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[update]browser setup + [article] Mozilla is Broken


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diff --git a/articles/Mozilla is Broken.html b/articles/Mozilla is Broken.html @@ -0,0 +1,19 @@ +<a href="/articles/Mozilla%20is%20Broken"><h1>Mozilla is Broken</h1></a> +<p>I’m quitting Mozilla, not that I have been really been into the community(mostly because they want me to do only thing, apply this to programs, not humans) but I was using and enjoying it for a long time(like since 2008). Also in about 2014 I switched from Thunderbird to mutt because I wanted something simple which does GPG, hard time to switch but I love it. And now it seems like Mozilla is killing Firefox for years :</p> +<ul> + <li>Version numbering doesn’t mean anything(patches, big change, small change, security update ?)</li> + <li>Have a very bad privacy and security (look at the differences between tor browser and Firefox)</li> + <li>No more choice for the user<ul> + <li>Old one : JavaScript can’t be configured</li> + <li>OpenH264(non-free) is installed by default</li> + <li>Pocket(non-free service) is installed, displayed, non-configurable at compile time</li> + <li>Firefox Hello is installed, displayed, non-configurable at compile time</li> + <li>Other New web stuff(WebRTC, HTML5 audio/video, …) have to be disabled/configured into about:config which is a total mess with no help</li> + <li>add-ons have to be signed and only by Mozilla, non-configurable at compile time</li> + <li>tracks you even if you disable all tracking in about:preferences</li> + <li>Geo location can only be totally disabled only with about:config</li> + </ul></li> + <li>more and more slowness and crashes and <strong>new profile doesn’t help</strong></li> +</ul> +<p>Quick and Dirty solution while I make my own browser while keeping a good privacy : Tor Browser(which use ESR) with add-ons for more privacy/security</p> +<p>BTW if <strong>everyone</strong> have to use a LTS/ESR/real-stable version of a browser even if they are actual developers… well why is the Developer Edition based on Nightly ? For badly supported things like H.264 ? I got gstreamer for that. For brand new stuff ? Well most web-smiths have to support old browsers like IE6 or IE7. For marketing because we are the browser with tons of features ? Well I think so. I think Netscape did the same mistake, why Mozilla would do the same ?</p> diff --git a/articles/Mozilla is Broken.shtml b/articles/Mozilla is Broken.shtml @@ -0,0 +1,16 @@ +<!DOCTYPE html> +<html lang="fr"> + <head> +<!--#include file="/templates/head.shtml" --> + <title>Mozilla is Broken — Cyber-habitat de lanodan</title> + <link type="application/rss+xml" href="/rss" title="flux RSS" rel="alternate"></link> + </head> + <body> +<!--#include file="/templates/fr/nav.shtml" --> + <article> +<!--#include file="/articles/Mozilla is Broken.html"--> + </article> + <a href="/articles/Mozilla%20is%20Broken.html">article only(plain HTML)</a> +<!--#include file="/templates/fr/footer.html" --> + </body> +</html> diff --git a/browser-setup.shtml b/browser-setup.shtml @@ -6,30 +6,30 @@ </head> <body> <!--#include file="templates/en/nav.shtml" --> - <p>Here is how I’ve setup my Firefox(I’d prefer a browser which already have thoses fonctionalities, specialy privacy). It have rough language, sorry. I hate what the web is. (I’ll put more details of the setup of about:preferences, about:config and extensions)</p> + <p>Here is how I’ve setup Tor Browser(works for Firefox).</p> <h2>Extensions</h2> <h3>Privacy/Security</h3> <ul> - <li>FoxyProxy: for Tor(default), mitmproxy and maybe an homemade proxy for privacy/security</li> - <li>HTTPS Everywhere: Having HTTPS on for most websites(here is my rules)</li> - <li>NoScript: For Blocking Javascript, ABE, XSS and other webshit(funny how it rimes with website)</li> - <li>Request Policy Continued: Control Cross-Site(third-party) request</li> - <li>µBlock: A blocker to block shit from allowed(via RPC &amp; NoScript) websites</li> + <li><a href="https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/https-everywhere">HTTPS Everywhere</a>: Having HTTPS on for most websites(here is my rules)</li> + <li><a href="https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/smart-https">Smart HTTPS</a>: Tries HTTPS, store if https is broken and http is to be used.</li> + <li><a href="https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/umatrix">µMatrix</a>: Blocks requests per domain and type(cookie, css, image, plugin, script, XHR, frame, other) and show it in a nice table/matrix with the number of requests which makes it better than RequestPolicy+NoScript</li> + <li><a href="https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ublock-origin">µBlock Origin</a>: Blocks based on URL</li> </ul> - <p>Note: I block everything which is intrusive(stupid ads, cookies even if I manage to block then) and/or doesn’t respect privacy. I don’t want to block other things but I have to(sorry, please make the web better ;/).</p> + <p>Note: I block almost everything because the web is full of bullshit, I want less of it. If you want me to allow your ads, make it non-intrusive and privacy respecting, say it non-intrusively, and I will enable it. I <strong>will not enable your stupid cookie notification-madness</strong> because I block cookies by default.</p> <h3>Moar information</h3> <ul> - <li>CipherFox: “Display the current SSL/TLS cipher and certificate chain”</li> - <li>DNSSEC/TLSA Validator: Check DNSSEC and TLSA status</li> - <li>Operator: “The Semantic Web in Action”</li> + <li><a href="https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/dnssec-validator">DNSSEC/TLSA Validator</a>: Check DNSSEC and TLSA status</li> </ul> <h3>Others</h3> <ul> - <li>Cookies Export/Import: (name says it all) Should already be in the browser &gt;&lt;</li> - <li>Stylish: Add CSS to web pages/domains</li> - <li><del>GreaseMonkey: Add JS to web pages/domains</del>(might reinstall for fucking up websites ;3)</li> - <li>UnloadTab: To save memory because I easily have ~2K tabs. (I have to get the habit of using group tabs)</li> + <li><a href="https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/cookies-exportimport">Cookies Export/Import</a>: (name says it all) Should already be in the browser &gt;&lt;</li> + <li><a href="https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/greasemonkey">GreaseMonkey</a>: Add UserScript(JS) to websites or pages</li> + <li><a href="https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/stylish">Stylish</a>: Add UserStyles(CSS) to websites or pages</li> + </ul> + <h4>UserScripts</h4> + <ul> + <li><a href="https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/3528-t-co-bypass/code">t.co bypass</a>: Bypass t.co links, also works for mobile.twitter.com</li> </ul> <!--#include file="templates/en/footer.html" --> </body> -</html> +</html>+ \ No newline at end of file diff --git a/home.shtml b/home.shtml @@ -8,6 +8,9 @@ <body> <!--#set var="transPageUrl" value='accueil' --><!--#include file="templates/en/nav.shtml" --> <article> +<!--#include file="/articles/Mozilla is Broken.html"--> + </article> + <article> <!--#include file="/articles/systemd-eated-su.html"--> </article> <!--#include file="templates/en/footer.html" --> diff --git a/templates/en/nav.shtml b/templates/en/nav.shtml @@ -5,6 +5,11 @@ <li><a href="librism">Désintox’ / FOSS activism</a></li> <li><a href="animelist">Anime List</a></li> </ul></li> + <li>Articles</ul> + <li><a href="/articles/Mozilla%20is%20Broken">Mozilla is Broken</a></li> + <li><a href="/articles/systemd-eated-su">Lennart Poettering merged “su” command replacement into systemd: Test Drive on Fedora Rawhide</a></li> + </ul></li> + </li> <li>Pages<ul> <li><a href="/gender+queer">Gender+Queer</a></li> </ul></li>