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      5 		<title>BadWolf — lanodan’s cyber-home</title>
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     10 		<h1>BadWolf</h1>
     11 		<a href="/images/badwolf_2019-05-11.png"><img class="thumb_inline right" src="/images/badwolf_2019-05-11.png" alt="Screenshot of badwolf on this page"/></a>
     12 		<p>BadWolf is a privacy-oriented WebKitGTK browser that doesn’t do compromises for first-usage usability. Privacy is the first goal, and it should be usable (the security=usability<sup>-1</sup> is false in my opinion). It should also stay fairly minimalist, stuff done in our dependencies that would need modification should be done upstream instead of us doing work we aren’t supposed to do in the first place.</p>
     13 		<p>It has also been my daily driver for quite a while now (specially since I added tabs) so you can expect it to be quite usable but still have few missing areas.</p>
     14 		<p>For now it is de-facto is a personnal project but I welcome contributions and could add maintainers and move to a more community-oriented way of doing the development.</p>
     15 		<p>Features that are not wanted to be present by default will either be done as an option or as a separate branch, this is to avoid having a pile of browsers doing the same thing. Also extensions will try to be independant of the browser.</p>
     16 		<h2>Releases</h2>
     17 		<p>The current development is fairly active and I tag a release about once in a week. The release are stable but I would consider the current stage of development to be in alpha/beta. Badwolf is using <a href="https://semver.org/spec/v2.0.0.html">Semantic Versioning</a>.</p>
     18 		<p>You can get the releases in <a href="https://hacktivis.me/releases/">https://hacktivis.me/releases/</a>, there is only source releases for now but if I can be sure that I can have portable binairies without having to bundle the dependencies I’ll do them too.</p>
     19 		<h3>Packages / Recipes</h3>
     20 		<ul>
     21 			<!-- Alphabetically sorted -->
     22 			<li>ArchLinux: Present in the AUR as <code><a href="https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/badwolf/">badwolf</a></code></li>
     23 			<li>Gentoo: Present in the <a href="https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:GURU">GURU overlay</a> as <code><a href="http://gpo.zugaina.org/www-client/badwolf">www-client/badwolf</a></code></li>
     24 		</ul>
     25 		<p>And maybe other platforms not added to this list yet but can be found via <a href="https://repology.org/project/badwolf/versions">https://repology.org/project/badwolf/versions</a></a>
     26 		<h2>Supported platforms</h2>
     27 		<p>In a sort-of descending priority list, X11 and Wayland are supported.</p>
     28 		<ul>
     29 			<li>Gentoo Linux (what I use)</li>
     30 			<li>Other regularly up-to-date linux distros like: Alpine Linux, Archlinux, …</li>
     31 			<li>Other systems like: NetBSD</li>
     32 			<li>Outdated by design linux distros: Debian, RedHat, …</li>
     33 		</ul>
     34 		<p>Note: proprietary systems like Microsoft Windows and Apple OS are unsupported. If you have systems where WebKitGTK runs but isn’t a *BSD or a linux distro, I’ll be interested in knowing about them.</p>
     35 		<h2>Bug reports / Contributions</h2>
     36 		<p>The git repositories are using <a href="https://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/">GitFlow</a> with commits that are clean with descriptive messages. Expect your patchs to be rewrote or rejected if not, with proper explaination at it should always be.</p>
     37 		<ul>
     38 			<li>You can use <a href="/git/badwolf.git">/git/badwolf.git</a> and send me an email (<code>git send-email</code> is accepted, <a href="https://git-send-email.io/">here is a tutorial</a>) at <code>contact+badwolf@</code></li>
     39 			<li>You can use <a href="https://gitlab.com/lanodan/badwolf">the gitlab repository</a> (note: will get cleanly migrated to something else at some point)</li>
     40 		</ul>
     41 		<h2>See also</h2>
     42 		<h3>Similar browsers</h3>
     43 		<p>Theses are the browsers where I drew inspiration or some hints from their code from:</p>
     44 		<ul>
     45 			<li><a href="https://uninformativ.de/git/lariza">lariza</a>: Minimalist WebKitGTK browser, reuses tabbed, vi modal edition</li>
     46 			<li><a href="https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Web">Epiphany</a> (aka Gnome Web): GNOME-weight WebKitGTK browser, haven’t used it but looked at the code for hints</li>
     47 		</ul>
     48 		<h3>Related Articles</h3>
     49 		<ul>
     50 			<li><a href="https://hacktivis.me/articles/Mozilla%20is%20Broken">Mozilla is Broken</a></li>
     51 			<li><a href="https://hacktivis.me/articles/www-client%20are%20broken">www-client are broken</a></li>
     52 		</ul>
     53 	</main>
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     55 	</body>
     56 </html>