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      5 		<title>About - Lanodan's blog</title>
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      9 		<main id="info" class="h-card">
     10 			<h2>Basic Info</h2>
     11 			<span id="avatar">
     12 				<a href="./images/avatar_HD.png"><img class="u-photo" src="./images/avatar.png" alt="Avatar: A howling wolf, with pansexual pride colors “painted” on, a christmas hat is put around the snoot"/></a><br/>
     13 				<a href="./images/avatar.svg">vector</a>
     14 			</span>
     15 			<ul>
     16 				<li class="p-name"><span class="p-given-name">Haelwenn</span> (<span class="p-nickname">lanodan</span>) <span class="p-family-name">Monnier</span></li>
     17 				<li>Gender: <a class="p-gender-identity" href="http://gender.wikia.com/wiki/Maverique">Maverique</a></li>
     18 				<li>Birthdate: <span class="dt-bday">1998-04-02</span></li>
     19 				<li>Location: <span class="p-region">Bretagne</span>, <span class="p-country">France</span></li>
     20 				<li>E-Mail: <a class="u-email" href="mailto:contact+blog@hacktivis.me">contact+blog@hacktivis.me</a></li>
     21 				<li>OpenPGP: <a class="u-key" href="//keys.gnupg.net/pks/lookup?op=vindex&amp;search=0x90D93ACCFEFF61AE">DDC9 237C 14CF 6F4D D847  <strong>F6B3 90D9 3ACC FEFF 61AE</strong></a> <a href="key.asc">keyfile</a></li>
     22 				<li>XMPP: <a href="xmpp://contact@hacktivis.me" class="u-impp">contact@hacktivis.me</a></li>
     23 				<li>OMEMO (<a href="/omemo-fingerprints.html.asc">clearsigned</a>):
     24 <!--#include file="/omemo-fingerprints.html"-->
     25 				</li>
     26 				<li><a href="http://resourcesforbears.com/nbcs/">BearCode</a>: B0 c--d-- f-~ g- k m-- q+ r-- w--</li>
     27 				<li><a href="http://autcode.neurelitism.com/">AutCode</a> : AC? CC= CO? CS^ EC- EDn EF? EM? FR-? GDti GM+ HSap HT+ IDl IN-(^) LG? MTfb MU+ NT= OCs PN- RRn SDi SF^ SI? SOpa SP= SRa? SS- ST+ VS* WT-</li>
     28 			</ul>
     29 <pre><code>-----BEGIN <a href="https://web.archive.org/web/20150302173832/http://www.geekcode.com/geek.html">GEEK CODE</a> BLOCK-----
     30 Version: 3.12
     31 GCC/GO d--/x s+:-(-) a-- C+++&gt;$ U+++(++++) P+&gt;++ L+++(++++) E--- W--(++) N+ o? K? w--- O? M-- V? PS+++ PE-- Y++ PGP+++&gt; t+(++) 5? X R+(++) tv-- b+@ DI(+) D- G++ e h(+)! r% z+(-)
     32 ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------</code></pre>
     33 <pre><code>-----BEGIN <a href="http://captainpackrat.com/furry/furcode.htm">FURRY CODE</a> BLOCK-----
     34 Version: 1.3
     35 FCWp6 A+ C+(++) D+++ H M++ P++ R T+(+++) W !Z
     36 RLCT a- c++&gt;$l d- e f++(+++) h- i+++ j++(+++) p-
     37 ------END FURRY CODE BLOCK------</code></pre>
     38 		</main>
     39 		<section id="attribute">
     40 			<h2>Attribute</h2>
     41 			<table>
     42 				<tr><th>People/Organisation</th><th>Attribute</th><th>Justification</th><th>Sources</th></tr>
     43 				<tr><td>Scotland Yard</td><td>Terrorist/ISIS-ally</td><td>Chyphering(HTTPS and how-to), bootable USB dongle</td><td><a href="http://boingboing.net/2016/10/10/scotland-yard-charge-teaching.html">BoingBoing(Cory Doctorow)</a><a href="http://arstechnica.co.uk/tech-policy/2016/10/cops-charge-cardiff-man-with-terrorist-crypto-training-offence/">ArsTechnica(Kelly Fiveash)</a></td></tr>
     44 			</table>
     45 		</section>
     46 		<section id="bio">
     47 			<h2>Bio</h2>
     48 			<p>I’ve started using computers with UNIX-like(SunOS, BSD, GNU/Linux). I'd like to work with computer — I learn &amp; do(@home) code and maintain my own servers since 2012. I love to explore and create what I need by myself or with others. I act for Open/Free Software and Hardware and equity, respect(gender+queer rights). I speak French(native language), English and a bit of a bunch of other languages, I also know a base of French Sign Language.</p>
     49 			<p>I’m studying at CNED and I’m from time to time at the <a href="http://breizh-entropy.org">Breizh-Entropy</a> Hackerspace.</p>
     50 			<p>I’ve used OpenSuse and Open Solaris. Touched a bit of FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Fedora. And I’m using Gentoo and installed <a href="http://git.framasoft.org/lanodan/handylinux-2">Handylinux</a> on almost every computer of my current High School except 4 which still are under Windows(2 Seven for making movies and 2 XP for few sciences softs) but offlined.</p>
     51 		</section>
     52 		<section id="links">
     53 			<h2>Links</h2>
     54 			<ul>
     55 				<li>Code: <a href="/git">/git</a> (self-hosted), <a href="http://gitlab.com/lanodan">Gitlab</a>, <a href="http://github.com/lanodan">Github</a>(deprecated)</li>
     56 				<li>Fediverse:<ul>
     57 					<li>ActivityPub + OStatus:<ul>
     58 						<li>Pleroma (main): <a href="https://queer.hacktivis.me/users/lanodan">lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me</a></li>
     59 						<li>Mastodon (fallback): <a href="http://pouet.it/@lanodan_tmp">lanodan_tmp@pouet.it</a></li>
     60 					</ul></li>
     61 					<li>ActivityPub + OStatus + Zot; Friendica (deprecated fallback): <a href="http://snarl.de/profile/lanodan_frndk">lanodan_frndk@snarl.de</a></li>
     62 				</ul></li>
     63 			</ul>
     64 		</section>
     65 		<section id="config">
     66 			<h2>My machines</h2>
     67 			<table>
     68 				<thead><tr><th>Hostname</th><th>OS</th><th>Mainboard / SoC</th><th>CPU</th><th>GPU</th><th>Storage</th><th>RAM</th><th>Network</th><th>USB</th><th>Notes</th></tr></thead>
     69 <!--#include file="about_hardware_tbody.html" -->
     70 			</table>
     71 			<p>And still no <a href="http://twitter.com/internetofshit">Internet of Shit</a> and complete Unknown <a href="http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Box_%28Internet%29">Box</a>es on my network.</p>
     72 		</section>
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     74 	</body>
     75 </html>
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