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Bootstrapping signify for my assets.xhtml (2341B)

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  2. <a href="/articles/Bootstrapping%20signify%20for%20my%20assets"><h1>Bootstrapping signify for my assets</h1></a>
  3. <p><a href="/articles/Pretty%20Bad%20Privacy">As you might know</a>, I'm not a huge fan of OpenPGP so when I learned about <a href="https://flak.tedunangst.com/post/signify">OpenBSD's signify(1)</a> I wanted to use it on doing my next software release, now is the time.</p>
  4. <p>In a way similar to OpenBSD I'm going to rotate keys at least once every 6 months, I'll not probably not write blog articles on each rotation unless it nicely syncs with my status updates but I'll copy them into <a href="https://hacktivis.me/releases/signify/">https://hacktivis.me/releases/signify/</a> and post them on the fediverse (<a href="https://queer.hacktivis.me/objects/ad8b985c-495c-4c34-a3db-4758cb4eb13f">like this</a>) or any other place.</p>
  5. <h2>keys and their signatures</h2>
  6. <p>2019-10 is the first key present to have both key signed, actual assets will be using 2019-11 (the second key), first key being there only to show how the rotation is done.</p>
  7. <h3>2019-10.pub</h3>
  8. <pre>
  9. untrusted comment: minisign public key C99CEA24AB65873
  10. RWRzWLZKos6ZDNH4RrGKwA5/I4OUJtgR/CHZkn1Cac0Qxj9wTxH2WgIL
  11. </pre>
  12. <h3>2019-10.pub.2019-11.sig</h3>
  13. <pre>
  14. untrusted comment: signature from minisign secret key
  15. RWQpg/ljPbQGXyNHZOdkuRmIw2GubkKwIsEeujcywnAa7iJjWkOxj7plCP09wr+wkJujpZMEJTEMUTxBimPEF3RXx43ITM9EhgQ=
  16. trusted comment: timestamp:1572560484 file:2019-10.pub
  17. Mn5xpXQjR2tK1pPe1MrzJTsfRTPM8clPwlEQFUHulHM6ZBGSZRVQBc8qcEOrV/omUjS5cbEfTBC/pzxeTs3EBQ==
  18. </pre>
  19. <h3>2019-11.pub</h3>
  20. <pre>
  21. untrusted comment: minisign public key 5F06B43D63F98329
  22. RWQpg/ljPbQGX16QkJEETSdJ4taNNB7acmdkVEMW2waT5GeXwvn3emSR
  23. </pre>
  24. <h3>2019-11.pub.2019-10.sig</h3>
  25. <pre>
  26. untrusted comment: signature from minisign secret key
  27. RWRzWLZKos6ZDHJvpCdCVNiQ2xVuYqJakRgTbMYAsn9BIdC7q+X/5TaHwAG3HvA9QThUnnZ936GMukMcj3hs9vhZtjPcJw8a6gM=
  28. trusted comment: timestamp:1572560509 file:2019-11.pub
  29. /T+4tPEtKIxut9tEOrJUQKRi25A/Vn7V64MntZpWxPiOzD9h5EvYc10cVp5dNzWYQ2Wp+iMFjZvKbwTe+kbSBQ==
  30. </pre>
  31. <p><a href="https://queer.hacktivis.me/objects/ad8b985c-495c-4c34-a3db-4758cb4eb13f">Fediverse post for comments</a>, published on 2019-10-31T23:08:00Z, last updated on 2019-10-31T23:08:00Z</p>
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