AutoLinker-shim, based on https://git.pleroma.social/pleroma/auto_linker git clone https://hacktivis.me/git/auto_linker.git
DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
Move extra option to extra_prefixes, remove auto-linkingHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier6+141-202
Disable TLD validationHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier4+12-1602
Merge branch 'features/hostname_validation' into 'master'Haelwenn3+187-68
Apply 1 suggestion(s) to 1 file(s)Haelwenn1+0-4
Add .onion domain testsMark Felder1+21-1
Test IDN and punycode domains in mentionsMark Felder1+14-0
Merge branch 'handle-href' into 'master'rinpatch3+16-4
Fix linking URLs/domains with trailing punctuationMark Felder2+25-4
Move tests under correct group, add test for URLs with IPv4 for domainMark Felder1+42-27
Fix test group nameMark Felder1+1-1
Add IDN and punycode domain testMark Felder1+14-0
parser: Validate IPv6, IDN compatibility in email and mentionsHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier3+65-30
parser: Add onion as an extra TLDHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier2+7-3
Fix formatting in testJustin Tormey1+1-1
Add handle_href option for href pre-processingJustin Tormey3+16-4
Merge branch 'fix/fqdn-domain' into 'master'feld3+24-1
Verify trailing periods as sentence punctuation do not linkMark Felder1+9-0
Document FQDN supportMark Felder1+4-0
Support URLs with FQDNs (trailing period on the tld)Mark Felder2+11-1
Merge branch 'chore/readme' into 'master'feld1+3-0
Add example to README showing how we link user mentionsMark Felder1+3-0
Merge branch 'release-0.3.0' into 'master'lain4+13-7
Update ex_docEgor Kislitsyn1+1-1
Version bumpEgor Kislitsyn2+3-3
Update CHANGELOGEgor Kislitsyn1+6-0
Update dependenciesEgor Kislitsyn1+4-4
Merge branch 'fix/incorrect-mentions-parsing' into 'master'rinpatch5+25-6
Upgrade credoSergey Suprunenko3+5-3
Ignore non-word chars in the beginning of mentionsSergey Suprunenko3+14-3
Do not parse mention if there is something before itSergey Suprunenko2+7-1
Merge branch 'fix/parser-url-bugs' into 'master'rinpatch4+172-54
Linkify.Parser.restore_stripped_symbols/3 must always return iodataSergey Suprunenko1+5-6
Handle punctuation marks and new linesSergey Suprunenko3+126-26
Remove unused clausesSergey Suprunenko1+0-28
Handle punctuation marks and angle bracket in the end of a linkSergey Suprunenko3+34-0
Do not parse html links inside html tagsSergey Suprunenko2+21-8
Merge branch 'fix/hashtag-link-parsing' into 'master'rinpatch3+78-0
Handle hashtags followed by skipped html tagsSergey Suprunenko3+78-0
Merge branch 'iodata' into 'master'rinpatch4+195-81
Accumulate as iodata, only convert to binary if necessaryJustin Tormey1+12-15
Reduce work for checking precense of type in optsJustin Tormey1+1-3
Fix formattingJustin Tormey2+39-8
Add parser support for iodata and safe iodataJustin Tormey4+168-80
Merge branch 'release-0.2.0' into 'master'lain3+33-10
Bump versionEgor Kislitsyn1+2-2
Add CHANGELOGEgor Kislitsyn1+22-0
Update dependenciesEgor Kislitsyn2+9-8
Merge branch 'mentions-fix' into 'master'lain4+49-16
Don't parse mentions inside links Fixes: https://git.pleroma.social/pleroma/pleroma/-/issues/1656Alex Gleason4+49-16
Merge branch 'strip-prefix' into 'master'Egor4+29-16
Bump versionEgor Kislitsyn1+1-1
Disable `strip_prefix` by defaultEgor Kislitsyn3+28-15
Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'Egor1+1-0
Fix markdown in README.mdEgor1+1-0
Merge branch 'linkify' into 'master'Egor15+990-1352
Bump Elixir versionEgor Kislitsyn2+2-2
Update copyright infoEgor Kislitsyn1+4-2
Update READMEEgor Kislitsyn1+1-10
Do not add `class`, `target` and `rel` attributes by defaultEgor Kislitsyn7+111-144
Update dependenciesEgor Kislitsyn2+5-8
Rename to LinkifyEgor Kislitsyn12+995-1007
Refactor parserEgor Kislitsyn4+68-108
Remove application configurationEgor Kislitsyn2+6-48
Drop phone links supportEgor Kislitsyn5+4-161
Add doc to `valid_tld?/2`Egor Kislitsyn1+9-2
Remove `scheme` settingEgor Kislitsyn3+31-51
Use double quotes in HTML attributesEgor Kislitsyn1+4-4
Remove markdown links supportEgor Kislitsyn6+2-57
Merge branch 'feature/optional-tld-validation' into 'master'Egor3+127-24
Extend email? to utilize validate_tldrinpatch3+39-5
Move checking for validate_tld to valid_tld?rinpatch1+21-14
Refactor url?/2 to use optsrinpatch2+20-21
Add an option to disable TLD validationrinpatch3+70-7
Merge branch 'fix/parens' into 'master'Egor2+55-57
Fix credo warningsEgor Kislitsyn1+2-2
Improve parsing links inside parentheses and some refactoringEgor Kislitsyn2+55-57
Merge branch 'fix/tld-validation' into 'master'Egor2+21-6
Fix tld validationEgor Kislitsyn2+21-6
Merge branch 'improve-performance' into 'master'Egor1+2-3
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/master' into improve-performanceEgor Kislitsyn1+5-10
Merge branch 'revert-6eb3d585' into 'master'Egor1+5-10
Revert "Update .gitlab-ci.yml"Egor1+5-10
use MapSet instead of ListEgor Kislitsyn1+2-3
Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'Egor1+10-5
Update .gitlab-ci.ymlEgor1+10-5
Merge branch 'improve-parsing' into 'master'Egor5+114-42
test coverage 100%! 🎉Egor Kislitsyn3+36-3
cleanupEgor Kislitsyn2+22-27
fix links inside nested htmlEgor Kislitsyn2+10-0
do not link inside `<pre>` and `<code>`Egor Kislitsyn2+23-0
fix testEgor Kislitsyn1+0-7
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/master' into improve-parsingEgor Kislitsyn0+0-0
fix parsing inside HTML tagsEgor Kislitsyn3+31-13
Merge branch 'improve-parsing' into 'master'Egor2+39-7
Improve detection of URLs and Asian scriptsEgor2+39-7
support Telugu and probably other Asian scripts (#3)Egor Kislitsyn2+16-1
improve parsing (#2)Egor Kislitsyn2+23-6
Merge branch 'improve-ci' into 'master'Egor3+15-5
Improve CIEgor3+15-5
add credo to CIEgor Kislitsyn1+8-3
fix credo warningsEgor Kislitsyn2+4-2
add test coverage to CIEgor Kislitsyn1+3-0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/master'Egor Kislitsyn1+52-0
Merge branch 'features/builder_tests' into 'master'Egor1+52-0
AutoLinker.BuilderTest: Add forgotten assert on format_mention/3Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+1-1
AutoLinker.BuilderTest: Do not pass overridden href to create_link/2Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+3-3
AutoLinker.BuilderTest: Match (strange) behaviourHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+5-3
AutoLinker.BuilderTest: Put tests on all the public functionsHaelwenn (lanodan) Monnier1+50-0
Merge branch 'fix/link-text' into 'master'Egor1+5-7
Fix link textEgor1+5-7
Merge branch 'fix/link-text'Egor Kislitsyn1+5-7
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/master'Egor Kislitsyn0+0-0
cleanupEgor Kislitsyn1+2-4
fix link textEgor Kislitsyn1+3-3
Merge branch 'master' into 'master'Egor3+81-22
Improve hashtags and `rel` attributeEgor3+81-22
add optional rel attribute handlerEgor Kislitsyn2+53-20
support FrenchEgor Kislitsyn2+16-1
update hashtag regexEgor Kislitsyn1+3-7
do not match hashtags consisting entirely of numbersEgor Kislitsyn2+17-2
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/master'Egor Kislitsyn0+0-0
fix carriage returnEgor2+31-30
Merge branch 'fix/carriage-return' into 'master'Egor2+31-30
fix carriage returnEgor2+31-30
Merge branch 'master' into 'master'egor8+119-80
Small fixes and improvementsegor8+119-80
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pleroma/master'Egor Kislitsyn0+0-0
improve mentions matchingEgor Kislitsyn2+3-19
fix mentions and hashtagsEgor Kislitsyn2+25-6
fix parserEgor Kislitsyn2+25-6
update exdoc and add credoEgor Kislitsyn2+15-4
update .gitignoreEgor Kislitsyn1+1-0
improve hashtagsEgor Kislitsyn3+4-5
use quotemarks in htmlEgor Kislitsyn5+48-42
Merge branch 'master' into 'master'feld1+26-0
add gitlab ciEgor Kislitsyn1+26-0
fix readme examplesEgor Kislitsyn1+8-6
fix credo issuesEgor Kislitsyn1+20-15
make tests asyncEgor Kislitsyn3+4-4
improve `scheme` option handlingEgor Kislitsyn1+44-54
improve tlds importEgor Kislitsyn1+1-1
polish off apiEgor Kislitsyn2+2-1
better namingEgor Kislitsyn1+122-83
better namingEgor Kislitsyn1+5-5
add docsEgor Kislitsyn1+8-0
rename link_and_parse -> link_mapEgor Kislitsyn2+4-4
add custom handlers for mentions and hashtagsEgor Kislitsyn3+163-86
add email, @mentions, #hashtags and extra schemesEgor Kislitsyn3+403-7
fix markdownEgor Kislitsyn1+2-2
hopefully fix `is_valid_tld?/2`Egor Kislitsyn1+2-1
cleanupEgor Kislitsyn1+1-1
fix IPEgor Kislitsyn1+23-5
add TLD validation supportEgor Kislitsyn3+1606-4
add formatterEgor Kislitsyn8+170-119
fix regression with phone and markdownStephen M. Pallen2+12-5
added support for markdown style linksStephen M. Pallen6+60-9
fixed a number of phone number failuresStephen M. Pallen3+19-4
update parserStephen M. Pallen1+3-4
add phone number linkingStephen M. Pallen9+242-53
fix double dot issueStephen M. Pallen3+18-6
update elixir verison in travisStephen M. Pallen1+1-1
fix packageStephen M. Pallen1+1-1
add travis.ymlStephen M. Pallen1+10-0
add link to docsStephen M. Pallen1+1-1
fix copy/paste issuesStephen M. Pallen1+3-3
prep for first releaseStephen M. Pallen8+355-26
split into Parser and Builder modulesStephen M. Pallen1+2-61
auto linking working for simple url with no surounding textStephen M. Pallen2+31-12
create project and some linker implStephen M. Pallen7+184-0