documentation of similarities and (noteworthy) differencies between Unix systems
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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -13,5 +13,9 @@ Unless specified this repository is under the CC-BY 4.0 license. Also currently there is probably a lack of proper attribution to each platforms where the documentation is sourced or often copied from. I do not wish to break any kind of copyright and would be glad to discuss on any kind of propositions on how to do it properly. The license might also change in the future to reflect that but it will stay freely redistribuable and modifiable without commercial restriction. +## Releases +For now I will not put any releases on it, but feel free to ask for a release to be made or to do it yourself. +Note: The master branch is a stable one and will not get early drafts of manpages which are to be done in separate branches to allow rebasing if needed. + ## See Also * [Rosetta Stone for Unix](http://bhami.com/rosetta.html): translation cheatsheet between Unix systems