Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. git clone https://hacktivis.me/git/clairvoyance.git

.gitignore (605B)

  1. # The directory Mix will write compiled artifacts to.
  2. /_build/
  3. # If you run "mix test --cover", coverage assets end up here.
  4. /cover/
  5. # The directory Mix downloads your dependencies sources to.
  6. /deps/
  7. # Where 3rd-party dependencies like ExDoc output generated docs.
  8. /doc/
  9. # Ignore .fetch files in case you like to edit your project deps locally.
  10. /.fetch
  11. # If the VM crashes, it generates a dump, let's ignore it too.
  12. erl_crash.dump
  13. # Also ignore archive artifacts (built via "mix archive.build").
  14. *.ez
  15. # Ignore package tarball (built via "mix hex.build").
  16. clairvoyance-*.tar
  17. clairvoyance_scan.json