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commit: 6f490b4bfed5fba9bd543a4c99b5694f37cd1f99
parent: 03975dbde4488d2ec015fb95010084ae371b4546
Author: unarist <m.unarist@gmail.com>
Date:   Mon, 16 Oct 2017 22:58:23 +0900

Fix un-reblogged status being at wrong position in the home timeline (#5418)

We've changed un-reblogging behavior when we implement Snowflake, to insert un-reblogged status at the position reblogging status existed.

However, our API expects home timeline is ordered by status ids, and max_id/since_id filters by zset score. Due to this, un-reblogged status appears as a last item of result set, and timeline expansion may skips many statuses.

So this reverts that change...reblogged status inserted at corresponding position to its id.


2 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

diff --git a/app/lib/feed_manager.rb b/app/lib/feed_manager.rb @@ -198,10 +198,11 @@ class FeedManager # 2. Remove the reblogged status from the `:reblogs` zset. redis.zrem(reblog_key, status.reblog_of_id) - # 3. Add the reblogged status to the feed using the reblogging - # status' ID as its score, and the reblogged status' ID as its - # value. - redis.zadd(timeline_key, status.id, status.reblog_of_id) + # 3. Add the reblogged status to the feed. + # Note that we can't use old score in here + # and it must be an ID of corresponding status + # because we need to filter timeline by status ID. + redis.zadd(timeline_key, status.reblog_of_id, status.reblog_of_id) # 4. Remove the reblogging status from the feed (as normal) end diff --git a/spec/lib/feed_manager_spec.rb b/spec/lib/feed_manager_spec.rb @@ -233,19 +233,22 @@ RSpec.describe FeedManager do describe '#unpush' do it 'leaves a reblogged status when deleting the reblog' do account = Fabricate(:account) - reblogged = Fabricate(:status) + reblogged = Fabricate(:status, id: Mastodon::Snowflake.id_at(2.day.ago.utc)) + other_status = Fabricate(:status, id: Mastodon::Snowflake.id_at(1.day.ago.utc)) status = Fabricate(:status, reblog: reblogged) + FeedManager.instance.push('type', account, other_status) FeedManager.instance.push('type', account, status) # The reblogging status should show up under normal conditions. - expect(Redis.current.zrange("feed:type:#{account.id}", 0, -1)).to eq [status.id.to_s] + expect(Redis.current.zrange("feed:type:#{account.id}", 0, -1)).to eq [other_status.id.to_s, status.id.to_s] FeedManager.instance.unpush('type', account, status) # Because we couldn't tell if the status showed up any other way, # we had to stick the reblogged status in by itself. - expect(Redis.current.zrange("feed:type:#{account.id}", 0, -1)).to eq [reblogged.id.to_s] + # And it must be ordered by status ids. + expect(Redis.current.zrange("feed:type:#{account.id}", 0, -1)).to eq [reblogged.id.to_s, other_status.id.to_s] end it 'sends push updates' do