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Author: Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier <contact@hacktivis.me>
Date:   Sat, 15 Oct 2016 22:25:16 +0200

privacy policy: I now use logs and add more transparency on my policy


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diff --git a/privacy policy.shtml b/privacy policy.shtml @@ -6,7 +6,22 @@ </head> <body> <!--#set var="transPageUrl" value='politique de confidentialité' --><!--#include file="templates/en/nav.shtml" --> - <p>Only a error log is used, nothing else can prove your access (like cookies, access log, stats, tracking, …) are used. + <h1>Privacy Policy</h1> + <h2>Logs</h2> + <ul> + <li>log data: IP address, status, request(e.i /privacy%20policy.shtml), bytes sent + <li>log storage: ext4(/dev/mapper/syslog → /var/log/syslog) over LUKS(/data/syslog → /dev/mapper/syslog;cipher name: aes;cipher mode: xts-plain64;hash: sha512) over ext4(/dev/root → /) + </ul> + <h2>Third-Party</h2> + <p>None! Uh… well not really</p> + <ul> + <li>current ISP: <a href="http://free.fr">Free SAS</a> but it doesn’t really matters as the router is a linksys wrt54gl</li> + <li>Certificate Authority: <code>StartCom Class 1 DV Server CA</code> aka StartSSL™. It used to be CACert but people had issues…</li> + <li>Image hosting: <a href="http://framapic.org">framapic</a> (their <a href="">privacy policy</a>)</li> + </ul> + <h2>Security</h2> + <p>I use LibreSSL and musl and I check for CVEs at least every week.</p> + <p>If you want to know if the connection is secure… well the best I can ! (<a href="https://observatory.mozilla.org/analyze.html?host=hacktivis.me">awesome results</a>)</p> <!--#include file="templates/en/footer.html" --> </body> </html>