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      3 <h2>Rules</h2>
      4 <ol>
      5 <li>Choose 13 people
      6 <li>Tag-backs are allowed
      7 <li>You have to post All the Rules
      8 <li>You Can’t say you don’t do tags
      9 <li>You have to legitimately tag 13 people
     10 <li>Be creative with the title.No titles like: “I got tagged”
     11 <li>Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
     12 <li>You must make a journal entry. No comments... Unless you’re talking about the entry <small>I HATE YOU</small>
     13 <li>Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer
     14 <li>You have to finish within a week.If you don’t finish in time, you have to do what-ever the creator tells you
     15 </ol>
     16 <h2>Facts about myself</h2>
     17 <ol>
     18 <li>I’m a librist
     19 <li>I hate rules
     20 <li>I’m queer
     21 <li>I’m breton
     22 <li>I mostly eat pasta, noodles and rice
     23 <li>I don’t like hierarchy
     24 <li>I didn’t forgot a whole part of this
     25 <li>I love to use retro/deprecated but still awesome things (floppy disks and IDE mwhahaha)
     26 <li>I hate obselecence (corrected by using Free Software anyway ;3)
     27 <li>When I say free software I think about BSD and not GNU
     28 <li>Beeing a Metalhead used to be my cloak as a queer, I’m now out and still a metalhead
     29 <li>I don’t like talking so sometimes I make sounds instead
     30 <li>I’m done with that
     31 </ol>
     32 <h2>Q&A</h2>
     33 <ol>
     34 <li>Favourite band/musician ?
     35 <p>Vladimir Bozar</p>
     36 <li>Play video games much ? If yes, what's your favourite game/franchise ?
     37 <p>Not that much… but I love .hack project</p>
     38 <li>Would you kiss a dragon ?
     39 <p>uh… yeah</p>
     40 <li>Do you have any pets ? <small>Can I pet them</small>
     41 <p>Nope</p>
     42 <li>If you could have a superpower, which would it be ?
     43 <p>Time travel</p>
     44 <li>If you could go into another word or universe, which would you wanna go to ?
     45 <p>still My Little Pony (without transphobia) I guess or maybe No Game/Hack/Source, No Life</p>
     46 <li>Do you play Monster Hunter ? Do you play Smash ? Wanna have a go ?
     47 <p>Nope. Maybe for fun</p>
     48 <li>What's the best advice you can give regarding art ?
     49 <p>Use all the tools you have in every way you can think of</p>
     50 <li>What's your favourite movie monster/creature ? Why ?
     51 <p>Currently sadako, because she are an esper/magician and lived 30 years into a well, but is still alive in emotional form into electronics and people</p>
     52 <li>Doth thou even hoist ?
     53 <p>Yes, I have musl installed on my server ;P</p>
     54 <li>Are you a dirty yiffer ?
     55 <p>Dirty -> yes, yiffer -> not tested yet</p>
     56 <li>What are your favourite songs for relaxing ?
     57 <p>Dark ambient</p>
     58 <li>Aliens ? Discuss
     59 <p>They can transform you into a magical girl and grant one wish but it cost your life… meh. I prefer the genius of Aladin. :P</p>
     60 </ol>
     61 <h2>Question for tagged peers</h2>
     62 <ol>
     63 <li>What is your name?
     64 <li>Where do you live?
     65 <li>What is your favorite color?
     66 <li>What is a spallow?
     67 <li>Where is SPARTA‽
     68 <li>Do you like waffles?
     69 <li>What are your favorite styles of fine arts(drawings, painting)
     70 <li>What are your favorite styles of music
     71 <li>What are your favorite styles of litterature
     72 <li>What are your favorite styles of films
     73 <li>What’s your favorite animal?
     74 <li>What’s your favorite character?
     75 <li>Do you think I’m a lazy shit?
     76 </ol>