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diff --git a/librism.shtml b/librism.shtml @@ -1,104 +1,80 @@ <!DOCTYPE html> -<html> +<html lang="en"> <head> -<!--#include file="templates/head.shtml" --> +<!--#include file="/templates/head.shtml" --> <title>lanodan’s cyber-home — Désintox’ / FOSSFHw activism</title> - <style> - .green {color: green;} - .orange {color: orange;} - .red {color: red;} - </style> </head> <body> -<!--#set var="transPageUrl" value='librisme' --><!--#include file="templates/en/nav.shtml" --> - <section id="content"> +<!--#set var="transPageUrl" value='librisme' --><!--#include file="/templates/en/nav.shtml" --> + <main> <h1>Désintox’ / Free and Open-Source Software, Firmware and Hardware</h1> - <p>Migration of proprietary or bloated/obscure software, firmware/microcode and hardware to decentralised, free and open.</p><p>The idea comes from the webpage <a href="https://www.corzntin.fr/old/optout.html">désintoxication</a> of corzntin.</p> - <p>Colors shows my progression. Please note that it’s like all my blog, it’s my point of view and I want free software to have freedom of choice too.</p> + <p>Migration of proprietary or bloated/obscure services, software, firmware/microcode and hardware to decentralised, free and open.</p><p>The idea comes from the webpage <a href="https://www.corzntin.fr/old/optout.html">désintoxication</a> of corzntin.</p> + </main> + <section> <h2>Services</h2> - <ul> - <li><strong class=green>Dropbox®</strong>: Abandonned few month after creating it.</li> - <li><strong class=green>Facebook®</strong>: DFQ?! Deleted and inactive since 2009.</li> - <li><strong class=green>Google®</strong>:<ul> - <li><strong class=green>Drive</strong>: Self-Hosted server + sync with git-annex + re-use of my externals HDDs</li> - <li><strong class=green>Gmail</strong>: riseup.net, mailoo.org, gozmail.bzh</li> - <li><strong class=green>Maps</strong>: <a href="//openstreetmap.org">OpenStreetMap</a> and <a href="//mapillary.com">Mappilary</a>(Street View)</li> - <li><strong class=green>Search</strong>: <a href="//duckduckgo.org">DuckDuckgo</a> + <a href="//searx.me">Searx</a>(auto-hosted ;3)</li> - <li><strong class=green>Youtube</strong>: subscriptions with RSS. Watching with <a href="//mpv.io">mpv</a>/<a href="//youtube-dl.org">youtube-dl</a>.</li> - </ul></li> - <li><strong class=green>Pastebin</strong>: Zerobin, self-hosted server, paste.debian.net</li> - <li><strong class=green>Micro$oft</strong>:<ul> - <li><strong class=green>Hotmail</strong>: I though I deleted it years ago, now done.</li> - <li><strong class=orange>LinkedIn</strong>: Disabled(there is no remove)</li> - <li><strong class=orange>Skype®</strong>: IRC, XMPP, mumble, … can’t delete, put garbage in the infos.</li> - </ul></li> - <li><strong class=orange>Tumblr</strong>: this static website and Friendica(allows to follow feeds and share them)</li> - <li><strong class=orange>Twitter</strong>: <strong>Friendica</strong>, GnuSocial, Diaspora</li> - <li><strong class=orange>Deviant Art</strong>: this static website, I’ll try to use RSS/Atom for subscriptions.</li> - <li><strong class=green>Imgur, Flickr, …</strong>: Toile-Libre(means Free-Web), self-host, framapic, …</li> - </ul> + <table> + <thead><tr><th>Status</th><th>zo’e/Thing</th><th>Comment</th></tr></thead> + <tbody> + <tr><td class=l-ok>OK</td><td>Dropbox®</td><td>Abandonned few month after creating it.</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>OK</td><td>Facebook®</td><td>Deleted and inactive since 2009, photos of me doesn’t have my full face. \m/ FTW</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>OK</td><td>Google®</td><td>Deleted and downloaded archives of my accounts and blocked (<a href="/domains.mask">my filter</a>)</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>OK</td><td>Pastebin</td><td>Removed: 2016-11-05</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>OK</td><td>Microsoft® Hotmail/MSN</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>Waiting</td><td>Microsoft® Skype®</td><td>Removed maximum of info’ and put garbage on required, waiting for confirmation of deletion on 2017-01-04</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-stalled>No Delete</td><td>Microsoft® LinkedIn®</td><td>no garbage this time…</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>Migrating…</td><td>Tumblr</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-bad>duh</td><td>Twitter</td><td>I have many contacts… I can’t really quit like that, probably just make/use a proxy-app/network to it</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>Migrating…</td><td>Deviant Art</td><td>Got RSS working \o/</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>OK</td><td>imgur</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>OK</td><td>Github</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-bad>duh</td><td>Roll20</td></tr> + </tbody> + </table> + <p>For already hosted instances see <a href="http://chatons.org/">CHATONS</a>.</p> + </section> + <section> <h2>Software</h2> - <ul> - <li><strong class=green>AppImage, Docker, …</strong>: <a href="/articles/Repo-less%20packages%2C%20Docker%2C%20AppImage%20and%20others%20curl%7Csh">Never !</a></li> - <li><strong class=green>Alphabet / Google®</strong>:<ul> - <li><strong class=green>Android</strong>: SailfishOS, Gentoo, CyanogenMod. All builded from source.</li> - <li><strong class=green>Play Store</strong>: used <a href="//f-droid.org">F-Droid</a> for CyanogenMod, now I build from source.</li> - <li><strong class=orange>Chrome</strong>: chromium(heavily patched, wireshark’ed and configured without Google and friends).</li> - </ul></li> - <li><strong class=green>Adobe®</strong>:<ul> - <li><strong class=green>Flash Player/Shockwave Flash</strong>: <a href="//youtube-dl.org">youtube-dl</a> and <a href="https://pypi.python.org/pypi/livestreamer">livestreamer</a> for streams. (sometimes HTML5, but it’s often bloated and full of blobs)</li> - <li><strong class=green>Illustrator</strong>: <a href="http://krita.org">Krita</a>, Karbon, Inkscape(with optimising code after)</li> - <li><strong class=green>CUPS®</strong>: I use a web browser and any2ps + curl(this part is still experimental), tried lprng</li> - </ul></li> - <li><strong class=red>Nvidia’s drivers</strong>: Trying to use nouveau (at least for wayland)</li> - <li><strong class=green>Lennart, RedHat and related Software</strong>:<ul> - <li><strong class=green>Pulseaudio</strong>: Never worked on my machines, and ALSA(+JACK) or even OSS is better for me</li> - <li><strong class=green>Systemd</strong>: Good ’ol System V init or sinit, and <a href="https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:OpenRC">OpenRC</a></li> - <li><strong class=green>avahi</strong>: not-reinstalled</li> - <li><strong class=green>udev</strong>: eudev</li> - <li><strong class=green>hplip, foomatic</strong>: Network Printers doesn’t need specific drivers (should be open extensions, like in XMPP)</li> - </ul></li> - <li><strong class=orange>Gnu’s Not eUnice</strong> (Yes, I’m serious)<ul> - <li><strong class=orange>Coreutils</strong>: 9base, sbase, ubase</li> - <li><strong class=orange>GTK-</strong>: Qt, FLTK, EFL, …</li> - <li><strong class=orange>Glibc</strong>: µClibc, musl</li> - <li><strong class=orange>Gnu Compiler Collection</strong>: LLVM/Clang, tcc, 8c (plan9’s compiler)</li> - <li><strong class=orange>GnuTLS</strong>: LibreSSL</li> - <li><strong class=orange>Makefile</strong>: BSD Makefile, Plan9’s mk, ninja</li> - <li><strong class=orange>auto*</strong>: musl-style ./configure, linux-style makefile</li> - <li><strong class=orange>bash</strong>: MirBSD/OS ksh</li> - <li><strong class=orange>ncurses</strong>: S-Lang, BSD curses, termbox</li> - <li><strong class=red>GnuPG</strong></li> - <li><strong class=red>m4</strong></li> - <li><strong class=red>pth</strong>: jthread</li> - </ul></li> - <li><strong class=orange>Jolla</strong>: Nemo / Matchbox</li> - <li><strong class=orange>Vim</strong>: vis, sandy</li> - <li><strong class=green>Microsoft Windows</strong>: Launch a VM about once a year and use a live (with Tails’ camouflage)</li> - <li><strong class=green>Mozilla</strong>:<ul> - <li><strong class=green>Firefox</strong>: Netsurf, dwb, chromium</strong></li> - <li><strong class=green>Thunderbird</strong>: mutt (kmail or claws for GUI-people)</li> - <li><strong class=orange>NSS</strong>: Still using it because the only software which need it is chromium, which hopefully be removed</li> - </ul></li> - <li><strong class=orange>OpenSSL</strong>: Still used in steam-runtime</li> - <li><strong class=green>Github</strong>: Moved to <a href="https://about.gitlab.com/">gitlab</a> in less than 5 minutes and self-hosting for more private repositories</li> - <li><strong class=green>Teamspeak</strong>: mumble, <a href="http://matrix.org">[matrix]</a>, XMPP(even if Jingle sucks)</li> - <li><strong class=red>Steam</strong>: Desura, GOG, buying to the studio</li> - <li><strong class=orange>Roll20</strong>: Rolisteam, Linux+VNC</li> - </ul> - <h2>Firmware/microcode</h2> - <p>Not checked for all, but proprietary. I’ll list what’s free-ed or possible/planned to be free.</p> + <table> + <thead><tr><th>Status</th><th>zo’e/Thing</th><th>Comment</th></tr></thead> + <tbody> + <tr><td class=l-ok>Never</td><td>AppImage, Docker, …</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>OK</td><td>Google Android</td><td>SailfishOS and gentoo on dual-boot !</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>OK</td><td>Google Play Store</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>not enough</td><td>Google Chrom’</td><td>Using netsurf as main, chromium for webapps/fat-HTML5</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>OK</td><td>Adobe Flash Player</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>OK</td><td>Illustrator</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>OK</td><td>Apple CUPS</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>choice after boot</td><td>Nvidia’s drivers</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>OK</td><td>Pulseaudio (Lennart)</td><td>Never worked on my machines when ALSA does/did</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>OK</td><td>Lennart’s Systemd</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>not enough</td><td>udev</td><td>Currently mostly using eudev(a fork), trying to use mdev/nothing</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>OK</td><td>Lennart’s avahi</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>OK</td><td>hplip, foomatic</td><td>I use curl/ftp :P</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>still dependencies</td><td>GNU Compiler Collection</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>still dependencies</td><td>GNU Lib C</td><td>I have Musl Hardened for my server</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>still dependencies</td><td>GTK-</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>need alt-packages</td><td>coreutils</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>OK</td><td>GNU TLS</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>Porting</td><td>Jolla SailfishOS</td><td>Porting the port to gentoo</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>OK</td><td>Mozilla Firefox</td><td>For fallback and testing only</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>OK</td><td>Mozilla Thunderbird</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>still dependencies</td><td>NSS</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>still dependencies</td><td>OpenSSL</td><td>Still used for some games(thx binairies)</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>OK</td><td>TeamSpeak</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>WIP</td><td>Steam</td></tr> + </tbody> + </table> + </section> + <section> <h2>Hardware</h2> - <ul> - <li><strong class=orange>Laptop</strong>: Everything but the SSD, ųSD, video drivers and CPU microcode is Open-Source Hardware and Software.</li> - <li><strong class=red>Keyboard</strong>: Too lazy to make my own keyboard (specialy when my laptop’s isn’t finnished after a year</li> - <li><strong class=red>Phone</strong>: Neo900</li> - </ul> - <h2>Other</h2> - <ul> - <li><strong class=green>Richard Mathew Stallman(RMS)</strong>: Theo De Radth, Rob Pike, Doug, …</li> - <li><span class=orange><strong>Gnu’s Not eUnice Licenses</strong> (especially version 3)</span>: Still have tons of things licensed under it, but I have many Permissive Licenses.</li> + <table> + <thead><tr><th>Status</th><th>zo’e/Thing</th><th>Comment</th></tr></thead> + <tr><td class=l-wip>Building Stalled</td><td>Laptop</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-bad>In Todo</td><td>Keyboard</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-bad>In Todo</td><td>Phone</td><td>Probably buy a Neo900/Jolla/Purism when it’s affordable or when my phone will broke</td></tr> + </tbody> + </table> </section> -<!--#include file="templates/en/footer.html" --> +<!--#include file="/templates/en/footer.html" --> </body> </html> diff --git a/librisme.shtml b/librisme.shtml @@ -1,49 +1,80 @@ <!DOCTYPE html> -<html> +<html lang="fr"> <head> <!--#include file="templates/head.shtml" --> <title>Cyber-habitat de lanodan — Désintox’ / Engagement libriste</title> - <style> - .green {color: green;} - .orange {color: orange;} - .red {color: red;} - </style> </head> <body> -<!--#set var="transPageUrl" value='librism' --><!--#include file="templates/fr/nav.shtml" --> - <section id="content"> +<!--#set var="transPageUrl" value='librism' --><!--#include file="/templates/fr/nav.shtml" --> + <main> <h1>Désintox’</h1> - <p>Migration des services informatiques propriétaires à des solutions décentralisées, libres et ouvertes.</p><p>L’idée de faire une page propre vient de la page <a href="https://www.corzntin.fr/optout.html">désintoxication</a> de corzntin.</p> - <ul> - <li><strong class="green">Facebook®</strong> : Hein?! Euh nan supprimé et de toute facon inactif depuis 2009.</li> - <li><strong class="orange">Google®</strong> :<ul> - <li><strong class="green">Search</strong> : DuckDuckgo + YaCy + searx</li> - <li><strong class="green">Maps</strong> : OpenStreetMap/MapQuest</li> - <li><strong class="orange">Gmail</strong> : free.fr, riseup.net, mailoo.org, gozmail.bzh</li> - <li><strong class="green">Play Store</strong> : F-Droid + packets debian</li> - <li><strong class="green">Drive</strong> : Serveur auto-hébergé + synchronisation avec unison entre mes machines + réutilisation de mon disque dur externe</li> - <li><strong class="orange">Android</strong> : Cyanogenmod avec des morceaux de debian et replicant.us</li> - <li><strong class="orange">Youtube</strong> : nicovideo.jp &amp; torrent, je garde mes abonnements par des flux RSS</li> - </ul></li> - <li><strong class="green">Skype®</strong>(impossibilitée de supprimer le compte) : IRC, XMPP, (Tox), mumble, Lycée XP</li> - <li><strong class="green">Pastebin</strong> : Zerobin, Github Gist, serveur auto-hébergé, paste.debian.net</li> - <li><strong class="green">Adobe® Flash Player</strong> : Déinstaller, j’utilise <a href="https://lightspark.github.io/">Lightspark</a> pour niconico/dailymotion/twitch</li> - <li><strong class="red">Pilotes Nvidia non-libres</strong> : nouveau ne fonctionne pas encore</li> - <li><strong class="green">Firefox™</strong> : Iceweasel(merci debian) &amp; w3m/xlinks2 lol</li> - <li><strong class="orange">Tumblr</strong> : migration vers mon blog (semi-)statique(ce site)</li> - <li><strong class="green">Twitter</strong> : migré vers GnuSocial et Diasphère</li> - <li><strong class="green">Hébergeur d’images</strong> : Toile-Libre, imgur, auto-hébergement, …</li> - <li><strong class="orange">Deviant Art</strong> : migration vers mon blog statique(cette page en fait partie)</li> - <li><strong class="orange">Lennart et autre Logiciels RedHat</strong> :<ul> - <li><strong class="green">Pulseaudio</strong> : N’a jamais fonctionner sur mes machines, et jack correspond mieux a mon usage</li> - <li><strong class="green">Systemd</strong> : J’utilise encore sysvinit, et sysv-rc remplacé par OpenRC</li> - <li><strong class="orange">udev</strong> : Remplacement par <del>eudev</del> mdev</li> - <li><strong class="green">avahi</strong> : WTF?! Uh CUPS à une dépendance dessus. Putain de pourriciel !</li> - </ul></li> - <li><strong class="green">Github</strong> : Déplacé sur <a href="https://about.gitlab.com/">gitlab</a> en moins de 5 minutes, auto-hébergement pour ce qui est très privé</li> - <li><strong class="red">Sun7i (binaire Allwinner)</strong> : Peut-être supprimer puis voir ?</li> - </ul> + <p>Migration des services, logiciels, matériel informatiques privatifs à des solutions décentralisées, libres et ouvertes.</p><p>L’idée de faire une page propre vient de la page <a href="https://www.corzntin.fr/optout.html">désintoxication</a> de corzntin.</p> + </main> + <section> + <h2>Services</h2> + <table> + <thead><tr><th>Status</th><th>zo’e/Truc</th><th>Commentaire</th></tr></thead> + <tbody> + <tr><td class=l-ok>Correct</td><td>Dropbox®</td><td>Abandonné· quelques mois après la création.</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>Correct</td><td>Facebook®</td><td>Supprimé·e et inactife depuis 2009, les photos n’ont pas ma tête, vive le \m/.</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>Correct</td><td>Google®</td><td>Supprimé·e, archives téléchargées et bloqué avec (<a href="/domains.mask">mon filtre</a>)</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>Correct</td><td>Pastebin</td><td>Supprimé·e: 2016-11-05</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>Correct</td><td>Microsoft® Hotmail/MSN</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>Attente</td><td>Microsoft® Skype®</td><td>Suppression des infos, l’obligatoire merdé, en attente de confirmation de suppression pour le 2017-01-04</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-stalled>Pas de Suppr.</td><td>Microsoft® LinkedIn®</td><td>Pas de merdouille cette fois…</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>Migration…</td><td>Tumblr</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-bad>Merf</td><td>Twitter</td><td>J’ai trop de gens, je ne peux pas vraiment quitter comme ça, je mettrais probablement de l’intermédiaire entre.<td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>Migration…</td><td>Deviant Art</td><td>J’ai du RSS fonctionnel \o/</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>Correct</td><td>imgur</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>Correct</td><td>Github</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-bad>Merf</td><td>Roll20</td></tr> + </tbody> + </table> + <p>For already hosted instances see <a href="http://chatons.org/">CHATONS</a>.</p> </section> -<!--#include file="templates/fr/footer.html" --> + <section> + <h2>Logiciel</h2> + <table> + <thead><tr><th>Status</th><th>zo’e/Thing</th><th>Comment</th></tr></thead> + <tbody> + <tr><td class=l-ok>Jamais</td><td>AppImage, Docker, …</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>Correct</td><td>Google Android</td><td>SailfishOS et gentoo en double-démarrage !</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>Correct</td><td>Google Play Store</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>Pas assez</td><td>Google Chrom’</td><td>netsurf en principal, chromium pour l’HTML5 obèse.</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>Correct</td><td>Adobe Flash Player</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>Correct</td><td>Illustrator</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>Correct</td><td>Apple CUPS</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>choix après démarrage</td><td>Nvidia’s drivers</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>Correct</td><td>Pulseaudio (Lennart)</td><td>Jamais fonctionné, ALSA si/did</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>Correct</td><td>Systemd de Lennart</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>Pas assez</td><td>udev</td><td>J’utilise eudev, je pense mettre mdev voire rien</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>Correct</td><td>avahi de Lennart</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>Correct</td><td>hplip, foomatic</td><td>J’utilise curl :P</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>Toujours dépendant</td><td>GNU Compiler Collection</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>Toujours dépendant</td><td>GNU Lib C</td><td>J’utilise musl endurcis(“Hardened”) pour mon serveur</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>Toujours dépendant</td><td>GTK-</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>besoin de packet alt’</td><td>coreutils</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>Correct</td><td>GNU TLS</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>Portage</td><td>Jolla SailfishOS</td><td>Portage du portage vers gentoo</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>Correct</td><td>Mozilla Firefox</td><td>En secours et pour les tests seulement</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>Correct</td><td>Mozilla Thunderbird</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>Toujours dépendant</td><td>NSS</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>Toujours dépendant</td><td>OpenSSL</td><td>Toujours utilisé par des jeusx(merci les binaires)</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-ok>Correct</td><td>TeamSpeak</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-wip>En cours</td><td>Steam</td></tr> + </tbody> + </table> + </section> + <section> + <h2>Matériel</h2> + <table> + <thead><tr><th>Status</th><th>zo’e/Thing</th><th>Comment</th></tr></thead> + <tr><td class=l-wip>Assemblage en Pause</td><td>Laptop</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-bad>À faire</td><td>Keyboard</td></tr> + <tr><td class=l-bad>À faire</td><td>Phone</td><td>Je vais probablement prendre un Neo900/Jolla/Purism quand ça serat moins cher ou quand mon téléphone casserat</td></tr> + </tbody> + </table> + </section> +<!--#include file="/templates/en/footer.html" --> </body> </html>