documentation of similarities and (noteworthy) differencies between Unix systems
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Author: Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier <contact@hacktivis.me>
Date:   Sat, 16 Nov 2019 00:46:09 +0100

install.1x: Add -D flag


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diff --git a/man1x/install.1x b/man1x/install.1x @@ -1,7 +1,7 @@ .\" This file is part of Cross Unix Documentation .\" Copyright © 2019 Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier <contact@hacktivis.me> .\" SPDX-License-Identifier: CC-BY-4.0 -.Dd 2019-03-03 +.Dd 2019-11-16 .Dt INSTALL 1x .Os .Sh PROLOG @@ -12,11 +12,24 @@ which is an attempt to provide documentation of similarities and (noteworthy) di .Nm install .Nd install binairies .Sh SYNOPSIS +BusyBox, GNU coreutils, +.Ox : +.Nm +.Op Fl bcDsp +.Op Fl g Ar group +.Op Fl m Ar mode +.Op Fl o Ar owner +.Op Ar source +.Op Ar destination + +.Nx , +.Fx : .Nm .Op Fl bcsp .Op Fl g Ar group .Op Fl m Ar mode .Op Fl o Ar owner +.Op Fl D Ar destdir .Op Ar source .Op Ar destination .Sh DESCRIPTION @@ -46,6 +59,16 @@ Copy the file. default behaviour is to move the binary unless .Fl c is specified. Copying the file is now the default behaviour; the flag is maintained for backwards compatibility only. +.It Fl D +BusyBox, GNU coreutils, +.Ox : +Create any missing directories for +.Ar destination +(which still points to a file). +.It Fl D Ar destdir +.Nx , +.Fx : +Sets the DESTDIR (top of the file hierarchy) that the items are installed in to. .It Fl g Ar group Sets group ownership. GNU: instead of the process' current group @@ -66,9 +89,9 @@ There are many extra flags in GNU/*BSD versions of .Xr install 1 but this is kept to the common ones. .Sh SOURCE -.Nx 8.0 , -.Fx 12.0 , -.Ox 6.4 , +.Nx 8.1 , +.Fx 12.1 , +.Ox 6.6 , GNU coreutils 8.30, Busybox 1.30.1, .Bx 4.2 . .Sh HISTORY