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lojban×dotsie alphabet.xhtml (1352B)

  1. <article xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en" lang="en" class="h-entry">
  2. <a href="/lojban%C3%97dotsie%20alphabet"><h1 class="p-name">Lojban×dotsie alphabet</h1></a>
  3. <p>I've read about <a href="http://dotsies.org">dotsies</a> which is a way to map a to z to letters of 5 horizontal bits. It felted a bit nice even if way too cybre and not human enough (a bit like our current keybaords are for entities with 10 tentacles and not 2 hands/arms that aren’t parallel on such a space).</p>
  4. <p>But well, I though about <a href="http://lojban.org">lojban</a>, a logical neutral language. This language only uses 28 non-blankspace characters(abcdefgijklmnoprstuvxyz,.') which makes it fully fit in 5 bits(2<sup>5</sup>=32 possibilities).<br />
  5. My proposition is:</p>
  6. <ul>
  7. <li>map lojban “’” to latin “h”</li>
  8. <li>create one dotsie for “.” and maybe another one for “,”</li>
  9. </ul>
  10. <p>Having this would make a machine-human-? language work on a machine-human-? writing system. OCR on current human writings is horrible, this would allow more accurate OCR I guess as it’s barcode alike, and well we could add checksumming as we still haven’t used the whole address-space. 4 characters are left if I didn’t screw up the Math, we could totally have checksum-start/checksum-end and maybe text-start/text-end.</p>
  11. </article>