and add extra flour if the dough is too sticky — no kneading required."); +add_instruction(&beer_bread_beer_bread, "Coat the bottom of your bread pan with <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a>, make sure to spread it out evenly, and thinly. Sprinkle <a href='corn_meal.html'>corn meal</a> in your bread pan, or tray, shake the cornmeal around so it covers the entire bottom."); +add_instruction(&beer_bread_beer_bread, "Transfer the bread dough into the pan. Optionally, you can add some rolled oats on top of the bread."); +add_instruction(&beer_bread_beer_bread, "Bake for <u>1 hour</u>."); +add_instruction(&beer_bread_beer_bread, "Let cool on a dish towel, or rack."); +add_serving(&beer_bread_beer_bread, &all_purpose_flour, "2 cups"); +add_serving(&beer_bread_beer_bread, &salt, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&beer_bread_beer_bread, &baking_powder, "3 tsp"); +add_serving(&beer_bread_beer_bread, &sugar, "3 tbsp"); +add_serving(&beer_bread_beer_bread, &beer, "1 can"); +add_serving(&beer_bread_beer_bread, &cornmeal, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&beer_bread_beer_bread, &olive_oil, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&beer_bread_beer_bread, &rolled_oats, "3 tbsp"); +add_part(&beer_bread, &beer_bread_beer_bread); + +// stovetop popcorn +Recipe stovetop_popcorn = create_recipe("stovetop popcorn", "basic", "20 cups", 20171108, 5); +set_description(&stovetop_popcorn, "Making popcorn on the stovetop is not a recipe perse, it's a reminder that it's easy to do and that it doesn't require any specialized tools or ingredients. It doesn't require a microwave, just a pot and source of heat (stove).<br /><br />When I was a kid my family used Jiffy Pop, unpopped kernels, oil, and flavoring agents that come in a heavy-gauge aluminum foil pan. I enjoyed seeing the foil rise up into a dome as the kernels started to pop. Then later, my family adopted microwavable bags. These products — while easy and fun — cost more and create unecessary waste. Because I grew up with packaged popcorn, the idea of trying to pop my own kernels only occurred to me MUCH later in life.<br /><br />So, again, this is a reminder that there are conveniences in life that we just don't need.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart stovetop_popcorn_popcorn = create_part("popcorn"); +add_instruction(&stovetop_popcorn_popcorn, "Put <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a> in a deep pot, bring to a high heat."); +add_instruction(&stovetop_popcorn_popcorn, "Add a few corn kernels into the pot. Once they start to pop, add the rest of the <a href='dry_corn_kernels.html'>dry corn kernels</a> and cover pot with a lid."); +add_instruction(&stovetop_popcorn_popcorn, "Shake pot for 10 seconds, let rest for 10 seconds. Do this until the popping sounds begin to lessen."); +add_serving(&stovetop_popcorn_popcorn, &dry_corn_kernels, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&stovetop_popcorn_popcorn, &olive_oil, "2 tbsp"); +add_part(&stovetop_popcorn, &stovetop_popcorn_popcorn); +RecipePart stovetop_popcorn_toppings = create_part("toppings"); +add_instruction(&stovetop_popcorn_toppings, "Add desired toppings like nutritional yeast, smoked paprika or salt."); +add_serving(&stovetop_popcorn_toppings, &nutritional_yeast, "3 tbsp"); +add_serving(&stovetop_popcorn_toppings, &smoked_paprika, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&stovetop_popcorn_toppings, &salt, "pinch"); +add_part(&stovetop_popcorn, &stovetop_popcorn_toppings); + +// basic toothpaste +Recipe basic_toothpaste = create_recipe("basic toothpaste", "lifestyle", "1 jar", 20161105, 5); +set_description(&basic_toothpaste, "I've always liked making things from scratch, especially when cooking. I enjoy the process. Making it myself means that I control the quality and quantity of each ingredient. In the last couple of years, I've removed most pre-made cleaning and hygiene products from my life. I make my own shampoo, deodorant, toilet cleaner, kitchen cleaner, and I also make my own toothpaste.<br /><br />Chances are you already have all of the ingredients at home to make it. The recipe consists of <a href='baking_soda.html'>baking soda</a>, <a href='coconut_oil.html'>coconut oil</a> and <a href='peppermint_oil.html'>peppermint oil</a> (also food grade).<br /><br />You can also brush your teeth with a simple baking soda and water paste. Baking soda is abrasive enough to remove accumulations on teeth and rinses completely clear with only a very slightly salty taste. For those who dislike brushing with a salty taste, adding coconut and peppermint oil helps to smooth down both the taste and texture.<br /><br /><b>NOTE</b>: In colder climates your toothpaste will solidify and scraping some onto your toothbrush can be a challenge. Put the jar near a heater for 5 minutes or so to help soften it down.<br /><br />Toothpaste is only as good as your brushing (which should last for a min of 2min). It is more important to brush your teeth thoroughly than to use toothpaste, especially after eating sweets.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart basic_toothpaste_toothpaste = create_part("toothpaste"); +add_instruction(&basic_toothpaste_toothpaste, "Mix <i>1 1/2 tbsp</i> of <a href='baking_soda.html'>baking soda</a> with <i>3 tbsp</i> of <a href='coconut_oil.html'>coconut oil</a>. If the coconut oil is hard, melt it down and mix it with the dry ingredients"); +add_instruction(&basic_toothpaste_toothpaste, "Add <i>1/2 tsp</i> of food grade <a href='peppermint_oil.html'>peppermint oil</a>."); +add_instruction(&basic_toothpaste_toothpaste, "Mix everything up and brush your teeth!"); +add_serving(&basic_toothpaste_toothpaste, &baking_soda, "1 1/2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&basic_toothpaste_toothpaste, &coconut_oil, "3 tbsp"); +add_serving(&basic_toothpaste_toothpaste, &peppermint_oil, "1/2 tsp"); +add_part(&basic_toothpaste, &basic_toothpaste_toothpaste); + +// papaya bruschetta topping +Recipe papaya_bruschetta_topping = create_recipe("papaya bruschetta topping", "sidedish", "2-3 people", 20171920, 5); +set_description(&papaya_bruschetta_topping, "<b>Recipe location:</b> Nuku Hiva, Marquesas. French Polynesia.<br /><br />Before we arrived in the Marquesas, people made a point of telling us how difficult it was to find vegetables there. We heard that if we wanted tomatoes, we would need to get up at 4am to get them at the market. Devine & I are early risers, but we lack the will to take the dinghy to shore in the dark. It's just as well, because others we met who had tried, came back empty-handed. In the Marquesas, most vegetables are brought in by supply ships, you can never be certain of what you're going to get. Potatoes, cucumbers, cabbages and eggplants we had plenty of, but vegetables like tomatoes, pumpkins, bok choy and salad greens were like rare pokemon.<br /><br />We'd only ever made bruschetta topping with tomatoes, never thought of changing it for anything else. But then I thought, what looks like tomatoes? Papaya! They have a similar reddish tint, comparable texture too. Papaya is something Nuku Hiva has plenty of, and as it turns out, we prefer it over tomatoes now. Papaya is more firm and sweet, and pairs well with balsamic vinegar. I imagine it would taste great with mangoes too, it's something I may try when I get a craving again.<br /><br />If something isn't available, or is too expensive where you are (hunting for raspberries in Japan comes to mind), swap it out for something else. Not every ingredient will work, but it's fun to try isn't it?<br /><br />"); +RecipePart papaya_bruschetta_topping_bruschetta = create_part("bruschetta"); +add_instruction(&papaya_bruschetta_topping_bruschetta, "Peep skin from <a href='papaya.html'>papaya</a>, scoop out the seeds insides and cut the flesh into small cubes. NOTE: You can wash and dry the papaya seeds to make pepper! Or process them into juice with other fruits."); +add_instruction(&papaya_bruschetta_topping_bruschetta, "Mix <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a>, <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='balsamic_vinegar.html'>balsamic vinegar</a>, <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='dried_basil.html'>dried basil</a> and a pinch of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a> together."); +add_instruction(&papaya_bruschetta_topping_bruschetta, "Pour over cubed papaya and serve with homemade <a href='crackers.html'>crackers</a>."); +add_serving(&papaya_bruschetta_topping_bruschetta, &papaya, "1"); +add_serving(&papaya_bruschetta_topping_bruschetta, &olive_oil, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&papaya_bruschetta_topping_bruschetta, &balsamic_vinegar, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&papaya_bruschetta_topping_bruschetta, &dried_basil, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&papaya_bruschetta_topping_bruschetta, &salt, "to taste"); +add_part(&papaya_bruschetta_topping, &papaya_bruschetta_topping_bruschetta); + +// pan fried breadfruit +Recipe pan_fried_breadfruit = create_recipe("pan fried breadfruit", "dinner", "4 people", 20170703, 1 Hour 30); +set_description(&pan_fried_breadfruit, "<b>Recipe location:</b> Huahine, Society Islands. French Polynesia.<br /><br />Breadfruit trees are everywhere in French Polynesia, but sometimes the fruit aren’t mature enough to pick. To make things more difficult, grocery stores don’t sell them (they don’t sell fruit at all). The Polynesians don't buy fruit, they don't have to! They have plenty growing on their property. Getting our hands on a breadfruit was no simple task, on every island we would ask the locals, but again the fruit weren’t ready to pick off just yet.<br /><br />Devine and I had breadfruit when we first arrived in Nuku Hiva, the owner of Snack Vaeki prepared some for us. The chef cooked it outside, over hot coals. The taste is hard to describe, it's very potato-ey. We had the cooked breadfruit with some fresh coconut milk - extracted from a fresh coconut before our very eyes. Since then, we’ve been looking to cook it ourselves.<br /><br />recipes/pan.fried.breadfruit.1.jpg<br /><br />Then finally we got our chance! We bought a breadfruit at the Fare street market in Huahine. The seller at the fruit stand gave it a few knocks, and told us it was ready to eat! It was delicious with coconut milk, but we wanted to try something different. We cut the breadfruit into wedges and pan-fried it. We then served it with some button mushrooms, coated with sweetened soy sauce.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart pan_fried_breadfruit_breadfruit = create_part("breadfruit"); +add_instruction(&pan_fried_breadfruit_breadfruit, "Preheat oven to <u>425F</u>."); +add_instruction(&pan_fried_breadfruit_breadfruit, "Brush outside of <a href='breadfruit.html'>breadfruit</a> with <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a>."); +add_instruction(&pan_fried_breadfruit_breadfruit, "Wrap in aluminum foil, and bake for <u>1 hour</u>."); +add_instruction(&pan_fried_breadfruit_breadfruit, "To check if it is ready, poke a knife through. If it is soft, it is ready."); +add_instruction(&pan_fried_breadfruit_breadfruit, "Remove foil, and peel skin away. Then, cut in half and scoop out the seed in the middle."); +add_instruction(&pan_fried_breadfruit_breadfruit, "Cut into wedges, and sautée in a pan with a bit of oil. Season with some salt and pepper."); +add_instruction(&pan_fried_breadfruit_breadfruit, "Cook both sides until crispy and golden."); +add_serving(&pan_fried_breadfruit_breadfruit, &breadfruit, "1"); +add_serving(&pan_fried_breadfruit_breadfruit, &olive_oil, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&pan_fried_breadfruit_breadfruit, &salt, "to taste"); +add_serving(&pan_fried_breadfruit_breadfruit, &black_pepper, "to taste"); +add_part(&pan_fried_breadfruit, &pan_fried_breadfruit_breadfruit); +RecipePart pan_fried_breadfruit_toppings = create_part("toppings"); +add_instruction(&pan_fried_breadfruit_toppings, "Mix <i>4 tbsp</i> <a href='soy_sauce.html'>soy sauce</a> and <i>2 tsp</i> of <a href='sugar.html'>sugar</a> in a pan, stir, and cook on medium-heat for a few minutes. Add <a href='button_mushrooms.html'>button mushrooms</a>, and stir to coat them with the sauce. Serve over breadfruit wedges."); +add_serving(&pan_fried_breadfruit_toppings, &button_mushrooms, "230g"); +add_serving(&pan_fried_breadfruit_toppings, &soy_sauce, "4 tbsp"); +add_serving(&pan_fried_breadfruit_toppings, &sugar, "2 tsp"); +add_part(&pan_fried_breadfruit, &pan_fried_breadfruit_toppings); + +// corn dumplings +Recipe corn_dumplings = create_recipe("corn dumplings", "sidedish", "2 people", 20171408, 40); +set_description(&corn_dumplings, "<b>Recipe location:</b> Alofi, Niue.<br /><br />I found an old vegetarian cookbook in a book-sharing shelf. I must have spent an hour reading through it, the recipes were fantastic, the title read \"The Farm Vegetarian Cookbook\". The cookbook had an entire section dedicated to cooking with corn. It's in there that I found a recipe for masa dumplings.<br /><br />Masa is corn that is simmered and ground into a paste and is the base for many recipes. You can make Mexican-style tortillas with it, that, or you can use it to make dumplings! I don't have access to fresh corn, nor do I have the space or the time to make my own masa, but I used <a href='corn_semolina.html'>corn semolina</a> instead and it worked! The only difference is that you need to add boiling water so you can roll the mixture into balls. If you were to use masa, you wouldn't need the added moisture.<br /><br />The texture of the dumplings is fun and chewy. The outside is soft, but the inside is like that of dense cornbread.<br /><br />Recommendations</b><br /><br />Devine & I enjoy eating it with tomato sauce or with a spicy apricot sauce. Instead of apricot jam, you can add apricot juice to the mix (orange will taste wonderful too). I added jam because I didn't have any juice on the boat, and besides, it works well in this recipe.<br /><br />Adding extra spices, like cumin, chili flakes and turmeric will add a nice flavour to the dumpling mix.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart corn_dumplings_dumplings = create_part("dumplings"); +add_instruction(&corn_dumplings_dumplings, "Mix <i>1 cup</i> <a href='corn_semolina.html'>corn semolina</a>, <i>1/4 cup</i> <a href='all_purpose_flour.html'>all purpose flour</a>, <i>1/2 tsp</i> <a href='baking_soda.html'>baking soda</a>, <i>1 tsp</i> <a href='baking_powder.html'>baking powder</a>, and <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a>. Stir until well mixed."); +add_instruction(&corn_dumplings_dumplings, "Bring <i>1 cup</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a> to a boil, pour into dry ingredients and mix well. When the dough is wet and sticky, form <b>1/2\" balls</b> with your hands. You can make larger or smaller balls - note that cooking time will change if the diameter is bigger."); +add_instruction(&corn_dumplings_dumplings, "Bring a big pot of water to a boil, add corn balls and boil for <u>10-15 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&corn_dumplings_dumplings, "Drain, let cool."); +add_serving(&corn_dumplings_dumplings, &corn_semolina, "1 cup"); +add_serving(&corn_dumplings_dumplings, &all_purpose_flour, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&corn_dumplings_dumplings, &baking_soda, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&corn_dumplings_dumplings, &baking_powder, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&corn_dumplings_dumplings, &salt, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&corn_dumplings_dumplings, &water, "1 cup, boiled"); +add_part(&corn_dumplings, &corn_dumplings_dumplings); +RecipePart corn_dumplings_sauce = create_part("sauce"); +add_instruction(&corn_dumplings_sauce, "Mix all sauce ingredients together (all, except the arrowroot starch)."); +add_instruction(&corn_dumplings_sauce, "Put <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='arrowroot_starch.html'>arrowroot starch</a> in a bowl, and dissolve in <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a>. Set aside."); +add_instruction(&corn_dumplings_sauce, "Pour sauce into a pan, and bring to medium heat. Once the sauce starts to boil, add a few spoonfuls of the arrowroot starch mix to thicken the sauce. Once thickened, divide corn dumplings into bowls and pour sauce overtop."); +add_serving(&corn_dumplings_sauce, &apricot_jam, "3 tsp"); +add_serving(&corn_dumplings_sauce, &soy_sauce, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&corn_dumplings_sauce, &japanese_rice_vinegar, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&corn_dumplings_sauce, &lemon_juice, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&corn_dumplings_sauce, &sesame_oil, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&corn_dumplings_sauce, &water, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&corn_dumplings_sauce, &chili_pepper_flakes, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&corn_dumplings_sauce, &ginger_root, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&corn_dumplings_sauce, &garlic, "2, minced"); +add_serving(&corn_dumplings_sauce, &arrowroot_starch, "1 tsp"); +add_part(&corn_dumplings, &corn_dumplings_sauce); + +// breadfruit gnocchi +Recipe breadfruit_gnocchi = create_recipe("breadfruit gnocchi", "pasta", "4 people", 20171610, 90); +set_description(&breadfruit_gnocchi, "<b>Recipe location:</b> Vava'u, Tonga<br /><br />We are about to leave Tonga, the tropics and the land of bountiful <a href='breadfruit.html'>breadfruit</a>. This versatile fruit can be cooked into fries, eaten with <a href='coconut_milk.html'>coconut milk</a>, made into chips, or like this recipe suggests, it can be made into gnocchi.<br /><br />recipes/breadfruit.gnocchi.1.jpg<br /><br />Breadfruit has a taste and texture that resembles that of <a href='potato.html'>potato</a>, and so it makes sense that it too can be made into gnocchi. The flesh of the fruit can be kneaded with ease, especially if the fruit is very ripe. I have tried to knead it when half-ripe, it works too, but requires added moisture and more kneading - not to mention that it doesn't have as much flavor. Ripe breadfruit develops a sweet taste. It can be difficult to catch it at the right moment, like avocados they have a tendency to overripen overnight. Because we like it so much, we've bought many and have had time to better tell when it can be eaten. The outside becomes soft to the touch, but only just.<br /><br />We serve these with a light sauce, to better taste the gnocchi. A sauce that we enjoy, is minced garlic and chili peppers cooked in olive oil. The sauce is poured overtop and sprinkled with bits of shredded nori.<br /><br />recipes/pan.fried.breadfruit.1.jpg<br /><br />"); +RecipePart breadfruit_gnocchi_gnocchi = create_part("gnocchi"); +add_instruction(&breadfruit_gnocchi_gnocchi, "Wait until your <a href='breadfruit.html'>breadfruit</a> is very ripe, soft to the touch. A softer breadfruit will be easier to knead, and will taste sweeter."); +add_instruction(&breadfruit_gnocchi_gnocchi, "Preheat oven to <u>425F</u>. Rub outside of breadfruit with <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a>, and wrap with aluminium foil. Cook for <u>1 hour</u>."); +add_instruction(&breadfruit_gnocchi_gnocchi, "Remove foil, peel skin away, cut in half, and remove the seed."); +add_instruction(&breadfruit_gnocchi_gnocchi, "Let cool, and mash with your hands into a cohesive dough. Add <a href='flour.html'>flour</a>, <i>1/4 cup</i> at a time, until the <a href='breadfruit.html'>breadfruit</a> flesh stops sticking to your fingers. You may need more, or less, depending on the size of your fruit."); +add_instruction(&breadfruit_gnocchi_gnocchi, "Sprinkle your work surface with <a href='flour.html'>flour</a>, take a golf-sized ball of dough, and roll it into a thin, finger-sized log. Cut the log into bite-sized pieces (around 2cm long) and repeat for the rest of the dough."); +add_instruction(&breadfruit_gnocchi_gnocchi, "At this point, you can choose to freeze the gnocchi, or to prepare them straight away. To cook them, bring a pot of <a href='water.html'>water</a> to a boil, add the gnocchi, and cook for <u>5 minutes</u> or so, or <i>until they start to rise to the surface</i>."); +add_instruction(&breadfruit_gnocchi_gnocchi, "Serve with a light sauce, to better taste the subtle, but sweet flavor of the breadfruit gnocchi."); +add_serving(&breadfruit_gnocchi_gnocchi, &breadfruit, "1 small"); +add_serving(&breadfruit_gnocchi_gnocchi, &olive_oil, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&breadfruit_gnocchi_gnocchi, &all_purpose_flour, "1 1/4 cup"); +add_part(&breadfruit_gnocchi, &breadfruit_gnocchi_gnocchi); + +// spinach faux cheese ravioli +Recipe spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli = create_recipe("spinach faux cheese ravioli", "pasta", "2 people", 20171610, 40); +set_description(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli, "<b>Recipe location:</b> Whangarei, New Zealand.<br /><br />We have arrived in New Zealand, the land of plenty. All of the foods that we like and miss are here. Foods like nutritional yeast, miso and soba (to name a few). With a fully re-stocked pantry, I started to make faux-cheese again, a recipe from <b>Vegan Richa</b> that is simple to make and that I love. The recipe is for a cheese that can be cut into wedges, or that can be grated over pizza. I had an idea to use this recipe to make filling for ravioli, the difference being that I won't add any agar agar (a seaweed based powder that makes liquids gellify). Making your own dough is simple, the whole process will take you less than 40 minutes.<br /><br />recipes/spinach.faux.cheese.ravioli.1.jpg<br /><br />I got the idea to make ravioli from an old 70's book about the cooking of Italy. This book is one of many that we found in a thrift shop here in Whangarei, we bought all the ones that we could find. Devine & I like picking through them, drawing inspiration from the images and ingredients.<br /><br />recipes/spinach.faux.cheese.ravioli.2.jpg<br /><br />A lot of the recipes in these books use meat and dairy, but it's easy to swap these ingredients out for something else. In New Zealand, the groceries are plentiful and finding everything we need is a breeze. We hope you enjoy this recipe, and that you try and make <a href='http://www.veganricha.com/2014/08/almond-milk-pepper-jack-cheese-vegan-glutenfree-recipe.html' target='_blank'>Richa's original pepper jack cheese recipe</a> too.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_cheese_filling = create_part("cheese filling"); +add_instruction(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_cheese_filling, "For the filling, mix all of the dry ingredients into a bowl, then add all the wet ones (including the chopped <a href='spinach.html'>spinach</a>) and stir well until evenly mixed."); +add_instruction(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_cheese_filling, "Heat a pan at medium heat, pour the filling into it. The mixture will thicken. When it does, transfer it back to a bowl and keep it aside for later."); +add_serving(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_cheese_filling, &chickpea_flour, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_cheese_filling, &nutritional_yeast, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_cheese_filling, &arrowroot_starch, "1.5 tbsp"); +add_serving(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_cheese_filling, &garlic_powder, "1/4 tsp"); +add_serving(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_cheese_filling, &onion_powder, "1/4 tsp"); +add_serving(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_cheese_filling, &chili_pepper_flakes, "1.5 tsp"); +add_serving(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_cheese_filling, &salt, "dash"); +add_serving(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_cheese_filling, &spinach, "1/2 cup, chopped"); +add_serving(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_cheese_filling, &lemon_juice, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_cheese_filling, &apple_cider_vinegar, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_cheese_filling, &soy_milk, "3/4 cup"); +add_part(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli, &spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_cheese_filling); +RecipePart spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_ravioli = create_part("ravioli"); +add_instruction(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_ravioli, "To make the dough, mix <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a> with <i>1 cup</i> of <a href='all_purpose_flour.html'>all purpose flour</a>. Add <i>2/3 cup</i> of water, knead the dough on a floured surface, working in extra flour if the dough is too sticky. Once you have a smooth ball of dough, wrap it up and let it rest for at least <u>10 minutes</u>."); +add_instruction(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_ravioli, "Divide the dough into two pieces, and roll out the first half of the dough to make it as thin as possible — and as rectangular as possible. Roll out the second piece of dough into a similar size and thickess."); +add_instruction(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_ravioli, "On the first sheet of pasta, place a mound of filling of the faux-cheese and spinach mixture every 2 inches across and down the pasta (spaced out to look like a checker board)."); +add_instruction(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_ravioli, "Dip your finger into a bowl of water, and make a line inbetween each row of filling (the water acts as a bond to hold the ravioli together)."); +add_instruction(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_ravioli, "Place the second sheet of rolled-out pasta on top of the first one, pressing down firmly around the filling and along the wetted lines."); +add_instruction(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_ravioli, "With a knife (or ravioli cutter, if you feel fancy), cut the pasta into squares along the wetted lines. Keep separated pieces of ravioli aside."); +add_instruction(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_ravioli, "Bring a pot of water to a boil, and add the ravioli. Stir them gently to keep them from sticking to another another or on the bottom of the pot. Cook for <u>7-8 minutes</u> or until fork tender."); +add_instruction(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_ravioli, "Serve with a light sauce, we made one with <a href='chilis_pepper_flakes.html'>chilis pepper flakes</a>, fresh <a href='basil.html'>basil</a> and <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a>. A light tomato sauce would also be delicious."); +add_serving(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_ravioli, &all_purpose_flour, "1 cup"); +add_serving(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_ravioli, &water, "2/3 cup"); +add_serving(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_ravioli, &salt, "1/2 tsp"); +add_part(&spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli, &spinach_faux_cheese_ravioli_ravioli); + +// breadfruit pasta +Recipe breadfruit_pasta = create_recipe("breadfruit pasta", "pasta", "4 people", 20181110, 20); +set_description(&breadfruit_pasta, "<b>Recipe location:</b> Suva, Fiji.<br /><br />Yes, another <a href='breadfruit.html'>breadfruit</a> recipe! This fruit is one of the most versatile ingredients I've ever cooked with, it's cheap and pairs well with just about anything. When we returned to the south pacific last june, you can be sure that the first thing we went looking for at the market was this lovely green wonder. It's become a staple for us, a treat and food we are excited to cook and eat.<br /><br />While in a grocery store in Fiji, we spotted breadfruit flour! A company called <b><a href='http://friendfiji.com' target='_blank'>Friend's Fiji style</a></b> sells it in bags of 300g. It's a good alternative if the fresh kind can't be found. It's something we'll stock up on when we leave, so we continue to have breadfruit in our diet (in some form).<br /><br />recipes/breadfruit.pasta.1.jpg<br /><br />Making pasta from scratch requires your hands, a knife and a rolling pin (or bottle, whatever works). Making pasta by hand that is even and thin is a challenge, it's easier to opt for thicker 'udon-style' noodles. Expert soba chefs in Japan can cut noodles thinly, but this requires experienced hands. We have a good blade, but lack the patience as well as the desire to cut even noodles. We're very okay with imperfect noodles.<br /><br />recipes/breadfruit.pasta.2.jpg<br /><br /><b>Tricks for cutting pasta evenly:</b> Roll the flattened piece of dough and cutting it cross-wise is the key, the details on how to do this are in the recipe instructions below.<br /><br />If you come to Fiji and like to make pasta from scratch, try and find some breadfruit flour. That same company also produces cassava flour.<br /><br />recipes/breadfruit.pasta.3.jpg<br /><br />We like to eat breadfruit pasta with garlic, chilis and bitter melon, sauteed in olive oil with some shredded nori on top- simple, and tasty. Alternatively, to make regular pasta, just sub the breadfruit flour for <a href='whole_wheat_flour.html'>whole wheat flour</a> or <a href='spelt_flour.html'>spelt flour</a>.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart breadfruit_pasta_breadfruit_pasta = create_part("breadfruit pasta"); +add_instruction(&breadfruit_pasta_breadfruit_pasta, "In a large bowl, mix <i>3/4 cup</i> of <a href='all_purpose_flour.html'>all purpose flour</a> with <i>3/4 cup</i> of <a href='breadfruit_flour.html'>breadfruit flour</a>."); +add_instruction(&breadfruit_pasta_breadfruit_pasta, "Add <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a>, mix well."); +add_instruction(&breadfruit_pasta_breadfruit_pasta, "Add <i>3/4 cup</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a>, mix until it starts to clump up, then knead with your hands until you have a smooth dough. Let rest for <u>20 mins</u> (this will make it easier to roll)."); +add_instruction(&breadfruit_pasta_breadfruit_pasta, "Separate dough in two, put one half aside. Separating the dough makes it easier to roll if you have limited counter space (like I do)."); +add_instruction(&breadfruit_pasta_breadfruit_pasta, "Sprinkle flour on your working surface, flatten the ball out from the center to the outer edge. Continue to roll, flipping the dough over once or twice and dusting it with flour to prevent it sticking. Roll to desired thickness."); +add_instruction(&breadfruit_pasta_breadfruit_pasta, "Fold the sheet of dough into a flat roll, then cut into it cross-wise into 0.5cm strips."); +add_instruction(&breadfruit_pasta_breadfruit_pasta, "Repeat all the steps for the other half of the dough."); +add_instruction(&breadfruit_pasta_breadfruit_pasta, "Carefully unroll each coil with your fingers, then transfer to a floured surface."); +add_instruction(&breadfruit_pasta_breadfruit_pasta, "Bring water to a boil. Add pasta. Cook for a minute or so, and serve with a light sauce!"); +add_serving(&breadfruit_pasta_breadfruit_pasta, &breadfruit_flour, "3/4 cup"); +add_serving(&breadfruit_pasta_breadfruit_pasta, &all_purpose_flour, "3/4 cup"); +add_serving(&breadfruit_pasta_breadfruit_pasta, &salt, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&breadfruit_pasta_breadfruit_pasta, &water, "3/4 cup"); +add_part(&breadfruit_pasta, &breadfruit_pasta_breadfruit_pasta); + +// pandanus fruit bread +Recipe pandanus_fruit_bread = create_recipe("pandanus fruit bread", "dessert", "20 pieces", 20181110, 40); +set_description(&pandanus_fruit_bread, "<b>Recipe location:</b> Majuro, Marshall Islands.<br /><br />We arrived in the <a href='https://100r.co/pages/the_promise_of_pancakes.html' target='_blank'>Marshall Islands 3 weeks ago</a>. We are settled in, but one thing remains difficult for us: finding fresh produce. The vegetables in Majuro are imported from either Guam, or Hawaii by cargo ship, and because they spend much time at sea they are frozen. Freezing fresh whole vegetables is never a good idea, the vegetables rot before they make it onto the shelves. When possible, we opt for local produce. Majuro has few native fresh vegetables, but they do have some fruit and among these is <b>the pandanus fruit</b>.<br /><br />recipes/pandanus.fruit.bread.2.jpg<br /><br />Pandanus, or <a href='https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pandanus_tectorius' target='_blank'>Pandanus tectorius</a>, bears a fruit that look like a giant pinecone, it is made up of little wedge-like phalanges, commonly referred to as 'keys'. Each fruit has about 40-80 keys, the part of the keys that is attached to the core is soft, and a bright orange colour. In the Marshall Islands, people suck on the orange part which is sweet and tastes of cane sugar. The soft part can also be cut, and processed into juice. It is possible to make the juice yourself, this <b><a href='http://www.cuisinivity.com/globalfeast/pacific/Marshall_Islands/2012/Pandanus.php' target='_blank'>blog post</a></b> explains the process at length.<br /><br />I don't have the space, nor the tools to prepare pandanus juice, but a store in Majuro sells frozen purée. This is what I used to prepare this pandanus fruit cake and the topping that goes with it. What does it taste like? It is similar to mango, sweet, but also bitter.<br /><br />recipes/pandanus.fruit.bread.1.jpg<br /><br />I bought a generous portion of frozen pandanus purée, and couldn't use most of it in the bread so I used the rest to make a topping. The chia seeds don't act as a thickener and can be omitted, but they add nutritional value to the meal.<br /><br />If you ever come across some pandanus fruit, please try it! Making pandanus juice from scratch requires some muscle and serious dedication, but in places where it grows, chances are you'll also find a 'processed' version.<br /><br />Pandanus Tectorius photo credit: U. S. Geological Survey, USGS /Forest & Kim Starr.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart pandanus_fruit_bread_pandanus_bread = create_part("pandanus bread"); +add_instruction(&pandanus_fruit_bread_pandanus_bread, "Preheat oven to <u>350F</u>."); +add_instruction(&pandanus_fruit_bread_pandanus_bread, "Mix <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='apple_cider_vinegar.html'>apple cider vinegar</a> in <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='soy_milk.html'>soy milk</a>, this will make the milk curdle — it helps the bread rise while imparting flavour."); +add_instruction(&pandanus_fruit_bread_pandanus_bread, "In a bowl, combine <i>1 1/2 cup</i> of <a href='all_purpose_flour.html'>all purpose flour</a>, <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='spelt_flour.html'>spelt flour</a>, <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='baking_powder.html'>baking powder</a>, <i>1/2 tsp</i> of <a href='baking_soda.html'>baking soda</a> and <i>1/4 tsp</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a>. Mix well."); +add_instruction(&pandanus_fruit_bread_pandanus_bread, "In yet, another bowl, cream <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='canola_oil.html'>canola oil</a> with <i>1/2 cup</i> of <a href='whole_cane_sugar.html'>whole cane sugar</a>, stir in the curdled <a href='soy_milk.html'>soy milk</a>."); +add_instruction(&pandanus_fruit_bread_pandanus_bread, "Add the wet to the dry ingredients and stir until evenly mixed."); +add_instruction(&pandanus_fruit_bread_pandanus_bread, "Pour the batter into an oiled square baking pan."); +add_instruction(&pandanus_fruit_bread_pandanus_bread, "Bake for <u>45 minutes</u>."); +add_serving(&pandanus_fruit_bread_pandanus_bread, &all_purpose_flour, "1 1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&pandanus_fruit_bread_pandanus_bread, &spelt_flour, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&pandanus_fruit_bread_pandanus_bread, &soy_milk, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&pandanus_fruit_bread_pandanus_bread, &apple_cider_vinegar, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&pandanus_fruit_bread_pandanus_bread, &canola_oil, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&pandanus_fruit_bread_pandanus_bread, &whole_cane_sugar, "1/2 cup"); +add_serving(&pandanus_fruit_bread_pandanus_bread, &pandanus_fruit, "1 1/2 cups, puréed"); +add_serving(&pandanus_fruit_bread_pandanus_bread, &baking_powder, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&pandanus_fruit_bread_pandanus_bread, &baking_soda, "1/2 tsp"); +add_serving(&pandanus_fruit_bread_pandanus_bread, &salt, "1/4 tsp"); +add_part(&pandanus_fruit_bread, &pandanus_fruit_bread_pandanus_bread); +RecipePart pandanus_fruit_bread_topping = create_part("topping"); +add_instruction(&pandanus_fruit_bread_topping, "In a saucepan, add <i>1 cup</i> of puréed <a href='pandanus.html'>pandanus</a> (add some water if too thick), <i>1 tsp</i> of <a href='chili_flakes.html'>chili flakes</a> and <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='whole_cane_sugar.html'>whole cane sugar</a>. Stir well and bring to a boil."); +add_instruction(&pandanus_fruit_bread_topping, "Reduce heat, cook for <u>5 minutes</u>, then remove from heat."); +add_instruction(&pandanus_fruit_bread_topping, "When cool, stir in <i>2 tbsp</i> of <a href='chia_seeds.html'>chia seeds</a>."); +add_instruction(&pandanus_fruit_bread_topping, "Serve with the pandanus bread!"); +add_serving(&pandanus_fruit_bread_topping, &pandanus_fruit, "1 cup"); +add_serving(&pandanus_fruit_bread_topping, &chili_pepper_flakes, "1 tsp"); +add_serving(&pandanus_fruit_bread_topping, &whole_cane_sugar, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&pandanus_fruit_bread_topping, &chia_seeds, "2 tbsp"); +add_part(&pandanus_fruit_bread, &pandanus_fruit_bread_topping); + +// mustard from seed +Recipe mustard_from_seed = create_recipe("mustard from seed", "basic", "1 quarter pint (150ml)", 20181221, 20); +set_description(&mustard_from_seed, "<b>Recipe location:</b> Majuro, Marshall Islands.<br /><br />We always try our hardest to buy as few packaged foods as we can, and if we do buy pre-made goods we aim for glass, this too through isn't always possible.<br /><br />We ran out of mustard the other day, and couldn't find any at the store that wasn't packaged in plastic. We decided then that it was better to make our own. It requires few ingredients, little time to prepare (25min for prep, few days for soaking), and is inexpensive.<br /><br />First, you need some mustard seeds. You can choose between yellow, brown and black seeds, the color affects the 'heat' of the mustard. A dark seed imparts more flavour than the lighter variety, and is what we used in this recipe. The seeds are then soaked in a mixture of water and <a href='apple_cider_vinegar.html'>apple cider vinegar</a>, although you can also use beer and white wine as a base. The water should be room temperature or cold, because using hot liquids denatures the enzymes that create the 'heat' in mustard.<br /><br />We don't have <a href='tools.html'>tools</a> onboard that require electricity, so to grind and crush seeds and herbs we use a <b>heavy ceramic mortar and pestle</b>.<br /><br />After the mustard is ground, it is stored in a glass jar at room temperature. Because of its antibacterial properties, mustard <b>does not require refrigeration</b>.<br /><br />recipes/mustard.from.seed.1.jpg<br /><br />The best thing about making it yourself is that you can vary the quantities and base ingredients according to your personal preferences. If you don't like having a strong vinegar taste, you can lessen the amount of apple cider vinegar and add more water instead. You can also add spices and sweeteners. For traditional 'yellow mustard', all you need to do is add turmeric (for color) and a sweetener.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart mustard_from_seed_mustard = create_part("mustard"); +add_instruction(&mustard_from_seed_mustard, "Soak <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='mustard_seeds.html'>mustard seeds</a> in a mixture of <i>45ml</i> of <a href='apple_cider_vinegar.html'>apple cider vinegar</a> and <i>20ml</i> of water."); +add_instruction(&mustard_from_seed_mustard, "Let soak for a few days, or until seeds have expanded 3 times their size (from 3 to 7 days). If the seeds have soaked up all of the liquids, add more water."); +add_instruction(&mustard_from_seed_mustard, "Drain the seeds from the liquids. Reserve liquids for later."); +add_instruction(&mustard_from_seed_mustard, "If you've got a blender or food processor, purée the seeds until smooth. Otherwise, add a small quantity of seeds in your mortar and grind them down with your pestle. Repeat until the seeds are crushed and puréed - the mixture doesn't need to be perfectly smooth."); +add_instruction(&mustard_from_seed_mustard, "Add the reserved liquid from before, bit by bit, until you get a nice smooth consistency."); +add_instruction(&mustard_from_seed_mustard, "Store into a glass jar at room temperature, and enjoy!"); +add_serving(&mustard_from_seed_mustard, &mustard_seeds, "1/4 cup"); +add_serving(&mustard_from_seed_mustard, &apple_cider_vinegar, "45 ml"); +add_serving(&mustard_from_seed_mustard, &water, "20 ml"); +add_part(&mustard_from_seed, &mustard_from_seed_mustard); + +// crackers +Recipe crackers = create_recipe("crackers", "basic", "40 crackers", 20181229, 25); +set_description(&crackers, "<b>Recipe location:</b> Majuro, Marshall Islands.<br /><br />Making crackers is simple, everyone should know how to make them. There are no downsides to knowing, and in a bind it's a useful skill, but not just this, making your own produces less waste and you control what you ingest. What's great about a basic recipe is that you can swap ingredients with little consequence (most times) and you can add to it to suit your needs and cravings.<br /><br />Devine & I love to eat crackers as snacks, usually between breakfast and lunch, a cracker with some peanut butter to quiet our stomachs. We also like to eat <a href='https://grimgrains.com/#papaya+bruschetta+topping' target='_blank'>papaya salsa</a> with crackers, it makes a good scooping vessel for the fruit.<br /><br />You can make these crackers without extras with just the 'cracker' portion of the recipe. They're just as delicious that way, but you can add seeds and spices for added flavour and nutrition. I like to add seeds to mine, like <a href='pumpkin_seeds.html'>pumpkin seeds</a>, <a href='flax_seeds.html'>flax seeds</a>, <a href='sesame_seeds.html'>sesame seeds</a>, or <a href='sunflower_seeds.html'>sunflower seeds</a>. I recommend adding <a href='black_pepper.html'>black pepper</a>, or <a href='chili_pepper_flakes.html'>chili pepper flakes</a>, these are also delicious if you sprinkle some salt over the top of them.<br /><br />In this recipe, I recommend using a mortar and pestle to grind the rolled oats, but a food processor will also work. You can use another sweetener - I used whole cane sugar because it's what's available to me at the moment, but otherwise I'd opt for <a href='maple_syrup.html'>maple syrup</a>. I prefer to use a baking mat (I have a copper one) than parchment paper, since it's reusable and easy to clean.<br /><br />"); +RecipePart crackers_crackers = create_part("crackers"); +add_instruction(&crackers_crackers, "Preheat oven to <u>400F</u>."); +add_instruction(&crackers_crackers, "In a mortar, grind <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='rolled_oats.html'>rolled oats</a> into a fine powder."); +add_instruction(&crackers_crackers, "Mix the <i>1/4 cup</i> of powdered <a href='rolled_oats.html'>rolled oats</a> (rough-ish grind is fine) with <i>3/4 cup</i> of <a href='spelt_flour.html'>spelt flour</a>. Add <i>1/3 tsp</i> of <a href='salt.html'>salt</a>, <i>1 tbsp</i> of <a href='whole_cane_sugar.html'>whole cane sugar</a> as well as <i>1 1/2 tbsp</i> of <a href='olive_oil.html'>olive oil</a>."); +add_instruction(&crackers_crackers, "If you want to add extras, add them now, and stir well."); +add_instruction(&crackers_crackers, "Add <i>1/4 cup</i> of <a href='water.html'>water</a>. Add an <i>extra tbsp</i> of water (sparingly!) if more moisture is needed and knead into a smooth ball."); +add_instruction(&crackers_crackers, "Split dough in two. Set your first ball of dough onto a baking mat, or parchment paper, and roll the dough into a <i>thin (~3mm) sheet</i> with a rolling pin."); +add_instruction(&crackers_crackers, "<i>Score the dough</i> into cracker-sized squares, so they will be easier to separate afterwards. Repeat for the second ball of dough."); +add_instruction(&crackers_crackers, "Bake for <u>10-12 minutes</u>, keeping an eye on them to make sure they don't burn. Let cool, and enjoy!"); +add_serving(&crackers_crackers, &spelt_flour, "3/4 cup"); +add_serving(&crackers_crackers, &rolled_oats, "1/4 cup, ground"); +add_serving(&crackers_crackers, &olive_oil, "1 1/2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&crackers_crackers, &whole_cane_sugar, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&crackers_crackers, &salt, "1/3 tsp"); +add_serving(&crackers_crackers, &water, "1/4 cup + 2 tbsp"); +add_part(&crackers, &crackers_crackers); +RecipePart crackers_extras = create_part("extras"); +add_instruction(&crackers_extras, "For more bulk, add pumpkin seeds, black sesame seeds and flax seeds!"); +add_serving(&crackers_extras, &pumpkin_seeds, "2 tbsp"); +add_serving(&crackers_extras, &black_sesame_seeds, "1 tbsp"); +add_serving(&crackers_extras, &flax_seeds, "1 tbsp"); +add_part(&crackers, &crackers_extras);+ \ No newline at end of file