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diff --git a/14dayslater.html b/14dayslater.html @@ -121,11 +121,12 @@ permalink: /14dayslater.html </ul> <h2>Lunch</h2> - <p>Wholegrain wheat linguine pasta with a roasted beet sauce</b></p> + <p>Wholegrain wheat linguine pasta with a roasted beet sauce. Served up with some crackers I made with left-over buckwheat groats from <a href='https://grimgrains.com/site/buckwheat_tea.html'>buckwheat tea</a> I'd saved. I swapped out the oats in the recipe for the buckwheat.</b></p> <ul> <li>190g linguine (140ml dry)</li> <li><a href='https://grimgrains.com/site/lentils_with_roasted_beet_sauce.html'>Roasted beet pasta sauce</a><li> <li>60 ml marinated eggplants</li> + <li>Homemade <a href='https://grimgrains.com/site/crackers.html'>buckwheat and spelt crackers</a></li> <li>Apples (dessert)</li> </ul>