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articles/Tagged by toot6: I’m bad at reading what I need to do


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diff --git a/articles/Tagged by toot6.html b/articles/Tagged by toot6.html @@ -1,4 +1,35 @@ -<a href="/articles/Tagged%20by%20toot6"><h1>Tagged by toot6</h1></a> +<a href="/articles/Tagged%20by%20toot6"><h1>I fucking hate RULES</h1></a> +<p>Tagged by <a href="https://toot6.deviantart.com/journal/A-mean-of-procrastination-590128650">Toot6</a></p> +<h2>Rules</h2> +<ol> +<li>Choose 13 people +<li>Tag-backs are allowed +<li>You have to post All the Rules +<li>You Can’t say you don’t do tags +<li>You have to legitimately tag 13 people +<li>Be creative with the title.No titles like: “I got tagged” +<li>Each person has to share 13 things about themselves +<li>You must make a journal entry. No comments... Unless you’re talking about the entry <small>I HATE YOU</small> +<li>Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer +<li>You have to finish within a week.If you don’t finish in time, you have to do what-ever the creator tells you +</ol> +<h2>Facts about myself</h2> +<ol> +<li>I’m a librist +<li>I hate rules +<li>I’m queer +<li>I’m breton +<li>I mostly hate pasta and noodles +<li>I don’t like hierarchy +<li>I didn’t forgot a whole part of this +<li>I love to use retro/deprecated but still awesome things (floppy disks and IDE mwhahaha) +<li>I hate obselecence (corrected by using Free Software anyway ;3) +<li>When I say free software I think about BSD and not GNU +<li>Beeing a Metalhead used to be my cloak as a queer, I’m now out and still a metalhead +<li>I don’t like talking so sometimes I make sounds instead +<li>I’m done with that +</ol> +<h2>Q&A</h2> <ol> <li>Favourite band/musician ? <p>Vladimir Bozar</p> @@ -27,3 +58,20 @@ <li>Aliens ? Discuss <p>They can transform you into a magical girl and grant one wish but it cost your life… meh. I prefer the genius of Aladin. :P</p> </ol> +<h2>Question for tagged peers</h2> +<ol> +<li>What is your name? +<li>Where do you live? +<li>What is your favorite color? +<li>What is a spallow? +<li>Where is SPARTA‽ +<li>Do you like waffles? +<li>What are your favorite styles of fine arts(drawings, painting) +<li>What are your favorite styles of music +<li>What are your favorite styles of litterature +<li>What are your favorite styles of films +<li>What’s your favorite animal? +<li>What’s your favorite character? +<li>Do you think I’m a lazy shit? +</ol> +