2019-09 Summary


Bumped few things in GURU, done a clean of my overlay as pkgcheck is now quite more usable than it was, sent patches for mksh without klibc (as the ebuild is quite deprecated on gentoo) no answer yet will ping about it a month after I sent it.

As for the dbus thing: I'm just going to maintain the few modifications that I have for now in my overlay and I still haven't unbroke wine.

I'm early-testing clang-9 on my desktop (I run all my gentoos in stable except for few things where I pin the version if possible) as it allows to get LLVM/Clang without python-2, which I've been cleaning out for quite a while now and I'm starting to see the end of it for the stuff I have installed, specially on my servers.

Web browsing and mobile OS

I tried out WPE WebKit with the Qt API, I think I'm going to do a port of badwolf for it this way Qt could start to get a useable browser which isn't QtWebKit (seriously undermaintained) or QtWebEngine (Chrome in disguise… go away), also will try to have it working on SailfishOS but the whole environement is so ancient that I don't have so much hope for it unless maybe I do a chroot/LXC (probably alpine).

I will try again to build PostmarketOS on my gentoo desktop and otherwise in an Alpine chroot/LXC.


I got a few bucks per month dedicated server at online, 2 slow CPUs, 1 Gbps of bandwith, 1 TB of storage. I haven't installed in on gentoo yet but it was quite a surprise that the Ubuntu ISO came with ZFS by default so I don't have to hack on too much around to manage to install gentoo. Sad thing about it is that there is no console so I can't do Entire Disk Encryption and the only recovery possible is via SSH. So I'm not sure I'll keep this server for a long time given this limitation but it will be quite useful for finally doing offsite backups (and encrypted "client-side" for these, thanks I hate it).

Also this server might be nice for doing livestreams so I might give a shot to configuring it if there is enough people interested in the whatever I feel like streaming (like: coding, sysadmin, gaming, stupid challenges, languages?, …).


I'm trying to get a PowerMac G4 running at the local hackerspace, this way I could try to do a bit of arch-testing on this architecture as well and I haven't installed my Ultra 10 on anything yet either but I wish I could get an (Open)Solaris and NetBSD dual-boot on it.

As the season ended I updated my animelist, here are the commits: 1af23d616bcf7dffa8dbd6cab70d6731dbec740a, 6b7ebf150559cdcfbd42df22dff09dea67a19163.

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