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spec: describe object processing algorithm


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diff --git a/spec/objects.md b/spec/objects.md @@ -116,3 +116,37 @@ addressed to `https://www.w3.org/ns/activitystreams#Public`. Servers SHOULD treat authorized object fetch requests as deliveries to the authorized peer and record them as a successful delivery. + + +#### Description of Object Processing Algorithm + +*This section is non-normative.* + +A possible algorithm for processing objects according to the above +defined rules would be: + +1. Verify the object's `id` is unique and not yet stored in the + object graph. + +2. Verify that the object's `type` is processable by the + LitePub implementation. + +3. Iterate over all properties in the object looking for potential + children (any property typed as an `id` or any included child + objects). + +4. For each child object, replace the object with an authoritative + local copy of the object. Fetch new authoritative copies of any + missing objects. + +5. For all children, return to step 2 with the child object as the + processing context. + +6. If authoritative versions of any children are missing, reject + the root object if transitive child objects are not allowed for + the root object's `type`. + +7. Apply any required side effects or mutations prescribed by the + root object's `type`. + +8. Store the root object in the object graph using it's `id`.