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diff --git a/animelist.shtml b/animelist.shtml @@ -128,6 +128,7 @@ <tr><td>アキラ</td><td>Akira</td><td>2013-08-07</td><td>2013-08-07</td></tr> <tr><td>アップル・シード</td><td>Appleseed</td></tr> <tr><td>ウィッチクラフトワークス</td><td>Witch Craft Works</td></tr> + <tr><td>エルゴプラクシー</td><td>Ergo Proxy</td><td>2017-07</td><td>2017-07-09</td><td>Very nice one, I like the victorian æsthetics, but I don’t think it’s a must watch</td> <tr><td>エルフェンリート</td><td>Elfen Lied<td></tr> <tr><td>オオカミさんと七人の仲間たち</td><td>Okami-san and Her Seven Companions</td><td>2016-08-06</td><td>2016-08-06</td></tr> <tr><td>カウボーイビバップ</td><td>Cowboy Bebop</td><td></td><td></td><td>Old but Gold</td></tr> diff --git a/articles/www-client are broken.html b/articles/www-client are broken.html @@ -0,0 +1,34 @@ +<h1><a href="/articles/www-client%20are%20broken">www-client are broken</a></h1> +<p>So after saying that <a rel="prev" href="/articles/Mozilla%20is%20broken">Mozilla is broken</a> (it still is). Chrom* became broken too :</p><ul> + <li>Doesn’t compile without black magic (also it takes at least 5+ hours)</li> + <li>Now depends on Node.JS/NPM, which I can’t use as it depends on OpenSSL (I use LibreSSL, note that google got BoringSSL) and that I don’t want. (I prefer to avoid any javascript)</li> + <li>The provided source tarballs includes third-party code and doesn’t compile with removing it (yeah, the broken "let’s put every dependency in the tarball" is also a thing at Google)</li> +</ul> +<p>Basically I have no web browser anymore… or well no. I have even more web browser installed than when I was doing/learning web development, because I have several whatever around engines.</p> +<p>Anyway let’s put what I need in a web browser:</p><ul> + <li>Unicode by default (or at least follow my <code>LANG</code> environment variable or make it configurable)</li> + <li>Full Libre software</li> + <li>Compiles and works without systemd and pulseaudio, works with LibreSSL, bonus if no dbus hard-dependency.</li> + <li>Privacy/Security:<ul> + <li>No calling home without prior free consent(i.e. health report, search suggestions)</li> + <li>Does <b>not</b> implements their own crypto and supports current best practices/algorithms</li> + <li>per-domain blocking of requests by their type(cookies,css,images,media,xhr,scripts,…) and domain (as seen in uMatrix)</li> + <li>blocking of request by their URL (as seen in uBlock)</li> + <li>Bonus: Certificate fingerprint(like (TOFU of SSH(know-hosts)) and Certificate Patrol)</li> + <li>Bonus: Hook(able) to <a href="http://password-store.org/">pass</a></li> + </ul></li> + <li>Deep(ciphers, headers, …) &amp; understandable configuration (Mozilla Firefox being the worst, Opera-like browser being the best, another good example is linux menuconfig)</li> + <li>Supports: HTML 5, CSS 3, Images(PNG, JPEG, SVG), Bonus: javascript(So I don’t need another browser)</li> + <li>Uses dependencies/libraries but doesn’t eat them (I don’t like having to do: <code>rm -fr third-party; ./configure --enable-system… --with-system…</code>) + <li>Does not eat up all the RAM/CPU for nothing or freezes/crashes for whatever reason (but I think multiprocess à la chrom* is great when there is JS support and the overhead is ok)</li> +</ul> +<p>As my findings of 2017-07-06, the web browsers (Gui;engine;style/inspiration) that are almost compliant to my needs are, without much sorting/ordering:<ul> + <li><a href="http://fifth-browser.sourceforge.net">Fifth</a> (FLTK;FLTKWebkit;Unix+opera) + <li><a href="http://otter-browser.org/">Otter-Browser</a> (QT+;QtWebkit+QtWebEngine;opera) + <li>GNU IceCat (GTK;Mozilla) + <li>Seamonkey (GTK;Mozilla;netscape-opera) + <li>Palemoon (GTK;?Mozilla) (Haven’t managed to build it after about a week…) + <li>qupzilla (Xlib+Qt;QtWebkit; scriptable TUI-like) + <li>uzbl / dwb (Xlib+GTK;WebkitGTK;scriptable TUI-like) + <li>Netsurf (GTK2+/Framebuffer/…;own+duktape;original?) +</ul> diff --git a/articles/www-client are broken.shtml b/articles/www-client are broken.shtml @@ -0,0 +1,16 @@ +<!DOCTYPE html> +<html lang="en"> + <head> +<!--#include file="/templates/head.shtml" --> + <title>www-client are broken — Cyber-home of lanodan</title> + <link type="application/rss+xml" href="/rss" title="flux RSS" rel="alternate"></link> + </head> + <body> +<!--#include file="/templates/en/nav.shtml" --> + <article> +<!--#include file="/articles/www-client are broken.html"--> + </article> + <a href="/articles/www-client%20are%20broken.html">article only(plain HTML)</a> +<!--#include file="/templates/en/footer.html" --> + </body> +</html> diff --git a/home.shtml b/home.shtml @@ -8,6 +8,9 @@ <body> <!--#set var="transPageUrl" value='accueil' --><!--#include file="templates/en/nav.shtml" --> <article> +<!--#include file="/articles/www-client are broken.html"--> + </article> + <article> <!--#include file="/articles/Disk identification.html"--> </article> <article>