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diff --git a/articles/Disk identification.html b/articles/Disk identification.html @@ -62,6 +62,6 @@ $ blkid <li>in Plan9 there is the <code>data</code> file to have full access to the disk, I named it <code>raw</code> here as I think it’s more intiutive (and keeping the name <code>data</code> because of Plan9 is almost no use considering how dead Plan9 currently is compared to Linux|BSD|Solaris) <li>The <code>BUS ID</code> directory allows to get sane <code>DISK SLOT</code> <li>Maybe it doesn’t work for everything (please contact, fork, patch, …) but as it is about the same thing as what SunOS and Plan9 uses I think I’m safe saying : This should work and be flexible enough</li> -</p> +</ul> <p>Also anyway I think <code>findfs(8)</code> should be modified to add at least the <code>DISK ID</code> in it</p> <p>Note: Turns out Haiku uses almost exactly my idea, I think I can make mine compatible with it (because I think that can be how good standards are made)</p>