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  2. <a class="u-url" href="/articles/Multi-posting%20on%20micro-blogging%20is%20a%20nightmare"><h1 class="p-name">Multi-posting on micro-blogging is a nightmare</h1></a>
  3. <p>As a user of micro-blogging platform, I see people doing a pile of micro-posts that are probably already redacted elsewhere. I’m calling it multi-posting and it’s also known under the name of “thread” (which I’m not using because it could be confusing). I want to ask y’all to stop doing theses things and ask you to use stuff like a blog or even just a pastebin/twitlonger. Here is few of the reasons I don’t like theses:</p>
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  5. <li>There is a lot of useless space at places which can be the worse. And you can’t have formatting unless you know how to do bullets points in unicode and similar stuff (I do)</li>
  6. <li>You wanted to see the whole thing at once, on one page (i.e offline reading, printing, …) ? Haha nope. (for twitter that requires at least JS)</li>
  7. <li>You can’t find it back without using bookmarks on your side (good luck with managing them) as microblogging doesn’t have titles and so indexing</li>
  8. <li>The poster can’t edit the “article” without appending to it or breaking the whole thread unless it is on the last bit</li>
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  10. <p>And this is just without the social part of it, with the social part you can have stuff like:</p>
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  12. <li>Third-party comments/replies in the threading if it was done to a post which isn’t the last one (also see editing)</li>
  13. <li>You can boost/announce parts of the posts, and with most interfaces it doesn’t shows that it got replies and is a reply. And I have yet to see one that cleanly shows this multi-posting of yours.</li>
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  15. <p>I know this will probably not stop the whole thing as it have been going for quite a long time, but it will allow me (and you too, I hope) to easily link to this post from time to time and so I can avoid yelling at people or repeating myself.</p>
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