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README (1250B)

  1. ## inaban
  2. Inaban: Nickname of “稲葉姫子 (Inaba Himeko)”, a character in Kokoro Connect. Picked her for her personality regarding reality and trust.
  3. # Dependencies
  4. - wlroots
  5. - Wayland: wayland-server, wayland-scanner, wayland-protocols
  6. - (lib)xkbcommon
  7. # Installation
  8. The usual `make ; make install` works, if you do not have systemd-login or a replacement of it (such as elogind) you can setuid/setgid root `inaban` and she'll drop the permissions. Running inaban as root is unsupported.
  9. # Inspirations
  10. ## XMonad
  11. - Behaviour regarding how to manage windows by default
  12. - Most of the shortcuts
  13. ## dwm
  14. - Configuration and code
  15. # Goals
  16. - No client side decorations, might have borders on all the boxes (rendering and hitbox, should they ever manage to differ)
  17. - Programs wanting to have more than simply asking for a regular surface should need special permissions
  18. - listing of the surfaces should be something similar to a capability
  19. - special position/size should be completely managed by the compositor
  20. - resizes other than done by the compositor are denied
  21. - Tiling should be powerful (like XMonad) yet simple (unlike i3)
  22. ## Non-Goals
  23. - XWayland as anything but a separated Wayland client (would recommend cage or rootston for this)