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diff --git a/scripts/database/ingredients.js b/scripts/database/ingredients.js @@ -28,8 +28,10 @@ Chickpeas Details : [#FFD800] Missing. Chickpea Details : [#FFD800 flour hummus] Missing. +Chickpea Flour Peas Details : [#006633 split green] Missing. +Green Peas Mungbeans Details : [noodles sprouts] Missing. @@ -54,6 +56,8 @@ Arugula Details : [#006633] Cauliflower Details : [#EFEFEF purple#6620B3 white] The oldest record of cauliflower dates back to the 6th century bc. +White Cauliflower +Purple Cauliflower Brussel sprouts Details : Missing. Daikon @@ -67,10 +71,10 @@ Radish Wakame Details : [#006633] Wakame is a very invasive plant, its even banned in australia. -Hijiki +Dried Hijiki Details : [#000000 dried] Missing. -Bull kelp - Details : [powder] No description. +Bull kelp powder + Details : No description. Nori Details : [#000000 sheets] Seaweed takes about 45 days to grow. Nori Sheets @@ -101,6 +105,8 @@ Pumpkin seeds Details : [#006633] Missing. Sesame seeds Details : [white#EFEFEF black#000000 butter] Tahini is made by grinding toasted hulled sesame seeds. It is used in baba ghanoush, halva, hummus and in many other recipes. Because of its high oil content, it needs to be refrigerated to prevent spoilage. Tahini has high levels of calcium and protein, making it a must ingredient in any plantbased pantry. +White Sesame seeds +Black Sesame seeds Tahini Details : Missing. pomegranate seeds @@ -112,21 +118,28 @@ Chia seeds Carrots Details : [#FF6600 heirloom] Overconsumming carrots can cause what is reffered to as "Carotenosis", a condition in which the skin turns orange. +Heirloom Carrots Ginger Details : [#FFD800 root powder jam cookies beer] +Ginger Root Potatoes Details : [#EFEFEF russet sweet#FF6600 powder] Since vitamin A deficiency is a common problem in africa, people are encouraged to eat sweet potatoes. Russet Potatoes Sweet Potatoes Beets Details : [#94191C red golden#FFD800 juice#C820B3] Golden beets are rich in b-xanthin pigment, making it not a replacement to red beets (which contain betalain pigment). Both pigments offer different health benefits! Don't be alarmed, beet root juice will make your urine red for a day. +Golden Beets +Red Beets Yuka Details : [#EFEFEF] Tapioca is actually a starch extracted from Yuca roots. Garlic Details : [#EFEFEF powder] Garlic has been used in many cultures around the world for thousands of years. Dating all the way back to the time the pyramids were built! +Garlic Powder Red Onion Color : #C820B3 Details : There is a variety of red onions in italy that has a stronger and sweeter taste, it is sometimes made into marmalades. +Onion Powder +Yellow Onion ~ OTHER VEGETABLES @@ -146,8 +159,12 @@ Chile Details : [#006633 green] Tags other vegetables +Green Chile Peppers Details : [red#94191C yellow#FFD800 green#006633] The misleading name 'pepper' was given by Christopher Columbus when he brought back a plant to europe. The word pepper was given to all spices in europe that had a hot and pungent taste. +Green Peppers +Red Peppers +Yellow Peppers Tomato Details : [paste#94191C dried heirloom#94191C] The tomatoes can also be dried with an oven. @@ -173,6 +190,8 @@ Olives Details : [green black] Tags other vegetables +Green Olives +Black Olives Palm Details : [#EFEFEF heart] Heart of palm is a vegetable that is harvested from the inner core of certain palm trees. They can be eaten as is, but they're especially delicious when tossed into a salad. Squash @@ -213,6 +232,7 @@ Alfaalfa sprouts Raisins Details : [#875A2C, dried] Missing. +Dried Raisins Blackberries Details : No description. Cherries @@ -260,6 +280,9 @@ Lemon Tags Other Fruits +Lemon Zest +Lemon Juice + Orange Details : [juice jam] In the early 16th century, the orange was considered a luxury item and rich people would grow it in private conservatories called "orangeries". Color : #FF6600 @@ -272,6 +295,8 @@ Pear Tags Other Fruits +Bartlett Pear + Papaya Details : [] Color : #FF6600 @@ -284,6 +309,8 @@ Pomegranate Tags Other Fruits +Pomegranate Juice + Mango Details : [] Color : #FFD800 @@ -296,6 +323,7 @@ Lime Tags Other Fruits +Hachiya Persimmon Persimmon Details : [ hachiya] Unripe persimmon can be frozen outside during winter to help speed up the ripening process. Color : #FF6600 @@ -307,6 +335,8 @@ Dates Color : #875A2C Tags Other Fruits +Deglet Noor Dates + Pamplemousse Details : [juice] Missing. @@ -318,7 +348,7 @@ Rhubarb Tags Other Fruits -Apricot +Apricot Jam Details : [jam]Missing. Tags Other Fruits @@ -361,30 +391,39 @@ Tags Turmeric Details : [#FFD800 ground fresh] Its sometimes used as a fabric dye, namely for Buddhist Monk's robes. +Ground Turmeric Cinnamon Details : [#875A2C] Cinnamon and garlic and be used to preserve fried foods Rosemary Details : [#006633] Missing. Basil +Dried Basil Details : [#006633 dried] When soaked in water, the seeds of some basil varieties become gelatinous. They are in turn used in drinks and desserts. Wasabi Details : [#006633 powder] Missing. +Wasabi Powder + Sichuan peppercorns Details : [#875A2C] Missing. Coriander Details : [#006633] Missing Mint Details : [#006633 fresh] Oil derived from fresh mint can be used as a friendly insecticide. +Fresh Mint Cocoa Details : [#6620B3 powder] Missing. +Cocoa Powder Cayenne Details : [#94191C pepper] Missing. +Cayenne Pepper Anise Details : [seeds] Missing +Anise Seeds Nutritional yeast Details : [#FFD800] In the US it's sometimes referred to as "nooch". Vanilla Details : [extract] Missing. +Vanilla Extract Nutmeg Details : [#875A2C] If consumed in high doses, raw nutmeg has psychoactive effects. Thyme @@ -393,32 +432,40 @@ Poppy seeds Details : [#000000] Poppy seeds are less allergenic than a lot of other seeds or nuts. Paprika Details : [#94191C smoked] Paprika is used with henna to give a red tint. +Smoked Paprika Curry Details : [#FFD800 powder green yellow] The word curry is derived from the word 'kari' meaning 'sauce' or 'relish for rice' +Curry Powder Tamarind Details : [#875A2C paste] Cumin Details : [#875A2C seeds] In Sanskrit Cumin is known as {_Jira_} which also means {_that which helps digestion_} +Cumin Seeds Mustard Details : [#FFD800 seeds dijon] Canada is the top producer of mustard seeds, it produces over 200,700 tonnes of it per year. +Dijon Mustard Pepper Details : [#000000 black] Historically, black pepper is the world's most traded spice. +Black Pepper Shichimi togarashi Details : [#94191C] 'shichi' is the japanese word for 7 and 'togarashi' for 'chiles'. Gojuchang Details : [#94191C] Traditionally, gojuchang was fermented outdoors in large earthen pots. Masala Details : [#875A2C garam] +Garam Masala Panko Details : No description. Carob Details : [#875A2C chips] +Carob Chips Peppercorn Details : [#000000 black] Bay leaf Details : [#006633] Chili Details : [#94191C flakes pepper peppers pepper_flakes] Chili pepper flakes have become a table top must over the years, it will often be present on a restaurant table alongside salt and pepper. +Chili Pepper Flakes Hops Details : [#006633] There are many different varieties of hops around, from all corners of the globe. Dried orange peel @@ -436,16 +483,22 @@ Fenugreek Buckwheat Details : [#875A2C noodles flour cookies pancakes] Missing. +Buckwheat noodles +Buckwheat flour Quinoa Details : No description. Whole wheat Details : [pitas flour#875A2C crackers bread] Missing. Einkorn Details : [flour] Missing. +Einkorn Flour Spelt Details : [flour] Missing. +Spelt Flour Corn Details : [#FFD800 pop semolina cornmeal hominy] Missing. +Cornmeal +Corn Semolina ~ GRAINS @@ -461,9 +514,11 @@ Brown Rice Black Glutinous Rice Wholegrain Brown Rice Rice Noodles +Rice Flour Flour Details : [all_purpose#EFEFEF rice] Plain flour has an average protein content, making it versatile to use in almost any recipe that requires flour. Spelt flour was a staple food during the Bronze age all the way up to medieval times. Brown rice flour is sometimes used as a base to grow mushrooms. Einkorn wheat was one of the first plants to be domesticated and cultivated. It has a high percentage of protein, more than regular wheat. It also has high levels of fat, phosphorus, potassium, pyridoxine (a form of vitamin b6) and beta-carotene, making it more nutritious than other kinds of grains. Another great thing about einkorn is that it isn't as toxic to people on gluten-free diets, it as yet to be proven but it should definitely be looked into! +All Purpose Flour Wheat Semolina Details : Missing. Oatmeal @@ -477,8 +532,12 @@ Vegemite Details : [#875A2C] It's one of the richest sources of B vitamins, specifically thiamine, riboglavin, niacin and folic acid. It doesn't have any fat, added sugar or animal content. Miso Details : [white red#875A2C] Miso can be used to pickle vegetables. +Red Miso +White Miso Tofu Details : [#EFEFEF silken burmese#FFD800 mayo] The word {_bean curds_} for tofu has been used in the US since 1840. +Silken Tofu +Burmese Tofu Nutolene Details : Missing. Soy protein @@ -646,8 +705,15 @@ Water Details : 70% of the fresh water used by people goes to agriculture. Sugar Details : [#EFEFEF brown#875A2C powdered whole_cane#875A2C coconut#875A2C] The average person consumes about 24kg of sugar per year, which is about 260 calories per day. Natural brown sugars that have been highly centrifuged go by the names of turbinado, demeara or raw sugar. Others that have been midly centrifuged and that have a higher molasses content go by Panela, rapadura, jaggery, muscovado etc. Powdered sugar is available in different degrees of fineness, the more X's the finer the grain. +Powdered Sugar +Whole Cane Sugar +Coconut Sugar +Brown Sugar + + Salt Details : [#EFEFEF sea] Some boutiques in hawaii sell black salt with powdered black lava added in. Fleur de sel is considered more of a garnish or a condiment, it creates contrast in sweet deserts. +Sea Salt Chocolate Details : [dark]Missing ` \ No newline at end of file diff --git a/scripts/database/recipes.js b/scripts/database/recipes.js @@ -49,10 +49,11 @@ HOUJICHA OVERNIGHT OATMEAL & Happy cooking! ? Rekka INST - - Boil 1 cup of water, then infuse 1 1/2 tsp of houjicha leaves in a tea strainer. <small>You can leave it anywhere from 1-3 min, it depends how strong you like your tea to be. The longer you brew houjicha the nuttier it'll taste.</small> - - Remove the tea leaves and let it cool. - - Add a chopped banana, as well as the tbsp of ground flax seeds, blend until smooth. - - Mix in 1/3 cup of oats, stir well, and then put it in the fridge overnight. Enjoy for breakfast the next day! + Preparation + - Boil 1 cup of water, then infuse 1 1/2 tsp of houjicha leaves in a tea strainer. <small>You can leave it anywhere from 1-3 min, it depends how strong you like your tea to be. The longer you brew houjicha the nuttier it'll taste.</small> + - Remove the tea leaves and let it cool. + - Add a chopped banana, as well as the tbsp of ground flax seeds, blend until smooth. + - Mix in 1/3 cup of oats, stir well, and then put it in the fridge overnight. Enjoy for breakfast the next day! INGR Main Water : 1 cup diff --git a/scripts/nodes/document.js b/scripts/nodes/document.js @@ -7,6 +7,5 @@ function DocumentNode(id,rect,...params) this.receive = function(content) { document.title = content.title - console.log(content) } } \ No newline at end of file diff --git a/scripts/templates/recipe.js b/scripts/templates/recipe.js @@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ function RecipeTemplate(id,rect) <ln class='recipe'> <a class='photo' onclick="Ø('query').bang('${name}')" href='#${name.to_url()}' style='background-image:url(media/recipes/${name.to_path()}.jpg)'></a> <t class='name'>${name.capitalize()}</t> - <t class='details'><b>${recipe.TIME} minutes</b><br />${count_ingredients(recipe)} ingredients<br />${recipe.INST.length} steps</t> + <t class='details'><b>${recipe.TIME} minutes</b><br />${count_ingredients(recipe)} ingredients<br />${Object.keys(recipe.INST).length} step${Object.keys(recipe.INST).length > 1 ? 's' : ''}</t> </ln>` if(count > 1){ break; } count += 1