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articles/Tagged by toot6: New post because of the evil toot6 :P


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diff --git a/articles/Tagged by toot6.html b/articles/Tagged by toot6.html @@ -0,0 +1,29 @@ +<a href="/articles/Tagged%20by%20toot6"><h1>Tagged by toot6</h1></a> +<ol> +<li>Favourite band/musician ? +<p>Vladimir Bozar</p> +<li>Play video games much ? If yes, what's your favourite game/franchise ? +<p>Not that much… but I love .hack project</p> +<li>Would you kiss a dragon ? +<p>uh… yeah</p> +<li>Do you have any pets ? <small>Can I pet them</small> +<p>Nope</p> +<li>If you could have a superpower, which would it be ? +<p>Time travel</p> +<li>If you could go into another word or universe, which would you wanna go to ? +<p>still My Little Pony (without transphobia) I guess or maybe No Game/Hack/Source, No Life</p> +<li>Do you play Monster Hunter ? Do you play Smash ? Wanna have a go ? +<p>Nope. Maybe for fun</p> +<li>What's the best advice you can give regarding art ? +<p>Use all the tools you have in every way you can think of</p> +<li>What's your favourite movie monster/creature ? Why ? +<p>Currently sadako, because she are an esper/magician and lived 30 years into a well, but is still alive in emotional form into electronics and people</p> +<li>Doth thou even hoist ? +<p>Yes, I have musl installed on my server ;P</p> +<li>Are you a dirty yiffer ? +<p>Dirty -> yes, yiffer -> not tested yet</p> +<li>What are your favourite songs for relaxing ? +<p>Dark ambient</p> +<li>Aliens ? Discuss +<p>They can transform you into a magical girl and grant one wish but it cost your life… meh. I prefer the genius of Aladin. :P</p> +</ol> diff --git a/articles/Tagged by toot6.shtml b/articles/Tagged by toot6.shtml @@ -0,0 +1,16 @@ +<!DOCTYPE html> +<html lang="en"> + <head> +<!--#include file="/templates/head.shtml" --> + <title>Tagged by toot6 — Cyber-home of lanodan</title> + <link type="application/rss+xml" href="/rss" title="flux RSS" rel="alternate"></link> + </head> + <body> +<!--#include file="/templates/en/nav.shtml" --> + <article> +<!--#include file="/articles/Tagged by toot6.html"--> + </article> + <a href="/articles/Tagged%20by%20toot6.html">article only(plain HTML)</a> +<!--#include file="/templates/en/footer.html" --> + </body> +</html> diff --git a/home.shtml b/home.shtml @@ -8,6 +8,9 @@ <body> <!--#set var="transPageUrl" value='accueil' --><!--#include file="templates/en/nav.shtml" --> <article> +<!--#include file="/articles/Tagged by toot6.html"--> + </article> + <article> <!--#include file="/articles/Mozilla is Broken.html"--> </article> <article>