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  3. <p>So I bought a Lenovo T495 few weeks ago and received it on 2020-03-05 afternoon, as when you order from Lenovo you can customize it, here are my specs:
  4. <ul>
  5. <li>CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 3500U</li>
  6. <li>OS: Windows 10 Familly 64 (EN/FR/DE/NL/IT)</li>
  7. <li>Integrated RAM(soldered): 8 Go @ 2 666 MHz</li>
  8. <li>Selected RAM: 8 Go @ 2 666 MHz SoDIMM</li>
  9. <li>Storage: 256 Go, M.2 2280, NVMe</li>
  10. <li>Screen: 14.0” (1920×1080) IPS anti-glare, 250 nits, FreeSync</li>
  11. <li>Keyboard: Black, English (UK)</li>
  12. <li>Webcam: HD 720p with microphone</li>
  13. <li>TPM: discrete compatible TPM2.0</li>
  14. <li>Battery: Internal Li-Poly 3-cells 50Wh</li>
  15. <li>Charger: USB-C 65W</li>
  16. <li>WLAN: Intel Wireless 9260 AC 2.2, Bluetooth 5.0</li>
  17. <li>LTE: Antennas and slot without card</li>
  18. <li>Smartcard reader: none</li>
  19. <li>Fingerprint reader: none</li>
  20. </ul>
  21. </p>
  22. <p>So far it has been a great laptop (will probably update this article later-on if this changes). I ran into some issues with AMDGPU when installing gentoo on it but I probably failed somewhere in the kernel config (<code>sys-kernel/gentoo-sources</code>, which reuses archlinux config as a base works fine, uses the same kernel version).</p>
  23. <p>On the neat/great side of things:</p>
  24. <ul>
  25. <li>It's a thinkpad so: There is a Hardware Maintainance Manual and some parts are replaceable by yourself; The keyboard feel is good and there is a good TrackPoint; The camera can be nicely shut</li>
  26. <li>It is light (1.5 Kg vs 3 Kg for my previous one) and sturdy (I had previous laptop where the keyboard part could bend a bit when put on uneven surfaces, not this one)</li>
  27. <li>The quality of the screen seems great to me (but not a graphist/photographer so no idea for the colors)</li>
  28. <li>it works out of the box in Arch/Ubuntu</li>
  29. <li>seems to have a great battery life (but laptops are 80% battery these days)</li>
  30. </ul>
  31. <p>On the meh/nitpicks side of things:</p>
  32. <ul>
  33. <li>Wtf is PrintScreen doing where Menu belongs? (I'm remapping this one of course) Fn/Ctrl should also be physically swappable (but whatever, caps is ctrl for me)</li>
  34. <li>I wish it would have 2 slots for the SSD or a 2.5” SATA slot but maybe I can repurpose the WWAN PCIe slot</li>
  35. <li>I had to buy a Windows license with it, will try to get it reinbursed or whatever. I think lenovo could put a no-OS or something like Ubuntu as an option</li>
  36. <li>The speakers are quite good for a Thinkpad but could probably still get better</li>
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  38. <p><a href="https://queer.hacktivis.me/objects/9992ea59-9c1f-489d-9385-d188b637e44c">Fediverse post for comments</a>, published on 2020-03-07T07:30:00Z, last updated on 2020-03-07T07:36:00Z</p>
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