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Date:   Tue, 13 Feb 2018 00:47:46 +0100

drivers.shtml#ESP8266: Init


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diff --git a/notes/drivers.shtml b/notes/drivers.shtml @@ -67,6 +67,8 @@ lua: cannot open init.lua</pre></code> <p>And here is a Hello World in Lua (<code>&gt; </code> is the prompt) to test it further</p> <code><pre>&gt; print("Hello World") Hello World</pre></code> + <h2 id="ESP8266">ESP8266</h2> + <code>picocom -b 115200 --omap crcrlf /dev/ttyACM0</code> where <code>/dev/ttyACM0</code> is my arduino UNO used for powering the Module and UART(~RS232). I found the baud rate on <a href="http://williamdurand.fr/2015/03/17/playing-with-a-esp8266-wifi-module/">Playing With a ESP8266 WiFi Module</a>. </main> <!--#include file="/templates/en/footer.html" --> </body>