My dotfiles, one branch per machine
commit: 8f7c9438128229cceca9347e02271295335983e5
parent: d18915041dad0083c1ab8380e436dfdce2030670
Author: Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier <contact@hacktivis.me>
Date:   Tue,  2 Jul 2019 07:50:41 +0200

.muttrc: Caching, attachment order, headers, spam binding


1 file changed, 14 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/.muttrc b/.muttrc @@ -7,10 +7,15 @@ alternates 'lanodan.eu$' 'hacktivis.me$' 'the-delta.net.eu.org$' 'urtu.be$' 'gir mailboxes `echo -n "$MAIL " '~/sent + '; find ~/Mail $MAIL -name '.*' -type d -printf '+"%f" '` +## caching +set header_cache = ~/.cache/mutt/header +# Assume that mutt is the only client +set maildir_header_cache_verify = no + ## Sidebar set sidebar_visible set sidebar_on_right -set sidebar_format="%B %> (%N%n/%S)" +set sidebar_format="%B %> (%N/%S)" set sidebar_short_path=yes set sidebar_folder_indent=yes macro index G '<enter-command>toggle sidebar_visible<enter><refresh>' @@ -20,18 +25,25 @@ bind index,pager \Cj sidebar-next bind index,pager \Cl sidebar-open ## Visual +alternative_order text/plain text/html +auto_view 'text/html' 'application/tlsrpt+gzip' +ignore * +unignore 'Date' 'Subject' 'From' 'To' 'Cc' 'Reply-To' 'List-*' 'Message-ID' 'In-Reply-To' 'References' +hdr_order 'Date' 'Subject' 'From' 'To' 'Cc' 'Reply-To' 'List-*' 'Message-ID' 'In-Reply-To' 'References' set pager_index_lines=10 set markers=no set index_format = "%2C | %Z [%D] %-30.30F (%-4.4c) %s" set date_format = "%F %T%z" set attribution = '[%d] %n:\n' set sort = 'threads' -set sort_aux = 'last-date-sent' +set sort_aux = 'last-date-received' ## Keybindings bind pager j next-line bind pager k previous-line +macro index,pager S s=.spam + ## Theme color index cyan black ~O color index brightcyan black ~N