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Stovetop popcorn

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diff --git a/media/recipes/stovetop.popcorn.jpg b/media/recipes/stovetop.popcorn.jpg Binary files differ. diff --git a/scripts/database/ingredients.ndtl b/scripts/database/ingredients.ndtl @@ -414,6 +414,7 @@ Blackberries Dried cranberries BREF : Dried cranberries are often coated with a bit of vegetable oil to keep them from sticking to each other. Look in natural food stores to find brands that don't do this. Dried White Mulberries +Dry corn kernels Goji Mixed Berries diff --git a/scripts/database/pages.ndtl b/scripts/database/pages.ndtl @@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ GALLERY % pages/simple.doctor.who.cake.jpg NUTRITION - BREF : The information in this guide may change as research develops. If you are concerned about your intake of vitamin and minerals, we highly recommend seeing a dietitian who specializes in plant-based diets. + BREF : The information in this guide may change as research develops. If you are concerned about your intake of vitamin and minerals, we highly recommend seeing a {*dietitian*} who specializes in plant-based diets. LONG % pages/nutrition.jpg * General rules: diff --git a/scripts/database/recipes.ndtl b/scripts/database/recipes.ndtl @@ -1854,6 +1854,33 @@ BEER BREAD Olive oil : 1 tbsp Oats : 3 tbsp +STOVETOP POPCORN + DATE : 2017-11-08 + TAGS + basic + TIME : 5 + SERV : 20 cups + DESC + & Making popcorn on the stovetop is not a recipe perse, it's a reminder that it is something that is easy to do and that doesn't require any specialized tools of ingredients. + & When I was a kid my family used Jiffy Pop, unpopped kernels, oil, and flavoring agents that come in a heavy-gauge aluminum foil pan. I enjoyed seeing the foil rise up into a dome as the kernels started to pop. Then later, my family adopted microwavable bags. These products, while easy, cost more and create unecessary waste. Because I grew up with packaged popcorn, the idea of trying to pop my own kernels only occurred to me later, MUCH later in life. + & So, again, this is a reminder that there are conveniences in life that we just don't need. + + INST + Preparation + - Put {_2 tbsp_} of {{olive oil}} in a deep pot, bring to a high heat. + - Add a few corn kernels into the pot. Once they start to pop, add the rest of the {{dry corn kernels}} and cover pot with a lid. + - Shake pot for 10 seconds, let rest for 10 seconds. Do this until the popping sounds begin to lessen. + - Add desired toppings. + + INGR + Main + Dry corn kernels : 1/2 cup + Olive oil : 2 tbsp + Optional toppings + Nutritional yeast : 3 tbsp + Smoked paprika : 1 tsp + Salt : pinch + BASIC TOOTHPASTE DATE : 2016-11-05 TAGS @@ -1866,6 +1893,7 @@ BASIC TOOTHPASTE & You can also brush your teeth with a simple baking soda and water paste. Baking soda is abrasive enough to remove accumulations on teeth and rinses completely clear with only a very slightly salty taste. For those who dislike brushing with a salty taste, adding coconut and peppermint oil helps to smooth down both the taste and texture. & {*NOTE*}: In colder climates your toothpaste will solidify and scraping some onto your toothbrush can be a challenge. Put the jar near a heater for 5 minutes or so to help soften it down. & Toothpaste is only as good as your brushing (which should last for a min of 2min). It is more important to brush your teeth thoroughly than to use toothpaste, especially after eating sweets. + INST Preparation - Mix {_1 1/2 tbsp_} of {{baking soda}} with {_3 tbsp_} of {{coconut oil}}. If the coconut oil is hard, melt it down and mix it with the dry ingredients @@ -1875,7 +1903,7 @@ BASIC TOOTHPASTE Main Baking soda : 1 1/2 tbsp Coconut oil : 3 tbsp - Peppermint oil : 1/2 tsp, to taste + Peppermint oil : 1/2 tsp PAPAYA BRUSCHETTA TOPPING DATE : 2017-19-20