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  2. <a href="/articles/2020-05%20Summary"><h1>2020-05 Summary</h1></a>
  3. <h2>OpenPGP → reop; pass(1) → secret(1)</h2>
  4. <p>I never really used OpenPGP for email but now you can email me (much more) securely via reop, my key is available on <a href="/reop.pub">/reop.pub</a>. I've yet to decide how to manage it since key rotation isn't always that great.</p>
  5. <p>This got accompagnated with a move from <a href="https://www.passwordstore.org/">pass(1)</a> to creating <a href="/git/secret/">secret(1)</a>, which is based on POSIX shell + reop instead of bash + GnuPG (or go + GnuPG if you use gopass), the code is also much simpler but still quite experimental. It also lacks something like an agent (which I'll probably write as something separated).</p>
  6. <p>This means that the Nitrokey Start that I've been using on my laptop as a workaround on GnuPG bugs (yes…) is getting quite useless now, I'll see if I could make it hold my reop keys with a custom firmware.</p>
  7. <p>And it means that <code>app-admin/pass-otp</code> that I maintain in gentoo is going to be up for grabs.</p>
  8. <h2>This website</h2>
  9. <ul>
  10. <li>I created the page <a href="/decreases%20of%20usability">/decreases of usability</a></li>
  11. <li><a href="/standards">/standards</a> page is now back there again</li>
  12. <li><a href="/bookmarks">/bookmarks</a> got a bunch of new links for music platforms, webcomics and more</li>
  13. <li>Everything got moved to XHTML (so I can now validate all my pages with it) and <code>kdb</code>+<code>samp</code> elements are now used in code to ease copy-pasting. Adding all the articles in the Atom feed and timestamping them is left to do.</li>
  14. </ul>
  15. <h2>Badwolf</h2>
  16. <p>1.0.0 got released (about a month ago)! A 1.0.1 will soon get released as there is few bugs.</p>
  17. <h2>Pleroma</h2>
  18. <p>I mostly did code reviews, a lot of them, other devs have been in code writing mode I guess. Anyway other than these:<ul>
  19. <li>Fixing videos with peertube, they should have fixed it on their side but will have to check. We should also have complete descriptions now.</li>
  20. <li>Alpine Packaging, package is done but testing is left to be done.</li>
  21. <li>Notification when a poll expires: WIP, doesn't works</li>
  22. </ul></p>
  23. <p>I also didn't touch things other than the backend except doing a bundle for MastoFE (which still freezes into WebKitGTK, this doesn't happen in regular mastodon so glitch-only bug I guess…).</p>
  24. <h2>Forge</h2>
  25. <p>I would quite wish to have a forge for my projects (stagit having quite a lot of limitations). I tried SourceHut but that wouldn't really fit my needs well (it's quite community-oriented) and I ran into some issues while setting it up. Not a huge surprise to me, it's an alpha software and to be honest I didn't much motivation as I wanted something that would be quite free of maintainance and community-management.<br />
  26. That being tried, I would gladly use and recommend SourceHut for communities as I think it's really well done for this. Also would remind that gitlab is a slow pain as it's user interface doesn't scale. For example I often open diffs with <code>curl $url | vis -</code> for large code reviews because scroll speed is very slow, and it's API sucks enough that I can't give annotations back without doing a representation similar to their frontend.</p>
  27. <p>I'll see how gogs/gitea works (used it a bit in few places) but IIRC it has some limitations and not sure how hackable it's codebase is but probably not so much.</p>
  28. <p>Otherwise I'll do my own forge, will see if ForgeFed could be interesting but probably not so much, compatibility and sharing code with projects like SourceHut will try to be done.</p>
  29. <p>Anyway kind of wishlist / destination:<ul>
  30. <li>All communication via git+email and maybe bits of ActivityPub for non-code parts</li>
  31. <li>Web interface is only a read-only viewer, likely ran as a separated process</li>
  32. <li>Support for a builder, might just be sourcehut one with some patches otherwise maybe buildbot</li>
  33. <li>Support for custom assets for tags and commits</li>
  34. <li>Some way of doing git-aware ticketing + milestones</li>
  35. <li>Support for viewing manpages (at least mdoc) and markdown in HTML format</li>
  36. </ul></p>
  37. <p><a href="https://queer.hacktivis.me/objects/6a88d805-fc3b-489f-a956-886d37d6f3e5">Fediverse post for comments</a>, published on 2020-06-15T02:20:00Z, last updated on 2020-06-15T02:25:00Z</p>
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