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Rust issues

Library Management

You cannot install rust libraries (be it source code like with Go and NodeJS, or binaries like with C) in your system, meaning vendored dependencies for applications.

This is why I think Rust is completely a net-negative for holistic security and software freedom. You can get a better security track record for your own little code in your application than in C++, but not for the actual entire application and even less the whole OS. See log4shell if you want a recent example of a massive failure in a safety-oriented language (Java), that we're absolutely going to get in other languages unless people think about systems as a whole (like a separated logging daemon).

Bootstrapping Rustc / Cargo

See Bootstrapping § Rust.

Would also add that Cargo having a whole bunch of dependencies that rely on fetching code directly from the internet is really scary. For example it depends on libgit2, which had repeated Remote Code Executions vulnerabilities (CVE-2019-1352, CVE-2019-1353, CVE-2020-12278, CVE-2020-12279, …) and I think is likely to get more in the future unless it changed it's design.

serde-rs fiasco

Ended up bundling binaries due to how slow Rust compilation can be. And of course without ability to rebuild from source. Got fixed later with Phase out precompiled #2590.
This is what intentionally throwing distros away gets you into.

ring crypto library

Extra: Crates.io outage due to bad URL mangling

crates.io Postmortem: Broken Crate Downloads

The real bug is formatting URLs in the code of your application with string formatting. URLs are a structure, therefore they should be properly encoded and decoded as such regardless of them being somewhat text-based. There's prior art for this in Elixir and Hare.