[mirror] WiDrop distribution, now defunct git clone https://hacktivis.me/git/mirror/widrop.git
DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
correct errors in lighttpd confMathieu Goessens1+5-7
don't use cat foobar >> config in postinstMathieu Goessens4+25-17
use /etc/default/hostapd for hostapdMathieu Goessens3+31-0
mistake in widrop-lighttpd/DEBIAN/postrmMathieu Goessens1+1-1
remove bashisms in idrop-lighttpd/DEBIAN/postinst , widrop-lighttpd/DEBIAN/postrmMathieu Goessens2+2-2
add conflict with network-managerMathieu Goessens1+1-0
add a note about signing on pkg build scriptsMathieu Goessens1+5-0
wrong shebang on widrop-lighttpd/DEBIAN/postrmMathieu Goessens1+1-1
remove dummy change used to force file rights changeMathieu Goessens1+0-2
change file rightMathieu Goessens1+2-0
mendMathieu Goessens1+0-20
Put firmwares in recommends in widrop-firmwaresMathieu Goessens2+1-2
Remove TODO line about putting a script in widrop-commom. See precedent commitMathieu Goessens1+0-1
Add a TODO entry about finishing widrop-common scriptsMathieu Goessens1+1-0
remove user and pam hack when removing widrop-common package (WIP)Mathieu Goessens1+3-0
Use a script to edit /etc/network/interfaces instead of pushing a file (WIP)Mathieu Goessens3+38-0
Change Maintainer name and email in every packagesMathieu Goessens10+10-10
correct shebang to avoid dependency to bash in widrop-lighttpd/DEBIAN/postinstMathieu Goessens1+1-1
Call lighty-remove-mod widrop when uninstalling widrop-lighttpdMathieu Goessens2+13-1
use widrop-common in packages instead of task widrop-interfaces & widrop-userMathieu Goessens3+2-7
add indentation (needed) in Release file generated by src/pkg/build.shMathieu Goessens1+2-2
add some messages in src/gpg/sign.shMathieu Goessens1+6-0
Add some messages in ./src/gpg/buildMathieu Goessens1+20-7
Add md5sum to Release fileMathieu Goessens1+33-1
Disable build of widrop-apache2 to prevent the need to force apt-get install widrop widrop-lighttpdMathieu Goessens2+6-2
works on TODO files (3)Mathieu Goessens1+3-0
works on TODO files (2)Mathieu Goessens1+20-0
works on TODO filesMathieu Goessens2+0-5
Remove test fileMathieu Goessens1+0-3
this is a testroot1+3-0
Initial commitMathieu Goessens80+1451-0