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      5 		<title>Désintox’ : Going towards ethical computing — Cyber-habitat de lanodan</title>
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     10 			<h1>Désintox’: Going towards ethical computing</h1>
     11 			<p>The idea comes from the webpage <a href="https://www.corzntin.fr/old/optout.html">désintoxication</a> of corzntin.</p>
     12 			<h2>Done</h2>
     13 			<dl class="list">
     14 				<dt>2009 Facebook.com</dt><dd>Deleted</dd>
     15 				<dt>2010(~) Dropbox.com</dt><dd>Abandonned few days after creation</dd>
     16 				<dt>2015(~) Adobe Flash Player</dt>
     17 				<dt>2016-10 XMPP</dt><dd><a href="https://postblue.info/jappix-cest-fini/">R.I.P Jappix</a></dd>
     18 				<dt>2016-11-05 Pastebin.com</dt><dd>Deleted on 2016-11-05, made <a href="/git/sshpaste">sshpaste</a> to upload to my server</dd>
     19 				<dt>2017-06-19 Twitter.com</dt><dd>Deactivated on 2017-05-20, deleted on 2017-06-19.</dd>
     20 				<dt>2018 DeviantArt.com</dt><dd>Subscriptions via RSS/Atom feeds, deletion of the account and Personnal Indentifying Information (so not everything)</dd>
     21 				<dt>2019-02-17 Roll20.net</dt>
     22 				<dt>Alphabet (Google)</dt><dd>Deleted, archives downloaded, blocked wth (<a href="/domains.mask">my filter</a>). <br/>Using youtube via RSS/Atom feeds, youtube-dl(hooked with mpv), searx</dd>
     23 				<dt>Microsoft Hotmail/MSN</dt>
     24 				<dt>Microsoft Skype</dt>
     25 				<dt>Microsoft LinkedIn</dt>
     26 				<dt>imgur.com</dt>
     27 				<dt>Tumblr.com</dt>
     28 				<dt>DNS</dt><dd>Fully self-hosted (primary and secondary)</dd>
     29 				<dt>RiseUp.net</dt><dd>Not really unethical, but it’s basically a silo for activists</dd>
     30 				<dt>Amazon</dt><dd>Not used</dd>
     31 			</dl>
     32 			<h2>Work in Progress</h2>
     33 			<dl class="list">
     34 				<dt>2018-11: Email</dt><dd>Fully self-hosted (2018-11, primary and secondary), announce and then closing accounts on silos to be done</dd>
     35 				<dt>Github.com</dt><dd>Still used for patches and tickets for some external projects</dd>
     36 				<dt>NVidia</dt><dd>Waiting that it becomes worth it to replace my GTX 650 Ti Boost with an AMD</dd>
     37 				<dt>Jolla SailfishOS</dt><dd>Slowly building a gentoo for phones (with few android parts for the blobs)</dd>
     38 				<dt>Smartphone (OnePlus One)</dt><dd>Waiting for the PinePhone to be done…</dd>
     39 			</dl>
     40 			<h2>Stalled</h2>
     41 			<dl class="list">
     42 				<dt>Steam</dt><dd>Keeping the account for GOG Connect</dd>
     43 				<dt>Ordinateur Portable <abbr title="Open-Source HardWare">OSHW</abbr></dt><dd>Project DIY arrêté</dd>
     44 			</dl>
     45 			<h2>Not started</h2>
     46 			<dl class="list">
     47 				<dt>Paypal, Patreon, Tipeee</dt><dd>Hopefully moving to Wire Transfer (I’m in EU)</dd>
     48 				<dt>Discord</dt>
     49 			</dl>
     50 			<p>To see what I host at home, see <a href="https://hacktivis.me/notes/services">Services hosted</a>. If you prefer co-hosting (or a bit of both) I would recommend to look for something like <a href="https://chatons.org/en">CHATONS</a> in your area.</p>
     51 		</main>
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