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diff --git a/scripts/database/ingredients.ndtl b/scripts/database/ingredients.ndtl @@ -23,34 +23,34 @@ Coffee Lentils BREF : Lentils are considered to be one of the best foods because their chemical structures are not altered by cooking. Lens is the latin name for lentil. - Tags + TAGS Legume Lentil Beluga Lentils - Color : #000000 - Tags + COLOR : #000000 + TAGS Legume Lentil Brown Lentils BREF : The most common variety of lentils, found in most grocery stores. They have a mild, earthy-flavor. - Tags + TAGS Legume Lentil Tempeh - Color : #875A2C + COLOR : #875A2C Peanut Butter BREF : A spread made from dry-roasted {{peanuts}}, kinds without added sugar or oils are preferable. The US consumes $800 million of this stuff annually. Peanut butter's flavor combines well with other flavors, such as oatmeal, savory sauces, and various types of breads and crackers. Peanuts BREF : A crop grown mainly for its edible seeds! Peanuts are similar in taste and nutritional profile to tree nuts, and can be made into {{peanut butter}}. Soy beans - Color : #EFEFEF - Long + COLOR : #EFEFEF + LONG & A staple in Eastern Asia, soy beans are used as a base for many vegan faux-meat dishes. If you produce your own {{soy milk}}, know that there won't be any waste. The pulp can be used to make okara, which you can use to make baked goods. & Soy beans can be made into {{milk|soy milk}}, {{yoghurt|soy yogurt}}, {{soy sauce}}, and {{protein|soy protein}}. Beans - Long + LONG & Fun fact: there are over 130 varieties of {{green beans}}. & See also: {{black beans}}, {{green beans}}, and {{kidney beans}} Edamame @@ -66,28 +66,28 @@ Mungbeans Broccoli Green Cabbage - Tags + TAGS Cruciferous ~ sauerkraut #C820B3 Red Cabbage - Color : #6620B3 + COLOR : #6620B3 BREF : Red cabbage can be used as a natural colorant - it needs to be boiled and mixed with vinegar to keep its colour. - Tags + TAGS Cruciferous Kale - Color : #006633 + COLOR : #006633 BREF : Some people grow kale for their ornamental leaves, in colours varying in red, pink and even lavender. They are beautiful and eatable! Arugula - Color : #006633 + COLOR : #006633 Cauliflower BREF : The oldest record of cauliflower dates back to the 6th century BC. They come in {{white|white cauliflower}} and {{purple|purple cauliflower}} varieties. White Cauliflower - Color : #EFEFEF + COLOR : #EFEFEF BREF : A type of {{cauliflower}}. Purple Cauliflower - Color : #6620B3 + COLOR : #6620B3 BREF : A type of {{cauliflower}}. Brussel sprouts Daikon @@ -97,21 +97,21 @@ Radish ~ ALGEA FUNGI Wakame - Color : #006633 + COLOR : #006633 BREF : Wakame is a very invasive plant - it's even banned in Australia. Dried Hijiki Bull kelp powder Nori - Color : #000000 + COLOR : #000000 BREF : Nori can be made into {{sheets|nori sheets}}. Fun fact: seaweed takes about 45 days to grow. Nori Sheets Shiitake - Color : #875A2C + COLOR : #875A2C Crimini - Color : #875A2C + COLOR : #875A2C BREF : Mature crimini mushrooms are actually {{portobello}} mushrooms. Portobello - Color : #875A2C + COLOR : #875A2C BREF : Portobello are mature {{crimini}} (or common) mushrooms. They can be used in plantbased recipes as hamburger steaks, you can even use them as buns. Shimeji Button Mushrooms @@ -148,7 +148,7 @@ Russet Potatoes Sweet Potatoes BREF : A type of {{potato|potatoes}}. Beets - Long + LONG & {{Golden beets}} are rich in b-xanthin pigment, so they cannot replace {{red beets}} (which contain betalain pigment). Both pigments offer different health benefits! & The root of the beet plant is called a beetroot. Don't be alarmed, beetroot juice will make your urine red for a day. Golden Beets @@ -161,7 +161,7 @@ Garlic BREF : Garlic has been used in many cultures around the world for thousands of years, dating all the way back to the time the pyramids were built! Garlic Powder Red Onion - Color : #C820B3 + COLOR : #C820B3 BREF : There is a variety of red onions in italy that has a stronger and sweeter taste, it is sometimes made into marmalades. Onion Powder Yellow Onion @@ -201,7 +201,7 @@ Breadfruit Scallions BREF : In some countries scallions are mistakenly referred to as 'shallots'. Spinach - Desc : During the Cold War, wine with added spinach juice was given to weakened soldiers. + BREF : During the Cold War, wine with added spinach juice was given to weakened soldiers. Alfaalfa sprouts ~ BERRIES @@ -224,7 +224,7 @@ Pandanus fruit BREF : The fruit of the pandanus tectorius tree is widely consumed in the pacific islands, but it goes under other names, like "hala", "screwpine" or "pu hala". The phalanges covering the inner core are buoyant, so like coconuts they can be transported for many months by ocean currents while remaining viable. Banana - Long + LONG & Bananas are fruit (actually berries) consumed the world over, and come from two wild species. They vary in size and color, and always grow in clusters at the top of the banana palm. & Fun fact: they're 75% water. & They can be used in a variety of ways in recipes, for both desserts and savoury meals. As a low source of fat, they can be used to make non-dairy {{ice creams|balsamic banana ice cream}}. @@ -268,7 +268,7 @@ Turmeric BREF : Turmeric is sometimes used as a fabric dye, namely for Buddhist Monks' robes. Ground Turmeric Cinnamon - Color : #875A2C + COLOR : #875A2C BREF : Cinnamon and {{garlic}} and be used to preserve fried foods. Rosemary Basil @@ -281,7 +281,7 @@ Sichuan peppercorns BREF : Sichuan peppercorns are a numbing pepper, and are not to be confused with {{black peppeercorns}}. Coriander Mint - Color : #006633 + COLOR : #006633 BREF : Oil derived from {{fresh mint}} can be used as a friendly insecticide. Fresh Mint Cocoa @@ -291,71 +291,71 @@ Cayenne Pepper Anise Anise Seeds Nutritional yeast - Color : #FFD800 + COLOR : #FFD800 BREF : In the US it's sometimes referred to as "nooch". Vanilla Vanilla Extract Nutmeg - Color : #875A2C + COLOR : #875A2C BREF : If consumed in high doses, raw nutmeg has psychoactive effects. Thyme - Color : #006633 + COLOR : #006633 BREF : Thyme keeps its flavour better when dried than other herbs. Poppy seeds - Color : #000000 + COLOR : #000000 BREF : Poppy seeds are less allergenic than a lot of other seeds or nuts. Paprika - Color : #94191C + COLOR : #94191C BREF : Paprika is used with henna to give a red tint. It can be {{smoked|smoked paprika}}. Smoked Paprika Curry - Color : #FFD800 - Long + COLOR : #FFD800 + LONG & The word curry is derived from the word 'kari' meaning 'sauce' or 'relish for rice'. & Curry can be made as {{a powder|curry powder}}, and comes in several colors such as {{green|green curry}} and {{yellow|yellow curry}}. Curry Powder Tamarind - Color : #875A2C + COLOR : #875A2C BREF : Tamarinds can be made into a {{paste|tamarind paste}}. Cumin - Color : #875A2C + COLOR : #875A2C BREF : In Sanskrit Cumin is known as {_Jira_} which also means {_that which helps digestion_}. It is derived from the {{cumin seed|cumin seeds}}. Cumin Seeds Mustard Seeds - Color : #FFD800 + COLOR : #FFD800 BREF : Canada is the top producer of {{mustard seeds}}, producing over 200,700 tonnes per year. One form of mustard is {{dijon mustard}}. Dijon Mustard Pepper - Color : #000000 + COLOR : #000000 BREF : Historically, {{black pepper}} is the world's most traded spice. Black Pepper Shichimi togarashi - Color : #94191C + COLOR : #94191C BREF : 'shichi' is the japanese word for 7 and 'togarashi' for 'chiles'. Gojuchang - Color : #94191C + COLOR : #94191C BREF : Traditionally, gojuchang was fermented outdoors in large earthen pots. Masala - Color : #875A2C + COLOR : #875A2C BREF : Masala is a general term for many spice mixes used in Indian cooking (such as {{garam masala}}). Garam Masala Panko Carob - Color : #875A2C + COLOR : #875A2C BREF : Carob trees bear edible pods. The dried pod can be made into a powder often used as a cocoa substitute (for example, in {{carob chips}}). Carob Chips Peppercorn - Color : #000000 + COLOR : #000000 BREF : There are several types of peppercorn ({{black|black pepper}} and {{sichuan|sichuan peppercorns}}). Bay leaf - Color : #006633 + COLOR : #006633 Chili - Color : #94191C + COLOR : #94191C BREF : {{Chili pepper flakes}} have become a table top must over the years, and will often be present on a restaurant table alongside salt and pepper. See also {{green chili}}. Green Chili Chili Pepper Flakes Hops - Color : #006633 + COLOR : #006633 BREF : There are many different varieties of hops around, from all corners of the globe. Dried orange peel Oregano @@ -382,7 +382,7 @@ Corn Semolina ~ GRAINS Oats - Color : #EFEFEF + COLOR : #EFEFEF BREF : If oat flour is used alone in baking, the flour won't rise. Best to mix it with other types of flour! Rice BREF : Preparing puffed rice this way makes it less perishable. Brown rice is a wholegrain rice that has a nutty flavour, and it's more nutritious and chewy than white rice. It is produced by only removing the outermost husk, while white rice has several other layers removed. It is best to soak the rice for a day before cooking it to obtain a more nutritionally complete food, soaking it beforehand activates various enzymes in the rice. @@ -397,8 +397,8 @@ Rice Noodles Rice Flour Flour - Color : #EFEFEF - Long + COLOR : #EFEFEF + LONG & {{Plain flour|all purpose flour}} has an average protein content, making it versatile to use in almost any recipe that requires flour. & {{Spelt flour}} was a staple food during the Bronze age all the way up to medieval times. & Brown {{rice flour}} is sometimes used as a base to grow mushrooms. @@ -415,23 +415,23 @@ Cornmeal Beni shouga Vegemite - Color : #875A2C + COLOR : #875A2C BREF : It's one of the richest sources of B vitamins, specifically thiamine, riboglavin, niacin and folic acid. It doesn't have any fat, added sugar or animal content. Miso BREF : Miso can be used to pickle vegetables. It can be different colors such as {{red|red miso}} and {{white|white miso}}. Red Miso - Color : #875A2C + COLOR : #875A2C ~ Tell me (microlith57) if this color needs changing. White Miso - Color : #955C19 + COLOR : #955C19 ~ #FFD800 mayo? Tofu - Color : #EFEFEF + COLOR : #EFEFEF BREF : The word {_bean curds_} for tofu has been used in the US since 1840. See also: {{silken tofu}}, {{burmese tofu}}. Silken Tofu - Color : #EFEFEF + COLOR : #EFEFEF Burmese Tofu - Color : #EFEFEF + COLOR : #EFEFEF Nutolene Soy protein @@ -440,7 +440,7 @@ Soy protein Soy sauce BREF : The solids left behind after the fermentation process is used as animal feed Sriracha - Color : #94191C + COLOR : #94191C BREF : Sauce is named after the town of Si Racha in thailand where it was first made and served in restaurants. Mirin BREF : Mirin is added to grilled fish to help reduce the fishy smell. @@ -449,8 +449,8 @@ Mirin Baking powder Bamboo charcoal powder - Color : #000000 - Long + COLOR : #000000 + LONG & Bamboo charcoal comes from pieces of bamboo plants, harvested after at least five years, and burned in ovens at temperatures ranging from {#800 °C#} to {#1200 °C#}. & It benefits environmental protection by reducing pollutant residue. It is an environmentally functional material featuring excellent absorption properties. It can be added to foods to give it a black tint, it's very popular in Japan. You can get some through Taketora, a japanese company. (wikipedia description). & {*Important note*}: Bamboo charcoal binds on the nutrients in food that you're meant to be digesting, so it's preferable to not add bamboo charcoal to every food you make. Use it sparingly, as an occasional treat. @@ -465,10 +465,10 @@ Arrowroot starch ~ SYRUPS Maple syrup - Color : #875A2C + COLOR : #875A2C BREF : Quebec is the largest producer of maple syrup in the world! Brown rice syrup - Color : #875A2C + COLOR : #875A2C BREF : Brown rice syrup is used to sweeten rice milk. ~ VINEGARS @@ -476,7 +476,7 @@ Brown rice syrup Rice vinegar BREF : Substituting rice vinegar for western style vinegar isnt really appropriate, it's too acidic. Balsamic vinegar - Color : #6620B3 + COLOR : #6620B3 Apple cider vinegar BREF : It is thought that consuming vinegar between meals will help to make you feel full for longer. @@ -488,20 +488,20 @@ B12 supplement Matcha Powder BREF : Only Tencha can be used to make matcha. - Color : #006633 - Tags + COLOR : #006633 + TAGS Tea Houjicha BREF : KitKat in Japan has a houjicha flavour. - color : #875A2C + COLOR : #875A2C Hibiscus Mint tea Lapsang souchong - Color : #875A2C - Tags + COLOR : #875A2C + TAGS Tea ~ ALCOHOL @@ -518,14 +518,14 @@ Porto ~ OILS Coconut oil - Color : #EFEFEF + COLOR : #EFEFEF BREF : Coconut oil was used in oil lamps in India before they had electrical lighting. Canola oil BREF : Canola oil has many non food uses, it is used in candles, lipsticks, inks etc Olive oil BREF : Extra virgin olive oil has strict requirements, it's checked for all kinds of defects to be made perfect Sesame oil - Color : #875A2C + COLOR : #875A2C BREF : Sesame oil is sometimes mixed into very hot and spicy food to help neutralize the heat. Peppermint oil @@ -534,9 +534,9 @@ Peppermint oil Coconut milk Soy milk Purple potato powder - Color : #6620B3 + COLOR : #6620B3 Baguette - Color : #875A2C + COLOR : #875A2C BREF : A law in the 1920's was put in place to keep bakers from working before 4 am, this didn't give them time to make proper rounded loaves. Making slender baguettes was a simple solution to this problem since they bake more rapidly. Bread crusts Vegan butter